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  2. Julian Pritchard

    As I recall, love

    Julian nodded distractedly at Arwa’s suggestion that they try learning Legilimency together. It was an intriguing skill, and he’d never been one to refuse learning something new, but now that the explanation was out, he was back to feeling fidgety and embarrassed. “I can look up some materials once we’re back at Hogwarts,” he said. Arwa did not seem all that angry that he’d barged in without warning, and he felt himself nod. It was reassuring, but the realisation that he’d been deliberate enough to leave a note, but had still forgotten to warn his best friend still made him feel awkward. “I could’ve still called,” he muttered. Julian looked up from his cupcake at the mention of Robin. He didn’t quite understand what was going between her and Arwa, and this was as good an opportunity as any to get some clarification. He was about to ask what, exactly, Arwa meant by a ‘weird talk,’ when she turned the conversation back to him, and the reason he’d showed up to her house with no warning. He squirmed in his seat, a blush creeping on his cheeks. It took him a few seconds to muster the correct words. “It’s Mr. Reed. He uh... moved in sometime before summer, and I… don’t know how to explain it. But it’s like he’s there all the time, and it - home - doesn’t feel quite right. And I don’t know... it just felt like… a lot.” He let his shoulders slump as he finished explaining, the conversation he’d had on the train with Simon kept playing in his mind. He valued his mum’s happiness, and she genuinely seemed to like Mr. Reed - Julian himself had liked him before - but now just listening to the man felt unbearable, and he had no idea what to do about it. “It’s silly. My mum’s happy. And it’s not like he’s mean or anything. It should be okay,”
  3. Tulip Blossom

    "Ahhh, you could have made me drop my croissant!"

    Tulip was often use to finding ways to amuse or entertain herself with, no doubt the result of being an only child in a family full of professionals (though she frequently referred to them as grown children most of the time). So the idea of coming to this place after dealing with the whole thing that was her finding out that she was magical had seemed like an easy thing to do, once she got over the fact that she was a witch and oh the boy she bonded over horses with was one also, of course. But said boy was often in the company of another boy and the blonde had sought out other avenues for a choice of entertainment or distraction when there wasn't something planned for the lot of them to do together. Which was probably how Tulip had ended up in the tree at the exact moment that another decided to stake a claim under the branches. Some would call it fate, the blonde would have said it was more like luck with a slight shrug of her shoulders. Still, she was surprised to find another soul out by the trees, as she usually had the area to herself, except in cases where Giles tagged along. So in order to get a better look at what the girl was doing, Tulip had maneuvered down the branches till she was closer, swinging down so that her body was suspended upside down, although scaring her hadn't been the plan the blonde couldn't deny that she enjoyed it. "Wotcher."
  4. Tulip Blossom

    it's a chocolate milk party

    Tulip's eyes widened at the change in tone with the boy in front of her at the mere mention of Giles Cassidy. A boy that she'd befriended some time ago, it hadn't even taken too much of her time to wooing him into a friendship with her. No doubt made easier by the collective interest they had in horses. Still, she hadn't made any mad claim to the brown haired boy, and wondered if she had trampled onto a sensitive subject. #yolo #ohwell??? The blonde raised her hands up defensively, in a mock gesture. "It's cool mate, not exactly looking to ruin a friendship here... just the only one I knew before all of this happened." She gestured to the strange set up that this world had for kids on the cusp of attending a magical school. It was definitely still a thing for the girl to wake up and pinch herself frequently, wondering if one day it would all turn out to be some properly mad dream. "But, glad to see you're on the same page on the state of my amazing-ness. But you might want to rethink that, my house is mad, full of people - you'd never make it out alive I'm sure of that." Tulip chuckled at the mere thought of her family and all they had to offer. She raised a finger to her lips as she pretended to think about all the things she loved. "Well... food is definitely high up on my list, the real joy of my life except my dog Gizmo, and my horse Memphis." She paused, deep in thought for only a second or two before glancing back to Charlie. "As long as you never steal food off my plate I'll love you forever okay?"
  5. Pali Dotchev

    Ask Anything!

    This is more of an IC question Say if someone went to visit Hogsmeade next year on one of the weekends, and say that person actually lived five minutes outside of the village Say they hypothetically snuck home to pick up stuff they forgot to pack or to cuddle their crup pups because they're sad Would they get caught by school people, and possibly get an IC punishment of some sort?? asking for a friend
  6. Pine Tree

    Don't know what a mess that i make of my days

    He was just feeling down, and it was supposed to be like this. He knew that this was the feeling that he always had the day after he transformed. Trying to be normal was the hardest thing he was able to do. Looking around and seeing that she did stay was something he was shocked about. Knowing that there were those few people that didn’t want to leave him because they were worried for him, but it seemed like she wanted to talk. About something that was normal. Something that didn’t have to do with classes and not what he was. “I think it wouldn’t do anything to him at all.” Not with the way he was, he was sure that Knaggs has been like that for some time and there was no changing him. “Someone like him shouldn’t be there, we are learning and not someone that wants to bully first years.” And that boy had a badge, that was just messed up. A real mess, Pine was trying to wonder why someone would give someone that mean a badge. Then again, there was a sixth year in his house, that had a badge and didn’t take kindly to werewolves. Saying that he shouldn’t be allowed in the school. It wasn’t like he wanted to be there, this school messed him up. For life, nothing was ever going to be the same for Pine again. Wishing that people would understand that. “No really.” He didn’t think there was a point to taking classes, but telling Willa that wouldn’t mean anything to her. Pine knew there wouldn’t be a chance that he would be able to hold a normal job anymore. People wouldn’t hire him for what he was. He only went to classes and was at Hogwarts to get his potion and that was all.
  7. He didn’t want to be here, that door was scary, the outside world at Hogwarts was scary. It was the reason he was how he was these days. A monster, sure people were telling him that he wasn’t a monster but he sure felt like one. With everything that has happened at this school since the start of the second term, posters and students just being plan mean to him. It was something he hated. Before he would all be down for breaking the rules and not caring about having someone be his buddy. “I can’t… I can’t go out there again.” He couldn’t even make it to lessons that were held outside. First he tried and made it partly to flying lesson, a lesson that he was glad he never had to take again in his life. That was when it all happened, that was where it happened. That pitch was one place he never wanted to see again in his life. As he was standing there with Leon. Holding tightly to his robe to make sure that it didn’t fall or someone would see the bite mark. A mark that showed everyone who he was. Knowing that in the last few months he had changed, he wore shoes now and followed the rules. Thinking that if he broke one he would be sent home. Which wouldn’t be horrible but he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave Box here alone, what if people thought that he was the werewolf and not him. Listening to Leon asking if he missed it. “I do… I do Leon I just can’t see myself going out there.” Not knowing what else would be able to hurt him out there. It wasn’t even for the fact that something could hurt him, it was the flashback he would have. The nightmares he would have again, that he wasn’t having thanks to dreamless potion from Miss. Lushia. “How can anyone go out there, knowing that… that this school was attacked and turned me into the monster I am now.” Maybe the fear was something he shouldn’t have, but he had it and it was just something that was stuck there. Knowing that he needed to get over it, but he just couldn’t. Not right now at least.
  8. Pali Dotchev

    Children Behave, That's What They Say When We're Together

    As she continued to pick at the pink frosting, her hazy grin remained. The sunshine made her dozey, even ditzier than normal. The lovesickness that being on cloud nine also brought probably didn't help. She noticed him staring and it just made her smile more. Nodding along with his summer plans for the pair of them, one idea jarred some life into her. The idea of camping excited her "Ooooh camping!" Leaping up into a straighter seated position her grin automatically grew "That sounds really fun. In like a real life tent and stuff right?" None of the wizard style small homes that they camped in. "I stayed in a tent once. Though it was like a kiddie one and it was just in our back garden. And i had the pups with me. Camping out in the real wilderness would be really fun and dangerous I guess! I might try and get Pascha or Tilly to camp out in our garden this summer again. Though staying in the tree house is a little comfier.." "I'll get my Papa to take me to London, just to see you" Smiling bashfully she blushed at the idea "Though he knows I have a boyfriend. @Pascha Dotchev ratted us out. But I don't think he likes it. Does your Mum and stuff know about me?" Pali was forever a Papa's little girl, the idea of her having a boyfriend had sent @Anastas Dotchev to an early grave, but when Pascha had actually explained their childish idea of romance and her Mum had helped calm him down things had been alright. Well better. Though hopefully Pascha wouldn't tell him about the snogging his little girl had gotten up to.
  9. Alexander Crow

    Children Behave, That's What They Say When We're Together

    Alex laughed as Pali put a wildflower in his hair. "Thank you, now my look is complete." She always did fun stuff that made him smile. Whether it's the way she obsessed over her adult coloring books, to how frosting always finds its way on her fingers when she eats cupcakes. He found all her idiosyncrasies adorable from day one and now that they've known each other in a different light, he's starting to discover new ones. Like how she favors berry-flavored lip gloss. Pali decided to lay back to admire the sky and Alex couldn't help but stare, something he's been doing a lot of that lately. Luckily, she didn't seem to mind. As he noted how the errant rays that managed to seep through the shade glimmer across her cheeks. he wondered what took them so long. Well, it was mostly him and being oblivious to how these things worked. The thirteen-year-old still hasn't figured out the rest of the details but was content with what they have now. It was like having a best friend, with kissing. Before all this, Alex didn't even think he'll ever get to kiss anyone. His thoughts were snapped back to earth when Pali's summer plans came to light. Alex was looking forward to having his own room again but dreaded the camping trip his father insisted on taking him on. "I'll probably stay at home with Mum mostly, Dad is going on a business trip for two weeks but will drag me out to camp when he gets back." He grimaced at the thought, there was no way he was hunting, surely Lucas understood that by now. "We can mirror..." He added, excited at the prospect of spending all summer talking. "... maybe if you happen to be in London we can go get ice cream." Alex could already imagine them walking around Diagon Alley, with cones of the delicious treat. Maybe she'll let him hold her free hand.
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    I really need to come home early for the summer. If you could write to Mum and organise that, that'd be great. 
    And I'm not coming back after summer. I'm going with you. 


    That is all.



  12. Seeley Pichardo

    I'm sorry if I’m overstepping boundaries I don't mean to be

    She hadn't planned on keeping her study of legilimency a secret, not really, although keeping secrets was certainly an easy thing for the hufflepuff to do. But no, she'd been honest with @Desmond Potter from the start about her intentions to learn the skill and though he didn't like it, he'd accepted why. On the other hand, Seeley hadn't exactly been advertising that she was doing it either and so it wasn't a surprise that Fletcher hadn't a clue what she was referring to. "Ha, have you been hanging around with the Professor?" She questioned, smiling, at the mention of being stubborn; a point that her father would have made on any given day in the middle of any given argument during the years. Even he had shared his worries at the beginning of this undertaking but mostly because of what she'd kept hidden from him that had led to the urge to learn it. Now however, Oliver Pichardo was nothing but supportive and that made it all the more frustrating when she couldn't seem to get it. "It's not really for any class." She continued trying to clear things up for Fletcher in the most winding way possible (really, she wasn't getting to the point at all). Truthfully, she couldn't predict how Fletcher would react and that worried her. He seemed so carefree in most things and had always been a good friend but he'd also seen her in the middle of her paranoia during the competition all those years ago, screaming at everyone to get out of her head. She'd never talked about it, but the memory was still there. "It's more personal." In the end, she was taking too long to get to the point and he had drawn his wand to summon the book. She didn't stop him, allowing the slytherin to catch the book and read the cover. "The ministry approved me to learn legilimency."
  13. Fletcher Barrow

    I'm sorry if I’m overstepping boundaries I don't mean to be

    There it was, that smile he loved seeing. It was good to know that whatever it was that was bothering her, her annoyance wasn’t going to be redirected at him. Not that Fletcher would have minded. Even being yelled at by Seeley felt like a more pleasant way to spend his time than going back inside to face his own life’s demons. “Worse than a biting book, huh? Sounds rough.” Fletch took a seat on the ground next to the Hufflepuff and spread his legs out, leaning back. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out though. You always do. You’re a wee bit stubborn, in case you didn’t realize.” He flashed her a brief smirk before changing his expression to one of puzzlement when Seeley stated she wasn’t actually working on any homework. “‘Independent study’? Is that a thing people really do?” The Slytherin grimaced. “I can’t imagine doing more work on top of what’s assigned. You know OWLs are over, right? You don’t have to try so hard anymore, Seels. You might try relaxing sometime instead. I’ve heard it’s nice.” Running his hands over the ground, Fletcher dug around for a rock, examined it for a bit, and then chucked it out at the water. “So, you gonna tell me what this independent study is all about?” He looked over again at the book in curiosity. “Or do I have to find out myself?” Stuffing his hand into his pocket, he withdrew his wand and aimed for the book. “Accio!”
  14. Seeley Pichardo

    I'm sorry if I’m overstepping boundaries I don't mean to be

    The problem was that Seeley was completely unwilling to inflict the full skull invasion that had been done on her to someone else and no matter how many times she told herself that this was all for learning and for the future success in her career - a dream that she'd had forever - she still couldn't get past her own memories. So fixated on her own frustration, Seeley hadn't noticed that her seclusion by the lakeside had been invaded. The voice startled her, probably as much as her shout and violent toss of the book had startled whoever it was that was coming up behind her. Very quickly though a smile replaced the sharp spark of annoyance that had passed across her face at being interrupted when she turned and laid eyes on Fletcher. It wasn't a surprise to catch the slytherin outside, and though she hadn't found much time for her friend lately she was happy to see him now. In fact, maybe a new opinion would give her a new outlook. The hufflepuff drew in a deep breath. "No, that would have been easier to take care of." She huffed out a small puff of laughter and her fingers twitched towards her wand that was settled on the ground beside her as she looked from where Fletcher stood next to her and then towards where the book now lay several feet away. She might have actually preferred the book getting physical, that was something she knew how to handle. "It's not homework though, not really." She admitted, still making no motion to get up and retrieve the book. "It's more like independent study." She added with a sigh.
  15. Fletcher Barrow

    I'm sorry if I’m overstepping boundaries I don't mean to be

    The new school year had barely started and already Fletcher was feeling the pressure to keep up in classes. Even having dropped several of them his workload was getting quite heavy. It didn’t help that he’d spent the better part of four and a half years messing about and not taking things seriously. That doubled with the fact his father kept breathing down his neck about taking over the family potion brewing business had the sixth year feeling more than a little uneasy about what was to come over the next two years. So Fletch did what he always did when he was feeling tense - he went outside. Nature had always been solace to him. That was the one thing that would never change, no matter what came his way. He knew the fresh air would always help him clear his mind. He loosened his tie and took a deep breath in. The weather was decent enough for October. He didn’t worry about where he was going, he simply let his feet carry him to wherever they pleased. Eventually he wandered his way over to the lakefront. All was still, and he took the opportunity to close his eyes and take in the sounds. A few moments later and the peace was shattered by an oddly familiar cry of disgust in the distance. Fletcher’s eyes flew open as he turned towards the sound. Despite the interruption he couldn’t help the small grin that began to form on his face. Seeley was always a sight for sore eyes, regardless of whatever mood she was in. He was used to her enough by now to know that whatever was bothering her probably wouldn’t last long. Seeley was resilient. Seeing her fling a book, however, that was something new. Fletcher’s brows shot up in amusement as he approached. “Bloody hell, Seels. Did it bite you or something?” He nodded toward where the poor, disheveled book had landed. It wouldn’t be an uncommon experience at Hogwarts. He’d had even worse encounters with the reading material before. “I know homework is crap but it can’t be that bad.”
  16. Pali Dotchev

    Children Behave, That's What They Say When We're Together

    Pali had always been pleased that Alex was able to tame her hair. It was a wild mane and she had always found it difficult to manage. She had been practising, but really Alex was better at the braiding than she had been. Maybe it was because he could see the back of her head, unlike herself. But whatever the reason, she was glad someone made it look good. "Thank you!" Positively beaming as she called her pretty and finished the braid. It was lovely having a boyfriend. It kept her happy and mellowed her out just like she needed it. Gleefully she reached out and plucked one of the wildflowers from the grass before stretching over and placing it amongst Alex's golden curls. "Now so do you" Since Pali had jumped in and kissed him last week she had been even more smitten with their relationship. She was elated. Like she had been floating on a cloud. Everything was lovely. Or so it seemed anyway. Shifting he moved to lay down, just about able to look at the clouds but still sitting up enough so she could pay attention to what was going on around the lawn. As they lay out on the lawn she was content. Lying in the sun she lazily let her eyes slip around to others on the castle grounds, wondering what everyone else was at right at that moment. But she was pulled out of her hazy daydream when Alex addressed her once again. Sitting up again she leaned over to him, happily taking the treat. "My favourite! They're so good" Grinning she methodically began to lick at the frosting, only pausing when he asked about summer. "Sort of.... how about you?" It was true. She didn't really know what to expect from this summer. It'd probably be quieter with the noted absence of the Sinclairs. However Maybe she could do something else. Make new friends. Bug her Papa to do other stuff with her. Or maybe even go and visit her uncles and cousins.
  17. "...and there. Perfect!" Alex exclaimed brightly as he finished tucking a red rose in Pali's hair. The vivid color stood out against her dark locks, bringing attention to her rosy cheeks and lips. "You uh, look very pretty," He added bashfully, feeling his own face flush as he gave her a small, somewhat shy smile. It was a lovely spring afternoon and they were having a nice picnic under the particularly shady Willow tree they've recently erm, spent a lot of time under. It's been a week since the pair shared their first kiss in the dueling chamber sidelines. It was a spontaneous moment that neither of them expected, after a year of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend without acting on the titles. Alex still remembered being twelve and utterly clueless on the situation. Now, he was thirteen and had some of them answered with a few practical demonstrations. Though, he is yet to receive an explanation on why his heart tends to beat faster around Pali. Or why his stomach does weird flip flops whenever she smiled which was all the time. They were sitting over a soft blanket he had laid out, a basket of cupcakes, cookies, and pumpkin juice in the middle of it all. They had an afternoon free and Alex was too distracted to duel. He really wanted to spend as much time with Pali as possible before they go back to their respective homes for summer break. He wasn't looking forward to being apart for two whole months, not when he had gotten used to being next to her all the time. Even more so since last week happened. "Here, try this." He goaded, handing her a pink frosted one. The very same kind they were snacking on when The KissTM happened. "The house elves made everything from scratch." Alex grabbed his own and bit into it, excellent as always. "So, excited for summer break?"
  18. Zachary Montague

    Curiosity will never let me go

    "We can kiss," said Zach, "If you want." The words were out before he could think twice and the utter fear that followed was terrifying. Luckily, he'd been lying about who he was his entire life and so his expression stayed completely neutral even as he had a massive panic attack. What did you go and do that for? he demanded. You idiot. If Willa said no it was a rejection - another thing to add to his list of why he wasn't good enough - and if she said yes then she was very quickly going to realise that he'd lied about kissing someone already. Pretty much every swear word he knew flew through his mind in that moment. ####
  19. Pali Dotchev

    Slytherin House Table

    Pali had been fairly downtrodden lately. She had never dealt with her emotions and feelings properly, and by bottling them up it had caused some sort of weird break. She wasn't herself as she sat with tidy hair because she wasn't running around as much. Her unifrom was tidy and she was actually wearing her house robes and tie like she was supposed to. Her shoes were plain black and totally in contrast to herself holographic sneakers or glittery silver wellies. Worst of all she wasn't even really smiling. Well not really. Her dinner had cheered her up slightly. Sausages and chips with far too much ketchup splattered over it all. As she sat alone her eyes were focused on her dinner. If she finished it quick enough she could go back to her dorm room and not have to actually really speak to anyone. Except maybe Pascha. She'd have to bug him at some stage. He was the only one who knew how to do her homework properly. Frowning she eventually lifted her gaze, she had to. There was no salt on her chips, and none within her reach. Sighing she forced herself to look at one of the younger students at the table. Clearing her throat she paused, eventually forcing herself to speak "Could you pass the Salt please?"
  20. Zachary Montague

    How I long for us to find common ground

    Zach was running slightly late to his meeting with Ringo because @Honorine Nott had kept him studying, refusing to let him go until she was convinced that he could cast the spell she had been trying to show him for the last three weeks. A dragon in human form, Honorine Nott was not someone Zach was willing to get on the wrong side of and so he chose potentially upsetting Ringo over definitely annoying Hen. When he arrived at the pitch Ringo was already there gripping a school broom and shivering, looking about as substantial as a twig and like he'd be as useful on a broom. He was all spindly arms and pointed elbows, the kind of kid who was pointed edges with no substance. Zach was lithe but in a completely different way, years of training and some natural good luck with genetics giving him muscles along with the sinew. His elbows were grazed from skidding along the grass after falling in training, his knuckles were bruised from gripping beaters' bats and quaffles and golden snitches; he was scuffed at the edges but it was purposeful, his edges said that he was something. He didn't know what Richard Stafford was. "Hey," Zach greeted. His own broom, borrowed from the Slytherin team stock, he held resting against his shoulder. It was better than Richard's but paled in comparison to the one that he had at home. "Sorry I'm late." He was wearing a Falmouth Falcons' hoodie, a few years old now, softened from use and comfortable, the sleeves just brushing his knuckles. He was wearing his fingerless leather practice gloves. His hair wasn't as gelled as it usually was, a few flyaway stands blowing into his eyes. A practice snitch fluttered over his left shoulder, zipping curiously from one side to the other, as if it too was watching Richard to see what he would turn out to be.
  21. Zachary Montague

    A moment in time, a line down in the sand

    From the way Julian was reacting, it was as if he was defending his uncle. Defending a man who had killed a werewolf - the same thing that Julian now was. Zach would have thought that Julian would want nothing to do with his uncle and would deny any connection to him. Surely there were plenty of people with the surname Banagher in the world? "Pass," Zach said of the family history. He'd been drilled on the family history of every pureblood of note, knew the connections and who was related to who, and it had very nearly bored him to death. Maybe Julian was more complex than Zach had ever given him credit for; a defender of a werewolf-killer despite being a werewolf himself and someone who could, it turned out, actually string more than a handful of words together into a sentence. "Not an idiot," Zach echoed, "But were willing to be friends with one." He crossed his arms over his chest, an unconscious mirroring of how Julian himself was stood. "Or at least you were. There are better people out there to be friends with, you know. Ones with braincells who aren't going to ditch you in an instant just because you got yourself a furry little problem once a month." He shrugged his shoulders. "Ones who would also back you up, if you felt the need to get revenge on certain prats for ditching you." It was the closest he was going to get to an offering of friendship. It was up to Julian whether he'd take it or not.
  22. Pali Dotchev

    You can't make me disappear 'til I make you

    Pali sat alone at the Slytherin table today. It was one change of many. She wasn't with Alex at the Ravenclaw table, he was heavily into tourney prep and spending all of his time in the duelling chamber. Pali was usually found right there by his side, but today she wasn't in the mood. She wasn't in the mood for much at all really. Instead of her normal glittery wellies, or holographic converse, she was actually wearing her plain black school shoes. Her robes were on her properly. Her hair was actually tidy. Her face clean. She wasn't smiling all that much. It was some sort of alternate universe Pali. And it was awful. The only thing that had actually drawn her out of her moping in the safe confines of her four poster bed, was the fact that her favourite dinner was being served this evening; Sausages and Chips. She had piled her own plate high with chips, and splattered ketchup all over them in a Jason Pollock style. The table cloth hadn't been spared and the area around her plate had also been splattered too. The pile of ketchup on the side of her plate is what was holding her attention when Leon came to sit with her. Over-zealously dunking it in as she turned to Leon, she actually smiled. Immune to the snark for now she was actually happy to see a familiar face, and the fact he had called her 'Glitter Girl' lifted her soul and made her smile grin. "Hi Leon" She replied quietly, giving him a warm little smile. Only for it to fade slightly when Alex was mentioned, a reminder that she had nobody to hang out with. "He's good" Nodding along, the lies came easily. Really she hadn't seen Alex all day a and had no idea how he was. Taking a bite of her sausage, she left a daub of ketchup on the side of her mouth before reaching out for some chips, immune to Leon's poor table manners as she exhibited her own, shovelling chips into her mouth.
  23. Fletcher Barrow

    Help! I'm Inactive.

    Name: Fletcher Barrow Year and House: Sixth, Slytherin VH Year Sorted with LINK to Sorting post (check the Records Cabinet): VH34 Year to be reactivated into: Sixth please and thank you
  24. Ruth Champlin

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    If only she’d been gifted with the talent of laser-vision, Ruth very well might’ve burned a few holes into Foster’s skull in that moment. It was difficult for her to wrap her mind around someone being so irresponsible; going on and uttering suggestions while the seriousness of the situation at hand was still known. Let a child take the lead? Did she want him to get caught in the crossfire? But the damage had been done; the Slytherin boy took off and the second that followed found Ruth trapped in a snare of indecision. They couldn’t let him go, but any other option to stop him didn’t sound ideal either. Would only insight further panic, further distrust, fear… Richard was much quicker to make a decision. The woman watched on as her partner ran ahead and managed to stop the child before he got too far ahead of them. A sigh of relief escaped her then and she turned back to address one of the other kids nearby. “We’ll be at the wing soon, don’t worry.” With the group finally subdued, it was much easier to close the distance between themselves and the wing more quickly. They were nearly there when the sight of Rayya approaching stopped them. And instantly sent a wave of relief flooding into Ruth’s soul. “You’re an angel, Rayya” the woman piped as her eyes fell upon the faces of the Potter children. In more ways than one, even; none of them would’ve escaped this ordeal alive if even a single hair were harmed on those kids’ heads. An emotional moment seemed to pass between them in the time that followed; softening Ruth’s expression instantly. “Everyone will be fine” she assured them, and when it seemed that everyone was secure she went to lead their little group off again. Just down one more corridor and then there they arrived: at the Hospital Wing. “Extra security will be present at all entrances through the night” Ruth mentioned as she ushered the children inside. “You will be safe here. Everyone will make sure of that.”
  25. Pali Dotchev

    Topic or Post Problems

    I don't know why I posted this in the duelling club rather than the main chamber But I did And I meant to put it in the main chamber Can I have it moved please? Thank you
  26. Miss Turner

    Tossing a Quaffle around the Stacks

    She had known about the students tossing a quaffle around the library since the moment it had started. Her cats were always watching and she found out about everything. She let it go on for a little bit since she didn't want to always be a disciplinarian but they couldn't be playing Quidditch in the library. The woman got up and headed to the group of students. "Please take your practice outside or I'll take the quaffle," she said, trying to be as nice as possible. "The library is not really the best place for this." She wanted students to be able to do what made them happy but when it got in the way of other students studying, that was where she drew the line. Miss Turner has let the game go on long enough. Time to take the practice elsewhere.
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  28. Abi Slater

    Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon

    It all felt so numb - but perhaps numb was for the best. Numb was better than agony, the torture of claws and fangs raking lines of fire through flesh. Abi squeezed her eyes shut. She couldn't stop the images of a werewolf leaping towards Angel, pouncing atop Jeramie, sinking its teeth right into his shoulder. Bitten. Bitten, the healer said. The words rang around Abi's hollow chest, as she wrung her hands on her lap. Why'd it have to be him? She found herself questioning why it couldn't have been some other first year, but then immediately felt guilty for thinking such thoughts, and banished them to the darker recesses of her mind. Her eyes, normally bright and filled with daring, now furtive and fearful, glanced quickly towards Jeramie. She locked into the bandaging, and it was only through a great amount of determination was she able to pull her gaze away. Plucking together any remaining strands of courage left within her, Abi gently sidled up closer against Angel. "I'm sorry," she wanted to say to her sister, but the words were too choked up in her throat to vocalise. To apologise was to admit the truth and face the fact that she'd failed her family, and right now, she didn't have it in her to be that brave. It was easier to deflect, to push the burden of responsibility onto someone else's shoulders, and in this case, the only person her guilt could unfairly target was Eppy. "You can fix him though, can't you?" Abi croaked. "You're a healer, so you can fix him. Fix him! Make him better. There must be something, a spell or a potion that you learn to be a healer, that you can make. Go on, do it already!"
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