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Daily Prophet

Have you read the recent news? Are there events happening around the school/world? Does your character have a reaction? If approached by a Daily Prophet reporter about it, would they have something to say? Would you be okay with the possibility of your character's quotes being featured in an article? If so, please post here using the following form:

[b]House and Year (if student):[/b]
[b]Occupation (if staff):[/b]
[b]I am reacting to:[/b] (link to article/event here)
[b]There is actually a thread about it:[/b] (link to your thread if you have one)
[b]In-character quote:[/b] (what would your character say about this in general)
[b]In-character quote to DP reporter:[/b] (what your character would officially state for the record if approached)
[b]Anything else?[/b]

Note: If you have an adult/alum character or would like to offer IC quotes from your student's parent/family, please post here instead.


And follow this thread! I may post specific questions about events from time to time.

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Havana Towne

Name: Havana Towne

House and Year (if student): Slytherin, First Year

Occupation (if staff):

I am reacting to: The rumour of missing children being made into food at

There is actually a thread about it: here and here

In-character quote: "I wish the rumour was unfounded, but there's so much evidence to the contrary!"

In-character quote to DP reporter: "I think we deserve to know the truth about what's in our food. If it's witches or wizards who have disappeared from Hogwarts; we need to be warned."

Anything else? Vana would like to confirm that she is not a cannibal.

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