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Pre-Hogwarts Programme

The Ministry-funded Ottaline Gambol Centre offers enriching experiences through its Pre-Hogwarts Programme to prepare you for your upcoming years at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


  1. Ottaline Gambol Centre

    With more than enough space for games and lessons, this Centre is the best place to ready for Hogwarts.


    (This forum is for roleplays and activities that take place at the Gambol Centre.)

  2. Scrapbook Shelf

    In this nook, you'll find the scrapbook of every child participating in the Programme. Grab some crafting supplies, swap stickers with your friends, and get to work. Now's the time to start chronicling your adventures!


    (Character scrapbooks, the OOC guide, and other resources can be found here.)

  3. Excursions

    Explore the wizarding world under the watchful eye of your chaperone. Remember to use the buddy system and try not to get lost if you wander off. Even educational trips can be fun sometimes!


    (This forum is for roleplays and activities that take place outside of the Gambol Centre.)


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