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  2. Professor Bourdelle

    Marks for VH Year 39

    History of Magic Second, Third, and Sixth Years Second Years Aurora Turlough – O Harmony Granger-Weasley – O Leah Ciara Meyers – O Nico Pichardo – A Aleksei Idris – T Alexander Crow – O* TOY Sabine Frost – O* Covey Alexanders Weber – T Eleanor Malverne – A Honorine Nott – O Pali Dotchev – O Pascha Dotchev – O Salome Schiferli – A Elewyn Sauvigni – O Megara Cavanaugh – EE Ralph Digby Hamilton – A Third Years Aiden Hunter – O Alvis Anderson – O* TOY Francis Barnes II – O Cedar Anwyl – O Cosette Mercier – O Eli Benoit – O Josephine Tindall – O Rian O’Donnell – O Stephanie Eckland – O* Xenia Lupu-Haidei – O Bitsy Pollen – O Brooklyn Shea – A Clarissa Perenge – EE Jaxon Sinclair – O Magda Trickett – O Ryszard Althaus-Valerio – O Winston Hughes – O Adrina Althaus-Valerio – O Avery Potter – T Pandora Knight – D Takoru Satou – O Sixth Years
  3. Professor Bourdelle

    VH House Points Year 39

    History of Magic Second and Third Year Grade Points Second Years Aurora Turlough – 20 + 0 Harmony Granger-Weasley – 20 + 0 Leah Ciara Meyers – 20 + 5 Nico Pichardo – 10 + 0 Aleksei Idris – 0 + 0 Alexander Crow – 20 + 20 Sabine Frost – 20 + 19 Covey Alexanders Weber – 0 + 0 Eleanor Malverne – 10 + 0 Honorine Nott – 20 + 0 Pali Dotchev – 20 + 0 Pascha Dotchev – 20 + 0 Salome Schiferli – 10 + 13 Elewyn Sauvigni – 20 + 8 Megara Cavanaugh – 15 + 2 Ralph Digby Hamilton – 10 + 13 +5 points to Leah Ciara Meyers, Elewyn Suavigni, and Sabine Frost for class participation! Third Years Aiden Hunter – 20 + 3 Alvis Anderson – 20 + 21 Francis Barnes II – 20 + 0 Cedar Anwyl – 20 + 0 Cosette Mercier – 20 + 0 Eli Benoit – 20 + 0 Josephine Tindall – 20 + 0 Rian O’Donnell – 20 + 0 Stephanie Eckland – 20 + 15 Xenia Lupu-Haidei – 20 + 0 Bitsy Pollen – 20 + 3 Brooklyn Shea – 10 + 0 Clarissa Perenge – 15 + 0 Jaxon Sinclair – 20 + 0 Magda Trickett – 20 + 4 Ryszard Althaus-Valerio – 20 + 0 Winston Hughes – 20 + 0 Adrina Althaus-Valerio – 20 + 6 Avery Potter – 0 + 3 Pandora Knight – 0 + 0 Takoru Satou – 20 + 0 Plus +5 points to Adrina Althaus-Valerio and Alvis Anderson for class participation, and +25 points to my wonderful grader, Aggie Price! New House Point Totals Ravenclaw: 2010 Slytherin: 1379 Gryffindor: 1340 Hufflepuff: 1163
  4. Julian Banagher

    A moment in time, a line down in the sand

    "Good," Julian snapped. He had no desire to get into a discussion over his uncle at the moment, especially not with one of the Montague clones. He raised an eyebrow at Zach's response. There was a part of him that was rankled when Zach called Dale an idiot. There had been a time, not even that long ago, when he'd jump into any fight on Dale's behalf, no matter how big or small. It was a courtesy that he'd always extended to Dale, and it was one that he'd realized had never been returned. He grinned though, at Zach's pitch. He didn't know much about the other boy, truthfully. He'd hopped into fights against the Montagues, but that had been on Dale's behalf. He had no reason to accept it, really. He had friends. He should have said as much to Zach. A 'thank you very much but the position has been filled.' Things may have changed since the werewolf attack on November 8, but that didn't mean that he was ready and willing to become best friends with one of the Montagues without thinking about it for a few seconds. And yet, he was intrigued by Zach's proposal. While on the one hand it felt obvious that the other Slytherin was likely interested in getting revenge on Dale for his own reasons, that didn't stop him from saying--"Alright Montague. I'll bite. Tell me, friend, you really going to back me up if I get into a fight with McQueen?"
  5. Stella Peabody

    The Business of Swearing Ferrets

    Post Four 134 words On second thought, Stella hadn't exactly worked out how she was going to control the variables in her experiment. The jarvey and the gnome both already knew how to speak, and were now engaged in an angry tirade of curses, vaguely addressed to either the other creature or the world at large. It certainly wasn't a conversation by any definition of the word, as neither species was capable of intelligent speech. They were clearly mimicking speech they had heard elsewhere, like parrots. But where had they first heard it? The two creatures did share a common vocabulary, and the Slytherin was shocked to find that they both knew some immensely creative swears, rare combinations that implied a shared source. Unfortunately, she didn't think her current experiment could hope to answer her initial research question.
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  7. Takeru Satou

    Muffin Tops

    TK frowned a little bit as Avery rubbed at her eyes and told him he was being kind for... Oh man. How could he hate Avery? "I could never hate you Avery. That's crazy talk!" Hating people went against who he was, because TK wanted to love everyone and see everyone happy. Even the attacks hadn't dulled that part of him, but he was buffeting against some rough waters with Avery's words. TK still sat where he was as Avery let her arms go around her knees. The badger knew there wasn't much he could do to make the end results go away. He couldn't go back in time and revert her change or the wolf attacking her. And hearing Avery call herself a monster again made TK's insides go all funny and made him want to take that vocabulary word out of Avery's mental dictionary. "You're not a monster though," TK told her again, shaking his head to accompany his words. Sure some of the other kids might think that she was a monster, but they just didn't understand. And besides, who could hate Avery? She was nice and kind and a great friend! Anyone who thought otherwise made TK's head hurt from considering the possibility. So, to avoid thinking about that and instead focusing on his Hufflepuff friend, he directed his words to something more positive. "They don't understand you then, if they think you're a monster, and if they want to hate you then they're just not listening," he told her, looping his arm around her shoulder in a half hug, "And besides, lots of people will still love you for you being you, and the werewolf status won't impact anything. Your family still loves you! Your siblings and cousins, mum and dad and grandparents." Without thinking much of it, TK gave Avery a bright smile and then pecked a kiss on her cheek. "I know I love you! And lots of your friends will still love you too. We'll always be by your side, you'll see!"
  8. Ryszard Althaus-Valerio

    I fell in over my head

    He didn’t trust like that. Ryszard could feel the sincerity in Malcolm’s words, but things had never been okay for him, and he doubted that would be any different with a simple change of scenery. He didn’t say any of that out loud, however, and instead just sent a tight smile in the other boy’s direction. This wouldn’t turn into yet another confession’s booth, where Ryszard would talk about the things that bothered him. He had done that too often around @Jacqueline Frost and @Jaxon Sinclair — both somehow managing to pull his worst secrets out of him, taking him apart piece by piece. Whatever existed between Malcolm and him, in that moment, it wasn’t enough of a draw for him to indulge himself like that. He had said no strings attached, and he meant it. He liked the Gryffindor’s company, and he liked snogging him — it was a window into things he would have to quit in the future, if he ever planned on going back home. He didn’t want to get attached, and he hoped Malcolm understood that. “I think I have Jaxon for that,” he snorted. Ryszard didn’t mention his own ability at getting his homework done well and in time; it would be best if he kept everything clutched to his chest for now. He didn’t know what the summer would bring, so he would give Malcolm the benefit of the doubt, but for now, he would just enjoy the hand holding and making out with him in random classrooms. It didn’t have to mean more than that — they were thirteen, and Ryszard was well aware that he was only with the boy to bury whatever he felt for Jaxon. It was a mess, and one he’d created with his own two hands. He placed one of them in Malcolm’s when he offered, and carefully stood up. Ryszard affixed a smile on his face, feeling something akin to happiness when he looked at the way he was beaming down at him. It made something spark up in his heart, but he brushed it aside. “Oh, you can have that too, but later,” he said, smirking. Summer was nowhere near the corner yet, and Ryszard was already tired. end.
  9. Pali Dotchev

    Slytherin House Table

    Pali watched the younger student closely, waiting for an answer. Her rounded lips hung open, as if she was going to say something, but then didn't. Leaning forward to take the salt she nodded quietly in acknowledgement "Thank you." She just about managed a meek smile for Willa before she liberally applied salt to her chips, looking down. As she reached for the Ketchup, Willa asked her something. Glancing up to Willa again her face was almost morose. It was tired, and dejected. Biting down on her lip she looked down again, searching for an answer. Eventually she just shrugged, unable to come up with an answer "They're in my dorm. I guess I just....forgot them today" She held eye contact for another half a second before she dropped her gaze again. Instead concentration on making a Jackson Pollock replica with her ketchup over her chips.
  10. Margarleon Turpentine

    No time for ponderin' why I'm-a wanderin', not while we're both still alive

    Resistance was all he was met with. Trying to manhandle Pine towards the door was not working, he was making about as much progress as if an ant tried to move a mountain, and Pine remained resolute in not wanting to go outside. Not being able to go outside. Like there was something blocking him from achieving it, like it was impossible, rather than just a couple of big steps away. “You can, Pine,” Leon insisted, finally releasing his hold on Pine and dropping his hands at his side grumpily before moving to face Pine, his arms crossing over his chest as the boy explained the why. But Leon didn’t really see any rationality in his reasons, all he saw was fear. Impatiently, he scuffed the sole of his shoe along the cobbles of the entrance hall, leveling his gaze at Pine and debating what to say. Clearly the go outside now tack was not going to fly. “Pine, first, you ain’t a monster. You’re the same Pine I’ve ever known, you just got… issues once a month,” Leon told him. “But you drink your potion like you’re s’posed to, and stay in the hospital wing, like you’re s’posed to, and that’s what matters. You ain’t out there like those other wolves, tryin’ to attack people,” The boy reasoned, giving Pine an expectant look. “And so as I see it,” He began, looking over his shoulder as a pair of Ravenclaws passed by, continuing only when they were gone. “You deserve to face your fears and remind yourself of what you used to think was fun. It ain’t the full moon, there ain’t wolves out there now, so there’s nothin’ to be scared of. Right?” His brows raised so high they were almost at the top of his forehead as he waited for Pine’s response.
  11. Richard Fowler

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    The nine inch blackthorn wand, still in pristine condition despite its many years of use, trembled in scarred hand. The thought of casting any type of offensive spell towards what looked like a first year child made him sick. It was something that went against his inner instincts, an animalistic voice in his chest screaming gutturally how wrong it was. But the more evolved voice in his mind knew that while it might not be the right choice, it was the only choice. There were other children to think about and their safety from the imminent threat of the full moon and the potential of a lon-gterm fate of hatred and biased that waited all British werewolves… But fortunately, @Julian Banagher came to the right conclusion. Richard breathed a sigh of relief and his wand returned to equilibrium. “It’s alright, kid.” The gruffness was absent from his voice, understanding in his it instead and even a surprising tone of gratitude. “I know it was a hard one but you made the right choice. Thank you.” If it wouldn’t have scared the kid’s undies brown or panicked the other members of their party, Richard may have even patted him earnestly on the shoulder. “Foster’s right, let’s move it along.” His stoicism returned, Richard nodded along. Relief shone through his icy blue eyes as Rayya returned with the missing Potters. “Good job Rayya.” Just as quickly, she was gone. The final leg of the journey from the Great Hall to the Hospital Wing was upon them and Richard was all to happy to see them go into the wing, passed off to the familiar faces of the Wing. This would be the safest place for all of them. “Thank you kids for cooperating.” Richard then eyed @Julian Banagher and fondly (for him, at least)) nodded towards him with the tiniest trace of a teasing smile. He waved him towards a Hospital Wing worker “Come on, you first.”
  12. Ryszard Althaus-Valerio

    Know your place, be willing and able, take it on the chin, let the best man win

    He knew Adrina would never believe him, but Ryszard knew better: he had stopped being a force for good a long time ago. He didn’t think it was fair to completely blame his father, either — surely there had always been something of the monster inside of him since the day he was born. Ryszard didn’t think it would have been so easy to turn him into what he was otherwise. There was something ugly living inside of him, and it didn’t matter how much Jaxon tried telling him that no, there was a very clearly marked difference between Ryszard and what his roommate had become, he would continue to insist that his actions spoke louder than words or definitions. There had been something there before that first reprimand that had reared its ugly head as soon as it had been dared to come out. It was like sharing physical space with an alien, always intent on taking over his rage at any given moment. It was in the way Ryszard had been unable to crush his feelings underneath his feet as soon as his sister started showing interest beyond mere friendship in his roommate; it was in the way he had repeatedly treated the same roommate in a way that he hardly deserved. It was despicable; he was despicable. The hug was entirely unexpected, and Ryszard remained rigid for all of a second before returning it tenfold. It had been a while since he had hugged someone in this way: transmitting care rather than craving something. The only other person who had hugged him recently had been @Jacqueline Frost, and he had clung to her each time, a desperate child in the middle of a tempest. Something had to give at some point, and more and more, it looked like that something would be Ryszard himself. ”It’s not about Jaxon,” he said as he pulled away slightly. He didn’t move away, but there was enough space between them now that either of them could simply get up and leave. Ryszard wouldn’t stop her; not this time. He was, however, tired of people treating him like he was at constant war with either his roommate or his sister. Why couldn’t it just be about him for once? Ryszard’s reasons were his own for everything he did and said, but somehow, both Adrina and Jaxon had told him — more than once — to stop comparing his situation to the other. He might have done that at first, but he wasn’t anymore, and it was frustrating to wave his white flag in the air and have no one pay it any mind. A hand landed in his hair, and Ryszard pulled through it roughly. “It’s not about him,” he repeated, trying to collect his words. “This is about me and the kind of...influence I have on you.” He grimaced, looking away for a second. “Everyone told me to look after you, but what if I can’t anymore? What if I just make everything worse for you?” He didn’t want to say these things to Adrina, and he refused to say more. He didn’t want to be the reason for her tears. The question caught him unawares, and Ryszard quickly snapped his mouth shut, just in case something slipped past that shouldn’t. He didn’t know how to reply to that without lying about a million things; he didn’t want to lie to her. He never wanted to, and now, he had to give her something to stop her from worrying about him so much. “About everything,” he said, finally settling for the most vague response he could come up with. “I don’t know if you know this, but something else Dad” — the word came out strangled, unused to as he was to using the honorific for his father anymore — taught me was to hide everything I felt. It was easier — it is easier — but Jack asked me something one day and it just opened up a floodgate of everything he thought wasn’t...adequate for me to feel.” He flicked his gaze in his sister’s direction, concerned that he’d said too much, without even saying anything at all. ”You don’t have to worry about me, though,” he added, quickly. “That’s not your job.”
  13. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    You hide the cracks, the facts will find you

    He knew the same wand wood plus the same core was really the issue but he had been avoiding that on purpose. Still, he knew Jack would give it to him straight and aside from his seemingly extensive knowledge about everything, that was the secondary reason for why he had come to the small Ravenclaw boy. Even seated down, Dale knew he towered over him and it somehow didn't surprise him when Jack pushed his chair back, creating more distance between them. The movement caused Dale to wonder if Jack was still afraid of him. "Do most Slytherins have dragon heartstring?" Was that some sort of requirement to be in the house? He vaguely wondered if @Margarleon Turpentine and his sister @Darby Turpentine had dragon heartstring in their wands. Because he still thought that neither of them belonged in the noble house of Slytherin. They were street rats. "And what is the issue then?" he demanded. A part of him still wanted Jack to tell him that the chances of having the same wand as Zach were relatively common, a 1 in fifty occurrence, something that could have happened to anyone and was bound to happen to two people in the same year given the number of wizards there were. As Jack asked him how much he knew, Dale was tempted to lean over the table and shake him so that he got to the point, but he restrained himself. Instead, Dale folded his arms across his chest as he waited for answers. "If I knew anything, I wouldn't be here, so spill, Dare."
  14. Pali Dotchev

    You can't make me disappear 'til I make you

    Continuing on working on her Pollock-like masterpiece she lifted the ketchup again to put another fresh layer on the half of her chips there was left. She was quiet and contemplative, avoiding his eye as he spoke. After shoving another few chips away she went to work on the next sausage, haphazardly dipping it in an even larger pile of ketchup at the side of her plate. As she bit into the sausage with very little grace and manners she gave Leon the side-eye. He wasn't going to let this go. Though it didn't mean she couldn't have a bit of fun with it all. "No" Firmly she spoke, now turning to stare him down, a smirk growing on her face. "I'm not bored of Alex. Why would I be bored of Alex?" Raising an eyebrow with her question . Glancing away from him for a moment another thought crossed her mind and she began to giggle. She tried to make it stop before she looked back to him but she couldn't. As she clamped her lips shut and looked to him again, it just made her smirk grow wider. "Why Leon?" Tilting her head to the side, she giggled again. "Are you jealous Marg?!" Her bright blue eyes danced excitedly, ramming a new nickname right in there . She very much doubted that Leon was jealous. The idea of it was actually quite comical. But she wasn't thick. If Leon was going to needle her, she could give it right back.
  15. Margarleon Turpentine

    You can't make me disappear 'til I make you

    Leon hadn’t really looked at Pali until he posed his question to her. Now that he was taking in her appearance, though, even someone as insensitive as himself could tell that something was up. What, he didn’t know, but there was not an ounce of the usual shine to the girl’s appearance. And when she offered her half-hearted responses, that kind of sealed the deal that something was afoot. The Slytherin shoveled another bite of food into his mouth as he regarded her, also eating her food rapidly and just as messily as he was. He wondered if she always ate in such a manner, or whether it was part of this seemingly dark version of Pali. Dark, because she normally was a much bubblier sort than whatever version of the girl he was getting now. “You didn’t answer the second part of my question,” Leon pointed out with a smirk, popping a cluster of chips into his mouth as he raised an eyebrow at Pali. “I asked if you were bored with him yet,” The boy reiterated unapologetically. But really, if Pali thought that she was going to get away with an easy two-word answer about her boyfriend, she was so wrong. Leon was a disturber of the peace, and after learning that Alex and Pali were “together,” yet not kissing or anything of the like, he couldn’t help but continue to rile up the issue whenever he talked to either of them. "So... are you?"
  16. Rían O' Donnell

    • Rían O' Donnell
    • Eloise Beauchamp

    Hi Eloise.


    I hope you've been keeping well. Things have been....interesting at Hogwarts recently. 


    I was wondering if you were free to meet for a chat and a cup of tea? If not don't worry. 




    1. Eloise Beauchamp

      Eloise Beauchamp

      Dear Rían,

      Things are busy, but going well. I hope you're doing well, too. I could meet you in Hogsmeade for the next Hogsmeade weekend if you would like, just let me know. The Three Broomsticks would probably be the best locale to meet up, in my experience. 




    2. Rían O' Donnell

      Rían O' Donnell

      Thank you. 


      Is it? I've never been to Hogsmeade. I've never had a reason to go or anything to go with. But I'll take your word for it. 
      I'll ask someone the next date and get back to you. 


      See you then. 

  17. Arwa Hashmi-Andrada

    I let you down, it's what I always do best

    Arwa’s throat went dry at the words. She watched Julian as he fidgeted, adjusting his glasses with the limited amount of movement he currently had. She wanted to reach over and take the glasses away from him so he wouldn’t be so anxious about seeing the smudges. She swallowed, then, hard, realising that the Ravenclaw had way more to be nervous about now than just his glasses being smudged. His entire life had changed and Arwa was thinking about glasses. ”They don’t,” she said, quietly. “If they do, they’re not telling us,” she added, quietly, fingers knotting in the bedsheet covering the hospital bed. She worried at her bottom lip, suddenly nervous of what Julian would say to her. Arwa was probably the last person who would know something about what was going on — she hadn’t even been there during the attack. She hadn’t been there. That was the whole point of this. She looked up at Julian, then, unsure of what to say. “I don’t think it was an accident, though,” she said, wrinkling her nose. Arwa’s opinion didn’t really matter here, and she knew it wouldn’t make Julian feel any better about his current circumstances, but she had never before kept anything from the boy, and she wasn’t about to start now. “Whatever happened, it was deliberate. I didn’t see the werewolves, obviously, but that’s not something that happens accidentally. I don’t care how strong they are, it’s impossible for them to break into Hogwarts without someone helping them.” Arwa had deduced as much, and she wished more than anything that it made any difference. It didn’t, and in the long run, it would mean even less. She simply sat there, one hand laid out on Julian’s bed, almost as if promising that nothing would change here — they had been best friends for as long as she could remember, and something like this, no matter how explosive it was, wasn’t enough to break her trust in the boy that she believed in more than herself.
  18. Ephraim James Wright

    We Go Together Like Copy and Paste

    Ephraim had trouble following AJ’s story. What she was saying didn’t line up with his train of thought. In the course of a few days, he had managed to convince himself that AJ was pregnant with his child. Since then, he’d been stuck in a loop of terror, panic and nauseating practicality: Would she want to keep the child? If she did, how would this affect their lives? If she didn’t, how would this affect their lives? They weren’t ready, but there was nothing he could do but support her. What had they gotten themselves into? He blinked. One DJ record rewind sound effect please. “You’re not?” he asked. His heart had leapt into his throat again. "You're sure?" It was a stupid question, but he had to ask. When she'd left no room for doubt, he put his head in his hands, shaking his head. “I’m sorry,” he said. He didn’t want her to misunderstand. Letting out a breath, he faced her again and took her hand. “I meant what I said. No matter what happens, I’m with you. One hundred percent. It's just that... we’re not ready.” He frowned as a thought occurred to him. “Are you? We haven’t... It's been a while since we talked about it.”
  19. Shiloh Paige

    Tossing a Quaffle around the Stacks

    "Really now?" Shiloh asked as the quaffle headed in the direction of one of her teammates. "It's not the best outside right now, and honestly if this corner is just the..." she paused to count the number that had joined in, "Four of us, we're not hurting anyone. I'll think we'll just keep playing, k thanx." Shiloh pointedly turned her back on the librarian, there was game that was going on. Besides, it was her Quaffle, and she had done nothing wrong. “Don't touch my Quaffle.” She said just as a side note because Shiloh knew how adults could be.
  20. Stella Peabody

    The Business of Swearing Ferrets

    Post Three 106 words Stella was curious about the relationship between jarveys and garden gnomes. On the one hand, the jarveys were the natural predators of the gnomes, and were much more efficient (although vicious) at degnoming gardens than most of wizards' alternative, more humane methods. On the other hand, both species were capable of human speech, to a certain extent. Did they converse? Did jarveys teach gnomes to swear, or vice versa? She was going to try her best to find out. Or at least to make some interesting observations, even if she wasn't going to solve the eternal question of who swore first, the jarvey or the gnome?
  21. Stella Peabody

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

    Stella eased into a seat next to @Shiloh Paige and carefully straightened her character sheet and detailed notes on the campaign so far. She understood that Muggles apparently enjoyed playing dashing rogues like Simon's, or powerful wizards like her own character Elluna, because they wanted to escape into a fantasy world. But Stella could never imagine giving up her magical powers or playing a dumb jock with a sword just to make a character as unlike herself as possible. Unimaginative soul that she was, she had created a character very similar to herself: a wizard that was highly suspicious of everyone and everything around her. Her most daring choice in character creation was to make herself an elf, because the idea appealed to her. "Elluna is suspicious of the halfling," If she had a sickle for every time she began a sentence with "Elluna is suspicious..." during this campaign, she'd be a rich witch, indeed. "She tries to hide behind Janara's bulk and bad manners and furtively cast...detect thoughts to see if he's hiding anything." @Julian Pritchard Elluna/Stella attempts to cast Detect Thoughts (D&D 5E Wizard spell) on the hafling. I'd say she her odds of success are a 4 out of 5.
  22. Charlie Flynn

    The evidence of destiny given to me

    With that being said. Charlie looked at both his children and said " Well I am glad that you both will do fine at hogwarts but just let you both know! " he began. " You will be stay at your uncle house for while!" he finished.
  23. Killian Dracel

    The Grand Werewolf Plushie Giveaway!

    Killian thought Kaleb was an idiot, that was no secret. And this only... fed into this belief he had. The werewolves were an abomination, and anyone who supported them were also an abomination. "Bloody hell," he muttered to himself as he passed everyone by.
  24. Last week
  25. Phillip Aldermaston

    Just fix my wrist please

    OOC Form: Patient Name, House & Year: Phillip Aldermaston, 6th Year Hufflepuff Gender: Male Blood Type: Literal Halfblood, Fully Human. B- Allergies, if any: Not strictly an allergy but he does tend to have a strong reaction to calming draught in that under normal circumstances, he may well fall asleep on you. This seemed the best place for that info. And while it has nothing, zip, zilch, zero to do with this particular visit, I suspect there’s a note in his file somewhere to the effect of “This kid is absurdly prone to ear infections” – only you know, written more professionally. What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH39, Term 02, Week… I’m not sure about the week but it would be some time after this thread. Something like two-three weeks after that thread. Time of Day: After Curfew, probably about 1ish in the morning Link to Incident Thread: No incident thread. IC Form: Reason for Visit: The need to get treated after a brawl. Damage Location: Left wrist/arm. Damage Type: Direct Blow Other: Since Phillip is left-handed, he wouldn’t have icly filled this in. I just thought it would be useful to have here. As for other things you should know, there are two major things. One is that he’s not the best historian for various reasons and the other is as long as it hurts as much as it does at the moment– he’s likely reluctant to let you near it. I’m so sorry about him. Urrgh…so Phillip had thought that that was just a sprain – although he hadn’t exactly been looking for anything more than that and he’d been … well, stubborn and in denial to a certain extent – not that he’d admit that even to himself. But the thing was, that if it was just a sprain then he’d have been able to deal with it himself. And since he couldn’t, that meant he had to go to the Wing. Not that he wanted to but since he couldn’t deal with it himself, he’d have to. Not that it would accomplish anything- it wasn’t like people cared about him. But…oh well…he’d had to go and avoid nosy parkers on the way there. So…up the stairs to the ground floor, up the stairs to the first floor, up the stairs to the second floor and up the stairs to the third floor. And Phillip had been cradling his dominant left wrist and the bottom of the arm in his other hand this whole time – and then he faced the buzzer. Uh-oh. And he had to let go of his wrist (bad idea) in order to press the buzzer. Once he’d done that though, he quickly moved back to supporting the left wrist. But….Phillip was too darkly-complexioned to go ghost white – but instead, he went a little paler than normal (but even a slightly-pale Phillip was still pretty dark) and the warm tones drained from his face and even that little movement away was enough for this to happen.
  26. Willa Henry

    Curiosity will never let me go

    Willa forgot what words were for a moment as she stared at Zach and tried to process his suggestion. While she was silent, her cheeks flared scarlet as she tried to decide whether she could or would answer him. Nervous energy rushed through her limbs as she forced herself back into the conversation and met his eyes instead of standing up and rushing off. Did she want to kiss him? The short answer was yes. The long answer involved a lot more introspection than the already emotionally-drained Willa was capable of, so she slid an easy grin back onto her face and swallowed slightly. It felt comical, trying to look cool and collected when she certainly hadn't been for the past few minutes. She hadn't expected to be more nervous at the idea of kissing than the idea that she was behind her classmates. "Sure." Did you say thanks to an offer like this? "I'm gonna go get a duel in quick, but let me know when you want to train this week? I'm not backing down on my part of the bargain." Willa answered, shouldering her bag and rushing out a little quicker than she meant to. If they'd made a deal over his mum's copy of Mastering the Platform, what sort of deal did this involve? Or was it a favor between friends? Why did her cheeks still feel like they were aflame? Had that counted as a moment between her and Zach? She didn't know the answer to any of it, but throwing some shocking hexes at golems or other students sounded like a great distraction. Fin.
  27. Willa Henry

    Slytherin House Table

    Willa hadn't meant to spend so much time at the table. She'd intended to stuff as much food down her throat as she could in a short period of time before she rushed off to the dueling chamber for the few free moments she had that afternoon. But she'd gotten distracted by the mail, with her step-mum sending her the latest issue of Witch Weekly that Willa had quickly put inside of a textbook as she pretended to be interested in the Battle of Hogwarts. As if. Instead, Willa had written home a few days earlier asking Margaret for a subscription and giving a vague reason that Margaret hadn't questioned. She'd just sent a short note back, adding that she was happy Willa felt like she could reach out to her and a new photo of her da in his fire-proof clothing. "What?" Willa had been almost nose-deep in her textbook that she didn't hear someone speaking to her as she tried to understand why older girls worried about what color pink to wear on their lips (weren't all lips pink?) until she looked up and noticed Pali staring at her. Willa tried to rush through anything she'd heard in the last few minutes before it suddenly clicked what Pali would want. Salt. "Here you go, Pali!" She answered, sliding the condiment in to the older girl's reach and shutting her textbook in case any nosey person came to see what she was reading. "Where are your sparkly shoes?"
  28. Anton Hunter

    I'll give them shelter like you've done for me

    Anton had debated for a long time as to whether or not he should accept the invitation to spend a couple of days at Cora's house. He loved his family, and seeing them again after everything that had happened in November was a bit a balm on the wounds that couldn't be seen. But on the other hand, Anton felt as though he had to get away from the sympathetic gaze of his mum, or the watchful eyes of his dad. He had to heal, and help was nice, but he couldn't shake off that it would be a disservice to Cora, and Ava, if he didn't accept the offer. It would only be for a few days, and then Anton would return back home to his parents and the normal Christmas routine. Happy things, he hoped. And Anton did feel that if he didn't go and visit, it would be the wrong thing to do. Cora had suffered badly in the attack, she'd been considerably hurt. What effort would it take from him to just go and visit and make his fellow Ravenclaw friend happy? This was why Anton was currently stood in line at the store, with a basket full of various types of chocolate and other snacks. If there was one thing that the boy knew all too well about pretty much every girl he knew: you couldn't go wrong with chocolate. The benefits of chocolate aside, Anton truly did think that bringing some of it for the girls would be a nice gesture, and maybe bringing gifts would also appease the family members that Cora lived with, primarily her dad. The last thing Anton wanted to have happen was Cora's dad kick him out of the house from the visit for making Cora cry due to no chocolate being brought. Or worse, kicked out because Anton happened to be a guy. He felt his cell buzz in his pocket, and juggling the basket while waiting in line, he took a quick glance over the messages from Ava, before sighing at the picture she ended up sending him of her and Cora. 'i'm in line @ store' 'getting and snacks' 'plz tell cora don't be there will be lots' 'gtg time to pay, see you later' Anton finished at the store, tucked the bag with the goods into his backpack before he went down into the tube and got himself in the direction of Caversham. Distracting himself from the thoughts of how the trio had become the group that they were, Anton found that the trip went by fast enough that it was kind of a surprise when he got to Cora's place. He went through the motions, the pleasantries until he found himself escorted to where Cora and Ava were already inside the house. "Ah, hi guys." A pause before he took the shopping bag with chocolate and snacks out of his backpack. "I brought chocolate?"
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