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  2. Something in her felt utterly devastated, but it was fleeting, gone before she could grasp it. That was... odd, and even more so that she was on the floor, her head throbbing. Chase's voice and strong, comforting arms perked her up and she turned to face him as she nestled against him on his bed. "I..." She glanced around the room frowning, and when she blinked, her eyelashes left a damp trail along her eyelids. She wiped them carefully, shaking her head with a furrowed brow. "I saw..." The girl tried to remember. It took a moment before it all came back into focus. "I saw a strange thing on your dresser and..." Realization hit her. "You really have to stop studying cursed objects, you prat. I could've died, and then what would you do?" Isabella slapped Chase playfully, lips curling into a sly smirk before tilting her head up to kiss him slowly. "I wanted to see you, I've missed you," she murmured, leaning her head on his shoulder. "My world is so utterly dull without you." irony End.
  3. Want conflicted with need and in the battle for survival, need was always going to win. Even if something felt like it shattered inside him. He watched as she crumpled to the floor and instead of the thrill of power, triumph, victory, he felt… nothing. Hollow. Like every part of him had been spent and there was only resolve remaining to prop him up. And, perhaps, a flash or two of guilt that he resolutely pushed away. There were plenty of people that would never forgive him in this world. He had long ago learned to do without. Chase took a deep, shuddering breath and sank to his knees beside her, his wand hand tangling in her hair even as the other stroked the side of her face, searching her eyes - bitter, terrified, rage-fueled, beautiful - with his own. He smiled gently. “I love you, Isa.” And in the space between breath and heartbeats: “Obliviate.” He caught her as she sank, the scuffing of knees on floorboards hiding the sound of something that might have been a gasp. He buried his face in hair that smelled like strawberries, allowing himself one moment, two, and just as many tears before standing again with her in his arms and his heart breaking between them. He stood. He breathed He shifted. “Isabella,” His tone was gentler now, artificial amusement mixed with irritation as he lifted her to sit on his bed, arm looped around her waist to hold her steady, ignoring the steady pain in his ribs and heart. “What are you doing in my room?”
  4. Tamsin Sauvigni

    The Prefects' Compartment

    Shiloh tried to act as though what just happened was her fault somehow, but she hadn't spoken those words, she hadn't said anything to the girl because she never had the chance. "Don't try to push this back on me" she informed @Shiloh Paige"I am not the one who just dismissed her. If @Damaris Dentonhadn't been so cold with her, I would have offered her some money to get some food for her friend, I was already reaching for it. Now she is going to think we are all cruel and uncaring." She might not have had the opportunity to step in then, but Tami was not going to let the matter slide. She stood up and walked towards the door. "There is something I can do though. I'm going to go and find her, and try to fix some of the damage Damaris caused." she explained as she left.
  5. It had taken all of the power within her to try and convince Chase not to do it, to give him all the reasons in the world to fight against his own stubborn self-preservation and to respect hers. Her entire body was shaking with panic and desperation, so much so that she was beginning to feel lightheaded. At his words, Isabella sank to the ground. She was consumed with powerlessness, just as she had always been with her own flesh and blood and even the Death Eaters who'd captured her at eleven years old. She wasn't strong enough to fight back, so she cowered. It was why she'd never been fit to be a Triwizard Champion, never more than what she'd faked throughout her life. If someone didn't bend to her will and demands, she retreated. Isabella wasn't cut out for this game. This was the big leagues and she was just a silly girl with a silly dress and nothing else in comparison. Shaking still at Chase's feet, she brought her knees up to her chest and curled her arms around them. It was the only way she could create an illusion of safety for herself at this point. The most gut-wrenching, crushing part of it all was that she would never know that she'd been so betrayed. After this, her life would never be real. But if it meant that much to him... If it was all they had... "Just do it," she whispered, choking on tears now. "You know you want to." Bitterness crept up on her out of nowhere, and reached her mouth before she could understand it. Isabella looked up at Chase now and sneered, "But just know that in this reality, I will never forgive you if you do."
  6. Of all the people who could have found their way into his home today, on what was quite possibly the least fortuitous time for visiting hours in his life, Isabella was probably the only one who could snap at him as the wild adrenaline sank back into his bones without him cursing her between one word and the next. But even that patience had limits. Trust in family was one thing. He had never had it but he knew enough how these old money families worked. You could laugh when they cried, hurt them in the worst ways that only family could know, and still guard their secrets closer than your own. Those were ties reserved for those of your name and blood and Chase knew better than to count himself among their number. He was a half-blooded upstart who carved his place in their world on the bodies of those that called him less than that, but that didn’t earn him trust. So how could he give it freely in return for something as nebulous as a promise? They were words. Pretty words, words he wanted to believe more than he let himself admit. He let his shoulders sag, his eyes squeeze close at the thought. The weakness. “I don’t know how.” Even if maybe he wanted to.
  7. She shut her eyes again, forcing herself to breathe through Chase's words and his undeniable doubt and the hint of things he had yet to reveal. When Isabella opened her eyes again, they were lit up with a white hot fire that could have burned a hole through his head. "You do realize who you're talking to, right?" She'd finally snapped. "I'm Isabella bloody Carter, Chase. I have..." She started to laugh, her nerves completely frazzled at this point as she put her hands up to her face. "I gave birth straight out of Hogwarts, and no one, not even Kai is aware those children exist. Hell, even I forget." She stepped closer to him, fueled purely by fury, ready to snap his wand in two if he dared aim it at her again. "I have a mother who harvests organs illegally for potions, who sells them to rich women who then slather them onto their faces, totally oblivious to the unmentionable things that are in them." Chase hadn't asked for an initiation into the Carter world of best kept secrets, but he was getting it now and there was no turning back. "My father... oh, you know my father. He took me to his office as a toddler, allowing me to run and play in the very rooms he'd planned out murder after murder after bloody murder." Isabella was as close as she could get now without touching him; touching him would immediately douse the flame that gave her this courage. She glared up at him, cursing their height difference but silently daring him to take advantage of it. "Do you seriously want to stand here in front of me right now and act like my loyalty and my trust is questionable in any way when it comes to someone I--" She faltered, continuing immediately as if she hadn't. "To the ones I'm devoted to? Do you need me to spell it out for you right now, Chase, because I bloody will." Her hands coiled into tight fists. "I am not going to let you touch my mind. I am not going to let you kill me, and I am not going to run. I am going to take your bloody secrets, all of them, past, present, future, whatever they are, to my bloody grave and you are not going to tell me no because you have to lose this battle. You have to, Chase. For me."
  8. He laughed at that. It was a different kind of laugh from the one he had given so freely just that same hour - not mocking but choked and painful. Or maybe that was just the scratching of ribs against lungs. Physical pain was a familiar companion and easy to identify; it became much harder when emotions came into play. They were something to be unpacked later, at leisure, never in the heat of the moment. That’s how mistakes were made. The potential of one hung in front of him. For the first time in a long while it just wasn’t clear which path would lead him away from it. He didn’t bother to deny her words; she was smart enough to see through any platitudes he would offer. And she was right - he could see the path (or perhaps it was a slope) stretch in front of them just as easily. And it would be easier for both of them, of that he had no doubt. Easier than trust. An abstract based on anything but logic and while she might have every intention of keeping his secret, emotions were volatile. It would only take one slip. And yet he didn’t move. “It’s not like I’m asking you to hide that I was out after curfew, Isabella.” He finally murmured, feeling all of a sudden so very tired. “You don’t know what you’re asking yet.” She would soon, and despite the finality and consequences of it all, he still felt a thrill at that.
  9. His question sank deep into her skin, far further than any fright had thus far. Isa felt his words, icy and sharp, but she knew there was more there. She knew because Chase was just like her. It hurt, it was painful, but neither were willing to admit it. Thus, provocation and anger and a struggle for power. Her eyelids fluttered shut and she pressed her lips together as more tears threatened to push the others out, but she'd be damned if she allowed one single tear to roll down her face as she stood head-to-head with Chase. Silently, she shook her head against his. That was the only answer he would get. There was a voice in the back of her mind growing louder, telling her that, hey, Isa, at least he'd asked first. At least he was willing to compromise and talk it out instead of acting on impulse. And maybe he had a point. You could forget all this happened and go back to eating strawberries in bliss. No, she had to remind herself. Friends didn't offer mind altering spells on silver platters, expecting you to accept them as a gift. Friends never expected you to be gracious of their hefty sacrifice in sparing your life. Accepting this fate was weak. She wasn't... She wasn't Briony, for Merlin's sake. She pushed away from Chase, needing distance for clarity, wiping the dampness from her eyes and crossing her arms in front of her chest. Isabella couldn't look at him, lest she be drawn in and the voice grow louder once again. "What's stopping you from doing it again?" She asked finally, her voice gaining strength with each syllable. "If I let you do it this once, Chase, how many more times are you going to do this to me? What truth will there ever be between us?" Her gaze traveled along the items from his dresser spilled on the floor as a distraction. Her nails dug into her palms. "I would rather die than let you control my reality." She bit her lip, willing the tears not to return as she met his gaze again. "Did you forget I've had enough of that in my life?" She inhaled sharply, biting harder against her soft flesh. "Why can't you just trust me?"
  10. He had spent the morning hurting literal children without a flicker from his conscience and yet a few tears from her and he felt like an utter monster. Chase squeezed his eyes shut, concentrating on evening his breathing out from the rapid pattern it had fallen into. He had to be rational. He had to be pragmatic. He had no room for sentiment, and it showed how too far in he had allowed himself to get that this was the third time he had had to tell himself this. Although, to be entirely fair to Chase, these were circumstances a touch more extenuating than normal. They stood like that in silence for a moment until Isa spoke again and his eyes flickered open like a bruise, hurt showing in them for just a moment before cold control replaced it just as quickly. “Is never seeing me again really preferable to just forgetting the last ten minutes?”
  11. She wasn't what? She wasn't trustworthy? She wasn't safe? She wasn't convincing enough to manipulate those who questioned her? The problem was that Isabella didn't understand, at least at first, what needed to change. She wasn't going to run off and tell the first person she saw that Chase Eaton was a Death Eater, potential murderer, whatever he was. The woman tried to think over their entire history and find the point where she'd given him any reason not to trust her. Where she'd given him any doubt in her devotion to him in their utter mess of a relationship. He was scaring her again, and she finally put her wand down as he paced the floor, uncertainty and anger and fear rushing through her. It was when he'd grabbed on, his sticky forehead pressed against hers, that she realized what he was asking her. All the blood drained from her face, her breathing unsteady. "Maybe I can just... go. And never speak of you to anyone. Never... never see you." Before she knew it, and before she could stubbornly prevent it, her eyes prickled with tears. "Just let me go, it'll be fine."
  12. She couldn't even begin to know the half of it. He growled low in his throat, his control dangerously close to fraying completely.“Then what else do you expect me to do, Isabella?” He demanded, frustration bleeding through into his tone as a bead of sweat rolled down the back of his neck. “Why don’t you enlighten me as to what other option I have here? You might not be my liability but you aren’t…” His tongue locked before he could even dance around the implication that she was far from safe from implication. Not when he had shared goals and plans with her father and brother this day and who knew where the two of them had found themselves. He let out another muttered expletive instead, breaking away from their stare to pace the room like a caged animal. The simplest path was right in front of him: a quick charm and a few well placed words and he was both free from this snarl of luck and had an alibi to boot. The more complex path was a nastier charm and a heavier heart. Two options and even with everything at stake he couldn’t make himself take either of them. His control was unraveling. No. He turned back to Isabella abruptly, striding forward to grab her shoulders, wand still in his hand and forgotten as he pressed his forehead to hers, eyes boring down into hers. “Tell me how else I can fix this.” It might have been an order, it might have been a plea.
  13. Today
  14. Chase gave no indication of denial and even went on to explain (very little, but considerably more than she'd expected) in his calm, intoxicating charismatic tone. Isa still raised a brow at him with skepticism. He was baiting her once again, wasn't he? Giving in just enough, just so the heat of her frustration would stop prickling her cheeks and her heartbeat would stop pounding in her ears. Explosive. Isabella's eyes flickered downwards and back up once again, and it only increased the amount of irritation in her expression. Chase was hurt, but she couldn't see the wound. She couldn't gauge the severity, whether he was about to drop any minute or if he was putting on a show. He locked eyes with her, like a snake hypnotizing its prey. Instead of fleeing in the face of her predator, Isabella felt a tug in her lower abdomen which had nothing to do with fear. She tried to shake it off by averting her gaze. He couldn't be serious right now, right? She didn't know what to believe. "Don't mess with me, Chase," she demanded, meeting his gaze again with considerable determination this time. If he even tried... Would he try? "I'm not your liability."
  15. She didn’t drop her wand and his grip on his own tightened, the whitened knuckles on one hand the only sign of the conflict raging within him. There was every chance he didn’t have time for this, yet he couldn’t quite make himself act. It was words she flung his way like they were curses in and of themselves. Chase’s lips quirked tiredly, a shadow of his usual smirk. “I don’t really know if I am anymore.” He replied thoughtfully, shrugging one shoulder and letting out a hiss of pain as his chest reminded him of the bruises slowly blossoming into life - the blasted wolf must have cracked a rib. “Things got a bit…” Messy? Chaotic? Uncontrolled and foolish? “Explosive. You know how it gets.” No, the Death Eaters were gone, a relic of times gone by. Even if some stragglers lived he had no interest in tying himself to their number or their archaic ideologies. He had learned all he could from them, he had done his part, and now it was time for their paths to diverge. With no loose ends. Except this one of coral-pink lingered. One he simultaneously couldn’t afford and also couldn’t let go of. “You don’t have to be scared.” Ice-blue eyes met incandescent brown as he held her furious gaze. “You don’t have to remember this.”
  16. She swallowed hard, her wand hand faltering, but not dropping, as his warning chilled her veins. There was no intention in her body to send a curse his way, but she would if she had to, self-preservation and all. It hit Isabella at that moment how shallow their friendship had been - was, it wasn't over. He'd never let her in, not completely, and she'd always known as much. He'd let her think she knew him by giving her just enough so that she wouldn't pry any further, and she would keep him happy by not asking questions. It was all fun and games, and now this is where they'd ended up: wands poised at each other's throats. His response was just as cryptic as their entire relationship had been, and Isabella was no longer in the mood for dancing around the point with him. She'd come here to have a good time and she was honestly feeling really attacked right now. "You're a Death Eater," she dared to say, looking Chase straight in the eye as her own temper got the best of her and her sense of betrayal upstaged the fear that pounded through her body. "Funny. I'm not very scared. Maybe you should try harder."
  17. He had walked with terror at his side, left buildings in rubble, a village in flames, and any number of bodies bleeding and broken in his wake. Even now Hogsmeade was shuddering and incapable at responding to the destruction he left behind him. Even with the untimely arrival of so-called heroes and wolves, it had almost been a very good day. But then came the snapped thread, the loss of control, and now everything in his life stood on a precipice and threatened to unravel. Adrenaline still spiked in his veins. He saw her reach for her wand and a spell leaped to his tongue. He swallowed it instead. “Don’t.” His voice was soft, but sentiment struck again. It was the only warning he would allow himself to give her. He stood to lose too much. It was not the best time for a social call. Or whatever it was they called this thing between them. Silence stretched for a few heartbeats before he allowed himself to reply. There was too much at stake here for rash choices. His life, his freedom, Briony, and even Isabella herself - one misstep and it all turned to smoke. “Bad shopping trip.” It was as much a test as a quip - what had she heard, what did she know, what could she put together? - but more than that it bought him time to decide. As for what he decided - well, that he couldn’t face quite yet.
  18. She practically jumped out of her skin as the figure appeared in a whirl of fury and chaos, sending debris crashing down around him with a guttural roar. Isabella's heart pounded in her chest as she retreated to the doorway. The woman had very nearly been convinced that this masked man was here to loot the place, but the problem was this was very clearly Chase. Intimacy gave you certain knowledge on these things. The mask vanished, revealing his truth. Isa was prepared to leave, knowing she'd just seen something he didn't want her to see. Her snooping had been innocent and silly up until now. Now it was dangerous. Chase was menacing, and pointing his wand directly at her. Her stomach flipped and dropped at the same time. "I..." Isabella's voice wavered and that immediately angered her. With a deep inhale, she pulled herself together, swallowing the fear she truly felt at the edge of his cruel gaze. "I came to see you, Chase, put your bloody wand down," she hissed, stepping towards the danger and reaching for her own wand. Her eyes darted downward and back up, instinctively checking him over, and she cursed her concern away for the moment. "Bad day?" she asked, glowering.
  19. Continued from here Stupid. It had been a stupid plan enacted by stupid, thoughtless people who wouldn’t know a proper contingency plan if one came along and smacked them in the bloody face. Chase reappeared in his room with a series of snarled curses, stumbling as he landed and consoling himself with lashing out furiously at his dresser, sending everything atop crashing to the ground in a storm of shattered glass and ambitions. A sharp pain roared in his ribs at the movement, the last gift of the feral witch of a werewolf and Chase swore again, a word that quickly turned into a roar of voiceless fury. This shouldn’t have happened. None of this should have happened, and this was his reward for tying his fate to that of others. No more. He ripped the mask from his face in a whisper of smoke on metal, his thoughts turning quickly from the abysmal failure of the Death Eaters - there would be time enough to dwell on that later - to the thing he prized above all else: survival. He ignored the pain in his ribs and a thousand other tiny hurts to kneel on the ground instead, brow furrowed in concentration as he whispered, silently bolstering the wards. Hopefully the fools would have the sense to get themselves killed instead of captured, but he wasn’t in the mood to take chances. A sound at the door gave her away. Chase was up in an instant, wand outstretched with a curse on his lips. His eyes were cold, thawing only slightly when he saw who he held at wandpoint. Now was not the time for sentiment, not when that was the very mistake that let her in here in the first place. “What are you doing here?”
  20. 2036 (VH34): The day of the final Death Eater attack News of the attacks on Hogwarts and Hogsmeade had not yet reached her ears, or if it had, she hadn't been paying close enough attention. Isabella's mind was focused on a few other, more important things. She'd given herself a day off from work in order to go shopping for a new dress for an upcoming gala, the theme of which being 'oceanic goddess.' Ocean blues and sea greens were definitely not her colors, but a sea goddess would not dress like the peasant waters around her anyway. Instead, she would burst through in vibrant coral, and the floor length gown she'd purchased in the pinkish tone of ocean royalty was sure to billow around her like it got paid for it. Satisfied on the retail therapy side of things, it was now time for Isabella to focus on her main reason for a mid-week vacation, and that was to pop in for a visit to an old friend. Quite literally. The sound of her apparating in was as cheerful as she was, however Isa's face became one of annoyance when she realized Chase wasn't even home. Sighing dramatically, she draped her garment bag over an over sized chair and traipsed over to his refrigerator to retrieve a small pack of strawberries. Isabella bit softly into the sweet fruit as she made her way to his bedroom. Glancing around with mischief in her eyes, the woman casually peeked and probed in various places, just to catch a little glimpse of his life away from her - it was his fault, really, being such a professional evader.
  21. Pandora Midnight

    I don’t want to fake it

    Even in the midst of this awfully awkward conversation, Pandora couldn't help but to be in awe of Robin as he moved to fix her mistakes. Her heart was beating, but not in the painful way she was use to from making dumb mistakes like that. One day she hoped that she would be able to decorate a cupcake just like that. She was beginning to smile again but faltered when Robin spoke. Her eyes flittered down to the counter top. "I'm not surprised," She started. "It's hard to miss." Especially since I'm always watching you. This was one of the only times Pandora hoped that Robin couldn't read between her words. He was so good at it, since he had a silent language all of his own. She couldn't even explain her unspoken thoughts to herself, so how could she try to explain them to him? Not to mention...the idea of saying those words out loud were just too embarrassing. His first words made Pandora happier than she even knew. She was wrong? Was that even possible? But was quickly shut down again as he talked. She wished she hadn't bothered to let his words affect her before he even finished speaking. Of course he liked Kay. She hadn't been wrong. It was clearly all over his face when he looked at her. "I actually want to befriend Kay." Panda said quietly, staring down at a discarded yellow blob of icing on the table she had yet to clean up. "I want to be friends with her a lot. That's why I leave you two alone." So I can't hate her. The memory of seeing those two kiss entered back into her mind and her hand clenched into a ball. She was so frustrated. Every time she saw Kay with Robin she felt a weird anger bubbling up inside of her. She didn't want to be angry with Kay. For the most part, she wished she could be just as brave as her, but how could she even approach the girl if her stomach got all bubbly like that?
  22. Pandora Midnight

    I've learned to live, half alive

    It was such a relief to have Lindy by her side explaining everything as they walked. She was such a good teacher. She knew it the moment they met to learn baking. That was even before she realized that Lindy and Robin were siblings. That didn't even matter now. The older girl was like the perfect big sister. At least, what Panda assumed the perfect big sister would be like. The first shirt that Lindy grabbed was pretty. It probably helped that she already looked so proud of herself for grabbing it. Pandora couldn't help but smile back. She had never really chosen her own clothes before so it was hard to even say no to something that her sister picked out for her. "Is it possible for me to try clothes on?" She asked, honestly unsure. She had no idea how sizing worked, nor if she would really like the shirt enough to wear once it was on. When Lindy said they could probably find something she'd like Pandora's thoughts immediately went to @Robin Corelli-Rose, trying to figure out what he would think was pretty. Her cheeks flaired at the thought. Why had she thought of him just now? He probably wouldn't even care what she wore though...He probably liked what @Kay Wickham wore. She couldn't see herself wearing the same clothes that Kay did but the girl was so confident that it brought on a spur of the moment idea to Panda's mind. "Do...would it look alright, do you think, if I were to show off my shoulders?" She asked. Even before the attack, Pandora had worn very demure types of clothes. Most everything was at least 3/4 sleeves, and her skirts never went above her knees. The idea of showing off her shoulders was frightening. Not just because of the scar, but because she wasn't use to showing off that much skin. However Kay was brave and powerful and wasn't afraid to show off her own scar, so it felt like Pandora had to as well.
  23. Pandora Midnight

    Rid of the monsters inside your head & put all your faults to bed

    Relief flooded through her after caving in. Pandora couldn't believe she had accepted, even if it would just be over the holidays. It was hard to say no to Professor Corelli-Rose, and not just because she had watched him for a year. He really did seem to care for her wellbeing. She could still remember him holding her hand when she first woke up in the hospital wing. It had been fuzzy and groggy but he had been there. Her thoughts from that moment came flooding back to her. The moment she had opened her eyes she had thought he was a prince. Even now that's what he seemed like. Despite knowing she was a monster, she truly felt like she was being rescued, like from one of her fairy tales. He was the prince saving a damsel in distress. Except this prince was much older than her and already happily married with two kids of his own. It didn't stop her from wanting to follow him, to fall under his protection, to maybe one day share his last name...except that was taking things too far. She was staying at the bakery for the holiday's that was it. She would figure out her living situation before summer. Pandora stared at the parchment for one more moment before standing. Taking a deep breath she replied, "It does not matter what you do with it, because it has nothing more to do with me." If her family wanted nothing to do with her, than she wouldn't pay any attention to them. With that, she turned and walked for the door. What would happen now? "Thank you...Professor." She added on softly, before descending down the ladder. Fin
  24. Saroyan Singer

    What tomorrow may bring

    There was always something going on in the Great Hall to catch Saroyan's attention but, truth be told, the familiarity of a ~fortune teller's curtain~ was strangest—and most appealing—of them all. It would practically be a crime for him to not check out the little booth and its promises. "Tasseography...that's the tea one, yeah?" Muv would be so proud of him for remembering that much. "My mum's really into this kinda stuff...she's a—whaddya call it, a muffle?—she can't do magic, though, so I'm guessing it's different?" Saro knew for a fact that most of what Muv did was smoke shows and good guessing and he was already pretty alright at keeping up with her; pulling out real magic Divination would just about blow her mind. "Reckon you can tell me about more than a cheating husband and a spot of luck with my job in the next ten years?" Worst case, he could walk out with some fancy new tricks to show off and a stomach full of tea which was, in essence, a perfect night for Saroyan. "I'm not fussed about what, exactly."
  25. Bones DeMayer

    Your First Day With Minister Granger-Weasley

    "She's on the radio, what more credit does the woman need?" muttered Bones.
  26. Xenia Lupu-Haidei

    What tomorrow may bring

    Xenia took Divination, but she didn’t really care for it. It, along with Arithmancy, was just something to fill her elective requirements so that she could get the hell out of this school after her seventh year and never look back. She never planned on actually doing anything with it, mainly because she thought it to be utter nonsense from the get-go. So, when Xe saw the new professor’s little corner booth, she didn’t even spare it a thought at first. As time went on, however, she became more curious about what the whole thing was about, so she made her way over, an apple crunched between her teeth. “How much money am I seeing in my future from WizTube?” She asked @Professor Chevalier without preamble.
  27. Julian Pritchard

    The Great Uprising Appreciation Thread

    Yes to everything Jer said above, but especially the one post rule. That was a fantastic idea.
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