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  2. Rayya Borage-Brown

    You've got mail

    @Avery Potter, @Harmony Granger-Weasley, @Jacqueline Frost, @Jaxon Sinclair, @Jeramie Slater, @Julian Banagher, @Julian Pritchard, @Kay Wickham, @Pine Tree, @Prince A. Charming Dear Messrs and Mses, We are writing to you to inform you of the creation of The Borage Family Trust which has been established to subsidize any of your ongoing costs in perpetuity. We understand that this is a terribly difficult and stressful time for you and your loved ones. We also understand that the current political climate is in your favour but that it may not remain so. It is understandable that you may feel reticent about relying on the Ministry to support your needs, that you may, indeed, feel trapped by this and feel you have no other option to fall back on. We also understand that this might prove to be burdensome and have a negative effect but rest assured that this does not have to be the case. It would please us greatly for you to know that The Borage Family Trust has been created independently of the Ministry for you to use as an extra resource to help with meeting your ongoing costs. We believe that this will go some way to helping you have viable options to fall back on, should they be required. Upon request a monthly stipend will be deposited in a vault of your choice. There will be no need for you to do anything else. You have our deepest and sincerest sympathies that your identities were so publicly made known and your privacy violated. We are also given to understand that there might, perhaps, be those who escaped this travesty. We also believe that, if this is so, you could privately extend this offer to those individuals as well. We hope that you won’t hesitate to accept this offer of support. If you need any further assistance or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to owl us. Sincerest Regards, Aldrich Sebastian Borage The Borage Family Trust
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  4. Ruth Champlin

    Minimizing Freedom with Your Rules and Regulations

    Ruth wanted nothing more than to make this whole ordeal as quick and painless as possible, but the instant the expression on Mr. Lugg’s face began to shift, she knew any efforts would be futile. It was within his rights to be angry, of course, but rarely did such an emotion lead to cooperation… and Rayya’s remark wasn’t bound to help either. The brunette’s gaze quickly flicked to her partner before returning back to the man again and his reply instantly made her tense. She opened her mouth to speak, a reply at the very tip of her tongue, and then Rayya beat her to it. And it was then that Ruth decided to let the senior auror take the lead. She’d obviously been down this road before, knew how to handle things… …but not without emergence of a wand, apparently. When the wood was turned on the teacher before them, Ruth immediately reversed her decision. Her own hand lifted and she placed it calmly onto her partner’s arm, a silent cue to be cautious. “That’s alright, Ray” she replied evenly, “No harm will come to anyone today. If you haven’t your wand on you, Mr. Lugg, that’s perfectly alright. I’m sure I’ll be able to find it myself in no time.” She moved to take a small step closer towards the door. Children’s voices reached her there and one in particular- its tiny voice shouting ‘YOU CAN’T SACK LUGG!’, made her eyebrows rise before she turned back to him. “It is out of respect for you that I wish not to go looking through all your things. This is your final chance. You can either tell me where your wand is, or I’ve no choice but to search the premises.” A small moment was allowed to pass, and then Ruth turned to begin just that.
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  6. Rayya Borage-Brown

    The Official Press Conference on November 8

    Rayy was prowling around the area before the conference started, hating every second of it. Window shopping and browsing were not her thing - she was much a more straightforward, get-out-of-my-way-or-suffer-my-best-glare type of shopper - and this lingering and pouring over items she had no interest in was torture. It was a relief when the crowd started to build and she allowed herself to go with it, ending up smack bang at the front and perfectly to the side which offered a great view of the crowd stretching away from her in a gentle arc. Her eyes scanning the crowd as it grew in much the same way as everyone else was doing as they waited for the man of the hour to speak. Only when he did appear, her gaze stayed on the crowd, looking, but not looking for trouble. It started off badly with an awkward introduction that could probably have been left off; it wasn’t like no one knew who he was. And it got worse as he progressed. Sure, he said all the right words but he sounded unsure and scrambling when it came to brining up the Unforgivables it sounded almost as if, had the crisis had not sprung up so suddenly, then they might not have been given permission. Rayy clenched her jaw as her professional mask dropped and showed her true feelings. She recovered almost instantly and schooled her face back to bored attention but inside she was agitated. If Harry Flacking Potter threw her friends to the wolves just because they did their jobs within the limits of the law....well...it wouldn’t just be some difficult questions and threats to his job he’d be facing. Whether she agreed or not, she was firmly on the side of her colleagues. No one who wasn’t there had any right to second-guess their actions in hindsight - not even their flacking boss! And then came the questions but hopefully that would be all that was thrown at him. Rayy’s eyes worked the crowd, noting where people were in relation to the boss man and trying to gauge the temperature of the situation. Innocent children hurt + a pack of marauding werewolves + unexpected additions to that pack + once-again-forbidden spells = a really bad combination and made for a volatile environment. All it would take was a spark and there was a known agitator free to roam wherever ever she liked. ————— Just here doing the security thing.
  7. Orpheus Midnight

    This Could Be You

    It was too bad the elder Midnight had missed Pandora and how she had stuck up for herself. He would have clapped, loudly. Honestly, things had become very touchy now that they were back from the break after the attack. Orpheus had been lucky, escaping without injury to his person and no bite. Yet his family had still been affected. And now he had some mixed feelings about werewolves, but certainly not against his cousin. He trusted her to take her wolfsbane every month without fail. As the fifth year traveled down the corridor a loud commotion grabbed his attention. As he slowed to listen in, it didn't take long before he realized what they were arguing about. He sighed and wondered why try? Everyone was going to have their own opinions and facts rarely changed opinions when someone was so stubborn or ignorant to realize those bitten in the attack were the same people they had been before the attack. Shaking his head and began to pass by. What could he add to this that would make them just stop? Passing through. If anyone wants to have a go at him for anything, feel free.
  8. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    Healer Station #8

    "Yeah, I don't remember either," he replied shakily. But when Jack spoke further recounting the details of that night, he realized that he had vaguely seen Gabe - at least he thought it was Gabe - get mauled by the third werewolf that night. For he did distinctly remember that there had been three. Dale nodded. "Yeah, I saw one of them get knocked off. I think it was Gabe," he said tiredly. He had a feeling it wasn't Zach because Zach had been there, refusing to leave him, at least at first. But that was inconsistent with what Jack was saying now. So what was the truth? He didn't know. "But I don't remember an auror at all." He had been completely passed out by then. But it made sense to him that someone had found him otherwise he probably wouldn't be here now, with his eyes open and himself semi-alert. He would have bled out. "You didn't have to do that..." he replied breathing heavily. "But thanks." He wondered why Jack had done that. They weren't exactly friends. Dale had told him to get lost when he was trying to interfere with his plans with the Montagues but he was actually somewhat glad Jack was there now. It helped to take his mind off of things and he wanted to know what happened. He let out a low breath. Geez, just how big was the attack? How many werewolves were there? If three had come for them, there probably had been 15-20 coming after the entire school. "Tired," he mumbled. His whole body ached and he just wanted to sleep but thought that was probably a bad idea. There was a reason that the healer had woke him up.
  9. Thaddeus Roseclaw

    The Interview Saga

    “Yes, of course, thank you,” Thaddeus nodded at the female auror. “I’m here to help in your investigation in any way that I can.” He nodded seriously when the male auror mentioned the impact of a few of a few bad apples. “Trust me, we understand this better than most now. The Reserve is reviewing its policies and looking into the individuals that it accepts to live here more seriously. This is a horrible, tragic incident and neither Byron nor myself wish to see it repeated.” When he mentioned the question of the wolfsbane, he turned to rifle through some files and handed one to the aurors. ”Even on such a horrible day, with so many in the infirmary, we were able to get doses of wolfsbane to everyone here. If you look at these records, you will notice that everyone who escaped never showed up for their final dose.”
  10. Tulip Blossom

    I can't see the future but I know it's watching me

    Tulip wasn't surprised by the interest of others, though she was beginning to realize she absolutely needed to brush up on everything about the wizarding world that she hadn't been told about because strangely fascinated by the fact that wizard cops seemed as suspicious as some of the ones she'd seen in a non-magical setting. She had a lot more questions about the differences but the blonde realized it probably wasn't the time for them considering the potential trouble brewing for Lugg. But then Charlie was being mysteriously absent and Giles was off searching and Tulip knew she had to seek out what was going on with her boys versus the intrigue going on with the Auror's if she had heard correctly. "Stay strong Lugg. Stick it to the man. I gotta find my boys."
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  12. Julian Trice

    BREAKING NEWS: Trudy Veritas released!

    When his mirror lit up with the news of Veritas being released, Julian very calmly rose from his seat, excused himself from the staff meeting, walked just as calmly into the nearest loo, shut the door very gently, and began trying to tear the lone puke green stall door off its hinges. "ARE YOU FLACKING KIDDING ME?! THAT WARRANT WAS AIR TIGHT! SON OF A [EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED]!!!!!!!!!!"
  13. Professor Foster

    Minister of Magic Official Press Conference

    Peggy Foster, who had been champing at the bit just moments earlier, felt a bit deflated as the Minister finally acknowledged her upraised hand. The man who had spoken previously @Atwell Sinclair, (whose name Peggy was really going to have to try to learn) had managed--albeit in a more incendiary fashion, to hit most of Peggy’s talking points before disappearing in a (metaphorical) cloud of smoke. Peggy was left still processing what he and the Minister had just said. “Yes. Thank you, Minister. My name is Margaret Foster. I am a professor at Hogwarts teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.” “That’s defense against,” she repeated for the benefit of the media. “And before I ask my question, I just want to make sure I fully understand. From what you said before, aurors---like this man here,” she said, pointing directly at @Julian Trice, “who I personally witnessed casting multiple Cruciatus Curses, will not suffer any consequences because, as you say, the use of Unforgivables was authorized.” She nodded, pushing on before the Minister could reply. “No, I get it now. They were just following orders, because if that excuse was good enough for Nuremberg, it ought to be good enough for us.” “However, if they aren’t being held accountable for torture and murder, because the use of dark magic was authorized by the Ministry, I have to ask--- exactly who is accountable for doing the authorizing? You see, it’s my job as the professor of Defense against the Dark Arts to teach my students to --you know-- oppose the dark arts, so I’m going to need to be able to tell them exactly who it is we’re opposing.”
  14. Maya Castelo

    I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight

    All that there was to Wylan's surprise at her words was a parting of the lips in his otherwise exhausted expression. Perhaps it was just that, that he was too damn tired and shell-shocked to react properly, but it was just as likely that that was all they would get out of him - that quiet, subtle nothing. Any other day, Maya would have taken the younger wolf's closed off expressions and man-of-few-words-ness as token Wylan, but today, when she felt like railing, when a scream sat like a hot stone in the pit of her belly, she rolled her eyes and growled, curled her hands into fists until her broken nails dug into her palms to keep from lashing out against him. She didn't have the patience for Wylan. While Lola filled in the gaps, Maya stood again and started on walking a tread through the floor with her ragged boots. Clock. Clock. Clock. Turn. And back. She needed to move. She itched with it, like a spider that kept running across her skin and she couldn't find it to slap it away. And all the while, Wylan remained quiet. Lola might as well have been talking to a wall. Quiet, she reminded herself, but alive. Maybe he's conserving his energies for something productive, she mused, with a side-long look at him. He did that, sometimes - went quiet while he tried to puzzle something out. For the moment, he was too slow. Maya opened her mouth. "Long before we showed up at Hogwarts like uninvited dinner guests, Wylan and I had planned to get off the island," she said. "Gwynthr was going to stay behind with you lot. We were nearly packed and ready to go." Here she flapped a hand as if the details of this part weren't necessary. "We were going to Apparate off - there's a spot we have in the country where we'd left a Muggle truck to get around in, so that we wouldn't have to... depend on magic so much." "Our packs are gone," Wylan informed her, his voice a crinkle of paper. That meant supplies, extra clothing, non-perishables, keys. "I can hot-wire it," Maya nodded. Wylan had enough energy, apparently, to raise his brows at her. "I read it in a book once," she retorted. She dropped her hands from where she'd crossed them over her chest and looked at Lola. "The sooner the better. I don't think Thaddy or those wizards expected us to come back, so we'll have to try the ferry." Her eyes drifted over to Olive's ragged form. "We'll have to clean her up and make her look presentable, otherwise we're going to attract Muggle attention, too."
  15. The Ministry is reporting that Harry Potter, head auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and famed Boy Who Lived, will be hosting a press conference on February 23 to discuss the Ministry’s report on the November 8 werewolf attack at Hogwarts. So far, the ministry has released only an embargoed copy of the report. A spokesperson for the Office of Harry Potter acknowledged that the report will be discussed during the press conference and will be released in conjunction with the event. When reached for comment, Harry Potter also acknowledged the difficulties of the past few months. “Our thoughts, like always, are with those students who were affected. This attack has made it clear that our department needs to prepare better for a world without Death Eaters, and as a result, we will be working harder than ever to ensure the safety of everyone in our community.”
  16. Trudy Veritas


    “If you can get me out of here, that information is yours,” Trudy said without hesitation. It did not occur to her that she might want to ask what this mysterious Mr. Handley-Mills want to do with the information. Trudy, after all, was desperate. “Just get me out of here. Please,” she whispered, eyes darting around to see if any of her guards were listening to the conversation. She didn’t regret her actions, but boy was she ever pissed that the show had been taking its sweet team with its legal team. However, her chance had come to her anyway. ”And any other information I get,” Trudy added, in case this stranger was having second thoughts. “Any other information I get is yours.”
  17. As the investigation into the November 8 attack winds down, noted conservative activists Michael and Insley Jacobin have begun calling for Harry Potter to step down from his post as Chief Auror. “Although Harry Potter has earned his title as The Boy Who Lived and spent decades of his life in service to the wizarding community, it is time that he step aside. The fact that his granddaughter, @Avery Potter, was turned into a werewolf during the attack, means that he cannot be trusted to act impartially on behalf of wizardkind. It is quite likely that because of this personal connection, we will see further attacks beyond those that have occurred at Hogwarts and in Livepool,” the Jacobins said in a joint statement. The Office of Harry Potter had this to say when contacted for comment, “Although we respect the right of the Jacobins to freely express their political views, it is horrifying that they would treat Harry Potter’s granddaughter as a political bargaining chip.” The Minister’s Office did not respond with a comment in time for publication on whether they would consider replacing Harry Potter.
  18. Titania Baddour

    The world may be long for you, but it'll never belong to you

    It was 7 o’clock in the morning and the bloody dragons were awake. Riley rubbed his eyes raw in frustration, at once realizing he was scrabbling against stone flooring, bedded with dry leaves. He was naked but not cold but getting there fast. The dragons were yawning, squawking, talking. He swore, so loudly the syllable echoed around the room (a large, bolstered stone shed with a large, bolstered wood door) that it bounced back at him a dozen times. He clapped a hand over his mouth and swore again, more softly this time, and stood up to take his clothing off a hook on the back of the door (trousers, shirt, a leather cloak much softened by years of use). He had slept through his transformation again. In one sense it was shameful; in another, ideal. He had always hated his wolf form, hated the urges and the purging of humanity from his already frugal, unimpressive body into a malnourished-looking wolf-thing who didn’t even have the brains or personality to make up for all its other shortcomings. But if he’d taken the time to cultivate the lupine side of him, as Titania had explained every full moon day since Riley had been at Helvellyn (which was an effing LOT by now), maybe he would feel better, maybe he would be proud of the body he lived in each month. Maybe he would stoke new potential, become better, become happier with himself and accept his fate as a monster more easily. Riley had scoffed so, so many times about the ill logic in all of it, but the truth was: he felt worse sleeping through his transformation than he would have done suffering through it. Being unconscious all night always left him groggy and discombobulated, weak and sore despite not having done anything. He was never proud when he woke, only safe, and in times like these, that was a very tipsy state to be. Brushing dead leaves off his clothing Riley knocked hard on the shed door, knowing it only unlatched from the outside, and waited for Titania to come release him. After a minute’s wait (the girl was always awake at sun’s rise), he pounded again, furiously, getting cross now and craving coffee. And scones, buttered and jammed. And maybe some bacon… But Titania didn’t come. No one came. Riley sighed and made to pick up the book he’d brought in to pass the time, if he needed, but it was wet, pages yellowed. He’d peed on it in the night. “Effing great,” he muttered, tossing the tome down and wiping his hands on his cloak, still waiting and waiting and waiting… And then: the sound of a grate erupting suddenly into life. Delilah. Riley swore again, more loudly than ever. The attacks. They had listened on the wireless, been helpless to help. Riley had been sure he would vomit. And now…the wolves involved would be on the run. On the run…or dead. “DELILAH!” he screamed, all pretense and drowsiness dissolved. “DELILAH, IS THAT YOU?!”
  19. Lian Pearce-Weaver

    Healer Station #4

    Lian shuffled dazedly across the Great Hall, broken hand cradled to her chest, familiar places and faces barely making a dent in her awareness. An emotional numbness had been overtaking her ever since Richard Fowler left her in the Hufflepuff stands. The pain and fear of this evening had eclipsed one twelve-year-old brain’s ability to process them. She knew things, felt things, as mere shadows of themselves. A face she recognized. A kid she’d seen in the dueling chamber a few times, unconscious and covered in blood. Learning that more than just the first-years had been attacked. Wondering where her cousin was. Missing her dads. The Slytherin’s right hand was numb and curiously heavy, which made it harder to worry about all her blood and broken bones. After all, everyone else seemed to have those too. Lian looked around for a healer who wasn’t too busy with someone in graver trouble, who didn’t already have tons of other students to look after. She didn’t mind waiting, she could accept waiting, if only she could sit a moment. She’d take anything—a cot, a chair, a patch of floor. She just wanted to shut her eyes. I know him, that disconnected awareness thought briefly at the sight of @Richard Stafford sitting nearby, but this time Lian did a double-take. Merlin only knew why she found her vision suddenly swimming with tears. Oh, the numbness had been better, but now she hurt in ways magic couldn't touch. “Richard!” she exclaimed, swaying on the spot and reaching out her maimed right hand to him before remembering why she shouldn’t move that one. “Are you…? Where did you…?” She sniffled, and found she couldn’t finish any of the questions. “I’m sorry,” she blurted instead, tears scalding through the sweat on her cheeks, “I’m so sorry.” Lian had tried so hard to protect him, to fly them both higher than a werewolf could jump. Her broom hadn’t been able to do it, but that still felt like Lian’s fault, somehow. She finally let her knees fold, driven down by the weight of what she’d failed to do. Lian was run over by a werewolf. Seriously. She has minor clawing across her stomach (her uniform took most of that) and her right hand is, QUOTE from my wolf, “more obliterated than not”. This comes in the form of crushing breaks and a claw mark across her palm. Auror Fowler did a numbing spell on her hand but indicated that the breaks were extensive enough to need skelegro, and that he couldn’t heal them himself. Also, /late. Sorry.
  20. Adele Ellsworth Nott

    I never trust my feelings, I waited for the remedy

    “Highly unlikely,” Del deadpanned back. Her magic was mussed and museless when unprovoked; she’d never find the power to fix even the tiny shrimp radio on her own. She’d sooner trust Honorine or even Gulliver to take up the task… The wine in her belly turned to ice at the thought of her children. She hadn’t not been worried before, hadn’t not been terrified, but had felt some gut surety that even fate would be too cruel to hand her a werewolf son or daughter. That her lesson had to be taught in a different way, a more difficult way than being forced to continue to love a child that had become something she had abhorred for so long. Unconditional love was too easy an out for the likes of her. She let Miles take her hand and escort her gently into the fireplace, feeling a rush of gratitude for this man: her friend, through all and everything, in spite of what cruelties she’d done to him. A good person, Miles Weber. And not just because he had shared his wine. “I’m up early,” she told him, the green flames in front of her eyes casting him in emerald. “Call when there’s news.” She gave him one last nod, stated her destination, furrowed her brow, and whooshed away. Fin.
  21. LIVERPOOL--The wizarding community in Liverpool was rocked by tragedy the night of February 5, when transformed werewolves attacked a party that was taking place in a local park that’s frequented by wizard families. Reports have emerged in the last few days of numerous casualties both at the party, and of muggle bystanders in the surrounding area. Last night, The Daily Prophet was informed that the Werewolf Capture Unit was able to track down and capture the werewolves who were responsible. A representative from the Werewolf Capture Unit, Albert Humphrey, had this to say when reached for comment: “While the werewolves who were captured in Liverpool do not have links to the November 8 attack, those captured have expressed sympathy and admiration for those werewolves involved. They claimed that they targeted the community on the night of the full moon with the express intention of turning more wizards into werewolves. Their trials in front of the Wizengamot have been set for February 20.”
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  23. Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

    There's something you need to know

    Aurora looked at Harmony, noting how the girl was looking away when she checked on the wound, or closing her eyes. Well, she supposed she could understand that. It happened all the time in St. Mungo's. Patients just didn't want to face the nature of their injuries, but there was a hard truth to them, and they needed to open their eyes and ears and listen so she could give them all the information they needed so they could adapt. "That was a very brave thing for you to try and do," Aura said, "but werewolves--when they aren't on their potions--are dangerous. It takes several full grown, experienced wizards to keep one from hurting anyone else, let alone a young girl such as yourself." She looked at Harmony squarely and nodded her head. "You're right, though. That's not an ordinary wound. It's a bite mark. I'm so sorry, but come the next full moon, the process will be complete. You will transform. "But... If you have any questions, I am here. I have several friends who are werewolves, and I can put you in touch with any one of them. They would be happy to write to you, and answer your questions. I have every confidence that you will be responsible about this, Harmony. I can already tell just how smart you are--like your grandmum." Since @Minister Granger-Weasley was the only one in the Granger-Weasley family Aura knew anything about... She opened her arms for the young girl and brought her in for a hug. "It's going to be alright, Harmony. I'm going to help you through this."
  24. Aurora smiled at Julian, though it was a sad smile. He was a strong young lad, and this whole evening was such a mess that he didn't deserve to be caught up in. Of course, the young Slytherin would focus on the use of the charm that gave them more privacy than a hospital room alone. "It's standard procedure," she assured him. "Everything that is discussed between us falls under healer - patient confidentiality. What you and I discuss, from a papercut, to... the marks on your neck stays between us, with one small caveat, which we'll get into..." The healer took a long, drawn out breath, steadying herself. She'd delivered bad news on countless occasions, and had gone through her fair share of failures and helpless cases. She had seen it all--even this--before, but that didn't make it any easier to look at this boy and say, "Julian, those aren't scratches." She gave his good shin a small squeeze of support with her hand, but that was hardly enough. "It's a bite mark, Julian. I am sorry to say that... you are...." She sighed. "Bullocks. You know what happens when you're bitten by a werewolf, yes? Come the next full moon, the process will be complete. You will transform. If you have any questions, I am here. I have several friends who are werewolves, and I can put you in touch with any one of them. They would be happy to write to you, and answer your questions." Merlin, she felt so sorry for this young boy, and couldn't help but shift closer to him and wrap her arms around him comfortingly. "I'm going to help you through this, Julian. I promise."
  25. Edward Borage

    Time to Stand United

    It was clear that whatever the Headmistress had intended, it wasn’t this. Edward watched, silently for several minutes, debating on what - if anything - he should do. It was certainly something he would never have witnessed back in Brazil. And that wasn’t because the kids there were any different. He had seen plenty of food fights in his time but the lack of control of the teaching staff? And the flagrant disregard of their authority? No, that he had never thought to see. They didn’t even stop when detentions were dished out! And because the issues were still being played out Edward did the only logical thing, he took out a notebook and started scribbling down notes with an occasional picture of the wild scenes before him, ducking away when any food came flying his way.
  26. Behati Gadot


    The low turnout was disappointing for her, but Bee knew that taking on such a bold opinion at Hogwarts, especially during a time when tensions were so high, was a very bold risk for most people at school to do. So, she couldn’t fault those who felt the same way she did but didn’t have the confidence to openly express them. She didn’t want to put a target on their backs as well. However, she was pleasantly surprised to see @Arwa Hashmi-Andrada‘s face at the meeting. She recognized the Gryffindor girl’s voice from Trudy’s show: she’d called in expressing her newfound fears of the werewolves at school, but had quickly hung up before Behati could even respond. It was nice to know that there were those in her year who hadn’t completely drank the kool-aid. “Yeah, doggo really was an odd choice for a title,” she went along with @Ryan Buratsche with a wink. That was a great plan on his part. She stood in the middle of the room now, staring curiously at Arwa. “Well, what do you want to happen to them?” She asked. Bee couldn’t see how they could all coexist at school. There were too many what ifs for expulsion to not be the best solution. “Our first order of business is to present the factors that others aren’t thinking about in this whole equation. I admit that I was a bit rash in my approach in the Great Hall, but we have questions that deserve answers, and factors that nobody is actually considering. Like who’s actually monitoring the eleven students who are now infected with lycanthropy? Who’s making sure that they’re all getting their proper doses at the proper times? And how many cases of werewolf attacks have happened this past decade just in Great Britain alone, not to mention the whole wide wizarding world?” “And who is funding all of this wolfsbane? The Ministry can’t afford to issue wolfsbane for all the werewolves in Great Britain, but somehow Hogwarts has the funds and the manpower to give all eleven infected students a week’s worth of wolfsbane every month? Something doesn’t sound right.”
  27. Prince A. Charming

    And I'm so down caught in the middle

    His brain was all over the place. He couldn’t stop and think about one thing because so much had happened. He had so many questions. He… didn’t understand anything. Atticus was muggleborn and had been confused since the moment he had found out he was supposedly magical. He had never liked the idea of going to Hogwarts and was often scared while there. All he’d ever wanted since finding out was to also find out that it had all been a dream and he wasn’t magical at all. The Gryffindor tried to focus on what the healer was saying but it was hard when there were flashes of the attack in his mind and so much action in the Great Hall at the same time. How was he supposed to keep up when she knew what she was talking about and he didn’t? She did ask him, though. And he wondered if he should admit that he had no idea what she was talking about. He had been keeping his blood status quiet since starting school because he didn’t want people to know he was clueless. But he had to admit it now. This was a serious matter and he doubted the woman would make fun of him for being muggleborn. He opened his mouth and said, “No… my friend, Sam, said that the man was a werewolf.” That was all he knew. He hadn’t heard much of werewolves at school and had honestly thought that they were as much a myth in the magical world as they were in the muggle one. It hadn’t occurred to him that they were real. The thought made him wonder about vampires and other myths and legends that the muggle world only mentioned in fairy tales. After a few beats he added, “I’m muggleborn,” so that she wouldn’t think he was an idiot for not knowing anything. He didn’t care much what people thought of him but he didn’t like the idea of sounding stupid. And he supposed he just didn’t want to be judged while he was already down for the count. He had nearly died and was still in a grim state. He didn’t need people thinking he was dumb too.
  28. CG: This is Chad Goldleaf, reporting this morning from Liverpool, where officials have notified us that there have been multiple casualties as a result of a werewolf attack. Full details on the victims have not yet been released, but we are receiving reports that their injuries are consistent with those given by a werewolf. I’ve also received word that the Hogwarts Board of Governors is calling for increased security at Hogwarts as a result of the attack.
  29. Harry Potter

    It's much harder when it's all your call

    “....how can we...” ”...You were trying to do a good thing. It’s my fault for not seeing something like this coming.” ”We’ll stand together, you know that.” The End.
  30. AP: Good morning wolves! This is Ambrose Pemberton, your host for The Daily Bark. As all of you know, I’ve been living with lyncanthropy since I was seven years old. I’ve been a publicly known werewolf since I graduated from Hogwarts. It was only then that I really was able to embrace my identity as a werewolf. Today, I want to take some time to applaud a recent statement by the Lovegood-Scamanders. I have it here with me. During this difficult time, we felt that it was appropriate to speak out against Newt Scamander’s legacy as creator of the werewolf registry. Newt was progressive for his time, but a registry was wrong then, and it is wrong now. Werewolves are part of our community, first and foremost. They are not beasts and should never be considered as such. Those are powerful words. I wonder what the Minister would have to say about this. In our next segment, we’ll be discussing solidarity with our part-vampire brothers and sisters.
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