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  2. Mary Wilkins

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    G suggested that she consider playing professionally, but Mary shook her head. "Place myself on a pedestal?" she commented "wear a sign around my neck which reads 'Look at Me'? Of what value is fame anyway? You can count it and find yourself destitute, seeking it may lead to madness." Fame was not a valuable life goal as far as Mary was concerned. "I enjoy playing for its own sake, if others like my music then that is a bonus." She offered some more thoughts on music, and Hogwarts school. "Joe has told me that some of the instruments at Hogwarts are enchanted so they will play themselves." She shook her head in disapproval. "Music is a form of communication, the performance comes from the musician far more than the instrument. Where is the warmth, the message, the passion or the emotion in a song that is played without a performer?" That was also part of the reason why Mary was not keen on popular music. If a song was played by a talented group of musicians, had a pleasing melody and was sung by someone with a good voice then that might pique her curiosity, but too many songs nowadays were generated on a computer, or prerecorded and mimed on stage. To her ears, such songs were empty, nothing but meaningless noise. She listened as he spoke of his own change of fortune. "Your star seems to be in the ascendant" she smiled "it is good to hear you have found approval among your peers, and from the throne." It seemed he wasn't out f the woods yet though, as there was an incident of sorts involving his cousin's wife. "That might not have been the wisest move" she advised "I don't think anything good ever came from an insult, no matter how you feel about the woman in question. Words can cut deep, and may be difficult to heal. The letter is a step in the right direction though." Mary was always very careful with her words, and she went out of her way not to deliberately offend anyone. She offered a little more encouragement "Humble pie may be difficult to swallow sometimes, but it does have a pleasant after-taste." She did notice how he had addressed her though, and she felt that shouldn't go unremarked, although she didn't mind all that much. "I thought you weren't keen on titles" she reminded him, before turning to point something out to Hazel. "I don't have blue blood" she explained "I'm just an ordinary farm girl." Hazel clearly noted that she and G already knew each other, and asked where they met. "We just met here a short while ago, when I arrived here" Mary pointed out "all in all, I think it went well enough." If there were any rain clouds that day, it was the two girls. One of them just seemed to want to be offensive, Mary was in no rush to speak with her again. Mary though the other girl might be more reasonable once she got to know her, but her first impression had been less than desirable. Mary wondered if, in time, she might help her to dismantle the straw-man she had erected.
  3. Alyssa Hoofer

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I am definitely interested as well. I missed out on Friday's. Just let me know when.
  4. Behati Gadot

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I’d totally be down!
  5. Emmett Blaze

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I'm interested let me know the time on discord. Tuesday/Thursday evening won't work, but free other days
  6. Pine Tree

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I am around here and there, I don't know about times as I work what i want for the most part and sometimes things are all over the place. Just anytime in the evening EDT time should work well for me
  7. Aurora Andrews

    Group Writing Sprints?

    You tell me when I'll be there
  8. Jacqueline Golden-Keisi

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I'm interested but my schedule's mostly flexible so maybe don't schedule around me? I'll do what I can to make the time that works best for the majority. <33
  9. Aggie Price

    Group Writing Sprints?

    Interested. Easier to say Not Available this Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Central
  10. Julian Pritchard

    Group Writing Sprints?

    I brought up the possibility of doing writing sprints together (picking something to write, setting a timer, and writing together during that amount of time) in chat the other day as a way to help people get some vh stuff done. Some people seemed keen on the idea, so I'm probably going to try and organise a couple over the next couple weeks. I just want to know what times/days would be good for everyone else. Post down here if you're interested, and let me know when you're available.
  11. Hazel Baum

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing

    Hazel’s lips upturned into a broad, toothy grin as the girl paused in her music playing to address her compliment. She hadn’t truly intended to stop the girl’s playing, but she found the girl’s outlook to be pleasant. Hazel too aimed not to offend, even though that didn’t always work out as planned. Some people just weren’t as easy-going as others and Hazel’s temper was quick to ignite. “Well, you definitely didn’t offend me, Mary. My name’s Hazel,” The girl responded, eyes drawn over to the boy she’d passed, who Mary was apparently already acquainted with. He approached at her beckoning, and Hazel watched him curiously, especially when he began talking about something she couldn’t quite track. He had a peculiar way of speaking, and it intrigued her. She was amused about the bit about lacking sincerity - Hazel too was bad at forcing things she didn’t feel wholeheartedly, so writing a letter such as he described sounded like it would be trying for her, too. “G? My name’s Hazel. It’s nice to meet you. I don’t envy you that letter you’re supposed to be writing. I too find it hard to force sincerity if I don’t actually feel it,” Hazel commented, eyes flicking back to Mary and then over to G before she inquired, “Did you guys meet here at the Centre or did you already know each other?”
  12. Willow Borage

    danger, thy name is ash borage

    Willow Borage had just turned ten, and she felt like this was a highly important thing. Obviously a lot more important than @Ash Borage turning ten. They may be twins, but she was the smarter, and better looking than her brother. It didn't help that her brother was an idiot, that only made things harder on her. Willow knew that her parents wanted her and Ash to go to Castelobruxo, but both the twins protested that. Willow wanted to go to Hogwarts like her older brother, and her other siblings before her. It didn't seem fair that they were practically forced to live in Peru with their dad. Bill was laying on the couch upside down, her curls falling to the floor when her brother approached her. That seems like a better option than what she was doing now. "Sure. We might as well. Come on, Ashleigh." She flipped off the couch and stretched. "I'm leading the way."
  13. Viktoriya Valentin

    I'm coming at you like a cannonball

    Hearing the nickname that Leon spilled out of his mouth caused Toriya to poke her tongue out at him. "It's Viktoriya this time around," she told him, though knowing Leon he might just mistrust her and assume she was Anastasia anyway. But, since Toriya was on her gift-giving mission, she decided not to tease him. And not a moment more was spared on that train of thought when he mentioned that he'd learned some new spells too since before they'd gone off to summer holidays. Grinning from ear to ear, the girl was all for it. "You're on!" Never mind the fact that she didn't really care if she won or lost any of this. She just liked to see how her fellow duelists were progressing, and if she had to be totally honest - which she was - she knew Leon was as tough as nails. Maybe the gift would soften him up, but really, that wasn't the point here. It wasn't escaping her notice at how his expression was changing as she got out his gift and handed it to him, watching the boy take it from her hands. It almost seemed like he wasn't sure what was going on. Did he not get gifts? It almost made the girl frown, to think that someone could be without this kind of affection when she'd been gifted with gifts and friends and family who did these sorts of things not because they had to but because they wanted to. And, as Leon took the bag from her and proceeded to ask her why, the girl could only blink. She kinda felt hurt on his behalf that this seemed so strange to him. It was almost like he didn't know what a gift was. "Because you're my dueling buddy, and dare I say friend," Toriya told him earnestly, smiling even though he hadn't said thank you or even looked inside the bag at what it contained. "I saw it at the shops and thought you might like it, so I got it for you," she explained further, trying to... well, she supposed she was trying to put the Slytherin boy at ease. She wasn't gonna bite him or anything, even if she could be playful and cheeky as heck on the dueling platform with fire flying all over the place. Right here and now, she was just living by the values instilled into her by her parents. You gave because you wanted to. "It's not enchanted or anything in case you're worried about weird stuff happening, it won't bite, honest." Which was very true considering she'd picked it up at a muggle shop.
  14. Last week
  15. Jasper H.H. Alexanders

    A Conspiracy of RavenBoys

    Jasper's shoulders hunched up to his ears as the featherweight of the flower crown appeared to make his posture wilt beneath it. His eyes drew up in a futile effort to get a look at it where it sat upon his dark mop of hair, a struggle he only endured for a moment before reaching up to pluck it off, pinched between two fingers. He gave it a cursory sniff and a thorough visual examination. The weaving was passable work, though the flower selections were common and hardly worth the effort. Spots of red spotted the stems--not aphids, nor ants, but blood. Far more valuable than the flowers themselves, after all. He put the crown back on his head and made a note to clip the bloody stems into a sterile bag later. "I see," was all that he could say.
  16. Phillip Aldermaston

    You're not my mum!

    Phillip didn’t see this as kidnapping either – he saw this as rescuing from a kidnapping since he didn’t know that the person looking after this girl was her older sister – he’d just rescued a frightened little girl as far as he knew. Phillip led her to an unoccupied table that was as far away from all the windows as he could possibly manage and a small smile that was somewhere between fraternal and avuncular played around his lips when Willow protested that she wasn’t a baby. “Oh? So does that make you too old for ice-cream?” Of course, with Phillip’s naturally upturned mouth, that really meant that he smiled more than usual. And then he reached out to ruffle Willow’s hair. “So….what flavour milkshake do you want to talk over?” Phillip couldn’t exactly drink-drink but things had happened so he was going to do something stupid nonetheless – i.e. some horribly caffeinated thing.
  17. Adam Sinclair

    Absence Notices

    Moving. brb.
  18. Edward Borage

    • Edward Borage
    • Willow Borage

    Hey sis! Hope you’re not getting into trouble. Bought you and Ash some sweets. Enjoy!

    1. Willow Borage

      Willow Borage

      Oh Neddy! You shouldn't have!

  19. Edward Borage

    • Edward Borage
    • Ash Borage

    It’s been too long between visits - what’re you up to? Hope you like the sweets. It’s great living near a sweetshop

  20. Phoenix Harris

    Harris, Phoenix

    Questionnaire #3 Have you grown up around magic? Yes. My father is a wizard and he was always expected to perform countless feats because my muggle mother asked him to. What is your overall impression of the magical world so far? That I've read much about it but seldom visited it myself. My mother likes to keep us in our apartment in muggle London, God knows why. So my main impression is my father. And sadly I can't say i think of him as someone to look up to. Magic or not. You need to have character first. What's the best thing about magic? The infinite possibilities it can open up for you. In muggle-tongue it's like changing your old black-and-white tv to a HD one. Only loads better. I think i'll be able to describe it better when I start practicing some magic myself. What's the worst? That it's worth nothing if you're a passive, timid, insecure person. You have to have the guts to become good and achieve something. Have you ever had a magical accident, or had something scary and magical happen to you? I once almost blew the kitchen table while my dad was making my mom her usual breakfast. She was furious afterwards, but then again I think she was furious even before it happened - so I guess I had some unknown good reasons to do it. Dunno. Can't control it, can I? Have you ever encountered a magical creature? What was it, and did the experience affect you in any way? Not really, cause we live in London. But my father swore he saw a real sphinx during out trip to Egypt. He's a bad liar. What are you expecting Hogwarts to be like? Interesting, intriguing, tough. I've never met other wizards and witches. Don't know what to expect. Do you expect to get a particular house? If so, which one and why? Probably Ravenclaw. My father was in Hufflepuff and everyone knows they're... not the finest wand in the robe, and Gryffindor and Slytherin are both too dramatic and obsessed with stupid stuff. You come to a school to get the best knowledge possible and develop your skills to the farthest heights - you should conduct yourself accordingly. What's the first thing you'd like to learn at Hogwarts? How transfiguration works. Which subject do you think will be your favourite? I'm thinking almost everything, but as mentioned before - transfiguration. Are there any subjects you think you won't like? Which, and why? Yes. Muggle studies. I had enough of that at home. NO NEED FOR MORE. If you were the most powerful witch or wizard in the world, how would you use your magic? I'm not sure, but I'd like to create. Spells, buildings, wands. Be the chief creator in Britain and hopefully in the whole world.
  21. Phoenix Harris

    Harris, Phoenix

    Questionnaire #2 Name: Phoenix Harris. Blood Status: Half-blood. Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): No. What do you want to learn the most from the PHP experience? (in character): I want to gather as much knowledge as possible. Become a great wizard and drive the magical research to new heights. What do you want to learn the most from the PHP experience? (out of character): To experience fun and captivating role-playing, to improve my English and to meet cool people! A few things your character likes ding in his free time: Read every book he can lay his hands on. Observe his surroundings, come up with new creative and wild ideas.
  22. Phoenix Harris

    Harris, Phoenix

    Character Questionnaire #1 What is your favorite color? Dark blue. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Probably a spider. What is something you're really good at? Being persistent. What superpower do you wish you had? Mind-reading. What household chore do you hate to do? I've never had any. What new talent or skill would you learn if you had the chance? Become an Animagus. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Prometheus. What is your favorite type of weather? Heavy rain. What's your favorite thing about your room? That it's the only space in the universe that I have direct control of. Would you rather play outside or inside? It depends. The beauty and mystery of the outside world cannot compete with the intrigues of the mind What did you get for your last birthday? Some dorky expensive broom. Don't remember the brand, and don't care. What is your favorite food? Whatever keeps hunger at bay. Pasta? Carbs make you feel full quickly. Do you share a room? With who? Used to share it with my older sister Ann. She'd moved from our parents' so it's all mine for now. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? To the wizarding world in the far east. What do you want to be when you grow up? It'll probably have something to do with building things. Like the facilities in the Ministry of Magic. It fascinates me how they work and what kind of magic did it take to construct them. Where do you want to live when you grow up? Anywhere outside my parents' house. At my own place. Where did you go on your last vacation? My father dragged us all to Egypt. I was interested in the tombs and the pyramids but my mother couldn't care less. What is something that scares you? To live on someone else's terms. What do you want for your next birthday? A good book. Who is someone you want to be like? I want to be the best version of myself possible.
  23. Jack Rodgers

    I can't escape this now, unless you show me how

    As the minutes ticked by, Jacky grew more anxious. He was never a patient person and this waiting was killing him. He didn't really know what to think of Julian. The other boy, never said much, all Jacky had surmised was that he was really really smart, or seemed so to Jacky. It was intimidating, especially by the way Jacky was supposed to be a year ahead of him. It was humiliating really, but he was quietly glad for the help. And the attempt at making a friend. Jacky hadn't been expecting the chance at two friends when Julian walked in with a cat. "KITTY!” He happily exclaimed as Julian plonked the cat down to the side. The Cat was of course not in fact a kitten, in reality it looked like a grumpy old fat cat that didn't seem very friendly, but the thought of it had very much re-ignited the childish glee in Jacky. Well, that was until he realised how dumb he sounded. Pushing his lips together he quickly silenced himself, trying to play it cool he cursed himself. "Um sorry. Hi. It's just a nice cat." Looking down he then avoided Julian's gaze for the rest of the time it took him to get settled, cheeks a bright shade of pink. Once Julian had himself and his books in order on the desk and seemed to be sitting comfortably enough, Jacky took this as his cue to resume trying to be normal. Looking up to him once again he hoped the flush was gone out of his cheek. Jacky silently shook his head at first, not saying anything out of fear he might say the wrong thing again. Once more, he began fidgeting at the frayed bracelets out of nervousness. "Er, yeah that sounds good" Lifting his pen off the desk he then began to chew on it in a rather unpleasant way. Almost inaudibly muttering an embarrassed little “Thank you”
  24. Phoenix Harris

    Harris, Phoenix

    Phoenix Harris P H P . S C R A P B O O K . V H 4 1 [HOGWARTS STARTER KIT] ☐ Roleplay receiving your Hogwarts letter ☐ Roleplay visiting Diagon Alley to buy school supplies ☐ Roleplay buying your wand at Ollivander’s OR send your SWS quiz to receive your wand ☐ Roleplay on the Hogwarts Express ☐ Post in the Sorting Ceremony [WRITING & ROLEPLAYING] ☐ Start an open roleplay ☐ Join someone else’s open roleplay ☐ Write a solo RP topic ☐ Roleplay in a group thread (3 or more participants) ☐ Try a writing challenge of your choice for a post or a thread ☐ Participate in this year’s VHRPC challenge ☐ Roleplay with an Unsorted character ☐ Roleplay with a sorted student ☐ Roleplay with an alumni or staff member ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any roleplay-related activity of your choice [PLOTTING] ☐ Think up a roleplay concept, plot arc, or story point relating to some aspect of your character’s past or future ☐ Plot out a Pre-Hogwarts roleplay in cooperation with another member(s). Start a thread and write out your plot! ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any plot-related activity of your choice [CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT] ☐ Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here. ☐ Post an RP Wanted topic for your character in Roleplaying Connections. ☐ Complete a character questionnaire. ☐ Complete a character prompt. ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any character development activity of your choice [ARTS & CRAFTS] ☐ Select a celebrity lookalike for your character, or create your own art to represent your character ☐ Create a family tree for your character. ☐ Code one of your scrapbook pages to look more appealing to you ☐ Create a graphic, drawing, doll or other visual representation of your character or someone else's ☐ Participate in the "Make something for the person above you" thread. ☐ Start a gallery, shop or request thread in the Member Creations forum. ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any art or coding activity of your choice [COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT] ☐ Join VH’s Discord server by clicking here. ☐ Join your year’s Discord server, found in this list. ☐ Post in someone else’s RP Wanted topic in Roleplaying Connections volunteering to plot or roleplay with them. ☐ Post in an off-topic discussion ☐ Post in an off-topic game ☐ Comment on someone’s gallery in the Member Creations forum ☐ Send someone a message (on this board) offering to roleplay with them ☐ Send a new character a message welcoming them to the site ☐ Sign up for a site mentor OR apply to be a site mentor ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any community involvement activity of your choice [ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, & GAMES!] ☐ Participate in a bonding chat ☐ Participate in a game ☐ Participate in the pen pal programme ☐ Attend an activity day or excursion ☐ Make multiple posts in an activity interacting with the other students/the leader ☐ Got an idea for a scrapbook page or memory? Send it to Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy. ☐ Choose Your Own Page: any activity, event, or game of your choice
  25. Tate Ng

    Be careful of what you do

    It was odd for Tate to be back home. It had been some time since she went back home. Sure she was trying finish her studies oversea but she miss her family. Well her step brothers and step sister that she got along with. Now that being said the oldest ng girl decided to her normal thing. Search for the family member that she miss seeing. Also make sure that the twins ( @Emilio Ng and @Emilia Ng) had all their things ready for Hogwarts. “ There you are !” Tate said as she spotted first pair of her siblings. “ How are things going back Hogwarts?” she asked.
  26. Ash Borage

    danger, thy name is ash borage

    If there was something that Ash Borage didn't like about his current life was the fact that they were stuck in Peru. There was something about being separated from the rest of their siblings seemed like a horrible idea. In his mind if @Edward Borage was able to go to Hogwarts than him and @Willow Borage were definitely old enough to be living with their mother. It was something that he was sure that their father knew, and that was definitely something that had their father double down on the idea of getting them to go to Castelobruxo in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest. A thing which Ash doubled down and fought against every way, but it seemed at the time that their father was gonna get his way and keep them from the world they wanted to be in. ""William," he barked into the room where he last saw his sister at in one of their family's many houses throughout the world, "you wanna go explore Machu Picchu?"
  27. The glare of over-bright sunlight flared momentarily higher, bathing her entire body in its orangey-gold glow - making it truly look as if she had appeared from the heavens. A cloud came and shut off the immediate light. It left her standing there, human and somewhat diminished though nowhere near as diminished as the werewolf masquerading as human. No glimmer of disgust or revulsion crossed her schooled expression, though inside where it couldn’t be perceived, her stomach lurched at the macabre, bloody grin Wylan gave her. An ordinary person would have felt a cold chill crawl down their back, turning their blood to ice but what was one lone werewolf compared to a dozen Inferi? Nothing! And yet... She heard the faintest murmur of her name and her own reply came out just as faint although it was weighted down with bitter regret and sadness, “Wylan.” A lurch of lungs saw air fill them to capacity but the exhalation merely gave her next whisper a more forceful edge as though the very air she exhaled carried the words out of her throat without her meaning them to escape. “I trusted you...” Overwhelming sorrow crossed her face as the cloud overhead thickened, went from white to grey to black and a soft, gentle patter of drizzle ghosted down over them both. Wet drops hanging on her eyelids before they slowly dropped. It mirrored her mood and the sadness of her words perfectly. But the moment was brief, only but an interlude, a small acknowledgement of everything they had between them and a bitter-sweet rememberance of a far livelier dance they had shared. The sun flared through the cloud again, chasing it away as if it hadn’t been there. The light catching on the drops still gracing her eyelids, turning them to diamond drops, scintillating bright as they fell. Rayy shook her head slowly, negating his pathetic excuse for his actions. How could he even voice them? When they both knew them to be pointless lies? The case that contained wolfsbane potion hadn’t been there when she’d returned to her cottage. He had no excuse! “Will you at least come quietly, Wylan?”
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