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  2. Rayya Borage-Brown

    A farmer’s life for me!

    It had been one of those weeks where nothing had gone right. There were work fails and parental fails and spouse fails and livestock fails. If it wasn’t files getting jumbled up it was an enterprising lamb getting itself eaten by the venomous Tentacular patch that seemed to have grown massively afterwards. And if that wasn’t enough, the twins’ latest escapade was enough to make Rayy put her foot down and bring them home where they would go to Hogwarts and where they would come under the stricter parental unit...but secretly she was dreading this outcome. She was a really mediocre mother - she knew it and suspected it was probably worse than mediocre. The twins would run rings around her, they’d get up to all sorts, Seb would be cross and everything would be chaotic! And what was she going to do with work and two under-schoolage children? She couldn’t just up and dump them on their grandparents! So it was a very despondent Rayy that sat out in her garden watching the lambs gambol happily in the garden, their elders slightly more wary. What was she going to do? And how was she going to explain a Thestral and his snacks to them? But she hadn’t seen much of her newest family member and she wondered if everything was okay. Funny how you could miss something that wasn’t really yours to miss. “Oh @Majesty why does having kids have to be so hard? I bet you’d have no problem,” she muttered to herself and the universe at large.
  3. Edward Borage

    Dried vs Fresh

    Dawn was only just breaking as Edward stealthily made his way out of the Slytherin common room with his satchel slung over his shoulder and a crumpled envelope clutched tightly in his hand. The detour to get some toast wasn’t hampered by crowds of students and the Great Hall was practically empty because who, really, got up at dawn on a Saturday unless they had to? Saturday was the day you lazed around or watched Quidditch or ate sweets, it wasn’t a day you got up early and this made it the best day to get things you didn’t want others to see done. By the time he got to the lake’s edge, the sky had properly given way to dawn though it was rather a somber one and foggy too, making it even less likely that his plan would be easily spotted. Edward felt the rush-tingle of excitement and nerves flood through him when he found the perfect spot on the shore of the lake. It would be easy to identify as there was a good pile of deadwood on the small gravel beach and a nice smooth rock to sit on; it rather left him wondering just how many bottoms it took to make it smooth, which also worked as a great distraction from the steadily growing nerves. Edward worked methodically through the contents of his satchel, setting aside a plastic clipboard, a waterproof pencil, several sheets of laminated paper and his wand. The toast was like cardboard and stuck in his throat so he gave the idea of breakfast up as a bad job. Washing the clogged mess down with a bottle of pumpkin juice, he scanned a book for the umpteenth time and eyed the envelope warily. He swallowed thickly and his hands shook as he carefully placed the half-empty bottle down on the rock. An unbidden hand scrubbed at the back of his neck before moving to fumble with the clasp of his cloak. It took several attempts before he was able to shrug out of it and lay it neatly over the rock where it would be ready for him at the end of this escapade. Dressed only in swim trunks, Edward shivered violently as the cold air hit him hard but it was time to forget the risks he was taking, put his nerves aside and just get on with the task at hand. Kicking off his shoes was easier but strapping his knife to his thigh took ages and he was reluctant to holster his wand. Instead he assembled the clipboard to hold the pages and the pencil giving him one last chance to back out. But the envelope beckoned silently, urging him on and he fumbled it open, taking the contents into his hand, carrying it with him to the edge of the lake. Under one arm he clutched his clipboard, his wand tucked behind his ear where he would grab it as soon as he’d dealt with the powder. It was crumbly and dry and he stared at it in mild revulsion before shoving the fist-full of powder into his mouth, working hard to swallow it down. It tasted foul and he completely freaked out when it took his breath away. Edward had been expecting it but suddenly being unable to breathe woke his lizard brain and he plunged into the cold waters of the lake, fumbling and missing his grip on his wand, the clipboard also floating free as he struggled with his body, the elements and the aquatic environment he was not prepared to deal with. This was bad! This wasn’t how it was supposed to go! Dear Merlin...
  4. Atticus Barnes

    I don't belong here

    Atticus sat in her and Blaise's secret spot eating chocolates while she waited to see if Blaise would show. It had been a hard week for Atticus and she was behind in all of her studies because of it. She really just wanted to get her mind off of school and everything it entailed. That was what prompted her to leave a note on Blaise's desk during their last lesson of the day. It was a bit dramatic since she was fully capable of just stopping him in the corridor or at dinner, but what was done is done and now she just had to wait to see if he'd be a no-show or not. Recent letters from home had Atticus ridden with guilt. It was if with every letter her mother wrote to her, the guiltier she felt. The letters only reminded Atticus that her mom was all alone on the farm with all of their animals with no help. Sure, her mother had handled the farm alone all those years that Atticus was too young to help out, but the few years that Atticus could help, she knew they were a big help. Maybe if she showed her parents that she could last a year at the school, she could convince them she was better off in Texas and not at Hogwarts. The whole balloon fight extravaganza with Charlie had distracted Atticus for that day but after another look at her letters, she felt the guilt all over again. So, Atticus hoped that any distraction that Blaise provided was enough to hold back the guilt for at least another day or so. Atticus sighed as she got to the bottom of her sweets bag and looked up and scoured the lawn and the main door to the castle for the familiar raven-haired boy.
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  6. Orpheus Midnight

    Hufflepuff Quidditch Try Outs

    Orpheus was anxious to get back to what he considered normal. For him that was classes, quidditch, dueling and being with friends and of course his boyfriend. While River couldn’t join him in this endeavor he knew the other boy was wishing him luck for his try outs. And that was just where the Hufflepuff was headed. Arriving on the pitch, the sixth year was eager to get started. He was eager to see what his possible captains had in mind. He had every intention to show them why he should earn a spot on the team and get to soar up high in the sky on his broom once more. With a brisk pace he arrived in what appeared to be on time. “Hey!” He greeted the two captains as he came to a stop. “What is on the docket for today?” He quieted.
  7. Adrina Althaus-Valerio

    Hufflepuff Quidditch Try Outs

    Truthfully, Adrina didn't want to leave the common room. Leaving the common room infinitely upped her chances of running into Jack or @Ryszard Althaus-Valerio and either of those things were really low on her list of enjoyable experiences at the moment, but she had never been raised to shun off responsibilities and captaining the hufflepuff quidditch team was one such responsibility that she'd been excited to earn, even if her parents would never see it that way. She the fourth year had, somewhat reluctantly, halfheartedly agreed with Desmond to meet him on the pitch with the group that had signed up to try out for the team this year. Seeing @Adam Sinclair on the list plunked a rock into her heart, but she persisted, on the bright side they had so many more people this year than last. Dark hair pulled back and make-up borrowed from @Pandora Midnight to hide her puffy eyes, Addy found it hard to smile when Desmond called out to her but she waved back and walked a bit quicker in his direction. "We have a good turn out this year." She offered as she approached. "What should we have them do first? Maybe put @Ralph Digby Hamilton up by the hoops and see if anyone can score on him?"
  8. Desmond Potter

    Hufflepuff Quidditch Try Outs

    This was just crazy, he was sure after last year and how messed up everything was he wouldn’t get captain again but for some reason Professor Qin thought that it was a smart idea to allow him to be captain again. He was with Addy again, which wasn’t going to be horrible, at least he did’t think it would be. Addy wasn’t a bad co-captain last year and at least this year she knows things. The night before Desmond went to talk to Addy about meeting up that weekend and having tryouts. Something that he knew that he needed to have happen. He wanted to have it a week or so before but he has been so lazy and didn’t think about doing it. Also the weather was a lot better this weekend then it was last weekend. Asking the flying instructor for the key to the broom closet so he would be able to get brooms. Now he was just waiting for Addy to show up and hope that everything was going to go to go well. Not that Desmond knew, when they place the list and he happened to see some of the names that were on the list Desmond was wondering how this year was even going to go since he just didn’t know how this was going work out. Seeing that Jack brother was there and also another Sinclair this was scary. Setting up the brooms and waiting on Addy, he was ready for this. At least he hoped that he was ready for this. Desmond didn’t know at all. “Addy. Over here!” HE hoped that was Addy that he saw, this was something that the needed to do and make sure that everything would be going well and work out just fine. As long as no one died everything should be just fine. Welcome to Tryouts for Hufflepuff. Please wait for Addy to post. Post as much as you want. Ever now and then I or Addy will post just to see how you guys are going
  9. Truthfully, she’d expected him to follow her. She’d hoped that he would because that might have slipped even a sliver of doubt into the horrible thoughts - terrible truths - that were clawing apart her heart with every footstep that she pounded down the stairs and as far away from the divination tower as she could get. As fast as she could get. But Jack’s voice never called out after her, and his guilty look burned into her brain every time she closed her eyes to wipe furiously at the tears that were falling out of them. His guilt ridden blue eyes that she adored, right next to a set of dark eyes that matched her own far too much and looked just as guilty and that fact alone drove a heavy sob from deep within her and Adrina almost tripped over her own feet. Through cloudy vision she pushed open the nearest door to an empty classroom and slammed it shut behind her. Against the wall she leaned, breathing heavy and pressing the heels of her palms against her eyes. It was only then that she realized she had left everything behind, all of her books and her bag; she hoped @Avery Potter would collect them for her because she couldn’t go back there. Not now, maybe not ever. The fourth year’s knees gave way along with another sob and she dropped to the floor, folding her face into her arms as they came to rest atop her knees, and there was where she stayed. Through the afternoon classes; hopefully someone would share their notes. She didn’t return to the dorm either, unable to brave the thought of facing @Jacqueline Frost and any remarks her brother’s friend might have. She didn’t even leave for dinner, she wasn’t hungry anyway. She only felt sick thinking of having to face the two people she cared most about and this secret they had kept. She debated making this classroom her new home forever, would anyone even know? Her transfiguration skills would manage well enough to turn an old book into a pillow and she was small enough to hide under the desk in the corner if anyone actually came looking. Embarrassment, from the eyes she was sure had turned in her direction, and a horrid feeling of betrayal twisted knots in her stomach while she sat in the quiet, hugging herself. Questions raced through her mind as she sniffled and cried, and wiped her red rimmed eyes with her sleeve, but the biggest one of all repeated over and over, ’Why wasn't she good enough?’
  10. Pali had been having a generally terribly time of it recently. School had become difficult. Unable to keep up with her work her grades had slipped slightly. Not that they had been fantastic to begin with, but Pascha had always been able to help her. Hopefully he would be able to help enough this time. After breaking up with Alex she had realised she had no really close friends. Morosely she just floated from group to group of acquaintances here and there, always feeling slightly the outsider, when everyone else had very firmly cemented friendships. It made her self-conscious of everything she did. Her mind going ten million miles a minute as she constantly over analysed every little thing. It exhausted her, but at the same time she wasn’t sleeping at all. It had become too difficult to switch her brain off. With that she didn’t have the energy to duel which would be just the thing to help her sleep, but now she was barely going to the duelling chamber and it had affected her in more ways than one. The dark circles that hung under her eyes were nothing compared to the irascible attitude she now possessed. Pali Dotchev’s nonsense tolerance level had dramatically decreased and it was only getting worse. Now to top it all, she was late for dinner. Pali usually liked to have dinner earlier on. The tables were less cramped and she was able to relax and not rush through her meal. Except today she had been in the library with Pascha, he had been trying to help her with her charms work. Not letting her leave the library till she had perfected it. Except she hadn’t been able to perfect it. Or even half manage it. It had started a bitter squabble between the pair, which ultimately ended in the very hangry Pali drawing her wand on him and telling him she was leaving anyway or so help her Merlin. By the time she had gotten to the Great Hall it was packed. Finding a seat at the Slytherin table had been difficult. But she had just about managed to push her way in between a fourth year boy and a sixth year girl. Just in front of her favourite meal; chips and sausages. The moment of happiness was short lived when she realised who she has squozen next to though. Ryszard Althaus Valerio. Jack’s newest Boyfriend. Scowling she leaned forward to wonder if Jack was sitting on the other side of him, and was relieved to find he wasn’t. It was bad enough she had to look at them in the common room. It was almost enough to put her off her dinner. Almost. As she piled her plate with the stubby little cocktail sausages he realised the Ketchup was further down past Ryszard. Sighing quietly she steered her attention in his direction. She had made an attempt to not sound cantankerous, really she had tried. It just hadn’t worked so well. “Give me that…” Pointing to the ketchup just past his elbow she spoke quietly, in an even tone. She even remembered her manners, adding on a begrudging “please.”
  11. Maksim Valentin

    Back in the day...

    ...Maks didn't ever really think about growing up. After spending a week back at Hogwarts, and helping out at the Cursebreaker panel, it put into perspective the things that had and hadn't changed at Hogwarts. Seeing all those little faces - Merlin, had he really been that small at one point? And some of those kids had attitude like he couldn't believe - or really, he could, he just didn't want to admit that he had caused his own fair share of trouble while he'd attended Hogwarts. All of those thought and a million more just zipped along in his head even as he made his way back home. Sure, sometimes being a kid would be nice again, but Maks wasn't fooling himself - he was still a kid at heart. Lilya could attest to that. Honestly Maks couldn't wait to get back home to her. He was pretty sure she'd ask him how the career week went and who he'd worked with and all the rest. Friendly and familiar faces - highlight of his week was hanging out with Reid if he was perfectly honest. The man's shortbread recipe was to die for and gave Gran a run for her money... though not that Maks would tell Gran that. The thought made a silly little grin come to his face as he got his keys out, jiggling the lock and finally get the mechanisms turning to get himself into the flat. The smells of home hit him and Maks let out a happy little sigh. It was good to be home. "Aye, Lilya! Ah'm home!" He called out as he closed the door behind him, locking it up and taking his coat and shoes off. He also had goodies for his wife, but maybe he could tease her a little first... Maksim, Third of his Name. King of Fire Mishaps and of Cheeky Teasing.
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  13. Matilda Murphy

    VH Mentee Sign-Ups

    Name: Matilda Murphy Timezone: EDT (GMT -4) At what times of the day are you available? TBH, almost any time right now. It depends on the day. What is the best way to contact you? PM is good, but I've just joined Discord as well. What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? I had a character sorted in the early teens on VH, but I've been gone for a long time. I think I could use some help getting back up to speed on what's happened/what's new in the intervening decade. Also, dueling. Always dueling. Do you have any mentor requests? I saw there are a couple mentors from around the time I was on VH before. It would be cool to have someone who's been here for a while to help compare/contrast, but really I'll take any help I can get.
  14. Hazel Baum

    Just the rocks and the trees and my lonesome dreams

    October 2041 Carving pumpkins was a monstrous tradition, if you asked Hazel. She was all for festivity, but taking a knife to anything - living or dead, plant or otherwise - made her uncomfortable. But she enjoyed other things about Halloween. She enjoyed the crisp air, the spooky feelings, the feeling of being more in touch with the supernatural. Of course, as a witch, she supposed she was already more in touch with the supernatural than, say, a muggle. But that wasn’t really what she meant. She meant being more in touch with things like divinatory arts and astronomy, arts which were welcomed with open arms around Halloween time, as they were seen as festive. Hazel was into it, though. She had borrowed robes from her mother’s closet to dress the part, and was going around the Tree Commune offering everyone astrological readings as bracelets clinked around on her wrists. She could totally be a fortune teller after Hogwarts, right? Hazel was definitely taking this role seriously, especially as she told her father, a Taurean if she had ever seen one, about the ways in which Mercury being in retrograde would affect him.
  15. Tabitha Harding-Clarke

    Absence Notices

    Very slow until Sept 7th or so. I think I'm all caught up on duels but if for some reason I'm not, feel free to poke me on discord/extend them for me.
  16. Godsgift A Moonbeam

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    Farms were a known quantity, as were the people who lived on them, although, if pressed (and being truthful) G would have to say that it was more like he knew the stereotype of farm folk - capable, hard-working, honest, strong. And his knowledge of communes was also extremely stereotypical: long, free-flowing hair, bathing being an optional task, music, smoking weed, hippy-style clothing and a healthy disregard for authority. But having learnt to keep his trap shut with unasked for truths, he instead went into diplomatic mode. ”Living on a commune sounds interesting and being in touch with nature would be very peaceful, I imagine. I must admit I rather fancy a nice quiet ramble on the estate when I can get away long enough. Otherwise a good ride has to suffice. Sometimes I’ve even managed to join the Beaters rather than taking part of the shoot and I must say it’s quite exhilarating and far harder then it’s given credit for being.” G then grinned and both answered Hazel’s question and reiterated Mary’s, “Sorry to disappoint but I’m just your normal, run-of-the-mill aristocrat...but magical apparently. But really what is normal? To me, normal involves lots of bowing and scraping and remembering all the social rules, learning to shoot, ride, and ski before you can even walk properly and having loads of people follow you around, many of them with cameras. And a shocking number of stiff suits and waistcoats and polished shoes. Apparently, though, it is not normal to have a ghost as a best friend. So as Mary asked, what is normal?”
  17. Emilio Ng

    Be careful of what you do

    Milio was his typical mood. The mood in which he was look for his pet cat that his mum just got him. He knew that Emmy probably had her cat with her but he miss his little kitten in which he named Blaze. While search for the kitten. He spot two older girl in the house. He knew one of them being his step sister Tate and the other young lady he had no clue. Smile slightly he look at his step sister and said " Hey Tate , Have you Blaze around her?" he asked.
  18. Mary Wilkins

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    G remarked that his words spread across the table until they reached the ears of the king, but Mary wasn't all that surprised by this revelation. "Gossip is like that sometimes" Mary pointed out "especially when the subject in question is taboo. Can you really speak, and expect your words not to be heard?" Having offered that little titbit, Mary noticed that G was keen to change the subject so she did likewise. "I'm fortunate in that I have an older brother who attends Hogwarts" she explained to Hazel "and I have been in correspondence with one of his friends. I have been provided with some foreknowledge regarding the inner workings of the school, but consider that I haven't grown up in the magical community. I would ask that you take that into account." This was an admission she would like to have made to Kiara, but that conversation had taken a different path, so the opportunity never arose. Hazel seemed agree with some of her conclusions, viewing fame as a result of vanity and greed. "Exactly. Peacocks may show off their plumage and preen themselves in public, but I really don't care for the practice." Hazel also described her views on music as interesting. "I think a lot of people don't really study music, aside from asking whether or not a tune is pleasing to the ear, or even whether their friends will approve." That latter was more true of popular music, which seemed to be appropriately named. She had observed that some pop groups seemed to go out of fashion, sometimes within a year or two of forming. "When people truly appreciate music, it should stand the test of time, not go in and out with the tides." You only had to look at the most famous classical composers for evidence of that. She gave Hazel an encouraging smile. "I think the two of us might share some interesting conversations" she suggested "what do you say?" Then she mentioned living on a commune and Mary saw that they might have even more in common. "Joe's friend, Verity comes from a commune" she pointed out "Yes, we are certainly close to nature" Mary nodded "we keep sheep, pigs, cows, chickens and horses." There were the sheepdogs too, but Mary didn't feel she needed to mention those. "I ride often, there is some breathtaking scenery, and delightful nature walks nearby." When Hazel pointed out that she was a normal girl, Mary decided to ask another question that might invoke discussion. "I'm curious" she queried "how would you define the word 'normal'?" Hazel asked a question of G, but Mary felt it was only proper to let the boy speak for himself.
  19. Atticus Barnes

    don't know if I'm gonna make it out alive

    Atticus was a fuming dragon on a mission to discover the imbecile who stole from her art supplies stash. She doubted any of her roommates were stupid enough to go into her trunk and take as they pleased so it had to have been someone outside of Slytherin that still knew her well enough to be privy to what she kept in her trunk. Honestly, Giles was her first choice, given their ongoing feud, but Atticus reasoned that there was no way he could've gotten into her dorm or persuaded another Slytherin girl to steal the supplies. It killed Atticus to not immediately know who was the culprit of this act of thievery. No one bothered her as she left the dungeons looking like a banshee about to scream so she made it to the corridors pretty fast considering the hustle and bustle of the students. Atticus followed the faint odor of paint through the first floor halls until she got to the stairs. She couldn't pinpoint which moving staircase would lead her to the smell and started to feel defeat until she literally stepped onto her next clue. The slippery squish of her croc making contact with paint caused Atticus to cringe. What was her paint doing on the floor? What idiot decided that her Alizarin Crimson paint looked better splattered on the ground with balloon bits rather than smoothed across a canvas? Atticus was seeing red (no pun intended, or was it?) and all she wanted to do was throttle whoever disgraced her paints. Clearly the person had no appreciation of the arts to so carelessly conduct whatever plan that they were carrying out. Had the paint belonged to anyone but her, Atticus might have seen the humor of tossing paint balloons off of awnings onto unsuspecting students or maybe even a professor. Except this was personal and Atticus didn't have time to laugh at the possibility of the paint hitting someone on their way to lessons. Having jumped onto the closest staircase, Atticus made her way up the floors, searching and scouring the crowds for someone that seemed out of place or who Atticus could easily set the blame on. It wasn't until Atticus made it to the third floor that a flash of golden hair behind a banister was enough to grab her attention and get Atticus climbing the stairs and weaving through students at an almost unimaginable speed. Atticus had perfected the art of sneaking two years ago when she got put in charge of rounding up escapee goats so it wasn't hard to get up onto the fourth floor without being suspected by whoever goldie was. As she inched closer, Atticus nearly kicked herself, but not with the paint-covered croc, because of who was her own unsuspecting victim. Even the back of him was familiar enough to know who he was. ”Give me one reason I shouldn't give you a wedgie right now for stealing my paint without permission, Charlie. I'm serious about the wedgie, I will do it.” Atticus’s eyes remained narrowed at the boy, but her stance relaxed slightly at the familiarity of the Gryffindor boy.
  20. Hazel Baum

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    Talking of such philosophical matters of whether fame truly mattered, or the meaning of music when played by a person rather than an enchantment, enticed Hazel. She enjoyed stretching her mind to think about things in different ways; to see other points of view and entertain perhaps even taboo ideas. “I too think fame is overrated, and toxic,” Hazel decided with a nod. “It is fueled by greed and vanity, when it really comes down to it.” Which were two things that Hazel had always been taught to avoid. “Anyway, it’s interesting to know all your thoughts on music. I hadn’t really thought about in that way,” Hazel nodded, still mulling over her own thoughts on the matter. As the interchange between G and Mary continued, Hazel couldn’t help but wonder if what they were talking about was real. Was G royalty? What was all this talk about the throne and the King? Her mind whirled with questions, so much that she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Are you royalty?” when there was a break in G’s words. “Sorry, I mean… I’m not blue blood either. I guess I’m closer to what Mary is, but I don’t live on a farm. I live on what we call The Tree Commune. We’re very in touch with nature, though, like I imagine you have to be on a farm. I love the outdoors,” Hazel explained. “But I’m really just a normal girl,” She hurried to add, knowing some people thought that the commune sounded peculiar.
  21. The halls of Hogwarts had grown quiet from the usual ring of chaos that was almost expected from a building full of wizards and witches. Charlie couldn't remember the last time that he and his classmates had even caused a rumble in the roar of activity that surged through Hogwarts. Pranking had been something that he and Giles had promised to each other to continue after sorting. Now that they were halfway through term, the last time Charlie could remember causing any sort of trouble was sneaking off into the forest with Atticus. He was restless, constant classes and homework left him feeling swamped and overwhelmed, and Charlie wasn't used to having so much pent up energy. It was probably best if he just went to the Quidditch pitch, but before he could even think through his actions, he had a basket full of paint filled balloons. Charlie didn't even know where he got them from or who he managed to steal the paint from (Atti? Maybe?). It wasn't until he reached the landing of the fourth floor stairs that he realized what he was planning. The bucket hit the floor with a dull thud and the balloon rolled around in his hand when he picked it up. He looked over the edge of the stair landing, seeing the bustling of students in between classes and the call of their dormitories. He had discarded his robes at some point and rolled up the sleeves of his sweater and shirt, but Charlie had apparently still managed to flick paint onto his forearms when he was filling up the balloons. Looking over the edges of the railing one more time, Charlie released his grip on the balloon in his hand, and he didn't duck for cover until he saw the splatter of red on the tiled floor. He let out a soft laugh and ducked to rest his back against the railing. He hadn't felt this free in a few weeks. Causing chaos was too much fun.
  22. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    Absence Notices

    Going on vacation starting Friday and will be back day after Labor Day. Please extend duels for me if they are about to time out. <333
  23. Jerome Chan

    Well, a little rain never hurt anybody.

    "You will?" Jerome asked, already scared for the Slytherin boy's safety. He wasn't sure that this was the right way to solve this problem. "Look out!" The crocodile snapped at the feet of @Edward Borage. Heavens. This boy was mad. He looked around, trying to find something to fling at the hungry-looking reptile, but all he saw were books and things that he owned - and he wasn't losing anything to that crocodile. His wand was still in his hand, but he still had no clue what to do with it. He turned to @Agatha Cowen. "Do you have any ideas how to solve this with magic?" Where was a professor when they needed one? words: 114
  24. Jerome Chan

    Free Asian Food!!

    Jerome was absolutely delighted. He didn't know if anyone would even come, and now he was busy with people he hadn't even seen before coming up to try some of this food. The newest person to approach was @Cedar Anwyl, a Ravenclaw boy who Jerome assumed to be of some mixed heritage. Jerome wasn't an expert on human racial features, and most of the time he couldn't even tell whether someone was from Northern or Southern China (he himself was taken to be a Northerner when he actually grew up in the Southeastern province of Fujian). But Jerome guessed very wildly that this boy had some kind of East Asian heritage. He didn't know if the boy was just shy or he had something else planned, but as long as it didn't ruin his stall, he didn't mind it too much. Jerome returned the boy's grin with a smile of his own. "Japanese food? Yes, there is some right here," he replied gesturing to the Japanese area of food. There was some gyozas, sushi, takoyaki, yakitori, dango, and of course, his favourite, an assortment of mochi. There was even some sashimi, which surprised him because he didn't think the food could keep well. Thank heavens for magic that could help with that issue. "I recommend the mochi. I like it the best!"
  25. Killian Dracel

    Get Otter Here

    Post One | 474 December, VH40 Location: The Lakefront Killian had been in a bit of a rut lately. Several times since the spectral River Otter erupted from his chest, the would-be animagus had failed and needed to start over. First, he woke up to the sight of the mandrake leaf on his pillow. It had fallen out in the middle of the night. Suffice it to say, it was gross, and startling and the pillow in question was put on Everly’s former bed. The next time it happened, it had been during breakfast when he accidentally swallowed it. Three weeks of holding the leaf in his mouth and it was washed down with a large gulp of orange juice. He’d sat there with a horrified expression when he realized what he had done. Even his girlfriend couldn’t perk him up or encourage him to go to class that day. Before all that, though, he spent a great deal of time alone, thinking. Weighing the pros and cons -- and there were many cons. The textbook had been correct in advising that once the animal was discovered, interest quickly dwindled, and he felt himself on the verge of calling it a day. Was becoming an animagus worth it? Was becoming a River Otter worth it? Yes, he was still somewhat deflated over not being a hawk. Finally, it was the night of the full moon, and his potion was nearly ready. It was about time, too, because this leaf in his mouth was trying his patience… and Damaris’s. He waited in the Great Hall for his escort to take him to the Lakefront. Being after curfew, he’d needed special permission from Professor McGonagall to be out of his dorm room in order to pursue his ambition. Fortunately for him, she understood all too well the efforts he was putting into being able to transform at will. What made this experience even more dangerous was the fact that there were… how many werewolves at the castle now? And they had all transformed into bloodthirsty monsters just moments ago. “Professor McGonagall,” he greeted with a respectful nod of his head when she arrived to take him to the lakefront. She gave him a curt nod, opened the entrance door and made small talk as they journeyed to the lakefront, which was fitting, because… otter. “Mister Dracel, this is your animagus trainer, Atwell Sinclair,” Professor McGonagall said, gesturing to the man standing by the cauldron of his brewed potion that waited for the mandrake leaf and a glimmer of moonlight. Except… the moon was hiding behind the clouds. Minute by minute saw Killian deflating. “Pleasure,” Killian attempted to sound upbeat, but it was clear that the lack of moonlight put a damper on things. With a promise to return in a couple of hours, Professor McGonagall returned to the castle. “So……. Sinclair, did she say?” Ah, fwooper. *Light GM of McG approved.
  26. September 2041 Hazel’s eyes narrowed, her fingers running over the little rock formation she often came to when she wanted to look for interesting rocks or mineral deposits. She had found the smallest little bit of mica here the other day, and was yearning to find more of the shiny rock. Flaky as it was, she had a rock collection that she was keen on putting it in, and it was rare enough in this region to make her excited to have found some. September brought with it a chill, but her arms were still bare, her feet still shoeless as she clung to the last days of summer before the fall would begin. Clouds hung over the forest in which she lived, and she found it hard to believe that in less than a year’s time now, she would be off joining Pine and Box and Spruce at Hogwarts. She was glad that she’d have Willow going with her. It would be nice to have someone from the commune alongside her. Her thoughts were aimless, and soon redirected when she caught sight of something shiny beneath the normal soil and plain grey rocks. “There’s more!” Hazel exclaimed happily, eagerly picking the tiny flakes up and clutching them possessively in her hand. They may not be true rocks, but the small shiny flakes brought her joy. Definitely worthy of her rock collection.
  27. Margarleon Turpentine

    I'm coming at you like a cannonball

    Leon squinted at the girl - Viktoriya, if she was to be believed, trying to look for any distinguishing details that might confirm her identity. He found none. “I suppose I’ll have to take your word for it,” Leon told her dubiously, though his smirk reflected his teasing tone. “Now we definitely gotta duel sometime soon,” Leon told her with a nod. All of these exchanges were the easy ones: debating which twin she was; challenging her to a duel to show off what they’d each learned since last time. It was what Toriya presented next that made the situation difficult for Leon. He was still puzzling over the gift she’d bestowed on him even as his suspicious mind waited for an answer from the Hufflepuff about why she’d bothered. Maybe it was a prank. A dung bomb or something else that would be fitting of the mischievous twin in front of him… He was watching Toriya carefully even as his mind mused on her motives, and noticed the way her expression seemed to soften, almost as if she was… pitying him. His eyes narrowed, his expression staying stern as he waited. And there she went, throwing around that word that so many people at Hogwarts seemed to like to refer to him as. Friend. From Willa to Alexander Crow to Annag, many people had referred to him as such, but he still was learning to understand what precisely being a friend meant. Apparently, in Toriya’s case, it meant buying someone gifts. He was still suspicious, and also felt somewhat weird about accepting a gift from the girl who looked as if she might pity him, but his greed and desire to find out what it was won out. “A’ight. But you know I didn’t get you nothin’, right?” Leon asked ineloquently, the words thank you still eluding him entirely as he stuck his hand into the bag, fishing through the tissue paper and finally pulling out the little keychain. It was a conglomeration of different greens, the small snake almost marbled in appearance, and in some ways, matching his own green-hued eyes. “Whoa,” Leon commented, turning it over in his hand carefully, still not entirely convinced that it didn’t bite, despite Toriya’s assurances. A rare, almost childlike smile came over his features, and he looked back up at Toriya, finally meeting her eyes. “That’s boss,” He finally declared, which was likely the closest thing to a thank you that Toriya would get. Unvoiced, many thoughts ran through Leon’s head. Did this mean he owed her? Did this really come with no strings attached? Was this really what was expected of a friend? He felt awkward for a moment, unsure what else to say as he looked down at Toriya, his uncertainty likely showing in his features before he asked, “So… uh… now what?”
  28. Phoenix Harris

    First brush with the frontier

    Phoenix didn't have a hard time getting to Diagon Alley on his own. Used to being independent from a young age, he took the public transport to the place the magical shopping center was supposed to be located at. Knowing nothing about the magical world, his intuition was there to help him - he asked a group of robe dressed strangers how can he enter the alley, and they gladly helped him. This probably meant that he wasn't the first one to ask for help. They did seem puzzled by the fact that a boy his age was walking the streets of London by himself. But so did the non-wizard kids in his neighborhood. Nothing he wasn't used to. Phoenix was amazed by the colors and smells that surrounded him the moment he entered the street. It looked like a picturesque adaptation of medieval England, which he learned about from in his lessons with Ms Margaret. But she had her memory erased and didn't know a thing about the wizarding world by now, so he had only his knowledge and ingenuity on his side now. In his opinion, it was more than enough. He brushed his black wavy hair from his forehead, looking at his shopping list. He didn't know where to start. The book shop perhaps? There's nothing like the written word to help you get around in a new world. But first, he needed to find something to eat, since he was hungry. He tried ordering some cheap dishes from the nearby cafes, but unfortunately he discovered they didn't use British coins. This meant the money he had saved was of no use here. Metaphysical relativists, he mumbled to himself, half-jokingly. As his mother and Ms Margaret had taught him, value was subjective. Just as he paid his rent to his mother by taking care of the house chores, he knew the payment he would get depended on the things he could offer to others. He sat on a nearby bench, trying to think of a service that someone around him could find useful. He was good at washing the dishes, mopping the floor and also a pretty good handyman when it came to home appliances. But as he learned not so long ago, the magical world didn't have the need for this kind of work. So he needed to think of something else. Improvise. He found a big rolled parchment lying near a garbage can outside a small cafe, took a pen out of his bag and got to work. After a few minutes he was sitting on the side of the road, the parchment at his feet. It read: "Looking to barter for some food. Can do a lot of useful muggle work & magic-related if explained" Some of the people passing by looked at him with a mixture of shock and curiosity, while others were indifferent. But Phoenix remained calm and determined. He was sure someone will find his proposal beneficial.
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