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  3. Jack Dare

    Will you be my Cubmaster?

    Jack conceded Prom's about Miss Twila. She was a really nice lady and probably would be great making all the new werewolves feel safe and supported. However, Jack couldn't forget how sad she'd looked on their first day back on the pitch. The idea that his club might make her more sad was enough to make Jack shy away. He tilted his head awaiting Prom's verdict. “Well, I just don’t know who could say no to you.” Jack flushed, but smiled gratefully. He did feel rather lucky at the moment, but it had nothing to do with finding a sponsor and everything to do with having Prom as his friend. "Grand," was all Jack could say with out fear of getting blubbery and sentimental, but he hoped that his expression conveyed what he was feeling. Jack gave his lapels one final tug, and then taking a deep breath he opened the Greenhouse door. The change in temperature was dramatic and Jack immediately felt over dressed. The air was moist and pleasant and smelled of peat. The greenhouse was currently so full of plants that at first Jack could not see their diminutive professor. Jack could hear movement from within however and looking first to Prom for reassurance he cleared his throat, then called out, "Professor? It's Jack Dare and Prometheus Saintcross. We wondered-- that is to say-- I wondered if I might have a word with you."
  4. Lian Dracel-Cortes

    Strangers look on

    The Lian he recalled had been a fearless woman, capable of standing toe to toe against him every step of the way. To say that their marriage had been sunshine and roses would be speak a bold faced lie. Their marriage had been a disaster that ended when he died and Aries did not need to wonder if she was grateful for the small miracle. Or suspicious of her setting it up, after all, for as much Red and Gold that she wore proudly - he always called her out on her devious and callous ways. The woman had learned from the best in how to conceal herself, why, if she'd been a good scholar - he had no doubts that Lian would have made a fine career politician. "Sebastian plans to send our grandson to Hogwarts? Has it gotten any better since you graduated?"- His inquiry was earnest, the two of them had agreed to never let their own children touch the institution given all the attacks it was prone to. But catching Lian shaking her head meant that this was a panic button, a true and tired one that went against all of her morals. Ha! Morals... "Damn it all! Clearly you've told him your own experiences there!" "I did. They just even had an attack back in November. Aries, I don't know how to talk him out of this wretched idea - the only option I have is to go with it and do whatever I can to keep that child safe." "Which meant this!? Lian, nothing about this place kept anyone safe. They destroyed the lives of the very foundation that started it. You more than anyone knows this. It killed me, Lian. Don't do this to yourself." - He pleaded. He never did such a thing and it was throwing him as a ghost, completely off. - "The moment you take on that head seat? Your life will never be the same. You'll be privy to things...wait." He stopped upon catching the shift in her look. "Don't flacking tell me that you took the head seat!" "How else do you think I managed it, Aries? It was how I was able to dismantle everything. You were right, I did stack the chips and played it to my hands. I just never took sight of how much would it become my responsibility when I did it. I already know the secrets, Aries. None of the original members of the trust are around, remember? I'm what's left. The last stalwart of an era, the unlikely candidate." He could not believe what she was saying. Aries floated in place, his spectral mouth agape at what he'd just been told. The only decision left to be made was if he could join this new endeavor, after all - he wasn't ready to move on. "So, where do we begin?" "We rebuild this all from the ground up, Aries. Then? I reestablish roles and reassign the entire company. We're looking at undoing a near century of their crap."
  5. Atticus Barnes

    i got the feeling honey like i'm ready to roll

    Atticus was torn over what to do. It was obvious that the other boy was possessive of Charlie and if she were to make a move towards him, she’d likely get something chewed off like how an aggressive dog would treat a toy he didn’t particularly like. On the other hand though, she really wanted to show Charlie the new pictures she got from the post. She had called her mother the night after she had initially met Charlie and talked and talked about her new friend who also liked dragons. Atticus supposed that her mother took that as a cue to send even more pictures through the post. Her excitement obviously won over the fear of the attacking Giles, so Atticus left Tulip’s side and flopped down on the ground next to Charlie. While he laid, she stayed in a seated position. Words weren’t even uttered while she dug through her bag to find the prints that she kept protected in an envelope. Unable to successfully find it on her first try, Atticus pulled and laid out various items, like her tarot cards and random fruit, from her bag until her hand closed around the thick envelope. She hadn’t even bothered to put the items back into her bag before she shoved the pictures into Charlie’s line of sight. “My mom sent me some more pictures and I thought they’d interest you. You can even keep a few if you’d like?”
  6. Lian Dracel-Cortes

    the name game

    Cassie Steele
  7. Professor Corelli-Rose

    Everybody circling, it’s vulturous

    He was ridiculously relieved, he realized, when the Headmistress allowed him to keep his position; Carson would have called him overly dramatic. Arcite hung his head, the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding in escaping and fogging up the lenses of his glasses. With that release came the rest of the feelings and thoughts he'd stubbornly chained and locked up. Behati was a child, and as a professor, he shouldn't play favourites, no matter how much he wanted to. And because he was a professor, his actions now seemed all the more deplorable... But another part of him stamped its foot; Behati Gadot might have been little older than Pandora and therefore going through that awkward, '0 to 60 in three seconds' teenage phase, but she was consciously aware of what she was saying, and at the end of the day, Pandora and ten others were bitten, and they did not deserve the hate some of the other gave. Saying so would make him sound like a broken record, and it was nothing the Headmistress hadn't heard before, so-- As a result... His heart cinched; perhaps he'd become relieved too soon? Arcite glanced up at the Headmistress, squinting - but his momentary anxiety was for nothing. Arcite visibly sagged. "I - yes," he blinked. "I suppose we do. It's the responsible course of action." Hadn't he argued for transparency? This was his chance to drive it home! "I would love to see conversation on both fronts, with every side given a chance to say their piece. The voice of the werewolves need to be heard and I know for a fact - " he held up a finger to accentuate the point, " - that some werewolves are aware of the potential dangers they pose and would love to have a peaceful conversation about that. Of course, that would only have any effect if both sides are given a fair platform..." Arcite approached the Headmistress. "I don't want to see either Behati or Pandora punished," he said frankly. "I am exhausted by this unrepentant hate, but I don't think House Points or Detentions are going to sway the students on either side. Neither matters in this case, and I suspect Pandora is... not entirely happy - " but somewhat satisfied " - with her actions." Looking fully at the Headmistress, Arcite spread his hands. "Do you, with everything you've seen over the years, think we could sway students to be a little more understanding?"
  8. Tulip Blossom

    I can't see the future but I know it's watching me

    Tulip wasn't surprised by the interest of others, though she was beginning to realize she absolutely needed to brush up on everything about the wizarding world that she hadn't been told about because strangely fascinated by the fact that wizard cops seemed as suspicious as some of the ones she'd seen in a non-magical setting. She had a lot more questions about the differences but the blonde realized it probably wasn't the time for them considering the potential trouble brewing for Lugg. But then Charlie was being mysteriously absent and Giles was off searching and Tulip knew she had to seek out what was going on with her boys versus the intrigue going on with the Auror's if she had heard correctly. "Stay strong Lugg. Stick it to the man. I gotta find my boys."
  9. Richard Fowler

    The Interview Saga

    “Of course.” Richard, and Carina, obviously knew that werewolves were discriminated against. The November 8th attack only made things worse, like a volatile ingredient being thrown into an already unstable potion. He didn’t need to be a seer to know that on this current course, things would only get worse. He could appreciate the work the reserved aimed to do, or at least what they claimed, but he disagreed in keeping dangerous werewolves together with harmless werewolves. “I can understand that but I think that stance may need some fine tuning. There are some werewolves who aren’t just a danger to the community at large but also to each other.” Knowing Frey as he did, Richard knew she was one of them. “A few bad apples can unfortunately ruin a good thing for everyone, as we are seeing unfold.” Fingers were being pointed, sides were fighting with each other… turmoil and chaos was emerging. Throwing his hands up, Richard admitted. “I know the fine tuning is easier said than done though.” The auror felt bad for the innocent werewolves but his duty would always be to protecting the community at large. As an auror, it had to be. “It wouldn’t surprise me.” No one would ever have a hard time selling Vesper as a dangerous foe to him. Roseclaw seemed ready to dismiss them. Richard still believed there was something fishy going on at this reserve but didn’t want to push his luck. Technically, any information Roseclaw was giving them was on his own volition at the moment. The former Ravenclaw couldn’t leave though without trying to get one last piece of information. “I just have one more question. The werewolves did not appear to be on Wolfsbane Potion during the attack. They were vicious and completely animalistic. What’s your take on that?"
  10. Giles Cassidy

    i got the feeling honey like i'm ready to roll

    "Yeah, whatever you want. Everything's good." he nodded, sure that if anything worth mentioning happened they were sure to hear about it later on the wireless or perhaps their parents would bring it up during dinner. There was too much going on in the wizarding world to just ignore things, but for Charlie and Charlie alone, he was happy to pretend he was a bloody egg if he wanted it. The pair simultaneously took off in the opposite direction of the action and towards a tree a little ways away. He didn't immediately notice that they had company and was content and comfortable in their silence. He chuckled when he noticed Charlie opting to lay in the grass beside him instead of going forwards towards the trunk. "Mhmm" he hummed in agreement, wondering if they'd be allowed to build a fort in Primary if they petitioned for it, but the thought dissipated as soon as Charlie's next words were spoken. Without hesitation his eyes softened as they often did when he looked towards his friend and he quickly responded, "Giles and Charlie, always." he affirmed with a satisfied crooked grin before crossing his arms across his chest. The sound of oncoming footfalls suddenly reminded him that they weren't back in Manchester, and they weren't alone. He cleared his throat and in the blink of an eye his demeanor changed, his brows furrowed in a sort of menacing manner as he regarded the approaching people, smile smoothing down into a thin line. It was obvious that Giles had a problem with change, and though he had initially been excited to attend Primary and Hogwarts at that... the realization that there would be other people that he would be forced to share Charlie with hit him like a ton a bricks. Who knew if he would ever acclimate... probably never. He turned back to the tree, and began plotting out how he would go about climbing the thing. How had he gone about it last time? A few familiar knots stood out that could easily work as footholds, whereas the lowest branch was reachable if he just jumped high enough.
  11. Prince A. Charming

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    It was honestly amazing to Atticus how dumb this boy was. He had no sense of the world and clearly could not think critically. In a way, the muggleborn felt bad for him. How sad a life he would lead if he was so close minded and hated others simply for existing. Perhaps the second year’s thoughts on the matter would have different if he had not been bitten and simply attacked. Maybe he would have thought that all werewolves were bad, too. But he couldn’t imagine that because he couldn’t justify lumping everyone of one sort together. It didn’t seem right to him. Or fair. He rolled his eyes, making sure that the older Gryffindor would see the action. “You’re an idiot if you think that. I would never attack anyone else and I always make sure to take wolfsbane. You saying that is like saying all muggleborns are dumb or all muggles are evil. It’s wrong and it’s unfair.” He stood up from the table but didn’t move away. “I feel sorry for you,” he said before turning and walking away. He would get food from the kitchens and then return to Gryffindor Tower. He would have to tell Harmony about what had happened.
  12. Prometheus Saintcross

    Will you be my Cubmaster?

    Prom nodded along while Jack explained this venture to him, as though he needed to justify it. The taller boy was more than happy to stand by his friend while he did this, frankly, needlessly noble thing. Prom smiled. He’d only recently met Crispin Dare but he had a feeling the older man would be very proud of his reclusive junior Dare who had become quite outspoken suddenly in the name of certain, more disenfranchised people. His smile faded slightly while Jack chattered away and Prom recalled Christmas, which was not so long ago, and how the attack had seemed a distant memory until he returned to school and saw the faces of his classmates papering the walls, headlined with titles of shame and proclaiming that they did not deserve sanctuary. Or, apparently, human decency. Of particular pain to him had been the humiliated, tortured gaze from the poster of @Jeramie Slater. Though Jack had made quick work of replacing them with friendlier subject matter, Prom felt sure that the memory of his roommate’s miserable eyes would follow him to the grave. ”...problematic.” ”Mm?” Prom tuned back in. “Not really. She seemed eager provide a safe space for anyone who needed it after the attack. That’s sort of the exact thing you’re trying to do, right?” He raised his eyebrows when Jack asked whether he looked responsible and tried not to grin, thinking of huggable cartoon Jack on the posters and how true to life they were. “I think,” he chose his words carefully. “Well, I just don’t know who could say no to you.”
  13. Ryan Buratsche

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    Everything about this boy was frustrating. In a way, he reminded him of himself, when he was first starting out at Hogwarts. He gritted his teeth, feeling a sense of satisfaction when Atticus’s food went flying. “The fact that you are a werewolf makes you one of them,” Ryan hissed. “There’s no difference between you and the werewolves that attacked. None at all.” He shrugged when Atticus said it wasn’t his fault he’d been bitten. “It doesn’t matter. You’re still dangerous.”
  14. Prince A. Charming

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    As always in the wizarding world, Atticus was clueless. He knew nothing. It felt like that was the summary of his life since finding out he was a wizard. He had been so confident and sure of himself in the muggle world. He’d been a star football player, an average student, a good friend. He’d had a good life and then it had been changed in an instant. He had gone from knowing himself and the world around him to knowing absolutely nothing. It wasn’t a good feeling and it only got worse with each passing day in the magical world. He fell silent as the older boy answered him. His name had been read on some sort of broadcast. He hadn’t been aware that wizards had TV or something like it. But it meant that everyone knew. Everyone knew what he was. It explained so much of what had happened since he’d returned to school. He looked around him, finding that the glares only got worse. Then his food went flying. Clearly, this boy did not like werewolves. “I’m a werewolf but I’m not one of them,” he said. “I’m the same person I was before. I haven’t changed.” He didn’t know why he had to explain this. It seemed pretty obvious to him that he was the person he had always been. Or at least been since he’s started at Hogwarts. “And it’s not my fault it happened to me. I couldn’t have done anything to stop it, either. I tried.” He’d tried so hard and his attempts had been futile. It still bothered him.
  15. Ryan Buratsche

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    Ryan gave the younger Gryffindor boy--Atticus--a quizzical look. "Do you seriously not know?" It was almost surprising. The broadcast had been big news. He'd heard it on the wireless over the Christmas holidays, and it had been in the news since then. "Your name. It was read on a broadcast. It was on this show called The Truth. It was read along with the names of all of the other werewolves at the school." At least the ones that had been bitten on November 8. Ryan didn't know of any other werewolves, but what he did know was that Hogwarts was full of secrets. If one came out of the woodwork, he certainly wouldn't be surprised. His hand clenched into a fist, and before he knew what he was doing, he had shoved the boy's food aside. "It doesn't matter. You're one of them now."
  16. Willa nodded, Jacquetta's answer making more sense than her own thoughts. It was why she trusted the redhead with so much, why she could be vulnerable and ask the questions that she often wrote down in the notebooks during lectures, because she knew that Jacquetta may not have the answers, but she would be able to phrase things much clearer than Willa ever could. "Since November." Willa answered, nodding her head as she tried not to let herself dwell on those thoughts. Without fail, her hand drifted to her shoulder and the scars that started there. It'd become her new nervous tick, the thing that she did first and without thought, even though fiddling with her wand and speaking too much and too fast were generally quick to follow. For once, she let the silence continue. It was only interrupted by the woman's voice over the radio, as well as her angry callers. It wasn't until she heard the unmistaken remark that Trudy was getting arrested that the tension released and she could let her thoughts drift away from the attack. Even if the damage was done, it felt like a weight was lifted knowing that someone would be facing consequences for their actions. "I agree! I think Sumpter's probably looking for you already anyways!" Willa answered, turning the radio off before the arrest could finish, but she didn't need to hear the end of it. She wanted to feel the closest thing to flying that she'd be allowed while she was home. She turned back to Jacquetta, grinning for the first time since she'd stepped out of the fireplace less than thirty minutes earlier. "Wanna race again?" Fin.
  17. Prince A. Charming

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    Apparently he would not be afforded any courtesy at this dinner. He continued to get looks and the older boy next to him was not being kind to him. What he had done to deserve this, he didn’t know. He was the type of kid to fly under the radar. At least at Hogwarts. In his muggle school, he had been popular. He hadn’t minded attention there. But here it was different. He didn’t like being magical. He didn’t like magic. He didn’t like any of it. All he wanted was to return to his former life. That had been taken from him, though. The second the werewolves had bitten him, they had sealed his fate. He continued to put food on his plate, trying to ignore everyone around him. When he went to take his first bite, he had to stop. The kid next to him had spoken again. “How did you know that?” Immediately, he was disappointed in his friends. Had they told people about his condition? He had not been hiding it but he hadn’t been broadcasting it, either. And he had thought that it was his truth to share, not theirs. He was keeping Harmony’s secret for her! He really hoped that it wasn’t them, though. He didn’t want to be friendless. His life was hard enough as it was. After a beat he decided to say something else, “And I deserve to be here just like everyone else. It’s not my fault I was bitten.” He had just been… there. He hadn’t done anything to deserve it. He hadn’t asked for it. All he’d done is gone to the Great Hall to study and he’d been attacked along with most of the student population. He was unlucky is what it came down to.
  18. Scrimgeour

    Dueling Officiator Applications

    If you are interested in applying for dueling officiator, this is your reminder that applications will close this upcoming Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:59 PM CDT. Please ensure you submit your application before then if you would like to be considered!
  19. Jacquetta Rosewood

    It's hard to stay inside my head when words keep pouring out

    Jacquetta had to stop and think about the next question from her best friend. “I’m sure there is a way to find them. There can only be so many people who had access to the names… not like everyone at the Ministry could get them.” Brackleberry’s own legal buildings had a lot of security and she assumed it was the same for the Ministry. While Brackleberry was part of the Ministry’s realm, they also had their own offices and laws. It was complicated to outsiders but those who lived in the country didn’t find it so. She leaned on the shovel and nodded at Willa. “There is always something they’re making me do,” she said. “It’s boring but I can’t get out of it. I always try faking sick but they see right through it. And it doesn’t seem right to fake sick after… everything.” She didn’t want to say it but she knew the Slytherin would know what she was getting at. They would never forget. “We’ll have to think about that. Maybe we can find a way to make it seem like it’s more information for her.” That would definitely get her to open it. The radio started up again and she listened. “I think she’s getting arrested!” she said. “That’s better than a poo bomb!” She grinned and let the shovel fall to the ground. She stroked Emeric and said. “I think this is cause for celebration. Let’s go for a ride!” Her eyes glinted at Willa and she thought about how, should Trudy get out, they’d have to send the poo bomb. {300th post}
  20. Jack Dare

    Will you be my Cubmaster?

    "...So someone needed to cover up those awful posters with something, and I just happened to have that P.A.W. poster I'd been working on in my bag. So I said out loud 'Does anyone know a spell for duplication?' and Professor Hambeldon said 'There you go.'" It wasn't the most dramatic tale of why Jack had selected Professor Hambeldon as a potential faculty sponsor, but so far he was the leading candidate. "It's not a lot to go on, I know," Jack told Prom, as they made the cold trek together from the castle to the Greenhouse, 'but if he was against werewolves he could have told me 'no', right? Also of all the professors we've had, he seems like the nicest and most approachable, with the possible exception of Miss Twila, who I think is even nicer, but all things considered asking her to sponsor a werewolf support group is just problematic." They had reached the Greenhouses now and there was only a thin door between Jack and his unsuspecting professor. Jack was more than a little nervous. Jack unwrapped his Ravenclaw scarf and adjusted his tie, "What do you think?" Jack asked Prom. "Responsible and trustworthy enough? If you were a professor, would you sponsor me?"
  21. Ryan Buratsche

    I'm a werewolf, baby, so why don't you kill me?

    Ryan narrowed his eyes at the younger Gryffindor boy. His retort immediately made him think that he was being mocked, and he didn't like that one bit. It didn't occur to him that the young Gryffindor might not have known the implications of what he had become. Ryan, through his years at Hogwarts, had grown out of some of his bad behaviors, but in that moment, they were coming back in full force. "What do I mean?" Ryan hissed at the younger Gryffindor. "I mean that you're a werewolf. And because you're a werewolf, it's too dangerous for you to be here. You should just leave." He folded his arms across his chest. "Are you going to listen or are you going to say another dumb thing like 'what do you mean'?"
  22. Willa couldn't imagine what it felt like to have her name broadcasted out to everyone like this, let alone information that seemed so personal. She had her moments of wanting to use things that she knew would bother or annoy people, like bringing up Dale calling her mum when he was feverish, but she'd never stoop so low as to sell someone's personal tragedy. The only way she ever wanted to hear her name announced was as some sort of victory or accomplishment, though it was a sentiment she was too afraid saying aloud would keep from happening. "Do you think they'll find whoever gave it to her?" She asked curiously, not sure if Etta would know the answer, but it felt better to air out her questions than let them sit. Etta had always been good at distracting her though, but talking about being royalty by far was the best way. Compared to the structure Etta had grown up with, Willa sometimes felt like a wild child allowed to roam free. "Do you still have to do school since we're not in school? For like, royal rules or something?" She walked over to glance at the poo, frowning at the smell, but giving her friend a thumbs up as Trudy seemed to be revving up to the last name on the list. "Probably is. What do you think we should send it in though. I doubt she'll open just any box after this broadcast..."
  23. Jacquetta Rosewood

    It's hard to stay inside my head when words keep pouring out

    Emeric was so cute. He was thrilled that he had attention, pets, and got to do something. The horses had jobs and were ridden all the time but they were also very attached to everyone at the castle and craved attention at all times. She had her own horse, Sumpter, who she would visit after they got some of Emeric’s poo. Sumpter had likely already heard her footsteps and voice and would be waiting for her. She always had to visit all of the horses whenever she went down to the stables because they would get upset if she didn’t. “I don’t know,” she told Willa. “I can only imagine she stole them or had someone steal them for her.” Bad people did bad things and she was sure Trudy didn’t care about silly things like laws. “It’s definitely illegal… at least I’d think so. She can’t get away with it, surely.” She was already in trouble with Brackleberry but she doubted the woman would care. She might not even know that Brackleberry existed. It wasn’t well-known in the wizarding world, despite being completely made up of magical beings. She moved around the stall, looking for a bucket. She found one and grabbed a shovel. “All the royal kids have to do all of the chores that any staff do,” she told Willa. “We don’t do them every day… usually like once a week. Dad says that it builds character and helps us understand the community and what they do. I don’t mind it… it’s better than the schooling they make me do here.” She scooped horse poo into the bucket and then straightened up. “Think that’s enough?”
  24. Willa Henry

    I do bad things for the sake of good times

    Willa was surprised that she had gotten it right so easily, though she didn't let it show from behind the grin that his answer brought out. Of course she'd made more friends who broke restrictive rules like that than not. She didn't waste any thoughts on why she didn't have rule-abiding friends though, choosing to just offer him a noncommittal shrug as he turned it around on her. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she answered. "Wandering. I was going to try and find a classroom to practice some spells before the first round of the dueling tournament, but I caught sight of you first." She was tempted to glance over her shoulder, wondering what his eyes flickered to, but they were just innocently paired up and talking in the corridor, something that hadn't been banned. She didn't add that she was looking for a classroom because she didn't trust any partners to learn new spells with thanks to Dale, or that she was too nervous to practice on the golems in the chamber in case someone had figured out the ranking and knew to watch her. "Any suggestions on which one to learn next?" Willa had been so amazed by his knowledge of Quidditch and natural he looked on a broom that she was sure it would have extended to the rest of his abilities as well. Considering how her own magic and skills had been fostered by her Gran since their discovery, she could only imagine the support a magic from birth pureblood would have had. "I've been working on a few, but nothing seems to be working right yet." These were thoughts she kept hidden behind her grin though. Despite doing well in the dueling chamber and managing to pass all her classes the first term, Willa was still worried she was on thin ice at Hogwarts and the insecurity seemed to rear it's ugly head whenever she was confronted with purebloods who had never doubted it.
  25. Like with most things, Willa let Jacquetta lead the way. The show was back on, the woman hosting it acting like there was no reason for her to even take a break in revealing people's pain and suffering, but Willa was hooked. Despite the amount of people calling in threats or trying to argue with her, Willa couldn't tear herself away from it as she almost stumbled on a loose rock that she normally jumped over on the way to the stables. "How do you think she found all of this out?" Willa asked quickly, mind off of making the literal dung bomb explode and still stuck on the broadcast and how it made her insides twist and clench. "Their names I mean? Aren't we all underage and protected or something?" Margaret had been yelling basically the same thing. The only thing to pull Willa from the broadcast was Emeric's whinny, and she gave the horse a fond pat as she placed the radio up on a ledge. She would have followed, but Willa loved Jacquetta's horses and was fairly envious of how often she got to ride them. "How do you know which of them has the worst poo? Did your da make you clean up in here as a punishment or something?"
  26. Oliver Clarke

    oh, the places you'll go

    Oliver put his tea down on the nightstand. It had grown cold quickly, almost as if the chill was racing the chill that took hold of his fatherly instincts that pushed him to want to deprive his child of opportunities for his own selfish reasons. It was only a joke that he’d made, about princesses locked in dungeons, about the beast who would keep her imprisoned, but the joke was simply too founded in truth to be funny, and Della knew it. And she soothed him, like she always did. “You flirt,” he muttered lowly, a grin stretching across his lips for a moment before he forgot that he was sad, so utterly sad, and the grin faded. Oliver warmed her tea, and was lost in his own thoughts until Della broke the silence. “I don’t know why I don’t give her more credit, she’s as strong and resilient as Silas, just in… a different way. She’ll be fine, the world isn’t that more dangerous today than it was when we were kids, right?” He exhaled slowly, crossing his arms over his chest, his brow furrowed as he stared into nothingness. “She’s just a baby, that’s the thing, I can’t get over the fact that she isn’t still little and propped on my shoulders and needing my protection.” Oliver leaned over to steal a sip of Della’s tea (it was warm, after all) and handed the mug back. “Is this me now? Am I the moping father who can’t let his kids grow up?”
  27. Jacquetta Rosewood

    It's hard to stay inside my head when words keep pouring out

    She had a lot of ideas forming in her head. She knew what she wanted to do and she was determined. They just had to stay way from her family and the staff. If anyone caught them, their plan would be thwarted for sure. She couldn’t have that happen. She didn’t like what this evil radio woman had done and she wanted to make that known. She would not stand idly by while that evil person ruined the lives of others. It wasn’t fair! She hoped the woman would get in real trouble but, until then, she would do something about it. “That’s a good idea,” she said to Willa as they walked. “We’ll have to think a bit on how to make that happen but I’m sure we can manage it.” They were both brilliant when they wanted to be. “Maybe we can find some kind of spring somewhere since we can’t use magic,” she mused out loud. Or maybe there was some sort of chemical reaction that could make the same thing happen. They might have to take a trip to the library and look stuff up. Eventually, they made it to the stables and Etta hurried over to one of the horse’s stalls. “Emeric has the worst poo,” she said, to explain why she’d gone there. She opened the door and went in to pet the horse. “It’s okay, though, Emeric. You’re a good boy.” She gave him some pets on his neck and then gave him a kiss on his snout. “We’re going to take some of your poo to make an evil lady’s day bad.” He obviously didn’t know what she was talking about but he was happy to get attention so he let out a whinny. “Yes, you’re helping!” she told him.
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