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    the pre-hogwarts checklist placeholder
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    jarden villiers vh41 ♣ tables of contents ⅰ php checklist ⅱ lookalike ⅲ character questionaire ⅳ character library ⅴ prompts
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  5. Fenella Campbell

    No going to the Pitch today

    Dale was being far too kind about her flying but she smiled all the same. “The quaffle - that’s the red one right?” Just like before, a slight move on the broom and it was like it instinctively knew what she wanted it to do. Fenella headed back in the direction she came, all the while trying to maintain her balance, speed and descent. She reached the box which contained the balls, and dropped in for a reasonably soft landing. “Just like riding a bike,” she muttered to herself, confirming her earlier thoughts. She grabbed the quaffle and flew back over to the hoops, going a little faster this time and adjusting her balance to compensate for the large ball under her arm. The more she flew the easier it was getting. Fenella was maybe 10 metres in front of Dale when she stopped and hovered. In netball she’d raise her hands over her head and aim the ball over the rim and through the hoop. But these hoops were different, and she was pretty sure that if she tried to stop and shoot there wasn’t a 3 foot penalty or obstruction call in Quidditch. She’d have to be on the move to take a shot. But Dale would be on the move too. Hmmmm. She sat in front of him for a minute, working out her options, sizing up her competition. Dale had asked for her best shot and she didn’t want to disappoint. She went left, charging at the hoop, then dipped her broom and came back up in front of the middle hoop where she tossed the ball. It was what they called a fake in netball, where you go to throw the the ball one way so the defender is prepared but then throw it the opposite way and they have no chance for a turnover. But did it work? She flew back around to her starting position where she’d been sitting moments earlier. ”How was that?” She asked, a little shyly. “Did I score?”
  6. Edward Borage

    Dried vs Fresh

    It was only too clear that whilst Fenella might have been half frozen, she was still more than capable of leading the rescue. Edward helped as much as he could but the first few steps were wobbly, uncertain and unsteady, threatening to topple the pair of second years to the ground. But with each faltering step, his footing got stronger and he started warming up. As he warmed up he found it easier to talk but the silence that lay between them felt like a gulf and he had to really think before he put his foot in it again. “Almost there,” he muttered - they were barely on the lawn with miles to go - “You warmer?” And finally, “I’m sorry...for everything.” He fell silent once more as the castle grew larger. Now they were almost safe the ‘What If’s’ started and he knew the ending would have been far different had Fenella not been keen on running so much.
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  8. Fenella Campbell

    Dried vs Fresh

    A large sigh escaped her lips. Fenella hadn’t realised she’d been holding her breath but now Edward had responded she could relax knowing her friend would be ok. “Right back at ya,” she smiled along with him this time. Usually it would annoy her to hear a line like that - urgh it was gross and sappy and something Fiona and her boyfriend might say to each other, but right now she was just glad the boy was able to say anything at all. She placed her arm under his head and helped him in to a sitting position. “C’mon then.” Once again she grabbed Edward’s arm and placed it around her shoulder, just like she’d done when she pulled him from the water. She then placed her own arm around his waist to support him as they stood up. “Let’s go.” He rambled on a bit, but Fenella didn’t say much. The more he talked, the more she believed he would be ok, but she was sure he would still need to see a doctor. Or a nurse. Or whatever the magical world equivalent was. First aid. She was qualified for first aid, but after that she was no help. Their eyes had met as she touched his cheek, and while she’d joked along with him she hoped he hadn’t seen her worry. Relief, sure, there had been plenty of that but it had been short lived. There was only one thing on her mind now: get to the castle. “We’ll worry about all that later, right now we have to get you out of the cold ok?”
  9. Edward Borage

    Dried vs Fresh

    He knew if he dared look he’d be dead. He knew this and so, despite the very real urge to look, he refrained and, instead, focused on trying to slow his galloping heart rate, lowering his blood pressure and definitely screwing his eyes up as tightly as he could. Not that it helped! Visions of Fenella in a sopping T-shirt ran through his mind, a memory he doubted he would ever be able to forget even if he lived to be a hundred and got dementia! In fact he was prepared to go on record saying that the getting of the memory was totally worth choking on musty, dried gillyweed and coming close to drowning. And there was no doubt at all that Fenella Campbell, Hufflepuff who runs, was seriously a lion in badger clothing! A true hero! Edward wondered if it was safe to open to his eyes? Actually it was clear that he ought to open them up right away as he felt her hand on his cheek. But eyes were the windows of your soul and he was rather nervous to see what was in hers and what she’d see in his. Though as much as he might have wished to keep his eyes closed tightly shut, Fenella’s voice sounded both urgent and worried. He cracked his eyes open and brown met her blue. “Sorry, I...I think...you might have...nearly killed me there...you stole my breath...” A slight and wobbly grin flashed across his face. “If we hobble together...I might just make it...and we can...work on getting...you a Service to the School Award... for bravery in the face...of the idiotic foolishness...of your....yearmate...”
  10. Antonia Hughes

    Hughes, Antonia

    ✴✴✴ QUESTIONNAIRE 1 what is your favorite color………………............………..........….Black and white. ✴ if you could be any animal, what would you be…..…..………….A lion, because of how regal they are. ✴ what is something you’re really good at……………………….….Drawing ✴ what superpower do you wish you had………….....……….…….Invisibility so that I could overhear secret conversations. ✴ what household chore do you hate to do………………..….…….Cleaning the dishes. ✴ what new skill would you learn if you had the chance………..….Tap dance. I think I'd like dancing. ✴ if you could change your name, what would you change it to…..I like my first name. I would change my last name to something more romantic like Gallant or Valor. ✴ what is your favorite type of weather………………......………….Overcast and cloudy but not raining. ✴ what’s your favorite thing about your room………...……………..The door has a lock so I can lock my parents out. ✴ would you rather play outside or inside…………….…..………….Inside. But it kind of depends on where the people are. I like being around people. ✴ what did you get for your last birthday…………….....…….…..….A cake. It was nice but I'd rather have gotten an actual gift. ✴ what is your favorite food………….................…….…......……….Mashed potatoes. ✴ do you share a room………………………...............................….No, I'm an only child. ✴ if you could travel anywhere, where would you go………...….....New York City ✴ what do you want to be when you grow up……………………….I don't know, but something to do with fashion. ✴ where do you want to live when you grow up…………………….New York City ✴ where did you go on your last vacation……………..…………….My family has never been on a vacation. ✴ what is something that scares you……..……….……..........…….Snakes. I don't like snakes. ✴ what do you want for your next birthday…………………….…….A magazine subscription to Vogue. ✴ who is someone you want to be like………………....…...……….Blair Waldorf ✴
  11. Fenella Campbell

    Dried vs Fresh

    Fenella ignored the look on Edward’s face and forced his pants into his hands so she could inspect her own options. Truth be told she wasn’t keen on undressing either but she knew at the very least she had to get out of her T-shirt. It was cotton so it clung to her tightly but also meant it wasn’t going to dry very quickly. She made a few feeble attempts to wring some of the water out of it. Nope. Putting her hoodie on over the top was only going to make her hoodie wet and that would in turn prevent her from trying to get warm - the top was going to have to come off. Luckily she’d also put on a crop top this morning because now she was a teenager it was only a matter of time before her chest expanded. It could totally happen during her morning run and a girl had to be prepared! “Well I won’t l-l-look if you d-don’t wahey!” She’d only taken her eyes off him for a moment but Edward was on the ground. Well at least now he was unlikely to fall further. Her junior lifeguard and first aid training took over. She needed to stop the Slytherin going into shock and to do that he needed to be warm and comfortable, which wasn’t going to happen while she herself was still shivering. Fenella muttered sternly, “You close your eyes and don’t you dare look Edward Borage!” The Hufflepuff turned around, ripped off her T-shirt and threw her hoodie on. She tore out the hair tie which was barely doing anything to hold on to her bedraggled hair and pulled it all back in to a fresh messy bun to keep it off her face and to try and prevent the water from her hair soaking in to her dry top. Now that she was taken care of she’d be able to help her friend. She crouched beside him and touched the back of her hand to his cheek. “Edward? Edward, you ok?” If he was responsive they’d be ok. If not …
  12. Antonia Hughes

    Hughes, Antonia

    ✴✴✴ LOOKALIKE Claire Geist ✴
  13. Antonia Hughes

    Hughes, Antonia

    ✴✴✴ ANTONIA HUGHES VH41 PAGES arts and crafts………………………….celebrity lookalike ✴ community involvement……………….join vh's discord server ✴ community involvement……………….join vh41's discord server ✴ arts and crafts………………………….code your scrapbook pages ✴ character development.……………….questionnaire 1 ✴ MEMORIES memory ✴ memory ✴ memory ✴ memory ✴
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  15. Pali Dotchev

    She's got electric boots, a mohair suit

    Vito was surprisingly a long standing friend of Pali. They were mostly in the background sort of friends, but they were there. They laughed together. She brought him cupcakes from the duelling chamber. He brought her opinions on people, and help with her homework. And was generally nice to her and didn't laugh at her tacky eye shadow or bright pink lipgloss. More importantly, he knew about her remedial lessons in most subjects and didn't seem to care, and had promised her not to tell anyone when she freaked out. Vito was a good friend. She hadn't eaten much of her lunch today, despite it being her favourite. Sausages and chips. Instead she picked at the frosted pink cupcake sitting in front of her, pushing another across the table to Vito wordlessly. Pursing her lips together she leaned forward and dropped her voice. "What do you think of him?!" Pointing to Leon, she quickly looked away again as to not draw attention to the fact she pointed him out or get caught doing it. Her face sliding into a frown, her lips pushed out into a pout. Leon's hair still hadn't grown out all the much. He must have gotten it cut again sometime over Christmas. He had a weird shaped head, and she sort of liked his wavy hair. He looked rough, stabbing at his chips angrily with his fork. He was terrible but still, he was stuck on a loop in her mind. That sucked, but she couldn't quite change track no matter what she tried. Maybe getting it off her chest would help. Vito already held one of her secrets, maybe he could keep another. @Margarleon Turpentine
  16. Viola Merryweather

    would you rather

    Oh easily one puppy-sized elephant, that would be so adorable in comparison to 100 elephant sized puppies, imagine the drool? Would you rather... have all your food forever salty or with no flavour at all?
  17. Hazel Baum

    Just the rocks and the trees and my lonesome dreams

    February 2043 Her birthday was tomorrow. And she would be lying if she tried to say she was not enthused at the idea of getting to celebrate. Birthdays were big events in the Baum family. Bigger than even Christmas. Each birthday, Hazel got to pick everything she wanted to do for the day, right down to each meal they ate and the special dessert that her parents would prepare for her. Some might call it spoiled, but the Baums more thought of it as a way to celebrate as a family. Gifts were not terribly common, although usually they would get her a small parcel. But it was about the time spent, not the gifts given, even if it a big to-do was made of the entire day. The brunette was particularly excited for the cake she had chosen that year: vanilla cake with a strawberry filling and chocolate icing on top: the best of all worlds, if you asked her. And at the end of the night, she and her parents and sisters would go out and try to find all of her favorite constellations in the night sky. Hazel could hardly wait to see how the day unfolded, and she went to sleep with enthusiasm and love in her heart.
  18. Jacqueline Golden-Keisi

    Throw Things At Drew

    At this point, not much could really faze JJ. If growing up with her older brothers hadn't been enough - you never knew what Dane and Drew would be up to - years of being a Ravenclaw would've sufficed. She was well aware that many of her housemates had strong senses of ingenuity and a penchant for trying out whatever idea happened to strike them. It was occasionally inconvenient, like when such antics coincided with her attempts to study in the common room, but over the years she thought she'd become much better at taking these things in stride. So, when she was met with the sight of her teammate and a whole bunch of ... were those buckets up there? JJ couldn't even tell for sure from the ground, but she was determined to find out, taking Drew up on his invitation, hopping on a broom, and flying up to investigate. "You're sure?" JJ asked, mostly just to check that Drew was ready before she reached into the nearest bucket for a ... "What is this?" Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't a quaffle. "It's not cursed, is it?" Maybe she shouldn't have been the first one to attempt this?! JJ really ought to have known better. Nevertheless, JJ pulled her arm back and threw hard, aiming for the center hoop ... But throwing a tennis ball was not like throwing a quaffle, and JJ's aim was entirely off. Maybe she could just pretend nothing had happened? WC: 248
  19. Scrimgeour

    Ambience Suggestions

    Frequent Suggestions Start an Ambience Request thread so people can request an invasion. This is something that we have attempted in the past. The thread was pinned in the Great Hall and included several types of ambience characters who agreed to watch the thread and invade as needed. Unfortunately, despite this thread being there and updated with active ambience each year, over the time it was there, not a single person posted to request an invasion. So while I am not opposed to having a thread like this open interminably, I do want to note this is something that was unsuccessfully attempted before. Change the requirements for ambience characters and put an emphasis on starting open threads over invasions. As of now, the requirements for ambience characters to keep their account active is very lax. They are required to post once every four months, otherwise their accounts will be pruned in an inactivation sweep. These posts can take any form: an open thread (including a game) or an invasion are both fine and encouraged as methods of activity for ambience. I would not say that invasions are emphasized over open threads/games at this time, more the obstacles we face in general are keeping the accounts for this area active in general, no matter what form their activity takes.
  20. Scrimgeour

    Ambience Suggestions

    Hello! I'd like to ask for your help in determining the future of the ambience area of the site. As you know, ambience provides unique opportunities for you to write a wide variety of characters, and to interact with these characters around the site. However, this area currently faces a few challenges. Firstly, most ambience characters don't stick around for more than a couple VH years, so keeping the area staffed can be difficult. Additionally, especially in recent years, ambience characters have been unwelcome in their attempts to invade threads. Previously, these invasions tended to be perceived as pleasant surprises, but recently more and more ambience are being asked to delete their posts. As invasions have historically been a large part of the ambience role, this leaves a gap: ambience are tasked with invading but it's not always possible for them to do so. I'd like your input and any ideas you have. Do you enjoy having ambience characters on the site? What do you think the ambience role should be in the future? Is there anything we can do to lessen burn out, increase the motivation to play these characters, or help invasions be better received by the site at large? Please PM any and all comments and ideas about ambience to me, Scrimgeour. Please also feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
  21. Eleanor Malverne

    I'm back!

    hi it me
  22. Sophie Downes

    Absence Notices

    Hahaha why do I keep making not-smart choices? I accidentally joined another orchestra the other night, and have to learn like…. an entire concert programme in the immediate future lol. BRB Sophie, Thalia & Jean
  23. Hazel Baum

    Silly strings and crazy things

    Well, at least the headless girl seemed just as surprised at her headless state as Hazel had been. The girl’s heart was still racing at the bit of magic that was being shown at the moment, but she was calmer now, realizing that the girl wasn’t actually headless. She watched the headless girl trounce over to a mirror in the corner to observe her headless state, eyes still wide, because as used to magic as Hazel was, she was not used to people not appearing to have heads walking and talking. The girl let out a sigh of relief as the headless girl’s head appeared after she took off a hat. “Whoa, did that hurt?” Hazel asked, but gingerly accepted the hat that the girl offered to try on for herself. Her curiosity was hard to rule out, and so even though she worried what might happen or how it might feel to lose her head, she slipped the hat on. “Eh? Is my head gone?” Hazel asked, reaching up to touch where her head should be. She could still feel her head… Weird. “Oh, I’m Hazel!” Hazel introduced herself, waving off Audrey’s apology. “You don’t need to apologize. I’m not used to pranks, is all. I suppose I ought to get used to them… say, do you know what those patented daydream charms do? Have you ever tried them?” Hazel inquired, looking around in her headless state for the box she’d dropped. At least being headless didn’t hurt.
  24. Hazel Baum

    Nice Day for Climbing Trees

    It was nice that Murph didn’t refer to the place that Hazel lived as weird, which was often the response that she got when people realized she was from the Tree Commune, where everyone was named after a type of tree. Of course, maybe if she explained that part to Murph, Murph would say that it was weird, which was kind of why Hazel had left it off in the first place. Her mind wandered, but was pulled back to the present as Murph began talking more. “Yeah, I agree. I dunno if it’d ever be the life for me long term, but it could be fun to experience for a short while,” Hazel admitted. Then again, Hazel would pretty much try anything at least once, just for the experience of it, which might be something she and Murph did not have in common. Hazel liked trying new things - it was always a learning experience, if nothing else. Clearly, talking about Murph’s garden was the way to the girl’s heart, so to speak, as the girl lit up like a lamp as soon as Hazel mentioned it. She resituated herself on the branch as she listened, her own cheer and enthusiasm brightening as her companion’s did. Highly in tune to the emotions of those around her, Hazel often acted a bit like a mirror in emulating them. “That sounds lovely! I love vegetables. My mom always teases me for liking them, saying that kids are usually supposed to be difficult to get to eat vegetables, but not me!” Hazel exclaimed. And fresh vegetables right off the vine? Even better. Hazel didn’t garden, but Murph sure was making her want to. But then it was her turn to be put on the spot, and Hazel tried to keep up with all the questions Murph was laying out. Archery? Why would she know archery…? (She was clearly unfamiliar with Robin Hood.) “Oh, uh… thanks, it is a really cool area, in my opinion… I loved growing up there. It was nice. Lots of places to play and lots of people my own age to play with, y’know? I don’t know archery but yeah, everyone’s magical. The area is protected by uh… wards? They’re these things that magical people put up to keep muggles out, Hogwarts uses them too,” Hazel explained. “I don’t keep any pets, though, no. There’s some magical creatures in the forest, though, and nonmagical creatures too. I like watching them,” The brunette added, finally shutting up. “Why’re you interested in archery? Do you know archery?” It seemed a logical question to ask, given the specificity of the question that Murph had asked. OoC: I was inspired to reply, but I know you're not planning on playing Murph anymore so it's chill if you don't reply. I just wanted to get a reply out for my own development.
  25. Pali was beginning to sort of be able to balance all of her worries in life. Sort of. Between @Pascha Dotchev and @Alexander Crow she had been set a timetable of sorts which allowed time to study and get her homework done, time to duel, and time to do whatever else she liked. God bless those little nerds. It had been just a week since it had been implemented but it had been going fairly well as long as she had been sticking to it. So long as she had been sticking to it that was. Mostly she had been. But she found it difficult to concentrate most of the time, to force herself from going to duel in the chamber having fun with all of her friends and having snacks, to having to actually concentrate on studying and doing her homework. It helped she had a standing order on one of the group study rooms with Ms Turner. Although she was a single person for the most part, it meant she could take all of her books and stuff and lock herself in a room without the distractions of the outside library. And if needed she could take Pascha or Alex in with her and they could help her. It also helped the rooms were sound proofed and she could play her tween pop hits at full volume and sing along happily while she did her work. That was what was happening now, it had been annoying having to stop hanging out with Leon at dinner and instead lock herself away to do her homework; but working her way through a transfiguration essay was made easier with some of her favourite angsty punk pop from Panic in the Dungeons.
  26. Drew Knight

    Throw Things At Drew

    Ravenclaw’s match against Hufflepuff was approaching fast, and Drew knew it was possible, maybe even probable, that Julian would put him back in front of the hoops. Drew would never presume that he’d done a good enough job against Gryffindor to merit a repeat performance as keeper, but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared. Which meant that Drew needed extra hoops practice, and fast. “Oh, I probably could’ve levitated all this,” he muttered to himself as he plopped down the ten-gallon plastic bucket full of tennis balls he’d just hauled out of the locker room. Other buckets around the pitch contained objects ranging in size from quaffles to hockey pucks. Drew wasn’t sure how well one could throw a puck from a broomstick, but the chasers might at least find it interesting practice of their own. Once he’d hover-charmed all his buckets to rest steadily at hoop height around the pitch, Drew kicked off and flew his familiar pattern around the hoops—center, right, center, left, center. “Hey guys, come throw things at me!” he shouted down to the ((one hopes)) approaching Ravequidders. (182)
  27. Egg

    Absence Notices

    We all come and go for different reasons and I fully respect that. Moderators are usually less inclined to tell the public they are stepping down -- reasons differing in that case as well. Mod retirements are traditionally more of a behind the scenes process, but given that I'm extremely attached to the idea of being as open as I can be with those of you I've shared this site with, I think it's only right that I let you know it's time for me to go. Before the rumor mill goes wild with conspiracy theories, I'm leaving for my own personal reasons relating to real life changes and a shift in my own priorities (aka being TikTok famous). I am leaving on good terms with the moderating team, with VH and any of its future versions, and with everyone I've spoken to in various chats throughout the past few weeks. This was not an easy decision. I know my mind will be restless and my hands will be itching to be here working for all of you and the site for a very long time. I wish you all the best, and perhaps someday we'll meet again on a student character. Please be kind to one another Egg
  28. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    No going to the Pitch today

    Fenella looked good on the broom already. Dale was watching her as she kicked up off the ground and made her way over to him. "You're flying looks great so far," he told her. "Doesn't look like I need to give you any pointers in that regard." He really didn't. But where to start? He had never really coached anyone before. He had coaching in one year of house Quidditch and junior Quidditch leagues though and he figured he could mostly copy from them. He had at least been through all of the basic drills before - chasing, beating, and keeping. Even seeking though he was terrible at it since he wasn't fast enough on the broom. "Err," he added pausing. "Why don't you go grab the Quaffle and then we can practice some chaser drills where you try and score on me?" If Fenella could score on him she'd definitely be ready considering he was a pretty good keeper in his own right -- and maybe it would give him the practice as well in case he was ever called upon to play his reserve position. "I'll warn you, I'm quite difficult to score on." He zoomed up towards the hoops in order to get into position and then announced, "Ready! Give me your best shot Campbell!"
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