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  2. Hello, VH. Due to recent events and previous considerations in regards to site themes, we would like to announce the site-wide plot known as The Uprising will not be continuing until further notice. Everything posted up until this point will remain, however no new articles/attacks/threads relating to The Uprising will be created. Our plot team characters will be on standby. While it is our duty to create an exciting, immersive, and interactive atmosphere for our site and its members, we feel it is much more important to help our members feel comfortable. If any of you were or are offended and personally affected by the themes surrounding this plot, we sincerely apologize and hope that you understand we would never intentionally create an environment in which you feel personally attacked. We understand that a lot of times, plots in canon and on our site can have parallels to real-life situations, but please know we did not mean for these plots to reflect so closely with real world events or circumstances. The Uprising has been in the works behind the scenes since 2013. We will be taking this hiatus to re-evaluate and bring you more fictional and fiction-focused events. We ask during this time of reflection that we all be kind to one another. Please PM @Egg or @Birdwhistle with any questions. Thank you, Egg & Birdwhistle
  3. Minister Granger-Weasley

    Your First Day With Minister Granger-Weasley

    At some point as students were responding, movement in Hermione's peripheral caught her attention. Ministry officials marched towards the Minister as their patience ran out and escorted her out of Hogwarts in a flash. She was unable to offer further remarks. --- This thread has ended. Thank you for your participation.
  4. Daily Prophet

    Magic VANISHED!

    The Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Law Enforcement confirmed reports today that the village of Bradwriaeth, Wales, suffered a similar attack to that Gwaed, where dozens seemingly lost their ability to perform even the most basic magic. However, while villagers in Gwaed regained their abilities within the span of three days, it has been a week and a half since villagers in Bradwriaeth were attacked, and their magic shows no signs of returning. A source with the Ministry spoke anonymously with us about the attack. "Officials have been monitoring the attack since it happened, but haven't wanted to speak to the media because of the unusual conditions that occurred here in Bradwriaeth. Villagers reported seeing individuals with vampire features who carried wands, and nobody wants to insight a panic over the potential loss of powers." While we were not able to get a spokesperson from the Office of the Minister on the record, we were able to confirm the villagers' sightings with reports of stolen wands in nearby villages.
  5. Daily Prophet

    Desdemona Warrick Found Dead

    Just weeks after several inmates were discovered missing from Azkaban following a break in, Desdemona Warrick, the 32-year-old witch who had been imprisoned for murder ten years ago and recently on the run has been found dead in Cork county, Ireland. The injuries sustained by Warrick were those of werewolf origin and indicate a struggle, however the motive is unclear as of now. Authorities are investigating clues found on the scene which may in fact be linked to Dominique Melfire and Picus Grothill who are on the top list of suspects involved in this crime as they were both thought to be spotted with Warrick several days before her death. Law enforcement from all departments of the Ministry are currently on watch in Cork and surrounding counties. If you have information that leads to the location and capture of these fugitives, the reward set by the Ministry has been increased to twenty-four thousand galleons. They ask that the public remain cautious when out.
  6. Bones DeMayer

    Enter to Win a Chance to Meet Trudy Veritas!

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Bones bawled into @Ellery Orr's lap. "THIS IS THE WORST LIFE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  7. Atrus Valentein

    40th Anniversary Announcement!

    Atrus was perusing the paper. It had been ages since he'd been back at the school. Well, maybe not ages, but definitely since the twins had graduated! He was pretty sure he didn't have any relatives at the school anymore, but if alumni were invited to the Gala he never turned down an excuse to party, especially with old friends. He called to his wife, "Sounds like it's abig year at the school... We're gonna go if we get invited, right?"
  8. Damian Wickham

    A single loose thread, and it all comes undone

    His lover's hands thumbing the tear stains from his cheeks almost got him to crying again. His skin felt like clay beneath those fingers, and he wished—sudden and fierce—that Gray could mold him into a stronger shape. Damian knew that Gray could handle all this, but that didn't mean he should have to, especially when it wasn't truly his responsibility to take on. And yet, the former Slytherin leaned into the palms holding his jaw as if they were all that was keeping him above water. Considering how much he'd been crying so far, it was probably saltwater he'd be drowning in. “We can go to Hogwarts to see Kay, and she’ll be here in about two months, anyways. She’s coming home, Damian.” Nodding, he fixed his eyes on the dip of his boyfriend's clavicle and took a deep, shaky breath. It couldn't fill his lungs because the heaviness of his heart was in the way, but it was enough to settle him again. Gray was right, of course. They could go see her, and when she came home they'd be ready to help her. Together. 'And isn't that convenient?' Something deep in his gut twisted and hissed up his spinal column. 'Someone who can pick up your messes—a pretty little emotional crutch for you to lean on.' Damian grimaced and pulled away to hide the twist of his lips, banishing the thoughts with a scrub of his hand over his scalp. He wasn't using Gray. He needed his help, and there was nothing wrong with that. He just wasn't enough on his own. Still, the idea had already sunk its fangs in deep, and he could feel the venom of it spreading. He forced himself back onto his feet, intending to take care of tonight's trouble on his own, at least—at least this, checking on Kay tonight, he could do alone. 'Not even that.' His shoulders sunk, and he held a hand out to Gray, trying to hide the trembling of his fingers by spreading them stiffly. Unable to look at him, he murmured, “I can't... get there.” Damian's voice was rough, wrestled from wherever he'd hidden the words. “Never learned. Dropped out before all that teleporting.” The glass he'd been drinking from before had rolled against his foot, and he was tempted to kick it. Instead, he glanced sideways at his boyfriend, his expression a mixture of shame and stifled desperation. “Could... could you...?” He couldn't finish. Not even that.
  9. Richard Fowler

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    In unison with the defense professor, Richard inhaled deeply and felt the smallest and briefest relief in stress levels. The kids were safe… the inflicted students and the noninflected, from each other, and from further finger pointing and blaming. Should anything go wrong tonight, at least Richard knew he helped in those regards. The moment of inner peace didn’t last long however. There was still too much to do, so much that could go wrong, and real threats happening outside the scarred stone walls of Hogwarts. He trusted his colleagues, although seemingly no one else outside of the force would nowadays, to take care of the situation as he gave a few moments to Professor Foster. “Troubled boy, indeed…” Richard shook his head to himself. The word didn’t seem enough to fully describe what young Julian, or any of the others, would have to face for the rest of their lives. Foster was right in her assessment, the auror nodded as he thought about how the circumstances, necessary as they were in his opinion, still must have affected Julian. Bottling downs feelings of offense towards her intended praise or appreciation, he dropped his auror mask to give weight to his next words. “You said it first. He’s just a troubled boy. A frightened boy. A scarred boy. I get that. I want to protect them as much as you do.” Richard meant that. “Its impossible to forget that any of them could have been any of ours, isn’t it?” Richard knew the professor was a mother. Her daughter used to be one of his biggest and most persistent fans, after all. Richard himself was a father and a grandfather, his oldest of the latter ready to start school in a short few years. Foster called him on his offer to Pigtails and Richard didn’t hesitate to nod in agreement. It made sense for an auror and a defense professor to meet up and discuss things more in depth. “That’s a good idea. I’ll even buy you a butterbeer or something stronger, if you’d like.” Below his bushy mustache, his lips twisted into a hard line once more. “Until then, keep doing what you’re doing and look out for those kids, Professor.” And with the mask back up, Richard left to support his fellow aurors, his brothers and sisters in arms, and face whatever would come out of the threats against the school.
  10. Lian Dracel-Cortes

    Break In at Azkaban, Inmates Missing!

    The paper sat in front of the vast table at the Arken Industries boardroom, the moving pictures and headlines were enough to terrify anyone. However, to the occupant of the head seat at the table, this did not seem to phase her. - "This is clearly yet another case of incompetence from Minister Granger-Weasley and her insipid government. To think,"- Lian mused, smoke billowing from the cigarette long discarded on the ashtray. - "That they jailed such an upstanding citizen like Mrs. Warrick for doing the right thing..." Of course sarcasm dripped from her silver tongue at this particular instance. Lifting the goblet to her lips and tilting it back, Lian couldn't help the sneer that followed - "I'm almost offended by this. Almost. Except, she wouldn't have been caught if she hadn't left a trail." "I'm more offended that you speak like this while I'm floating right here!" - The ghost of Aries Cleery sat, or rather floated in a seated position at her left, glaring in his former widow's direction. - "Aren't you worried about the other prisoners?" Lian turned her head, the goblet smacking lightly unto the wood. - "But of course I am. You and I know damn well what happens next, The Ministry puts up the dog and pony show and who knows when these mad bassets will show up to harm the children. But these is nothing we can do, Sebastian insists in sending his kids there." The ghost waved an arm, shaking his head. - "Then do what you need to do. I don't understand what is stopping you at this time." "The fact I think --- Gentlemen, good that you all could read a clock. Shall we begin this meeting?" It seems we'll never know Lian's opinion, huh?
  11. On August 30, Thaddeus Roseclaw, the head of SNARLL at the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, received the Philosopher's Award from the Society of Merlin for his research expanding on the dragon pox cure, first created by Gunhilda of Gorsemoor in 1437. Other notable wizards who have worked on the cure include Albus Dumbledore. The Philosopher's Award is given to the individual that the Society of Merlin feels has contributed the most to the fields of herbology, healing, or magizoology within the past year. Although the award was not presented last year, the Society made the decision to honor Roseclaw for his work in continuing to perfect this cure so that no one will ever have to suffer from this disease again. When asked about Roseclaw's connections to the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve and his past controversial book about wolfsbane, a Society of Merlin member who declined to give their name for this article, brushed off concerns. "While we understand the concerns, we want to assure your readers that Mr. Roseclaw is committed to exploring all ideas possible, even if they may be controversial. As to the matter on the Reserve, it was our understanding from the report produced by the Ministry that Mr. Roseclaw had no involvement. You shouldn't spread rumors to your readers," they said.
  12. Wizarding Wireless

    Muggleborn Society Bans Werewolves

    AP: Good afternoon wolves! This is the Daily Bark, and I'm your host, Ambrose Pemberton! Some upsetting news today--M.U.D., a muggleborn society focused on promoting the rights of muggleborn witches and wizards, has chosen to ban any muggleborns who may also be werewolves from joining the group. There is speculation that this move was taken specifically to discourage the families of @Julian Pritchard and @Prince A. Charming from joining. Obviously this is a terrible development--being a werewolf doesn't make you any less of a muggleborn wizard. These students--indeed, all of the students who are currently at Hogwarts, deserve our support, listeners, especially in this trying time.
  13. LL: This is Lana Lumos with your five-minute pop culture news! As you know listener, next year will be the fortieth anniversary of Hogwarts’s rebuilding. News about the planned celebrations haven’t been made public yet, but the Midnight Prince is rumored to be exploring a contract to perform at the anniversary. We’re going to be following that story for you--you’re not going to want to miss what is sure to be the hottest ticket of the year!
  14. Chaol Edevane

    Montrose Magpies Win Quidditch League in Surprising Upset!

    Since joining the house team, Chaol had taken to keeping up with whatever was happening in the Quidditch world. He'd been holding out for the Outsider's to win (he always loved an underdog story), so it was with great disappointment that he read about their loss. "Absolute rubbish," he grumbled, tossing the sports section down on the table.
  15. Titania Baddour

    The world may be long for you, but it'll never belong to you

    Where other residents of the Helvellyn Dragon Reserve and Werewolf Sanctuary were keeping themselves warm in coats of full-moon fur or scales that held heat like igneous rock, Titania was saved from the chill by Maisie St. Elm. The two had slept intertwined on the lumpy, lumber-armed sofa in front of the fire, fast asleep only after hours of fevered fictions and mythologies spouted from their reddening lips. The fire must have gone out sometime in the small hours because when Titania awoke the only parts of her that weren't bitter with the stony cold of hut-mornings were where her skin and Maisie's skin touched: gaps of free flesh had her gasping and trundling herself back under the blankets to the snug-bug safety of her best friend's form. The wireless was spouting calming morning missives: a tired-sounding anchor spoke of the weather then segued into the resident Seer's dawning horoscopes. Muffled by the blanket, breathing in Maisie's warm woolly breath and thinking of making tea but not feeling that her toes or fingertips were ready to touch the barren metal of the pot yet, Titania nonetheless felt the nag of something not-right. Inklings and suppositions, an itch far out she could not reach, the young woman tried to unburrow what it was that was causing her trepidation. It wasn't until the Seer mentioned the moon that Titania realized: Last night was a bad night. As the reports came in she held a dozing Riley-wolf in her arms, fingers linked around his dogged wrists. Maisie held her ribs and helped her breathe, gave her sips of wine, used shhhhs to great effect. When the reports concluded they carried Riley to his shed, locked the door, gone back inside to finish the wine and tell stories that were really only thinly-veiled memories of their wolfish wishes from childhood. Trickles of ice ran down her spine, over her shoulderblades, and around the back-half of her ribs. She flung the blanket off smoothly; floated fast to standing and made for the kitchen. Ian was here somewhere, likely out already with the dragons, though, and in any case Titania had no time to think before she heard the howling outside: softer stuff than the previous night's calling from the wilds as werewolves turned and roamed as they ought on a night such as last. No shoes, no coat. Titania ran the three steps to the door, then the three steps down to earth, then the rest of the way to Riley and Delilah, who were caught on each other like there was a storm. They broke apart when she came nearer, Riley rubbing the wet away from his eyes with his cuff, Delilah just breathing (in itself miraculous). Her eyes were tired. Titania wanted to take her up and carry her to clouds. "Come inside," she said instead, taking Delilah by the hand and Riley, too, ready now to make tea.
  16. Jerome Chan

    End of Year Feast

    Jerome nodded sadly at the headmistress's words, because they were really sad. What happened to the school and the students were really sad. It was nice that she made the atudents feel welcome, and he hoped that all the bad feelings towards these people would go away when the next year started. That was why he was a little surprised at @Behati Gadot's words. She was a prefect and his superior, but he couldn't help but speak up. "Excuse me, but why do you think that? The werewolf students don't seem to be different. Some of them are very nice," he said politely, thinking to some of his classmates that were victims on that night.
  17. IK: We have breaking news this evening. Reginald Kneen, the President of WizFirst Bank, has been found dead. A contact in the Auror Office has informed WWN that death threats against Kneen, who reportedly had anti-goblin views, were previously investigated and determined to not be credible. Godric Grimble, a goblin who works in Gringotts’s Office of Asset Developments, has been arrested by aurors in connection with Kneen’s death. Grimble and his attorney have not yet released a full statement, but they insist that he’s innocent.
  18. CG: Good morning, this is Chad Goldleaf with the news. The Office of the Minister announced this morning that Minister Granger-Weasley will be appearing at Hogwarts in the fall to kick off the celebrations for the anniversary of Hogwarts’s rebuilding. The Office of the Minister has not yet released the contents of the Minister’s speech, but there is speculation that it will address safety concerns and give students a chance to ask questions. We will make sure to keep you updated as we learn more.
  19. Maya Castelo

    I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight

    The door shut on Lola and Olive and the spare moments of silence that descended opened the lid on entirely too much time to think. Maya dragged her sore fingers into her hair and tugged, just shy of pain, as she moved about the small cottage. Her eyes glared straight ahead without really seeing anything. The previous night felt surreal, like it had happened to somebody else—but she didn’t let herself think for a moment that it hadn’t. It did. She’d bitten her second human. She’d turned someone into a werewolf again. Her eyes flicked up at Wylan. She hadn’t noticed when he’d stalked off to find the hidden emergency packs, quiet, creepy bugger that he was. Maya followed him to the kitchen, needing to get the taste of blood out of her mouth, because saliva could only do so much, and even that was a reminder that, because of it, someone was scarred and changed for life. Nobody talked. Moments before, she’d been full of words, of action. Now? The cottage, despite the fact that there were four people in its small quarters, was deathly quiet. Like they were the only four people in the whole world, picking up the pieces after some sort of apocalypse. Nope, Maya thought grimly, making her way to the faucet and turning it on – running water, a luxury! Just us werewolves. We’re the apocalypse. Wylan skittered out of the way from under the sink, while she stuck her mouth under the stream and swished the cool water around before spitting it out. Again and again – and again – before she could convince herself to actually drink it. When she’d had her fill, she took a moment to collect herself and finally turned to Wylan. He’d always been small in stature – that was, really, one of the things that made him so effective at what he did – but now, with two packs slung over either shoulder and posture hunched from some pain he wasn’t letting on about, he looked like a shadow of himself. A grey smudge all the grimier, grittier and bloodier for whatever Hell he and Olive had gone through in here. Maya still couldn’t find what to say. The look Wylan gave her, a rare bit of expression, showed that she didn’t really need to; they were both too tired and needed to save their energy for the escape. “Wash your –“ she attempted, but then there was Lola. “As ready as we’ll ever be,” Maya growled. Then, more softly, “Thanks.” She took her new set of clothes and tossed Wylan’s his. “Quickly.” Minutes later, Maya felt a lot more comfortable standing in clothing that felt a little snug, but was dry, clean, and not grimed and scuffed. Wylan, somehow, didn’t look any more polished than he normally. “Here’s the plan, then,” Maya declared, gathering them for a small huddle. There it was: she’d been at a loss about what to say into the quiet, but now that there were tasks to take, she’d found her voice. “We make the ferry, hopefully attracting as little attention as possible – we don’t exactly know how much of what happened. Wylan, try and do that… thing you’re so good at,” she gestured obliquely at him. “Charm people?” his voice rasped, but not without a hint of amusement. “Yes. Away from us. Once we hit land again, we make for my truck. We…” she frowned at Olive. “We need to be fast. The sooner and further we’re away from here, there flacking better. Once we’ve room to breathe, we can figure out the rest.”
  20. IK: This is Isla Kelly with your evening news. Protests have erupted in Paris since the arrest of Elisa Papillon, a veela who was a person of interest in the fires that engulfed Beauxbatons’s grounds two years ago, for the murder of Marguerite Millefeuille, the Headmistress of the school. Veela advocacy groups in France are decrying the decision to arrest Corteaux, claiming that she has an airtight alibi. However, officials from France’s ministry have issued a statement that includes substantial evidence for the charge. We will continue to monitor this case as it continues to develop.
  21. Abi Slater

    Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon

    It all felt so numb - but perhaps numb was for the best. Numb was better than agony, the torture of claws and fangs raking lines of fire through flesh. Abi squeezed her eyes shut. She couldn't stop the images of a werewolf leaping towards Angel, pouncing atop Jeramie, sinking its teeth right into his shoulder. Bitten. Bitten, the healer said. The words rang around Abi's hollow chest, as she wrung her hands on her lap. Why'd it have to be him? She found herself questioning why it couldn't have been some other first year, but then immediately felt guilty for thinking such thoughts, and banished them to the darker recesses of her mind. Her eyes, normally bright and filled with daring, now furtive and fearful, glanced quickly towards Jeramie. She locked into the bandaging, and it was only through a great amount of determination was she able to pull her gaze away. Plucking together any remaining strands of courage left within her, Abi gently sidled up closer against Angel. "I'm sorry," she wanted to say to her sister, but the words were too choked up in her throat to vocalise. To apologise was to admit the truth and face the fact that she'd failed her family, and right now, she didn't have it in her to be that brave. It was easier to deflect, to push the burden of responsibility onto someone else's shoulders, and in this case, the only person her guilt could unfairly target was Eppy. "You can fix him though, can't you?" Abi croaked. "You're a healer, so you can fix him. Fix him! Make him better. There must be something, a spell or a potion that you learn to be a healer, that you can make. Go on, do it already!"
  22. Anderson Potter

    Searching low and high.

    He knew his sister. He knew that she needed him there in the morning. She and @Harmony Granger-Weasley both. He always waited outside the Hospital Wing for them in the morning. He gave them hugs and escorted them to breakfast where he made sure they ate enough so that they could start to regain their strength. He was turning into a helicopter family member but he didn't want them to feel alone and he didn't want anyone giving them a hard time. Plus, he felt responsible. If he had been stronger, he might have been able to save them from this fate. But he'd been silly and weak. He'd been no use to them at all. It would haunt him forever. They kept walking and he made sure to keep an eye out. He kept looking in every direction. He knew that he needed to be on high alert. Sure, they were with an auror, but she was only one. The werewolves had proven that they could easily take down one auror. And what if the attackers weren't werewolves? What then? Was there something worse? The thought was terrifying and he clutched his sister closer, "I'll be there in the morning," he said matter of factly.
  23. Prometheus Saintcross

    sooner than later I'll need a savior

    "He's healing." "Good!" Prom said, mustering the enthusiasm to try to make it sound like it really was positive, even though nothing about any of this felt even remotely positive. The fact that things had dissolved so far that healing from heinous injuries was a bright spot in the day. Angel went on about being kicked out since she wasn't injured, and then tried a bit of levity about flying. "I'm glad you weren't injured," he said again. He realized they could have all died, so he was pretty glad that hadn't happened. He flexed his fingers in hers. "Yeah, now I have a really good excuse not to fly ever again. Although really, if I was better at it, I might have escaped instead of slowing you down." He paused. "Thanks for coming back for me," he said quietly. "You could have been... well. You shouldn't have."
  24. IK: Good evening, this is Isla Kelly. An earlier story that was presented by WWN News stated that Caster Williams, the suspected Hogwarts vandal, is half-giant. That was incorrect. In fact, Williams has no part-human ancestry. Thank you for listening as we continue to bring you the latest information on this story.
  25. Alyssa Hoofer

    Your head is hangin' and you still got some fight

    For one glorious moment, she was holding Dorjee in her arms and kissing him, and he kissed back. Alyssa felt happiness and excitement. The school was in chaos and yet, she was experiencing her very first kiss. Her excitement turned to horror when Dorjee suddenly collapsed on the ground. Alyssa stood staring down at him in shock before kneeling down beside him. “Oh Dorjee, I’m so sorry,” she said taking one of his hands. Now that she was aware of the scene going on around her; she felt terrible now. Her fellow fourth years were hurt, and Dorjee was worse off than she’d thought, and yet all she could do was kiss him. She wished she had the strength to lift him up, but she’d always been a bit of a weakling. “Is there anyone that can help?” Alyssa asked helplessly to no one in particular.
  26. Jack Dare


    “We also have Jeramie, but he’s probably keeping Julian company.” "He is," Jack confirmed. "I saw the two of them together." Jack felt guilty that up until this moment it had not occurred to him to be worried for Jeramie and had only had Julian on his mind, but Jeramie had been distant with Jack since his injury and downright hostile ever since he'd returned from the holidays a recognized werewolf. Jack had tried hard to be friendly and solicitous to him only to be repeatedly rebuffed. It was no excuse though, Jack told himself, and he resolved to try even harder to be Jeramie's friend if they both should survive the night. Thankfully Jack's worry for his own survival was soon dispelled when the headmistress made her announcement. "What do you think it was?" Jack asked Simon. "Do you think it was the bad werewolves or do you think it was whoever has been threatening us with all the posters?" As they were commanded to line up by houses Jack realized he should find his buddy again, although he didn't want to. He was still afraid and staying with his mentor seemed safer than pairing with other first years. It was unkind to think it, but Prometheus wasn't the greatest at aggressive spellwork. Even Jack was better, which was saying quite a bit. With that in mind Jack felt guilty about not being at Prom's side to offer protection (such as it was). He looked through the crowd until he spotted his friend embracing Angel. For some reason this made Jack feel mildly resentful without knowing why. Jack lingered near Simon. He thought perhaps it really was more prudent to stay with his mentor. That was the reason people had mentors after all. (People mentioned: @Simon Reed, @Jeramie Slater, @Julian Pritchard, @Prometheus Saintcross, @Angelique Slater)
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