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  2. We are hiring new Quidditch officials! Again! The Quidditch official role currently consists primarily of running games and fielding questions and feedback from players, and we would love to have additional hands on deck. This is a sensitive role requiring firm objectivity, so we strongly encourage you to be discreet about applying. We’ll expect you to remain anonymous if accepted. We'll also ask for a character sketch later in the process. If you're interested, fill out the application below and send it to both Creaseworthy and Callahan as soon as possible. The deadline for sending in your application is July 17, but we may begin to hire sooner. Any questions? PM Creaseworthy or Callahan. Quidditch Official Application Part I: About You Name(s) of your VH characters: Include all your active students, alumni, active/retired staff and ambience, and other accounts you feel are noteworthy. A Discord username we could reach you on: How old are you? Optional. Be as specific or non-specific as you like. Which houses have you played Quidditch for? List all, no matter how much time you spent on the team(s). How often are you online each week? Why should we choose you? Part II: Innovation and Adaptability Briefly tell us how you handled a situation or project where the reality did not match your expectations. Briefly tell us how you handled a situation or project where you had to create something new. Are you more comfortable brainstorming new ideas or molding ideas into something workable? Explain which one of the options you're most comfortable with, and why. Part III: Integrity Quidditch is a competition, and competitions have inherent challenges. It's important to not just minimize bias and conflicts of interest, but also to ensure that all players and teams are treated fairly. In a role such as this, you must strive to be fair and impartial. You can't captain a team, and you can't be involved (as an official) in any games that you play in. We will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct in Quidditch. Do you promise to be consistently fair, even if it is not easy or convenient? Do you promise to recuse yourself from discussions and situations if you believe you cannot be impartial?
  3. Scrimgeour

    Ambience Characters Wanted!

    Ambience Character Application Have you ever wanted to dish out fashion advice to passing fourth years or offer advice on romance to the quarreling couple in the corridor? If so, a portrait may be the character for you. Have you considered floating through a fearful first year or involving yourself in the comings and goings of the sixth years? If so, consider applying for a ghost. Ambience characters add an unpredictable element to the school. Hogwarts is home to many house elves, ghosts, suits of armor, owls, portraits, tapestries, boggarts, centaurs, ghouls, imps, and gnomes. If you think you would enjoy playing one of these characters read on. Ambience characters are expected to roleplay with students and add to the overall good of vh. They must maintain a certain level of activity to keep their positions. Remember if the creature is unable to speak, you will not be able to speak. It takes some creativity to role play many of these characters. Applications are open to any sorted student or any one who has an alumni character. Remember this character will be in addition to your student character not in place of it. Applications are now open on a rolling basis, so if you have an idea, submit a form! Some canon roles that have been played in the past that are currently open to applicants are: Barnabas the Barmy The Fat Lady Ford Anglia Peeves The Giant Squid Yvonna the Siren If you have any ideas for other canon ambience roles you'd like to play, feel free! We have general openings for: Ghosts House Elves Portraits Armor Owls Creatures Be creative! If you see something not specifically listed and you'd like to play it, send in an application! All applications should be sent to Scrimgeour.
  4. Vulpus

    Shops Remodel

    WE DID IT GUYS! *throws more confetti since apparently that's my thing now* Thanks to everyone's amazing help and information contributions, the Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade databases are officially launched and put into their new homes. Thank you to Weasley for all your administrative work in accomplishing that task. But it's not done yet! I want to begin taking suggestions or contributions on the following areas to continue adding details. Other points of interest I would like to add a post in the mix describing some of these non-shop points of interest in each shopping destination. These are primarily considered to be landmarks, such as Gringott's or Knockturn Alley in the Diagon Alley forum topic, or the Post Office and Shrieking Shack in the Hogsmeade forum topic. Are there any that are not currently listed in the first post of each topics that you think would be a good addition? Are there any specific pertinent details that you think would be good to add? Other shops Oh man guys, it's time to finally submit your Alumni-created shops and street vendors! Please refer to the last post in each of the Databases on directions on submitting these (Hogsmeade [here] and Diagon Alley [here]). You can either post the form in this thread here or you can PM it to me separately. I do want to make some points clear before you submit these, though. If you submit this information to be included, you are giving your permission to anybody to godmod your shop and your character. Don't submit something if you are not comfortable with this fact. We will encourage people using tags for these shops to contact you if they have any questions and we encourage you to contact them right back about participating! But you must always get permission from the original poster first, unless the thread is already marked #open. If you would like to add any of your Alumni as employees into the existing main shops, please let me know and we can discuss it. In efforts to be in compliance with any and all copyright laws, we are trying to avoid using celebrity images that may have copyright restrictions associated with them. If you would like an image included with your character's shop, please find an option on a site that complies with this. I personally found a lot of success on Pexels and Unsplash, but if you find a different one that needs to have the credit added, please let me know. In addition, if there are any glaring errors, misspellings, or grammar that sounds dumb on any of the database posts, please let me know. I'm not a professional editor, so I wouldn't be surprised I missed something silly.
  5. Professor Hambeldon

    Shop Item Suggestions

    I'd like to see some more Herbology related items that I could give away as prizes for students (gillyweed is too expensive for a prize): mimbulus mimbletonia, leaping toadstools, flitterbloom, bubotuber, mandrakes, shrivelfigs, etc.
  6. Undercliffe

    VH Mentor Applications

    Applications for site mentor remain open! If you'd like to assist in this capacity please send us your application.
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