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  2. Julian Pritchard

    in the clear light of day down here, everyone's a monster

    Julian had been so ready for his attempt to approach Behati to go poorly - shoulders tense and braced against whatever she would say next - that he was momentarily at a loss when she suddenly agreed. He squinted at her, trying to determine whether something in her tone hinted at anything but civility. When he couldn’t discern anything, he took a small step towards her and opened his mouth. He didn’t immediately speak. It was hard to know where to start - which of her remarks to pick on and start trying to unravel. It was hard to tell what he could even say that would be effective. He understood that Behati was scared. It had to be what was driving all this. She, like him, had been hurt on the night of November 8th and she was scared that it would happen again. It was perfectly reasonable. He was scared too. He still woke up regularly, having dreamt of that night - or other nights, imagined nights in which he was the monster - with his heart pounding the taste of iron on his tongue and screams that weren’t his own in his ears. He understood that. It was how that led to the idea - to the certainty - that they could not be trusted, that the system in place wasn’t safe enough, that they should be expelled. That was where his understanding faltered. It occurred to him that he probably wouldn’t be able to pick a place to start if he didn’t understand, so he led with a question of sorts. “I guess, I wanted to understand what you think will happen if we stay here. At school. The people who were bitten. Or...” He shook his head slightly at his own words. That wasn’t quite right. He knew what she thought would happen - the constant reference to Galen Ward was tell enough. He jumped in to amend himself. “Or… I suppose I want to understand how you think it’ll happen.” That was much better. Maybe if she had a better understanding of how the process of getting Wolfsbane and to the Hospital Wing during the full moon worked, he could explain where she was wrong.
  3. Josephine Tindall

    Detention: Behati Gadot, Julian Pritchard, Maggie Sinclair, Josephine Tindall

    POST THREE / wc. 249 Did Behati really think that telling Josephine to shut up would help on any level? Jo pinched the bridge of her nose, resisting the urge to scream up at the ceiling and ask the higher powers what the hell she had done to deserve this? Never again would she use a dinner roll as a projectile. Never again would she yeet the yeast. "Um no?" Jo scoffed. "How about the both of you shut up, get to sorting these blocks so we all can leave." Jo pointed at Julian, "He shouldn't even be here but was unfortunately dragged into the middle of your crap." She dropped the block in her other hand, lest she end up throwing it at one of their heads. The idiotic bickering happening between Maggie and Behati seemed like it was less about fighting for a cause now and more about their mutual dislike for one another. As Jo had said to Jaxon, who was Maggie's bloody brother, this fake 'woke-ness' that people had adopted all over the school was nauseating to witness and was made all the more sickening when Julian literally had to tell Maggie to stop. Jo chewed on her bottom lip, expecting his words to at least silence the arguing. It did not and while the Slytherin had the good sense to apologise it clearly didn't mean they were coming together to work in harmony anytime soon. Because a dung bomb was now flying across the room. Jo recoiled, pressing herself up against a wall as far away from the dung bomb as possible. Her upper lip curled in disgust. "Oh what the hell?"
  4. Jack Dare

    Will you be my Cubmaster?

    Self-consciously Jack mimicked the same gesture with his own glasses. He gave Prom one more quick look and got a subtle non-verbal go ahead. Jack swallowed and started talking. "Actually it is about something else, Sir. You remember that poster you duplicated for me? The one for P.A.W.? Pals and Allies of Werewolves?" Jack adjusted his glasses again even though they hadn't moved since the last time. "Well, the purpose of PAW is to unite werewolves with the people who care about them and to promote equality through, um, support, uh, education, and advocacy. I mean, we haven't actually done any of those things or had any meetings yet, but that's what I put on the application. And, anyway the Head Mistress approved that club on the condition that I get a faculty sponsor, and well I was intending to of course, but then everything happened so quickly and it just seemed like a good idea to cover up those other posters." Jack paused expectantly and after a short but awkward pause, remembered that he hadn't yet come to his point. "Oh. Right. Well I wondered if you might be interested in being our faculty sponsor, seeing as how-- I mean, I expect equal rights would be something that you'd care about, right? And, well, we could really use a sponsor or we'll never actually get to hold any meetings and then it's just a name, isn't it?"
  5. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement was dispatched to the small and typically quiet village of Dryhope, Selkirk on Thursday to investigate reports of numerous local grave sites mysteriously unearthed. Upon their arrival, law enforcement noted the burial grounds seemingly ripped open by magical force, belongings of the deceased scattered throughout the area. Department experts are still investigating the shocking scene but have noted that it seemed the perpetrator(s) were mostly interested in the wands of the dead. Dryhope Cemetery has held countless historical tombs and graves from various old wizarding families throughout many years. Some of the grave sites date back as far as the 1400s, and many families from around the country visit the location regularly in order to pay respects to their ancestors. Residents of Dryhope are bewildered by this cruel act but have been very open to questioning. "It's just not something that happens here," says Ramona Wisewing, one of the first to see the vandalised graveyard. "I've seen many people come and go around here, but none who I would suspect capable of this." Authorities surmise that tracking down the culprit will be a difficult task, however the recent crack down on possession of illegal wands may assist with finding a link. They are asking the public to report any suspicious activity.
  6. Killian Dracel

    At the top of your lungs

    Killian was just doing his thing. Minding his own business, munching on an apple, enjoying the fresh air somewhere off to the side. He watched the owls come and go from the West Tower. There was a sense of piece, being up here... and it was all ruined when a couple of snot-nosed first years came into the picture and started yelling. Rounding a corner, he saw them there... and boy was he disappointed. It wasn't even a row that he would creep on from the shadows. They were just shouting gibberish. There was no fallen hero here. No failing friendship. It was hardly worth it, until he recognized one of the students as a Slytherin... and more than that! One of those mutts. "What a coincidence," Killian barked, announcing his presence. He stepped out of the shadows and glared at them both. "I hate prats, too, and I'm looking at two of them right now." If only it wasn't illegal to dispose of werewolves... He narrowed his eyes at Julian. "Let me guess, a werewolf and... his cheerleader. Five points from Slytherin for being loud and obnoxious... and you. I ought to hang you by your feet over this railing."
  7. Alexander Crow

    open up the part of you that wants to hide away

    He is so out of element here. Alex glanced up nervously at the officials before turning his attention back to Hen who looked supremely regal with a broom in hand. Between her confidence and his lack of athleticism, the Ravenclaw knew he was about to make a complete fool of himself. He is still trying to figure out why, in the middle of a duel, he decided to randomly ask the Slytherin for flying lessons. Perhaps he wanted to prove something to himself, or maybe even impress someone? Or took way too many knockback jinxes in the head to think clearly. "Oh, I remember umm..." Alex paused, that was something he didn't consider until now. Wracking his brains for any retained information from last year's class, he vividly remembered throwing up at his first attempt at being airborne (which is why he downed some anti-nausea potion before coming here). He also remembered that gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects towards its center, but that little piece of trivia wasn't helping. "I'm supposed to sit on it and kick up?" Thank goodness they were skipping the summoning part. Getting whacked in the face by a broom handle will be utterly embarrassing to explain to Ms. Lushia.
  8. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    He had known that Lydon hadn't taken many subjects but he had, at least, gotten a NEWT in one. "Dad and Ricky only have History of Magic OWLs. Dad has been successful but Ricky..." he trailed off, knowing that his uncle would already know how lazy Ricky was. He wasn't sure it was on purpose, though. His brother was just used to not having to do anything. It could change, too. He was ambitious, after all. "He'll be okay." He hoped he was right.
  9. Jean Li

    “It is Wednesday My Dudes”

    Immediately after the words had left her mouth, Jean felt her face gaining heat. She didn’t typically talk to strangers, and was feeling a little panicky that perhaps she’d just made herself look stupid. But when another girl approached, and admitted that she, too, did not know what Jean was holding, the eleven year old found herself feeling a little more relaxed. “I- I got it on the shelf that said ink-pot?” Jean confessed, confused at why such an item existed “-I don’t know, but it’s on the list… I just figured we’d use a pen or pencil or something…” Jean trailed off, before worrying again at what the boy (she’d approached) was saying. In all honesty, going for textbooks first would have probably been more logical, but Jean had a list that May had drawn up for her, and it had textbooks last. “I…. thought they’d get heavy-“ Jean murmured quietly, before forcing a weak smile “-I don’t really know what any of them look like either,” she confessed, before putting down the least aesthetically appealing ink pot. “Are you shopping for Hogwarts too? Do you know what you’re looking for?” Could she tag along? “This is my first time here…” Hopefully someone would take pity on her.
  10. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    "It's a smart plan, but you'd be surprised by where you end up going. I took one and guess what it's in?" Lydon paused, tempted to lean back in his chair and prop his loafers on the kitchen table, but that was a time bomb asking Beth to walk in. "History of Magic. I thought I'd be a historian for life, but then runes called to me in Siberia and here I am, a single NEWT and currently talking about starting a school with a seventh year." None of it was meant harshly, if the grin on his face could suggest anything.
  11. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    Dane almost laughed because Lydon knew their family so well. Except that the seventh year didn't sleep all that much. He just didn't need it and he always had thoughts and ideas running through his head. "I'm sure I could make it work. But I do have NEWTs coming up that I have to deal with. Only taking the two, though. Thought it was best to focus on the ones I would actually be using." And he hadn't really enjoyed the other subjects anyway. He had already learned what he needed from them and he was good at teaching himself.
  12. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    Lydon should have been better at holding his tongue at this point, but Dane was smart and would have picked up on the half truths. Running a hand through his hair, Lydon laughed at the idea fondly. "Dane, I doubt your father would enjoy me taking a worker from him. We've had enough of a rough history as it is, I don't want to push the envelope and risk breaking this decades-long truce we've finally found. You can ask Richard after you've graduated and sorted through all your options. Starting a school doesn't leave much time for inventing."
  13. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    He was not surprised by Lydon's response. His mother was a force to be reckoned with and he always thought of everything from every possible angle before talking to her about it. He knew it was better (and easier) that way. His uncle had known her longer so he had obviously learned the same thing long before. "Fine with me," he said. "We can make Ricky be caretaker, though." @Rikard Golden-Keisi had not graduated with any NEWTs and only had one OWL. He had only been able to get a job with... their father. Maybe he would want a change.
  14. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    "Merlin," Lydon laughed, shaking his head. "If we tell your mum, this becomes real and it becomes both of our problems when we're not meeting deadlines. I appreciate the pep-talk, but I've been selling myself short for years and I still ended up pretty okay with a good family." He didn't mention that he was worried Beth would flay him alive for putting ideas in Dane's head before he'd had time to figure them out himself. "We'll talk about it at another time. This is not a no."
  15. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    Dane knew his uncle was right. "I know... but even without me, I know you can do it. You shouldn't sell yourself short." He was known to that to himself and he was working on it but his uncle needed to do the same. "And we need mum's permission." He gave a wry smile because he knew he was right. His mother always had to be included and knowing what was going on. She wasn't a true helicopter parent... more that she just liked having lots of stuff to do.
  16. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    "Your mind really works quick," Lydon started, eyes flashing with pride, "Ravenclaw's lucky it's still got smart ones coming in to keep it going. I like the idea a lot, but you still need to graduate and decide what you want to do. And you still need to ask what your girlfriend wants to do as well." Since when had Lydon been the voice of reason? He'd been the one reaching for the extra glass of fire whiskey, of pushing the argument just a little too far. Hesitation and self-control were not words that used to be in his dictionary. Age had funny ways of working.
  17. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    "So we'll find someone for that stuff. You can be a founder and a professor... and we'll get you one of my calendars that remind you to do things. I invented it when Drew kept forgetting about things. He loved his brother (@Drew Golden-Keisi) but the kid forgot everything. "A lot of people need something like that. You could help them." He thought it was a great idea. Meanwhile, he waved his wand at the shelf and his snacks were hidden again. He closed the cabinet door and looked around to make sure no one else had seen.
  18. Jaxon Sinclair

    Five ghosts surround my garden, I don't tell them to move on

    Jack had spoken with Arabella Jones once before—it had been in the aftermath of one of those wretched poster hanging sessions and Jack had been...less than himself. Unsteady on his feet, acutely aware of the pulse of his heart beating in his ears and the shallow, scraping breaths that he was only barely managing to get into his lungs. He'd been told in the wing that such reactions were not uncommon in the aftermath of an event like what had happened in November. It was expected, even, and with time and the copious amounts of therapy he was sure his parents were going to put him in, they would get better. They weren't really...getting better. He hadn't expected his sister's roommate to make it her personal goal (much like @Rosie Ferranti) to make Hogwarts into a place that welcomed everyone, regardless of history, bloodline, or curse. At first, he just watched her there with her little sign and her wand in her hand. He was waiting—waiting for someone to inevitably come up and start shouting at her about what monsters they were, how they deserved to be expelled, how there was no place for them in 'civilized society,' and how they were inherently dangerous. He kept his head down, cheeks flushed and burning, pointedly ignoring Ryszard's blatant staring and @Adrina Althaus-Valerio's fingers tucked in his. When nobody approached her, however, he had no real reason not to gather up his courage. He tried to tell himself he did, truly. There were essays to write, duels to engage in, places to go that didn't include pouring his heart out to some Slytherin girl...but there was another part, quieter and more insistent than the rest, that reminded him that he wanted to talk. No, Jack needed to talk. When they'd started calling for expulsions, they'd never taken the time to get to know any of them. When the posters of their faces appeared, nobody had bothered to let them speak. When the pictures of Galen and Margo that morphed into the faces of onlookers peppered the castle, nobody had listened to any of them. There were articles and op-eds on how frightening it was to go to school with werewolves. There were centuries of carnage soaked history to detail exactly what the wizarding world thought of his kind. There had been students shouting about how they just wanted their voices heard, their fears addressed, their needs met, but none of those voices had belonged to any of the people bitten that day. They'd belonged to hateful, narrow-minded individuals who thought it appropriate to further marginalize a group that had been discriminated against, hunted, and driven into places away from the rest of the world for no reasons other than fear or hatred. Usually both. And he could stomach fear...typically, but this was fear born of ignorance. Fear born of the belief that every single one of them was exactly the same. So eventually, he released Addy's hand and he bypassed Ry's staring to make his way up to where Arabella Jones was standing. For a second, he just looked at her, words on his tongue that were stuck behind his teeth. There was so much to say. "Nobody listens to us," he eventually guttered out words that were coherent. "They haven't even tried. They just let them hang their posters without talking to us, without knowing us. It's like they think we picked this. None of us picked this. We were victims in November and they're blaming us for what we are."
  19. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    Lydon rested his face on the back of his hands, elbows propping him up, as he studied his nephew. The idea wasn't a half bad one, and certainly more engaging than anything Lydon had been attempting to do while waiting to find a professor position. Lips quirking into a smirk, he took a moment to organize himself. "It's certainly an idea Dane. But I am not, and have never been, great at the administrative stuff. Ask your mum one day how many times she needed to remind me about class or essay due dates. There's more logistics than just being passionate and having a dream when it comes to education." It was something the country could use more of, if the news and current anti part-human sentiment was anything to go by.
  20. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    It was a good question but Dane knew how to answer. "I think you'd be a good one. You have the knowledge and I'm sure you have learned a lot during your time away. You care about what you are doing, too. And you could easily find other staff that are like-minded. I'd teach Arithmancy for you." He loved it and Ancient Runes enough that he wouldn't want to leave them behind when he graduated. He was sure he would get to use them but teaching would be different.
  21. Miss Turner

    I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind

    Miss Turner saw River get up and began to leave but she wasn't mad at what he had left behind. The chairs of the library always pushed themselves in and the books were always magicked onto the cart to be returned to the shelves. She had to see which books were being used before she waved her wand and returned them to the stacks. She gave the boy a smile when he came near and then returned to her work.
  22. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    Lydon had a fondness for Dane that was often hard to explain. While he'd made a point to be there and available for all of Beth's kids, there was a lot in Dane that the old Ravenclaw could recognize from his own youth. Dane just seemed to lack Lydon's vanity and ability to rage like a hippogriff. "Now that's an idea. Here's a question for you then. Would you want me as a headmaster?" Lydon grinned wryly as he plopped himself at the kitchen table and raised an eyebrow in his nephew's direction.
  23. Hiding in the library while it's off hours seemed to be the Ravenclaw's second home now, besides the Hospital Wing, River was pretty much there from the door's opening to its closing. His house and year-mates all seemed to be supportive of what had happened to him, but there was always the select hateful few who didn't understand, ones like @Dove Lightwood and that woman on the WWN who had spoken @Julian Pritchard and @Jeramie Slater names. Even his brother, @Ethan Smith knew about his condition now which was something if he could keep secret he could. Yes, he was no longer alone, but the struggle was still all too real. Holding his prefect badge in his hands while giving it a quick wipe from his many tears, the Ravenclaw wondered to himself as to how he had gotten his badge, he wasn't the smartest in his year, @Drew Knight, but somehow, Professor Ripley had deemed him something special to receive a badge. Looking out the window to see a semi-darkened sky then back to his book of Wanderings with Werewolves, River stood and decided that this all-time-low would be better suited for his bed and began to walk away not bothering with returning the books or even scooting his chair back into the table not caring what @Miss Turner would also say to him the next time he decided to hide. Walking through the isles, River stopped as something caught his eye, looking to see he wasn't alone in the library, as he was usually the last one out, River stopped and hid, peaking behind the corner of the bookshelf every now and then, the Ravenclaw couldn't tell what the other was up to. He could tell it was @Orpheus Midnight the weirdo who, besides @Aggie Price seemed actually to enjoy Arithmancy.
  24. Dane Golden-Keisi

    Holiday Hunger

    Admittedly, it made Dane feel better that his uncle didn't need to worry about money. He knew his parents would have supplied him if he needed it but he knew Lydon wouldn't want to take money from others. Knowing his mother, she would have come up with some scheme to get him money without him knowing it was from her. She was crazy but the good kind of crazy. "If you can't get a job at a school you should make your own school." He nodded, picturing it in his head. "Make your dream happen!"
  25. Lydon Ward

    Holiday Hunger

    "Thanks Dane. Unfortunately, my talents have always been better at studying than applying. I found a lot of interesting things about how runes were used in early civilizations, and I'd like to teach it at this point because you are correct, not many people understand them and how helpful they are." He had to laugh at Dane's final point though. Thankfully Beth had never passed down his trust-fund, daddy issue laden history to her kids. "Dane. The last thing I worry about at this point is money. My biological family left me enough of it, and selling the old estate gave me plenty more. If you have the means to, following your passion is so much more important than making money." Lydon didn't add that there was no way he'd have ever let any of his adopted family forsake dreams because of money. He didn't think he needed to.
  26. Jaxon Sinclair

    Rose-Colored Lenses

    The letter landed like all of the others—directly in his lap, courtesy of...was that his father's owl? The little creature landed excitedly nearby, rolling like a bowling ball through two plates of food before landing face down in a goblet of pumpkin juice. He righted himself a moment later, smeared with ketchup and bright orange from his eyeballs to the tips of his wings. He didn't wait patiently like Jack's owl, Penelope did. Ted grabbed a mouthful of bacon right off of Jack's plate and took off again, lopsided from the pumpkin juice and flapping his wings in a wildly zigzagged pattern. It was probably time to retire Ted. He had to be as old as Maggie by then. Jack opened the familiar stationary carefully, unfolding the thick parchment that he knew sat in rolls on the desk in the office where his mother and his father sometimes sat in the evenings, talking quietly about 'grown up things' that none of the kids were meant to listen to. There had been more of that than usual over Christmas break. His eyes skimmed the letter carefully and with each word penned from his brother's sloppy, unpracticed hand, his stomach dropped a little bit more. He'd read the Prophet, of course. Jack knew what had been happening within the magical community at large regarding vampires, werewolves, and even the veelas now. His heart skipped, tap-tap-tapping in his chest like it was scraping to get free, and he had to stuff the paper away to deal with later when he didn't feel like vomiting. Adam— I'm sorry about your teacher. I know you liked him and you shouldn't be caught up in any of this. What did our parents say about it? Let me guess—Mum cried and came out with the kid gloves, tried to make everything seem better than it is. Dad probably locked himself in the office. Unless you didn't talk to them at all and that's why you're writing to me? The words you're looking for are bigots and segregation. Is your teacher a part vampire? They probably came to take his wand. They're doing that now. I know he didn't do anything. He didn't pick his parents. He didn't choose any of this, not any more than I picked what I am. Look, Adam...things are probably going to get pretty ugly soon. I'll stay out of trouble as much as I can, but I won't lie to you, that might not matter. I hope your teacher didn't just cower and let them take what belongs to him. I wouldn't. I won't, if they come...if that's where this all ends...I won't. —Jack PS: Dad quit his job. Didn't he tell you? Do they tell you anything?
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