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Dusky Pidlerson

I was here. I existed.

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Dusky Pidlerson

Dusky Pidlerson, 2006-2013.


"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein.


This is in memory of Hufflepuff, the house of my heart. This is in memory of accidentally exploding a doxy in Potions class. This is in memory of Rysa Evans, talking me into running for Quidditch captain. This is in memory of Polly Huggs, telling me that being sorted into Hufflepuff wasn't so bad. This is in memory of my friends - Silverdawn Kadamon, Alexandria Crowley, Jazz Moses Turpin, Kalina Match. This is in memory of me.


I love you, Hogwarts.

Dusky put down the quill and stepped back from the wall where she had been 'vandalising school property'. She took a deep breath. The ink was permanent, and would not be removed by Filch's scrubbing - though no doubt, should Giordano or McAmis step in, some magic would quickly remove it.


Please don't let them.


It was hard for her to tell which was stranger for her - the idea that she was a seventh year, about to graduate ... or that she'd once been a first year.


Teaching Wizard Chess to Silverdawn in the Hog's Head - no proper place for eleven year olds, but she'd gone there again with Jazz and Kalina to have drinks - and that's hardly proper.


The first time she walked off the train, and smack into the most gorgeous Slytherin imaginable - Calypso something-or-other. Twit. Dusky grinned.


Yep... lots had happened. Oh well, too bad. We all leave some day.


And she left.


((OOC: I would like to invite all seventh years, present or future, should they like to, to add theirselves to this wall, 'immortalising' themselves, and remembering what they wish of their journey through Hogwarts. For the sanity of those who just want to see what you wrote, it might be sensible to put your quote at the top of your roleplay, and follow it with the roleplay itself. In character, this is the last day of term - so hopefully we won't get in trouble from Filch. Otherwise ... it's been a pleasure doing this with you all.))

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Tristessa Durera

Tristessa Durera - 2006-2013.


I honestly shouldn't be doing this, since vandalism isn't quite the way to make yourself known.. however, I did want to immortalize myself somehow.

I'm going to miss this school! So many memories. So many friends. So much to do.. I don't think there was a single day where I wasn't involved in something. This school has been such a blessing to me, and I know because of all the people I have met, and all the things that I have learned, that I will be very successful in the future.


Study hard and make the most of your years here. It won't last forever, unfortunately, but the moments you do have.. please, cherish them.


Thank you Hogwarts.. for everything!


Tristessa hesitantly stepped away from what she had wrote. She flicked her wand down and muttered something so the 'olive green ink' it was producing, ceased.


She skedaddled out of the trophy room and headed back to her dorm to pack.. such a shame that this was the last time she'd be in this school.. She brushed a tear away from her eye as she left..

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Coraline Depyr

Coraline Lacrimosa Diamanda Depyr

2006 - 2013


I never aimed for anything but absolute average. Being chosen for prefect shocked me more than anyone else. I'm a half-blood Slytherin. I wish I'd been nicer to people. I wish I hadn't been held back. I wish I'd put in more effort.


Make friends with people. Don't give in to apathy. Laugh at life, cos it can only be a joke.

Coraline looked at the list so far. She'd have to remember to come back at the end of the day. It would probably be much longer by then, and she was curious about what everyone else would write.


But too much lingering would get her caught. Although, if she really cared about that, she'd hardly have written her name. Coraline walked out of the trophy room thinking about how this time next year, she would have spent an entire year back home.

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Whitney Lyons

Whitney Lyons



I’m not much of a rule breaker… I’ve actually tried my very best these years at Hogwarts to not break the rules. But, if I haven’t broken many, it doesn’t hurt to add this to my list. I was a prefect, I was Quidditch Captain. I was a Gryffindor and I love this school. I’m sad to leave it, yet excited to live a new life. I blew up numerous potions, I got through OWL’s and NEWT’s, and I lost all the bones in my arm. Yet, I love this school.


This school taught me to be who I am, Whitney Marie Lyons.


Let it teach you.

Whitney’s hand fell to her side as her act of vandalism was over. She took a deep gulp and turned away, this was the last time she’d ever see the trophy room where her name was now upon the wall. Goodbye love.

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Jazz Turpin-Schofield

I was here.

I loved my years at Hogwarts.

I loved my exciting time working in the Hospital wing, and all the wonderful people I met there, friends forever. Even tho I know Healing isn’t the field for me, I cared.

I loved Duelling, meeting people, and maybe even learning a bit about myself. (Fire doesn’t quite scare me as much at least!)

I loved Quidditch: the stress, the competition, the friends.

I love my House. The people in my House are more varied and full of life than any people I’ve ever met. They have supported me and cared for me, and leant me the courage to be the best I could ever be.

I love my professors. They have taught me, encouraged me, and equipped me to become Head Girl (which was the biggest shock and honour a girl could have!), as well as becoming a witch who can hold her head up with pride anywhere.


I, Jazz Moses Turpin, am a Hufflepuff to the core. 2006-2013

Stepping back, Jazz smiled at the growing graffiti on the wall. She really hoped Filch didn’t use some magical eraser and remove the scribblings. It’d be nice to come back someday and see what she and her classmates had written here; to see what others had added.


Merlin, she’d miss this place.


She wouldn't miss the encounters with the Death Eaters, though. But she'd learned from them too, strangely. Like not to go to the Forest, since monsters do exist. Not to take candy from a stranger, since you never knew what you might turn into. Always tell an auror the truth, since they'll find out anyway. And curses hurt, never forgotten, but they can make you stronger inside too.


Uncle Nick had asked her to travel with him, and invited her to bring along a friend or two. She still hadn’t talked to Dusky, but she intended on seeing if Ducks wanted to see the world. (And help her finally figure out exactly what her uncle did in all his travels…that was still a mystery!)


Maybe she’d Owl Jude too…;)

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Alatari Elessar

I was here for seven, what seemed to be, long years. I thought it would be forever, and I definitely am not ready to leave. I'm so used to being a student, and the real world seems scary. I met so many people who I love and will never forget. I'm going to miss Hogwarts, and I'll always regret I never took more time to involve myself more, but what I had was more than any girl should rightfully have.


Don't forget me, Alatari Elessar. Don't forget what being a Gryffindor really means.

Alatari sighed and looked at the other things her yearmates had written. She ran her fingers over the other words, a small smile playing at her lips. It had been seven years. She had come here as a teeny eleven-year-old girl, and now she was eighteen. She was now an adult. These last years had been amazing, but she would miss this place. She took a deep breath, letting it out heavily, feeling tears creep up on her. The last few weeks... she had been crying the entire time.


She was really going to miss Hogwarts. She'd miss sitting on the squishy couch and giving Jordan advice. Poor boy, he'd asked her out. He was so darn cute! Not cute enough to tempt her, because that'd be weird. He was like the little brother she'd never had, since her older one was insane. She didn't feel bad that she wasn't exactly close with the seventh years who'd managed to stay in school. He was probably her best friend. She'd miss telling him off for not doing his homework, and for dating girls and acting like he was so cool.


Alatari smiled and then turned away. It was time to start packing up, school was going to be out soon. One chapter of her life was over. The other ones? Well, if she didn't blow a potion up on accident and kill herself, then another one was about to begin.

Edited by Alatari Elessar

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Skyler Blake

Skyler L. Blake, 2006 - 2013


It feels strange putting an end date after my name, like I've died or something. If so, I've led a tragically short life. But if all I've managed to accomplish in my life is what I have at Hogwarts, then that's kind of enough - I was never the best, but I don't think I'd have wanted to be. Hogwarts taught me that there's so much more than that - academic achievements (blah) and heaps of responsibility (ew) - that there are friends and there are adventures and there is enough teenage angst to drown a small Hippogriff.


My advice to anyone: no matter what House you are, remember that sometimes the situation calls for a little bit of Gryffindor.


I survived Hogwarts. Where's my medal?

Skyler let her hand fall from the wall with a little puff of exhaled air. Well, that was that. There was something slightly...odd that her last act as a Hogwarts student had been one of vandalism. She'd never really been a rule breaker. Not that she had any particular respect for the rules - oh no, she ploughed right on through them when she had to - it was just that she'd never had any reason to ignore them before. Not really. Skyler figured this was as good as any - the next best thing to shrinking the castle down to snowglobe size and carrying it off, like she'd suggested to Whitney. As a joke, of course. Erm, yeah.


At least this way there'd always be something of her left here...even if it was only her handwriting. Provided Filch didn't figure out how to get it off, that was.


She reread her words one last time before turning away. Yes, she'd survived Hogwarts. Death Eater attacks and NEWT workload and all. Hallelujah. Now watch her manage to fall down the stairs and break her neck on the way out.

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Camden VonLexiss

Writing on this wall is like walking into the ladies bathroom. Where are the bloke's and their weepy goodbye messages? Ah well, I should consider myself lucky then, yeah?


I don't really have anything meaningful to say though. I'm not going on to be this big galleon making wizard or anything special. I just want to live my life. I guess that's what Hogwarts helped me figure out most if anything.


Awwwe, so sweet, yeah? Whatever.


I'm ready to go. So let's get gone.


-Camden VL, Hufflepuff (2006-2013)

Camden looked over his scrawling letters once more. Was he really that bitter of a person? He'd grown to be one, that was for sure. It wasn't anyone's fault in particular's he assumed. He was just tired and his muscles hurt and he needed to go. Not just from this spot but Hogwarts was done for him. He was going to be gone in a matter of days and he wasn't planning on looking back.


Forward was his new direction...


With a sigh he ran his fingers over the words one last time and stood, shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked around. So this was the end? Well. Once was enough he supposed.

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Kelly Caeruleus

Kelly Caeruleus




Wow... I never thought that seven years could go by quite so quickly. I've met so many people here who I will never forget. So many faces have come and gone. Only at Hogwarts does one have the chance to be a witch, a duellist, a Prefect, a student, and a friend. I wouldn't replace the time I have spent in these walls for anything in the world. I'll miss you, Hogwarts. I'm not sure what'll happen next, and I think I might miss the safety, the certainty that I've had here. Oh well. I guess it's time to go and live my life.


Kelly looked at the words she had written, below the other marks of her friends and classmates. She had never really thought about her time here at Hogwarts like that, not until she had written it all out. And now, it was over. She had no regrets. not really. It really was time for her to go out and live.

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Sarah Moonlight

Sarah Moonlight 2006-2013



Wow...I can't believe I'm here at last. All the people I've met. The things I've been through. Hogwarts really has become my second home and there are so many people I want to talk to before I leave. It really has been the best years of my life and I'll always remember it.


I guess all there is left is to say thanks for taking me in

Edited by Demeter

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Estelle Ruiz

Here's to the memory of the Slytherin four - Estelle Ruiz, Calypso Montgomery, Sierra Lucas, and Jasmine Snow.
May our reputations be short-lived and our legacies legendary.

Posted Image

Estelle quirked an eyebrow as she glanced over the previous messages on the trophy room wall, idly sucking a sugar quill. She'd been scarce about the castle lately, coming and going from her grandfather's house as his health deteriorated and thoroughly managing to completely ignore her homework. She imagined Hogwarts would be eager to get rid of her lazy, troublesome arse. All was well that ended well, she supposed - as long as she left Hogwarts with both herself and the castle in one piece, the professors couldn't complain much.

Still, a final word for the future generations of Hogwartians to oggle was an irresistable opportunity. Perhaps one day Araceli would be here, writing something just beneath hers. Then again, probably not... If Estelle was a slacker, Celi was practically catatonic when it came to ambition. Yet another dropout Ruiz was likely. With a delicate shrug, Estelle pulled a quill from her bag and began to scribble out her legacy on the wall.

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Meliora Moretti

Meliora Obraz 2006 - 2013


Thank you to my year, my professors and my house mates. You have been the best part of the last seven years. I will treasure these memories always.


May your live be filled with laughter and joy.

Mel wasn't overly sad at leaving, she was mostly an introverted girl, never really becoming close to anyone in particular. She wasn't filled with regret or sorrow as most seemed to be. She had enjoyed her time, her dorm mates are lovely girls she'll always remember with a smile. But Hogwarts was never really her home. She looked at the messages left by her house mates. She briefly touched her hand against the message left by Cam. He was a sweet guy and she hoped that he found the answers seemed to be searching for.


It was time she moved on. One year travelling before settling down to do further studies of History ad Divination in Romania with the Gypsies was more her style. With a little smile & a lot of great memories, she left her message. Hopefully she hadn't disappointed her house too much over the years.


She turned and left, knowing she would not be returning any time soon.

Edited by Demeter

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Kernan Blaine

((OOC: Shouldn't everyone be graduating in 2014? After all, graduation is in the spring, correct? So it would be the same year as the one next year's Ickles begin in. If I'm wrong, someone please PM me.))


((OOC Edit: Look at the Quidditch Cup thread in this room. VH Year 4 was 2006-2007. So everyone who started in year 4 started in 2006. I started in year 3, hence 2005. Everyone in here is wrong except for me. *struts his stuff*))


Kernan Blaine




As long as I have been here, I have been trapped between two worlds. Unable to leave the old one behind. Never fully accepted into the new one. Few will remember that I was here at all. For those that did notice, I thank you and apologize for not being more present. Perhaps one day the worlds won't be so far apart, and I promise to work towards that day. Until then, however, I will continue to belong to both and belong in neither.

Kernan stepped away from the wall. He still wasn't convinced this was a good idea, but it was the only way to stop Stela from badgering him about it. Perhaps she was right. Even though his name appeared on a couple Quidditch cups in the case along the wall, Kernan doubted anyone would know that he was there. As a student, he was not there more often then not. "I'll never be a good magician, but I can't deny that I can use magic...." he whispered to himself. Kernan ran his fingers over the words, wondering if they truly reflected who he was and what Hogwarts meant to him. "Perhaps not, but I may never know what this place means to me. Even now it feels both familar and unsettling," he looked around watching the paintings watch him, "even after all these years."


Kernan looked back at the message, staring as memories from the past eight years floated through his mind. Joy, pain, triumph, loss, loneliness... Then he shock himself out of it. "Jeez... I think too much. And I should try being less emo..." he said as he walked away.

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Oasis Elvea

Posted Image


To all the good days and bad days we lived out here,

To all the years that went by with someone at your side,

To all those days, you were alone...

To everyone and everything that has come by,

And to yourself, for deserving the greatness that is to come.


To all the first years, I made cry, I hope someone may take the reins;

I need a break.

Alright, she finished making some sort of mark… honestly it wasn’t all that much and she wasn’t really interested in making some long writing about good old days and such. Oasis hadn’t been the friendliest person, she wasn’t in denial about that, but who would keep up the score… Perhaps she should have placed the tally number down instead of this? Perhaps… but alas, she didn’t want to anymore.


It didn’t bother her they were writing on the wall… didn’t bother her that she wasn’t the first one to do it… or that if she got caught she would end up in serious trouble. No, she didn’t mind one bit in fact, not one! She was just having a little problem figuring out whether or not she was going to change the sign… again.


Shrugging to herself, Oasis turned from the wall walked away… the other signs had been entertaining for a little while but no longer so. The Trophy Room wasn’t her favourite room… and honestly it was far beyond her time to leave.


Good day and goodbye!

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Feuris Dragonsbane

Well, he was not very sure if this was a good idea. But a quick glance told him there were many important names already carved in here: Jasmine Snow… Kernan had even grabbed something in his own nostalgic way.


It was decided, Feuris would do the same as his friends, acquaintances or just school partners had done before him.

Feuris Dragonsbane


Years… meh… don’t remember… great Ravenclaw I am eh?


Time. Time is money… Time is a fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension in which events occur in sequence… Time is part of the fundamental intellectual structure… A second is the duration of a number of periods of caesium 133’s radiation {[1]}… Whatever…


Point is time has passed and it’s time to move on. Many things happened: some of them I am proud of; most of them I am ashamed of. To those I have failed: my sincerest apologies (if they do any good besides my peace of mind).


I walk forward with my head low but forward nonetheless…

Well, it seemed he would compete with Kern for the drama queen award. But yeah, it resumed what he felt: his quidditch victories with his team mates, being a prefect, being a decent dueler, wearing a Scooby Doo outfit for certain Astronomy teacher, openly antagonizing Lucius Malfoy (like bidding for the same girl… the school governor doing it no doubt to irk him), even fighting Death Eaters and surviving that stupid bravery act… all was tarnished with the names of people he felt he failed to: Jasmine Snow, the love he betrayed; his dad, the one who had faith that he would manage his responsibilities; Janus, the pen pal friend who just remained that; Darrington Darque, the enemy he didn’t have the final showdown with; Roh, the girl who had waited for him and still he couldn’t give his heart completely to. The most important now was Roh since they would spend their rest of their lives, hopefully, together.


Well, the future was a sea of uncertainties and Divination was crap for him. But like he had wrote: Feuris Dragonsbane would walk forward no matter what.


[(OOC: {[1]} All the rant about time was taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time So maybe I got you curious and you read a little bit about concepts we use for granted... hehehe)]

Edited by Feuris Dragonsbane

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Atrus Valentein

Posted Image


Ive heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason

Bringing something we must learn and we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them and we help them in return

Well I dont know if I believe thats true but I know Im who I am today because I knew you

Heres to the nights we felt alive

Heres to the tears you knew youd cry

Heres to goodbye

Tomorrows gonna come too


This is for Pie fights with Feather Pillows in First Year.

To Light up Eiffle Towers in Second Year.

Here is to Learning to Duel... Two years Late.

Here is to the Triwizard Tournament in fourth year.

Here's to OWLs and Theorys of Conspiracy in Fifth Year.

Here is to Blue Hair and Green Skin in Sixth Year.

Here is to 7 Wonderful Years at my Home Away from Home.


To Brenna, Oliver, Ellie, and Andie: You guys are amazing, I will miss you all so much... We've had great times togehter.

To Tinny and the Evil Ickle Trio: You all showed me that I have major issue with vanity, and for that I am endebted to you... If I really did have any secrets to impart to you I would, but that was all a lie to lure you into the cell.

To Shan: My Unnofficial Mentee, and one of My Best friends, I will miss the conversations we had... Stay in Touch.

To Keith: I wish we hadn't met under such unfortunate circumstances, but it would be a lie if I said I wasn't glad we met, I hope you enjoy Italy.

To The Rest of my Class: It's been great.


To everyone else who ever reads this, let me impart some wisdome to you: Live life to the fullest, get out and have fun, above all be social outside your house, and make friends with as many as you can, and finally don't be afraid to have fun, even if it means breaking some rules to do so.

Atrus wished that someone would have imparted that advice to him when he was young, but it would now be prepetuated on the Wall in the Trophy Room forevermore.


So here he was. Atrus with some tears streaming down his face, a jar of color changing ink, and a quill stood facing the wall, he'd signed his name and imparted his wisdome for futrue graduates. He looked at the wall and looked at the names of all the people who had gone before him, there were people he knew and people he didn't. Atrus knew though that they all had one thing in common, they all went to Hogwarts, and were all a part of the same community of people who lived at the school.


With tears in his eyes he read the signatures of everyone's signatures who were around his, and he suddenly realized how many amazing memories he'd had at the school, all the friends he'd made and lost. He had so many relatives come through that Hogwarts hadn't seemed like a big deal when he'd come through because his family was still all around. Now being the oldest Valentein, and only one of two he realized how special this chapter of his life had been, and how much he would miss it.


He was about to leave when he imparted a quote he loved that his grandpa had told him, and he thought it was fitting, he put it just above his name and Atrus wrote it in a special bottle of color changing ink, that only changed 4 colors, red, yellow, green and blue:


Soon to be gone... Never to b e forgotten!


Once he had finished writing that on the wall he proceeded to go up to his dormitory for the last time, and bring his trunk down to the great hall. That act would officially end the final chapter of his childhood and begin the first chapter of his life as an adult.


((The quote at the top comes from the Musical Wicked, and The song Here's to the Nights by Eve 6. The Quote at the bottom is a quote that I came up with. This post takes place on Atrus' final day at Hogwarts.))

Edited by Atrus Valentein

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Jane Craven

Jane Alexandra Craven




Hogwarts has been my home for these last seven years, and I’ve learnt so much about life here. To the many friends I met along the way, thank you. Veracity Weatherwax—I know you will always be by my side, but our years at Hogwarts are ones that I shall cherish forever. Danny Donaldson—we started as such enemies; who’d have thought that one fateful night boiling potions in the kitchen could change it all. I count you among my best friends, and I thank you for all the trouble we’ve manage to find (and escape) together.


To all my fellow Hufflepuffs who might someday read this: Be proud of who you are, and where you were sorted to. Hufflepuff is not just a place were ‘the rest’ go... we are those who are everything and anything we can imagine. We are not defined by the characteristics of our house, but rather freed by them. Be proud of that; be proud of the house of Badger; and be proud of yourselves.


Class of 2014- We’ve come so far in seven years—and we have so much further to go. Thank you for everything, and may you all be blessed as we spread our wings and go forth.


It well may be

That we will never meet again

In this lifetime

So let me say before we part

So much of me

Is made of what I learned from you

You'll be with me

Like a handprint on my heart

And now whatever way our stories end

I know you have re-written mine

By being my friend...

Like a comet pulled from orbit

As it passes a sun

Like a stream that meets a boulder

Halfway through the wood

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?

But because I knew you

I have been changed for good

Jane stepped back and took a moment to let it all sink it. So many names on this wall had gone before her; the Hufflepuff allowed her hand to brush lovingly over a few names—Jazz, Meloria, Dusky. And now, as the ink dried she too would leave the last bit of herself here at Hogwarts forever. Would she be remembered? Would there someday be students who read her name on a plaque, or carved into the window sill of her beloved Loca Java, and wonder who she was?


Tears welled up in her eyes, and for the first time in days, Jane didn’t try to suppress them. Here was a safe place to cry; a safe place to say her final goodbye to Hogwarts. Hopefully not forever, but then again, if it was to be so, it’s like the song goes....Hogwarts would be with her, like a handprint on her heart.


Pressing her hand one last time to the cool stone of the castle, she could feel the ancient magic of the place reach out to her once more. “Thank you,” she whispered and took her first step toward whatever lay ahead.


((quote from Wicked.))

Edited by Jane Craven

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Brenna Page

Brenna Page, was in her last term at Hogwarts. The fact that she’d not be returning to the school as a student ever again, had finally hit home with the red haired, green eyed girl. She’d spent quite a bit of time here, and the familiarity of the place was quite comforting, despite all the odd, mundane and even tramautic events that had transpired with in the stone walls. She could rest assured though that those events were quite normal for just about every teenager...even wizarding ones.


Entering the trophy room after Potions, her bag heavy with NEWT level assignments that had yet to be completed she looked about the room, her eyes flickering from one spot to another, resting here and there, a snarky smile gracing her lips as her vision landed on a particular trophy, a name of a house member engraved on the shiny surface. She wasn’t sure what had brought her to this particular place, but here she was. Pausing and looking at the latest dueling trophies that had been added to one of the cabinets, Brenna squinted, trying to get a better looking at the smallish print scribbled near the trophy.


Reading the first scribble and noticing several more, Brenna arched a brow, walking along the wall slowly and noting that more than one person had taken special liberties. Feeling rather nostalgic as she recognized several names scrawled at the end of the notes, she decided then and there that she’d leave her mark as well. Why not? There was no one around to catch her, and the worst that would happen is it would be cleaned off. Pulling out a self inking quill and selecting a blank spot on the wall... she began to write.


Here’s to...


Ravenclaw and the padded cell,

Quidditch games and stolen bats,

Prefectdom, mentoring and to not so ickle ickles.

Old friends—Jeneva, Lela, Rory, Alex, Crey, Roh and the rest.

Dueling Leaches, and snowy kisses with Dukes.

To the girls, Oliver and Eleanor.


Being the original Princess.


Brenna Marie Page, 2007-2014

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Danny Donaldson

For the last time, Danny Donaldson was sneaking out after hours. It was the night before they left for home and the Hufflepuff couldn’t bring himself to the Trophy Room before. This was all too weird of a feeling. As a muggleborn, the now adult wizard had a hard time differentiating magic and Hogwarts from another. Being thrown into the world, the meanings of the words would forever be connected in a huge way. Making his way past prefects and staff, Danny shook his head. It was very difficult to believe he was graduating.


Before tonight, he never had the nerve to search for the alumni last words. Seeing things written by some of his old friends would have thrown Danny out of his comfort zone and who knew how he would react? Even as a first year, emotion was something that always confused the redhead. It didn’t get all that much better with age. For the first time, Danny read over the notes of the older students and he suddenly felt awfully uncomfortable. Jazz, Dusky…and then of course, those two names lead to a bunch of his other old friends… And instead of crying or ever voicing these feelings, Danny let the writing do all the talking he'd ever need to.



Hogwarts will always hold a special place in my heart. I will forever look at it as the place where I found myself. Before I came here, I was a muggle with accidental bursts of magic. I have never felt so accepted, so normal, at this school of wizardry and although I am ready for the real world, I am nervous to leave my home of the past seven years. Being sorted into Hufflepuff will always be one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I found acceptance, loyalty, friendship and so much more in the House. I found everything I so desperately needed. I made some great friends and I will never forget a single one of them. Jazz my mentor, Dusky my captain, Lexi my first crush, Kalina my buddy, Aurora and Shelly my first best friends, Jane my enemy turned great friend, and Candy, what can I say about you? Well, I am awfully happy we stopped ’hating’ each other and decided to take a very opposite route. Ashlei, I do respect you. Maddie, Amanda, Candy, Crispin, Dayna, Deedee, Guin, Henry, Luxiebear, Mabey, Marnie, Mel, Rathe and Vince… you were the best team a captain could ever ask for.


Oh, and the Professor Prewett, if you ever read this, thank you for everything and sorry for the constant headaches.


P.S. A note to the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Until I die, I’ll be in the stands cheering. And other teams, those obnoxious jeers will be from me.


P.P.S. Maddie… I still don’t want you holding any boy’s hand. Ever. Actually, the same goes for all of you.


Thank you Hogwarts,


Danny Donaldson, Hufflepuff, 2007-2014.

There were so many things left unsaid but they were things Danny had to work on by himself. It wasn't anyone's problems but his. But what was important to write down was to let the special people in his time at Hogwarts and thats exactly what he did. Reading over all of the wall one last time, Danny realized this was the last night he'd ever spend in Hogwarts. This time tomorrow, he'd back home living with his parents for a few months until he got a steady job. Man. That was going to be rough. He'd give anything to stay in the school but it just wasn't possible. Sighing, the wizard walked out of the Trophy Room and back into the halls of Hogwarts.


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veracity weatherwax

Veracity Tourmaline Weatherwax, Baronin von Wiederwachse
Pirate Jenny von Wiederwachse

And here's to you, my surviving friends and classmates, my friends and companions for so many years.

Jane Craven, my constant roomie, my lifelong friend: for all the times you bailed me out by giving me your Potions notes, for surviving and outlasting all the other easy-come-easy-go roommates who flashed through our quarters like shooting stars, for all the trouble we got into (raiding Trimble's office, when I got turned into a kitten; getting trapped by giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest), for all the duels we fought, and the cups of cocoa we consumed late at night in the Kitchens, for all the stories we will NOT be telling our kids--love ya, mate!!

Sorsha Corvidae, my favorite Slytherin--I owe you so much for standing by me during dark times as well as bright, ever since before we were Sorted. I will never forget you in Viking armor, being a Stooge. You are one of the most intelligent, nicest people I know. And I owe you a life-debt. You are a sister.

Spike von Haus, I also owe you a life-debt. We will be friends for the long haul. My friend, may you and Sorsha have all the happiness you deserve. (a lot!) And may you both be unscathed by the depredations of evil minds.

To my teachers and mentors, thank you for showing me the Wizarding world in all its complexity and fascination. And to my beloved House of Hufflepuff and all its members, all respect, love, and honor.

Last but hardly least: to the House-elves who took such good care of us all, to the ghosts and the portraits, and the other denizens of Hogwarts Castle, and to my dear little IoJava and Big Bird, my faithful companions: my love and thanks for getting me through seven crazy years.

Wot she sed.
--Pyrat Jenny

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Ahi Keiki

Ahi Keiki



Tantus Peccatrix, Tantus Captiosus, Tantus Slytherin



To my Slytherin Quidditch team, Past, Present and Future:

  • May the Quaffle named Lester live long past my time here at Hogwarts.
  • May he be snogged each game to remember how much I will always love him.
  • May the battle cry of "Whoop, Whoop! Quaffles are for Slytherin's" echo upon the pitch.
  • May the "Quaffle Shake", "EoT", "Ravon Manoeuvre", "Reverse Ravon" and the rest of our top-secret moves live forever in the Slytherin playbook.
  • May the Bludgerlovin' and Quiddywhippin' continue long after my name is forgotten.
  • May my "Quaffle Limbo" one day have its moment upon the pitch.
  • May the "Three-pack Attack" fly again under new names.
  • May the Quidditch cup stay always in Gigi's office.
  • May OUR legacy of themed games continue.
  • Finally, my last wish is that you always find more untapped talent to mold into Slytherin excellence.
Kylara, Jenna, Sariss... thank you for mentoring me in Quidditch.

Endicus, thank you for your brooding nature and bluntness. I still miss your advice.

Amanda Overton and Zach Leach... T.P.A forever!!

Hayden, I'll never forgive you for not playing for me sooner. Those are years wasted!

To everyone who has played on the team with me, I can't name all of you (don't have room, don't hate me loffies )... Thank you for giving me the time of my life.

Maddie Underwood, I leave them in your capable hands. <3





Slytherin Quidditch Captain 2012-2013, 2013-2014.


Ahi nibbled on the end of her quill thoughtfully, was there anything more to say? Oh, how she wanted to write little notes about all the players on the team. Everyone had their own little twist to inject into Quidditch and the hours she had spent laughing (and crying, and screaming, and stressing, and needing sleep) with them was something she would never forget. Hopefully she would get drafted onto a Professional Quidditch team (ZOMG PLEEB HOLLYHEAD HARPIES!!) and her dreams really would come true. If that happened she'd only have made it because of the dedication and perseverance of the Slytherin teams she had the esteemed pleasure of playing on.


The tall Hawaiian felt her nose start to run and quickly sniffled. She was probably getting a cold. Raising a hand, she swiped her eye and growled when she found they were slightly damp. Yep, she was totally getting ill. Her throat felt thick and she was having difficulty swallowing and the more she looked upon the worlds she'd permanently inked (hopefully forever) on the Hogwart's property, the worse she began to feel.


DUST! It was the dust from the trophy cases, it had to be! What else could make her react in such a way? Someone obviously was not doing their job and needed a firm talking to. Debating on if she should visit the school nurse or report this horrible breach in school cleanliness, Ahi stomped off in her favorite boots to put an end to this outrage. It was not until she was outside the trophy room that she realized that she would be unable to explain how she had become ill to the nurse or that the condition of the trophy room was such a violation. It would be impossible now that she had defaced school property. Darn it!


Taking a deep breath and opting to suffer through whatever currently ailed her, Ahi spun on her heel and started to slowly wander back towards the Slytherin common room, her mind swimming with memories of the past seven years.

Edited by Ahi Keiki

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Andrialien Dubois

Andie had heard about that part of the trophy room where former students had written a few words before leaving the castle, but she had stored the information in a far corner of her mind. Until that day, after her last NEWT had been completed, and the whole school was buzzing with chatters of holidays and packing.

That was when the realisation hit. Hard. She would have to go away from Hogwarts.

Some feeling of pure panic crept through her mind at that thought, soon replaced by nostalgia. That meant she would never be able to spend time in the library, nor in the Ravenclaw Common Room she liked so much. She needed to make the most of her few days left in the castle, and that meant visiting each and every room.


So there she was, standing in the Trophy Room, looking at that place on the wall where everything was written.

Kneeling on the ground, she silently read the scribblings on the wall, and felt tears swell up in her eyes. ‘I must not cry.’ Andie told herself mentally. But when she found writings of people she knew, people she loved and had spent seven years with, she couldn’t hold the tears anymore. And she let them flow while she wrote those words she would probably never have been able to say.




I am so grateful to have come here for my school years.

I’m sure I will miss the castle and everyone here for a long time, and will always cherish the years I’ve spent at Hogwarts.

Spending seven years here has helped me become who I am today.

I am definitely not ready to leave, and I think in a sense a part of me will always live here.


Thank you to all the professors for teaching me so much through all these years.

Thank you to all Ravenclaws for making this House the best and nicest to live in. You have always been like a family for me, and will remain as such always. I must say I’m extremely proud to be one of you.

Thank you to Oliver and Eleanor for being the best Heads we could dream of.


To Atrus, Oliver, Ashlei, Brenna, Spike and all the others: I love you, and I hope we will keep in touch.

To Brynne and Winter, and my other mentees: I love you and I’m sure you’ll do great. I’m proud of you!

To all my classmates: I will miss you all, even those I don’t know well.

To every person at Hogwarts, past, present and future, enjoy this as much as you can!


Je vous aime et je ne vous oublierai jamais.


~Andrialien Dubois~



Andie could have gone on like that for hours, simply listing of the top of her mind every single people she would miss. But she simply did not have enough time. She was expected to meet all the other seventh years for a Graduation Ceremony on the Lawn, to celebrate the end of the NEWTS and their childhood.

Wiping the tears off her face, Andie stood up and took a last glance at the room, before walking through the door with a swift pace. She was not going to be late for her last important event at Hogwarts.

Edited by Andrialien Dubois

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Ashlei Tinker

Ashlei Tinker




May we all soar high...

Ashlei stood in the deserted Trophy Room, clutching a quill and a bottle of permanent ink. In just a few minutes, it would be time to grab her trunk and leave Hogwarts. For good. Her time had run out. It was a sad thought - for almost seven years, she'd thought of Hogwarts as home, or at least a better one than the one her parents lived in. That house was their home, this one was hers. And she was losing it. The future stretched out before her, long, empty, and uncertain, and it was the impending arrival of that future that had driven her to do something she hadn't thought she ever would - break a school rule.


At least she would be in good company, and, in fact, if it wasn't for the company she wouldn't even be contemplating doing this. But long messages from both her year and the previous were displayed on this wall, surely her small signature would not be adding much to the mess. She took the time to read the others first, though, letting memories flood through her as she read each familiar name.


Some were more familiar than others...wait, was that her name, already on here? Ashlei leaned closer, her fingers sliding across the stone just under the familiar letters, and the stranger ones that followed. Ashlei, I do respect you. Her heart swelled with something she couldn't define, and water pooled at the corners of her eyes. That was the worst part about leaving Hogwarts, really. She'd wasted so much time being afraid of everyone, and it was only now, as she was finally gaining a few normal friends, that she had to leave. She should have had seven years like this, not two...


Wiping at her eyes, Ashlei sniffled and stepped back from the wall, looking for a clear place to emblazon her own name. Another oddity stopped her in her tracks. She could understand why Danny mentioned her, given their out-of-class interactions, but Andie was much more surprising. She remembered the girl, of course, but she'd never suspected the girl remembered her. Keep in touch. Ashlei hadn't a clue how to go about that, but she was suddenly motivated to try.


And she was wasting time. Leaving by train would be bad enough, she didn't want to miss it and have to Apparate. Besides, Candace would never forgive her, or let her forget it. Uncorking her bottle of ink, Ashlei dipped her quill, stepped up to a clear section of wall, and began to write. Her words were simple, compared to what the others had done, but she knew she wouldn't be embarrased by them, ten years from now. It was enough.

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Candace Smith

This is for Hufflepuff. This is for Quidditch. This is for the amazing people I met along the way. This is in memory of friends, foes, and fun. This is to the best years of my life. And this is for those people I yelled at, screamed at, and was all around horrible to. I would apologize…but I’m not really sorry.


Don’t forget me, Hogwarts.

Candace Isabel Smith, 2007-2014

Candace stood in front of the graffiti wall with a smirk. Some people wrote novels. Candace wasn't like that. She wasn't sure she could write a novel. But she was positive that she could write something to ensure that Hogwarts wouldn't be able to forget her. Or, at least she would try her hardest.


She had never been quite sure if she had left an impact on Hogwarts. Sure, she would like to think so, but...would people remember her after she left? The Quidditch team wouldn't forget her. The Prefects probably would like to forget her. Guin would be all alone after Candace left. And there were a few ickles who would remember her in a good light...and some, who would not.


But, she would remember Hogwarts, and that was enough, right? Candace set her quill down, and sighed. At least, even if she wasn't remember, she had some great memories of her own. The Hufflepuff walked out of the Trophy Room, down the stairs, and out of Hogwarts for the last time. The real world, beware, because here she comes!

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Ben Kennedy

This was the one part of graduating Ben had been avoiding the most. Signing this wall made it real. It made it true that he would be leaving the school in the next few days, and that he would have to be a grown up. He would have to leave all the excitement of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, and the power that came with Prefectdom, and the status of being Head Boy. Unlike his sister, ever the independent one, Ben Kennedy was nostalgic and clingy. And he would fight the departure of his childhood tooth and nail.


It was inevitable that he would leave, though. And while he might age, he knew he would never grow up. It just wasn't in his genes. It was with this somewhat-comforting thought that he scribbled his message on the wall of the Hogwarts trophy room for all future seventh years to see.


Ben Kennedy

Gryffindor Seeker

Prefect & Head Boy

2006 - 2013


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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