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    It took Phoenix and Ms Margaret about ten minutes open the entrance door to make sure there was no one outside. And there wasn't. The rain stopped and only a chain of rotten leaves could be seen whirling in the lawn. A few minutes later, Ms Margaret's phone came back to life. This time she immediately called Trudy. It seemed his mother didn't like being disturbed. "I know Ms Harris, but it really is extraordinary urgent. I wouldn't have called you otherwise." then she put the phone down, looked at Phoenix and said: "This fellow told me you where a... wizard." she paused, trying to put her words in order. "...And that he has an acceptance letter for you. To some kind of school." Phoenix remained silent. "I'm really surprised those kind of people even reach this neighborhood. Must be some kind of fraud. Or an extrusion attempt" "I guess.." said Phoenix slowly. He remembered what the man said about his "gift". "Hmm, Ms Margaret.. I wanted to ask you about this earlier.." and he told her what has happened until that moment. "No, that has no connection to Jung." she said coldly. "Frankly, I'm not sure what happened. I'm as confused as you." "It scares me, Ms Margaret." "Me too." the teacher said after a brief moment of hesitation. "But I'm here until your mother comes back. I think it's safer inside." Phoenix agreed, although he didn't know what to think at all. Trudy came back after an hour. She entered the house looking pissed. "What's wrong?' she muttered. They told her what was wrong, what was right. And their deep confusion between the two. Trudy soon turned from angry to worried. Her face toughened and Phoenix could almost see the thoughts racing in her head. "He told he'll be back in the evening. That means in a few hours or so." she said, thinking out loud. "Ms Margaret, you can go home. I'll contact my friend in the city's police department. He'll send some guys here. If there is any need they will send some to your house as well." "Are you sure, Ms Harris?" "Yes. Don't worry." Trudy's voice rang with determination. Only ten minutes after the door closed behind Ms Margaret, they heard a knock. "Well that's early!" murmured Trudy. "It's not even 4 pm!" "Ms Harris, before you call Ben and bring his guys here, I'd really like to talk to you. No harm will be done. What happened earlier this day is purely my mistake. I deeply regret it. I can promise you everything will make sense after we talk for a few minutes." "That's the man's voice." said Phoenix. "Well sir," scoffed Trudy. "That's a rather long speech for whatever shady business you're trying to push here." and her hand reached to her bag. "Trust me, we do have the means to protect ourselves if necessary." she spitted the threat in a cold, calm manner. Phoenix thought he knew what she meant. In any case, before any of them could do anything, the door opened with a soft click. Phoenix jumped in terror. "Ouch, that hurt." said the man, shaking his hand at the entrance. "Did you just heat the door handle, boy?" he smiled at Phoenix. "That's impressive." Trudy tried to grab her bag but it flew away from her, landing on the other side of the living room. "Please, let's just talk. I don't want anymore panic or anger. Please. Just take a moment to listen to me." strangely enough, the man spoke in a soft, convincing voice. Phoenix thought he noticed a wooden stick picking out of his long sleeve. "Wha- Who are you?" shouted Trudy, losing her calm. And then the man started to speak. He spoke with a balanced but intense tone. He spoke fast, but did not rush. His voice boomed with confidence but Phoenix didn't sense it being accompanied by hostility. He spoke of his name, spoke of the people who sent him. Spoke of Phoenix and Trudy as if he'd known them for years. At some point his mother moved to the sofa, signaling the surprising guest to join her. Phoenix felt is if he were in a weird loop in outer space, or in a daydream, or in a mate-physic wormhole. It seemed time had lost it's velocity all together, and logic became as fluid as the mud on the road behind their fence. Unfortunately, Phoenix would later discover that much of the names he had heard did not sink in his memory. Perhaps out of shock and disbelief, he experienced some sort of cognitive blackout. He did, however remember the key message. This he could't shake off even if he wanted to, and surely didn't. "You, Phoenix, are a wizard." --- "There's no such thing sir" was Trudy's response, her still trying to make sense of it all. "Hogwarts is a wizard boarding school" --- "Hmm, well Phoenix is home-schooled. We don't appreciate the decadent socialization in the public schools-" "Since today is his 11th birthday, I'm here to give him his acceptance letter..-" --- "I don't celebrate birthdays sir. No point in celebrating things you did not achieve." Phoenix was surprised these words even came from his mouth, regarding the total collapse of logic as it seemed up until this point. Quite frankly, it was now the wizard's turn to be stunned by the answer. After a short pause, perhaps fearing he'd lose his momentum, he continued. He took out the wooden stick Phoenix saw previously and waved it at their TV. The screen immediately turned into a pair of large wings, and the modem to a feathery body - a few seconds later a huge eagle was flying above their heads. "Actions speak louder that words." said the wizard. They sure did. Turns out he was a member of the schools staff. He told Phoenix this is but one of the many things he could learn in Hogwarts. "Well you sure are a good salesperson, I'll give you that." laughed Trudy with a shaking voice. Their conversation lasted for quite a while. Phoenix couldn't tell how much time did it take. He was mesmerized. Finally, their guest stood up, shook his mother's hand and then his. The eagle returned to his place, turning back to a tv set. A big letter was left on the coffee table. "Pleasure to meet you. See you in Hogwarts." "Take care.." mumbled Phoenix. Trying to pinch himself. "Oh and one last thing.. Your teacher, Ms Margaret.." "What about her?" asked Trudy. "We'll have to erase her memory of what has happened. We prefer that only the direct siblings of our muggle-born students will know of our existence. It was a mistake on my part to share this sensitive information with her. Again, really sorry." The door closed behind him. After sitting a few minute in complete silence, Trudy stood up. "Muggle-born.." she said slowly, as if weighing the words on her tongue. "Well, there's your birthday present, Phoenix!" Her son laughed.
  3. Phoenix Harris


    A few hours later, Phoenix finished his house chores. He was ready for Ms. Margaret's arrival. Today they were going to continue studying psychology. Phoenix had a guess the strange things he experienced the last days may meet a suitable explanation. It looks like he wasn't the only one the was feeling agitated this morning - his mother seemed more preoccupied with worries of work than usual. Perhaps they'll have a chance to discuss each other's day when she comes back. His mother was a tough, workaholic businesswoman. She made a big salary which allowed her and Phoenix to live in a specious house in the center of London. To him, she was a role model. But as he learned rather quickly from his encounters with the kids on the block, their lifestyle was perceived as rather strange. Firstly, none of Phoenix's peers were home schooled. They went to the neighborhood's elementary, and they found Phoenix's education style weird. Some of them where intrigued and some were too puzzled to remain friendly. They were even more shocked to discover that Phoenix worked around the house to take part in the households economy and thus paid a "rent" to his mother, who was sole provider. She had told him once that some of their parents approached her and accused her of various things which he didn't really remember the correct terms of. All he remembered is his mother being very calm while explaining to him that those parents, like most of the society refuse to help their children to grow into strong, competent and responsible individuals. Personally, he found most of their kids dull and uninteresting. Even annoying at times. They reminded him of himself when he was about six seven years old. Childish? Yeah, that was the word his mother used to describe them. He wasn't really successful in socializing with them. He felt superior but had no joy in it. He wished he had known more interesting people except Trudy and Ms. Margaret. There was his father, but he came to visit on rare occasions, and since he was busy they didn't have a lot of chances to get to know each other. He later learned that it the eyes of his peers and their families it wan't considered a good thing for his parents to live separately. He didn't appreciate their disdain. In short, He didn't particularly like them. When Ms. Margaret came, he found it hard to concentrate on the lesson's material. His teacher was an old lady with messy grey hair and a big pair of glasses. She was strict and demanding, but took great interest in Phoenix's life, and he felt an honest appreciation on her part. "sometimes I wish some of my teen students where as sharp as you." she would say, and he took great pride hearing those words, because he knew she meant them. They drove him to study even harder. But on this day, February the 3rd, it was hard for his mind to stay at once place. It felt almost out of his character, and he didn't like the feeling. "Alright dear, what's wrong?" asked Ms. Margaret. "You told me you liked this subject." It was true. They were studying Jungian Archetypes, which Phoenix thought was a fancy and academic way to describe fairy tales. He liked it. "Well, the last couple of days, I-" but before he had time to finish his sentence, there was a knock on the door. "Are you expecting any guests, Mr Harris?" she asked half-jokingly. Of course he wouldn't set a meeting on the lesson's time. As if he had any people worthy of hanging out with. "No." he said, walking to the door. "Hello? Who is it?" "I'm here to see Mr Harris." came the answer. "Well, that'll be me." said Phoenix, surprised. But he was even more surprised when he opened the door. There was a weird looking fellow standing in front of him. Weird-looking because he was wearing a robe and an old-fashioned pointy hat. In the middle of a rainy day. "Hmm, hello?" said Phoenix, leaning on the door handle. "How may I help you?" "Happy birthday Phoenix!" said the man with a smile. "Huh?" he knew what birthdays meant. He never celebrated his. He and Trudy didn't see any reason celebrating things they did not achieve." "Thanks..?" "May I speak with your mother please?" said the man, trying to look into the house. "I'm a member of this household. You can talk to me." said Phoenix, raising an eyebrow. "Oh that's sweet, but is your mother at home?' "Yes sir, what's the matter?" Ms Margaret joined the conversation. Phoenix went back to their study table in the living room, thinking they'll be back to their lesson soon. But after a few minutes of what sounded like a tense chatter, Ms Margaret came back. The first time in his life, Phoenix saw his teacher completely off balance. "Phoenix, call the police. This homeless guy means trouble." her face was pale and her voice shook with anger, and possibly - fear. "That wouldn't be wise." said the robed man's voice behind the door. "I'm only here to chat and tell your student something important." Phoenix picked up Ms. Margaret's cellphone and dialed the police number. "Don't you have better things to do than harassing strangers, young man?" said Ms Margaret, now returning to her tough teacher-esque tone. "Oh, you're flattering me, Ms. Margaret." answered the stranger. "I'm not that young." To his surprise, the phone in Phoenix's hand suddenly shut down. "No need to do that, Mr Harris. We don't need any trouble." Out of pure impulse, Phoenix reached his hands towards the home phone that hang on the wall a meter away. The phone jumped straight to his hand. Scared, Phoenix dropped it on the floor. WHAT?? "What on earth just happened here?" shouted Ms Margaret, her eyes open wide. "Well that was impressive Phoenix! Imagine what you could do with your gift in our school." said the man behind the door. "How do you know our names?" asked Phoenix quietly. His sudden calmness surprised him. "You'll know soon enough. Meanwhile, please refrain from contacting your law enforcement services. This won't work. Just wait until the evening. Sorry for your inconvenience." Phoenix and Ms Margaret remained silent. "I'll be going now." said the man after a long pause. "Cheers."
  4. Phoenix Harris


    When he first woke up in the morning, Phoenix could've never imagined how this day will unfold. He was sure that what ever happens next, he would forever come back to this day in his memories. Such weird and unexpected turn of events, perhaps a life changing moment that was torn out of a fiction book is a thing worth processing and reflecting upon. Until it is well seated and understood within the boundaries of the mind. As usual, his alarm went off at 6 am, waking him up to a cold February morning. The snow that had covered the street for two weeks was now being replaced by a muddy rainfall. Brushing his wavy, black hair from his forehead, Phoenix stood up, ready to start yet morning routine - and after taking a shower and brushing his teeth, he headed down to the kitchen. It looks like his mom left quite a mess in the sink from last night. He quickly washed the dishes, and started making breakfast. He had half an hour until she would come down the stairs, which gave him enough time to enjoy the early morning activity with some music. He put his favorite band Rush on spotify, and started making toasts and eggs. "Morning, Nix." said Trudie, heading down the stairs from the upper floor. She was wearing her usual business outfit, her high heels knocking on each stair. "Morning Trudie." said Phoenix, pressing the espresso machine. "Have you seen what's going on outside? That's a bummer." "Yeah, tell me about." said Trudie, straightening her skirt. "Looks like you'll have lot of cleaning to do with Bruce." Bruce was Trudie's black monstrous jeep. "I guess.." said Phoenix, focusing on the hot beverage filling the small cup. "At least you don't have to SAIL to work like the rest of them." "That's right, I don't." smiled Trudie, giving Phoenix a short glance. She sat at the kitchen table and took her cellphone out. "Fork." she said, scrolling though her contacts. Phoenix swiftly took out a new fork from the drawer with one hand, his other one already holding the Trudie's coffee. "Jack, hi." she smiled cheerfully, taking the cup from his hand. "Yes, the meeting is set to ten o'clock. Of course. Yes, he'll be there. Looking forward to it." she took a sip. "So yeah, basically.." Phoenix set in front of her and started eating his own breakfast. They both had the same thing - scrambled eggs and toast. Amidst chewing the memory from the other day rose in his mind again. He didn't try to fight and it was soon gone. That sure was a strange incident. His mother didn't know a thing about it, and he figured she didn't have too. Everything was quite normal since then, so he wasn't worried - merely intrigued. "Hey Nix," he heard her. She'd already finished her call, the first of many to come, even before she sat in Bruce. Phoenix raised his head from the plate, his eyes meeting hers. "How do I look?" she asked, adjusting her hair. Pheonix gave her a short focused look. Being in her early-thirties, he had her hair up, back wavy hair just like him, except her eye color was green, and his a peculiar mix of brown-greenish. At least that what his homeschooling teacher, Margaret told him: "peculiar." "brown-greenish". But he knew what his mother was asking him to examine - she had taught him well. "Your eyeliner is a bit off." he said shorty, coming back to his half-eaten meal. He tried adding some soar cream to the omelette today, and he was pleased by the improved taste. "Thought so too." she signed, bringing the phone to her ear again. "I forgot my make-up purse upstairs. Bring it. Yes, Jim? How are you? Did you know that-" Phoenix walked up he stairs and turned to his mother's room. Might as well make her bed right now rather than later, he thought. He still had about ten minutes before she had to leave. But the next thing that happened forced him to change his plans: After searching for his mother's purse for a few moments, he found it lying near her bed. But when he moved towards it, it suddenly moved. It was a small,almost unnoticeable movement, and he ignored it. But when he made another step it moved again, this time in an undeniable manner - it looked almost as if the purse was trying to drag itself towards him. He stopped, a bit shocked. Again? he thought to himself. This was suspiciously like the incident that happened the other day, when he thought he saw his notebook trying to float to his hand during economics lesson with Ms. Margaret. He took a deep breath, trying to clear his thoughts. Is this only his imagination? He should ask Ms. Margaret about it later. But when he tried to take another step, the purse moved once again, this time more fiercely, crawling a few centimeters to his direction. "What's taking so long?" Trudie's irritated voice rose from downstairs. "I need to go in a five minutes!" Overwhelmed, Phoenix jumped to the purse, stretching his hand to grab it. But a millisecond before his fingers touched the black leather, the purse magnetized it self to his palm, as if almost helping him. "Finally." Trudie grabbed the purse from his hand, not noticing her son's face being paler than usual. She was a the middle of another business-call. Phoenix started taking care of the dishes, and after a minute he was a bit less anxious but no less confused. He thought he imagined it the last time it happened. What is going on? "Listen, I need to head to yoga class after work, so I'll come back late." Trudie stood up from the table and picked up her suitcase. "Maggie's check is in my room. Tell her to call me tomorrow morning." "No problem." answered Phoenix, soaping up his plate. "See ya." the door slammed behind her. A minute later, Bruce led out a loud roar and she was gone.
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  6. Margarleon Turpentine

    You might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth

    Leon’s eyes narrowed, wondering how on earth Jack actually knew what his wand was. The wood he could understand, he supposed. Blackthorn did have a distinctive veinlike red hue that passed through its pale and darker browns that set it apart from other, less colorful woods. But how did he know it was almost certainly dragon heartstring? Though, having the wand of a warrior sounded pretty boss. “Warrior, huh?” Leon smirked, tempted to get his wand out and give it a twirl around. He refrained, although perhaps he’d bring it out if Jack started to be difficult… He pegged Jack with a salty stare as the boy tried to insist that he wasn’t a spy and that he couldn’t tell him anything about Ryszard that Leon didn’t already know, and blah-blah-blah. Leon faked a yawn as Jack ran through his excuses, waiting until the boy ran out of steam. “You done now?” He asked boredly. “Now, you listen here. This journal…” He waved it in front of Jack’s face, nearly hitting him in the nose with it by doing so, “Basically tells me you are a spy, like it or not. So you are going to find a way to spy on Ryszard and tell me all the dirt you can find on him. I need somethin’ good. Somethin’ I can use against him, you got it?” Leon asked, tone gruff and brooking no room for argument. “And while you’re at it, get some more dirt on Dale,” The boy added. “And if you got any problems in doin’ this stuff for me, or you run off tellin’ your little Julian friend about our arrangement, maybe my warrior wand and you will have a nice meetin’. Or maybe I’ll just stick your head in Moaning Myrtle’s toilet,” Leon determined unashamedly, issuing his threat idly, almost as if he was giving a weather report. “Got it?” The boy asked, shoving the journal at Jack’s chest. “I’ll let you keep this for now, but you better let me see it whenever I want to,” Leon concluded, eyes narrowed as he waited for little Jack Dare’s response.
  7. Julian Pritchard

    Group Writing Sprints?

    So I'm thinking of doing these on Thursday at 1 p.m. and Friday at 7 p.m., probably on the discord's rave channel so we don't annoy anyone else. I'll post in general around five minutes beforehand.
  8. Godsgift A Moonbeam

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    “The pleasure is all mine, Hazel,” G assured her with his best-mannered smile. “Mary and I met here. She is most helpful and a font of knowledge about the magical world. And full of wisdom about being civil that I’m afraid I shall never posses.” He turned to Mary with a shrug, “Astra said the same thing...only not so polite. In my defence I was merely using choice turns of phrase that I didn’t quite realise were completely rude and offensive, otherwise I might have limited my response to something more moderate. How was I supposed to know that the entire table would whisper my words like some infernal game of Chinese Whispers until the King overheard? Perhaps I ought to have referred to her as the King’s beloved sister instead?” But he ought to have known better than replying truthfully, if unthinkingly. And, somehow, he was going to have to apologise properly, profusely and promptly. And he really didn’t much fancy his chances, so he changed the topic right back onto anything but his social faux pas. And even though bloodlines and the like was anything but interesting, learning more about the others he’d be spending time with was worth asking. ”So milady is an ordinary farm girl, with impressive musical talents and a sharp brain that she insists are their own reward and I’m a ne’re-do-well rogue, currently in Coventry for my witless tongue, pray tell more about where you fit in, Hazel?”
  9. Miss Lushia

    VH40 Hosptial Wing Prompts

    ════════════ ↯ ════════════ Week Five | Someone has been going a bit crazy with the spell Crinus Muto and everyone hair color is changing color. | ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Someone is hiding all over the place and casting the spell Crinus Muto** on people. This spell changes hair color on people. Do you like your new hair color or do you just flat up hate it and want to change it back? Have fun **
  10. Pine Tree

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

    This year at Hogwarts, Pine was going to make the most of it. Since it wasn’t a place he was able to just quit. His parents would let him and he knew that he had to come and learn. Not that he was able to learn anything, he felt like he was so behind everyone else that was in his year. Which just was horrible for Pine, he knows that it was his fault that he was someone that just didn’t want to be seen last year. The day before Aster had told Pine all about what she got for her birthday, there were things that Pine didn’t know what were at all. It was just odd to hear what these things were. Living in a commune it wasn’t like he needed things to keep him happy. Also his parents didn’t have that much money. Going outside wasn’t something he wanted to do, but at least it wasn’t at the quidditch pitch, because if it was Pine wouldn’t have went there at all. He would have told Aster that he couldn’t come, he got over his fear of going outside, but the pitch that wasn’t something he wanted to do at all. Making his way outside, he saw that she had things laying out which wasn’t something he was expecting at all. Smiling as he made his way to his friend. “That is a lot of things?” Telling her as he took a seat.
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  12. Mary Wilkins

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    G suggested that she consider playing professionally, but Mary shook her head. "Place myself on a pedestal?" she commented "wear a sign around my neck which reads 'Look at Me'? Of what value is fame anyway? You can count it and find yourself destitute, seeking it may lead to madness." Fame was not a valuable life goal as far as Mary was concerned. "I enjoy playing for its own sake, if others like my music then that is a bonus." She offered some more thoughts on music, and Hogwarts school. "Joe has told me that some of the instruments at Hogwarts are enchanted so they will play themselves." She shook her head in disapproval. "Music is a form of communication, the performance comes from the musician far more than the instrument. Where is the warmth, the message, the passion or the emotion in a song that is played without a performer?" That was also part of the reason why Mary was not keen on popular music. If a song was played by a talented group of musicians, had a pleasing melody and was sung by someone with a good voice then that might pique her curiosity, but too many songs nowadays were generated on a computer, or prerecorded and mimed on stage. To her ears, such songs were empty, nothing but meaningless noise. She listened as he spoke of his own change of fortune. "Your star seems to be in the ascendant" she smiled "it is good to hear you have found approval among your peers, and from the throne." It seemed he wasn't out f the woods yet though, as there was an incident of sorts involving his cousin's wife. "That might not have been the wisest move" she advised "I don't think anything good ever came from an insult, no matter how you feel about the woman in question. Words can cut deep, and may be difficult to heal. The letter is a step in the right direction though." Mary was always very careful with her words, and she went out of her way not to deliberately offend anyone. She offered a little more encouragement "Humble pie may be difficult to swallow sometimes, but it does have a pleasant after-taste." She did notice how he had addressed her though, and she felt that shouldn't go unremarked, although she didn't mind all that much. "I thought you weren't keen on titles" she reminded him, before turning to point something out to Hazel. "I don't have blue blood" she explained "I'm just an ordinary farm girl." Hazel clearly noted that she and G already knew each other, and asked where they met. "We just met here a short while ago, when I arrived here" Mary pointed out "all in all, I think it went well enough." If there were any rain clouds that day, it was the two girls. One of them just seemed to want to be offensive, Mary was in no rush to speak with her again. Mary though the other girl might be more reasonable once she got to know her, but her first impression had been less than desirable. Mary wondered if, in time, she might help her to dismantle the straw-man she had erected.
  13. Alyssa Hoofer

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I am definitely interested as well. I missed out on Friday's. Just let me know when.
  14. Behati Gadot

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I’d totally be down!
  15. Emmett Blaze

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I'm interested let me know the time on discord. Tuesday/Thursday evening won't work, but free other days
  16. Pine Tree

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I am around here and there, I don't know about times as I work what i want for the most part and sometimes things are all over the place. Just anytime in the evening EDT time should work well for me
  17. Aurora Andrews

    Group Writing Sprints?

    You tell me when I'll be there
  18. Jacqueline Golden-Keisi

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I'm interested but my schedule's mostly flexible so maybe don't schedule around me? I'll do what I can to make the time that works best for the majority. <33
  19. Aggie Price

    Group Writing Sprints?

    Interested. Easier to say Not Available this Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Central
  20. Julian Pritchard

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I brought up the possibility of doing writing sprints together (picking something to write, setting a timer, and writing together during that amount of time) in chat the other day as a way to help people get some vh stuff done. Some people seemed keen on the idea, so I'm probably going to try and organise a couple over the next couple weeks. I just want to know what times/days would be good for everyone else. Post down here if you're interested, and let me know when you're available.
  21. Hazel Baum

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    Hazel’s lips upturned into a broad, toothy grin as the girl paused in her music playing to address her compliment. She hadn’t truly intended to stop the girl’s playing, but she found the girl’s outlook to be pleasant. Hazel too aimed not to offend, even though that didn’t always work out as planned. Some people just weren’t as easy-going as others and Hazel’s temper was quick to ignite. “Well, you definitely didn’t offend me, Mary. My name’s Hazel,” The girl responded, eyes drawn over to the boy she’d passed, who Mary was apparently already acquainted with. He approached at her beckoning, and Hazel watched him curiously, especially when he began talking about something she couldn’t quite track. He had a peculiar way of speaking, and it intrigued her. She was amused about the bit about lacking sincerity - Hazel too was bad at forcing things she didn’t feel wholeheartedly, so writing a letter such as he described sounded like it would be trying for her, too. “G? My name’s Hazel. It’s nice to meet you. I don’t envy you that letter you’re supposed to be writing. I too find it hard to force sincerity if I don’t actually feel it,” Hazel commented, eyes flicking back to Mary and then over to G before she inquired, “Did you guys meet here at the Centre or did you already know each other?”
  22. Willow Borage

    danger, thy name is ash borage

    Willow Borage had just turned ten, and she felt like this was a highly important thing. Obviously a lot more important than @Ash Borage turning ten. They may be twins, but she was the smarter, and better looking than her brother. It didn't help that her brother was an idiot, that only made things harder on her. Willow knew that her parents wanted her and Ash to go to Castelobruxo, but both the twins protested that. Willow wanted to go to Hogwarts like her older brother, and her other siblings before her. It didn't seem fair that they were practically forced to live in Peru with their dad. Bill was laying on the couch upside down, her curls falling to the floor when her brother approached her. That seems like a better option than what she was doing now. "Sure. We might as well. Come on, Ashleigh." She flipped off the couch and stretched. "I'm leading the way."
  23. Viktoriya Valentin

    I'm coming at you like a cannonball

    Hearing the nickname that Leon spilled out of his mouth caused Toriya to poke her tongue out at him. "It's Viktoriya this time around," she told him, though knowing Leon he might just mistrust her and assume she was Anastasia anyway. But, since Toriya was on her gift-giving mission, she decided not to tease him. And not a moment more was spared on that train of thought when he mentioned that he'd learned some new spells too since before they'd gone off to summer holidays. Grinning from ear to ear, the girl was all for it. "You're on!" Never mind the fact that she didn't really care if she won or lost any of this. She just liked to see how her fellow duelists were progressing, and if she had to be totally honest - which she was - she knew Leon was as tough as nails. Maybe the gift would soften him up, but really, that wasn't the point here. It wasn't escaping her notice at how his expression was changing as she got out his gift and handed it to him, watching the boy take it from her hands. It almost seemed like he wasn't sure what was going on. Did he not get gifts? It almost made the girl frown, to think that someone could be without this kind of affection when she'd been gifted with gifts and friends and family who did these sorts of things not because they had to but because they wanted to. And, as Leon took the bag from her and proceeded to ask her why, the girl could only blink. She kinda felt hurt on his behalf that this seemed so strange to him. It was almost like he didn't know what a gift was. "Because you're my dueling buddy, and dare I say friend," Toriya told him earnestly, smiling even though he hadn't said thank you or even looked inside the bag at what it contained. "I saw it at the shops and thought you might like it, so I got it for you," she explained further, trying to... well, she supposed she was trying to put the Slytherin boy at ease. She wasn't gonna bite him or anything, even if she could be playful and cheeky as heck on the dueling platform with fire flying all over the place. Right here and now, she was just living by the values instilled into her by her parents. You gave because you wanted to. "It's not enchanted or anything in case you're worried about weird stuff happening, it won't bite, honest." Which was very true considering she'd picked it up at a muggle shop.
  24. Jasper H.H. Alexanders

    A Conspiracy of RavenBoys

    Jasper's shoulders hunched up to his ears as the featherweight of the flower crown appeared to make his posture wilt beneath it. His eyes drew up in a futile effort to get a look at it where it sat upon his dark mop of hair, a struggle he only endured for a moment before reaching up to pluck it off, pinched between two fingers. He gave it a cursory sniff and a thorough visual examination. The weaving was passable work, though the flower selections were common and hardly worth the effort. Spots of red spotted the stems--not aphids, nor ants, but blood. Far more valuable than the flowers themselves, after all. He put the crown back on his head and made a note to clip the bloody stems into a sterile bag later. "I see," was all that he could say.
  25. Phillip Aldermaston

    You're not my mum!

    Phillip didn’t see this as kidnapping either – he saw this as rescuing from a kidnapping since he didn’t know that the person looking after this girl was her older sister – he’d just rescued a frightened little girl as far as he knew. Phillip led her to an unoccupied table that was as far away from all the windows as he could possibly manage and a small smile that was somewhere between fraternal and avuncular played around his lips when Willow protested that she wasn’t a baby. “Oh? So does that make you too old for ice-cream?” Of course, with Phillip’s naturally upturned mouth, that really meant that he smiled more than usual. And then he reached out to ruffle Willow’s hair. “So….what flavour milkshake do you want to talk over?” Phillip couldn’t exactly drink-drink but things had happened so he was going to do something stupid nonetheless – i.e. some horribly caffeinated thing.
  26. Adam Sinclair

    Absence Notices

    Moving. brb.
  27. Edward Borage

    • Edward Borage
    • Willow Borage

    Hey sis! Hope you’re not getting into trouble. Bought you and Ash some sweets. Enjoy!

    1. Willow Borage

      Willow Borage

      Oh Neddy! You shouldn't have!

    2. Edward Borage
  28. Edward Borage

    • Edward Borage
    • Ash Borage

    It’s been too long between visits - what’re you up to? Hope you like the sweets. It’s great living near a sweetshop

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