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  2. Ruth Champlin

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    If only she’d been gifted with the talent of laser-vision, Ruth very well might’ve burned a few holes into Foster’s skull in that moment. It was difficult for her to wrap her mind around someone being so irresponsible; going on and uttering suggestions while the seriousness of the situation at hand was still known. Let a child take the lead? Did she want him to get caught in the crossfire? But the damage had been done; the Slytherin boy took off and the second that followed found Ruth trapped in a snare of indecision. They couldn’t let him go, but any other option to stop him didn’t sound ideal either. Would only insight further panic, further distrust, fear… Richard was much quicker to make a decision. The woman watched on as her partner ran ahead and managed to stop the child before he got too far ahead of them. A sigh of relief escaped her then and she turned back to address one of the other kids nearby. “We’ll be at the wing soon, don’t worry.” With the group finally subdued, it was much easier to close the distance between themselves and the wing more quickly. They were nearly there when the sight of Rayya approaching stopped them. And instantly sent a wave of relief flooding into Ruth’s soul. “You’re an angel, Rayya” the woman piped as her eyes fell upon the faces of the Potter children. In more ways than one, even; none of them would’ve escaped this ordeal alive if even a single hair were harmed on those kids’ heads. An emotional moment seemed to pass between them in the time that followed; softening Ruth’s expression instantly. “Everyone will be fine” she assured them, and when it seemed that everyone was secure she went to lead their little group off again. Just down one more corridor and then there they arrived: at the Hospital Wing. “Extra security will be present at all entrances through the night” Ruth mentioned as she ushered the children inside. “You will be safe here. Everyone will make sure of that.”
  3. Last week
  4. Abi Slater

    Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon

    It all felt so numb - but perhaps numb was for the best. Numb was better than agony, the torture of claws and fangs raking lines of fire through flesh. Abi squeezed her eyes shut. She couldn't stop the images of a werewolf leaping towards Angel, pouncing atop Jeramie, sinking its teeth right into his shoulder. Bitten. Bitten, the healer said. The words rang around Abi's hollow chest, as she wrung her hands on her lap. Why'd it have to be him? She found herself questioning why it couldn't have been some other first year, but then immediately felt guilty for thinking such thoughts, and banished them to the darker recesses of her mind. Her eyes, normally bright and filled with daring, now furtive and fearful, glanced quickly towards Jeramie. She locked into the bandaging, and it was only through a great amount of determination was she able to pull her gaze away. Plucking together any remaining strands of courage left within her, Abi gently sidled up closer against Angel. "I'm sorry," she wanted to say to her sister, but the words were too choked up in her throat to vocalise. To apologise was to admit the truth and face the fact that she'd failed her family, and right now, she didn't have it in her to be that brave. It was easier to deflect, to push the burden of responsibility onto someone else's shoulders, and in this case, the only person her guilt could unfairly target was Eppy. "You can fix him though, can't you?" Abi croaked. "You're a healer, so you can fix him. Fix him! Make him better. There must be something, a spell or a potion that you learn to be a healer, that you can make. Go on, do it already!"
  5. Anderson Potter

    Searching low and high.

    He knew his sister. He knew that she needed him there in the morning. She and @Harmony Granger-Weasley both. He always waited outside the Hospital Wing for them in the morning. He gave them hugs and escorted them to breakfast where he made sure they ate enough so that they could start to regain their strength. He was turning into a helicopter family member but he didn't want them to feel alone and he didn't want anyone giving them a hard time. Plus, he felt responsible. If he had been stronger, he might have been able to save them from this fate. But he'd been silly and weak. He'd been no use to them at all. It would haunt him forever. They kept walking and he made sure to keep an eye out. He kept looking in every direction. He knew that he needed to be on high alert. Sure, they were with an auror, but she was only one. The werewolves had proven that they could easily take down one auror. And what if the attackers weren't werewolves? What then? Was there something worse? The thought was terrifying and he clutched his sister closer, "I'll be there in the morning," he said matter of factly.
  6. Earlier
  7. Prometheus Saintcross

    sooner than later I'll need a savior

    "He's healing." "Good!" Prom said, mustering the enthusiasm to try to make it sound like it really was positive, even though nothing about any of this felt even remotely positive. The fact that things had dissolved so far that healing from heinous injuries was a bright spot in the day. Angel went on about being kicked out since she wasn't injured, and then tried a bit of levity about flying. "I'm glad you weren't injured," he said again. He realized they could have all died, so he was pretty glad that hadn't happened. He flexed his fingers in hers. "Yeah, now I have a really good excuse not to fly ever again. Although really, if I was better at it, I might have escaped instead of slowing you down." He paused. "Thanks for coming back for me," he said quietly. "You could have been... well. You shouldn't have."
  8. IK: Good evening, this is Isla Kelly. An earlier story that was presented by WWN News stated that Caster Williams, the suspected Hogwarts vandal, is half-giant. That was incorrect. In fact, Williams has no part-human ancestry. Thank you for listening as we continue to bring you the latest information on this story.
  9. Alyssa Hoofer

    Your head is hangin' and you still got some fight

    For one glorious moment, she was holding Dorjee in her arms and kissing him, and he kissed back. Alyssa felt happiness and excitement. The school was in chaos and yet, she was experiencing her very first kiss. Her excitement turned to horror when Dorjee suddenly collapsed on the ground. Alyssa stood staring down at him in shock before kneeling down beside him. “Oh Dorjee, I’m so sorry,” she said taking one of his hands. Now that she was aware of the scene going on around her; she felt terrible now. Her fellow fourth years were hurt, and Dorjee was worse off than she’d thought, and yet all she could do was kiss him. She wished she had the strength to lift him up, but she’d always been a bit of a weakling. “Is there anyone that can help?” Alyssa asked helplessly to no one in particular.
  10. Jack Dare


    “We also have Jeramie, but he’s probably keeping Julian company.” "He is," Jack confirmed. "I saw the two of them together." Jack felt guilty that up until this moment it had not occurred to him to be worried for Jeramie and had only had Julian on his mind, but Jeramie had been distant with Jack since his injury and downright hostile ever since he'd returned from the holidays a recognized werewolf. Jack had tried hard to be friendly and solicitous to him only to be repeatedly rebuffed. It was no excuse though, Jack told himself, and he resolved to try even harder to be Jeramie's friend if they both should survive the night. Thankfully Jack's worry for his own survival was soon dispelled when the headmistress made her announcement. "What do you think it was?" Jack asked Simon. "Do you think it was the bad werewolves or do you think it was whoever has been threatening us with all the posters?" As they were commanded to line up by houses Jack realized he should find his buddy again, although he didn't want to. He was still afraid and staying with his mentor seemed safer than pairing with other first years. It was unkind to think it, but Prometheus wasn't the greatest at aggressive spellwork. Even Jack was better, which was saying quite a bit. With that in mind Jack felt guilty about not being at Prom's side to offer protection (such as it was). He looked through the crowd until he spotted his friend embracing Angel. For some reason this made Jack feel mildly resentful without knowing why. Jack lingered near Simon. He thought perhaps it really was more prudent to stay with his mentor. That was the reason people had mentors after all. (People mentioned: @Simon Reed, @Jeramie Slater, @Julian Pritchard, @Prometheus Saintcross, @Angelique Slater)
  11. Wizarding Wireless

    BREAKING: Hogwarts Vandal Caught!

    CG: This is Chad Goldleaf, reporting this morning that the individual responsible for a series of disturbing vandalism incidents that Hogwarts has been apprehended by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The individual responsible, Caster Williams, an office clerk for the Werewolf Capture Unit, reportedly used a high-level spell that attached itself to Hogwarts’s wards, allowing him to perpetrate his crimes from a distance. Williams, who is half-giant, lost several family members in the Liverpool werewolf attack. A spokesperson from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement also told us that they are looking into a possible connection between Williams and the false alarm that was triggered three days ago at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.
  12. Madeline Slater

    Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest

    Maddie really did not want to be the voice of reason. She wanted to bound over whatever barriers blocked their path (but clearly not the werewolves') and demand answers. Normally she'd have been able to parse out the logicality of it, determine a course of action with the best chance of success. She had not a Gryffindor impulsivity but rather a Slytherin need to self-preservation. But that went at odds now with the preservation of her children, and her own well-being wouldn't compare. Everett was more than ready to meet whatever awaited them, consequences be damned. And she admired that about him, usually. The determination was etched on his face, as she lit the darkness around them. She was about to respond when a voice pierced through the silence. It was somewhat familiar, though she had trouble placing it with certainty. The man attached to it arrived in short order, and Everett put his hands up in surrender. Maddie held her wand close enough to examine the man's features. Aside from the bloodied clothing and the stumbling gait, there was something so very familiar about him. She searched her memory, finally landing on a long forgotten memory, which seemed ridiculous now given the circumstances, of being caught in a state of relative undress in the Slytherin Quidditch lockers. She took a tentative step toward him, not wanting to give him reason to go on the defensive, but also wanting to make sense of the scene in front of her. Everett demanded answers, but Maddie tilted her head in question. "...Julian?!"
  13. Harry Potter

    The Official Press Conference on November 8

    “You are correct,” Harry said, when he called on the Defence professor. “It was a container of wolfsbane, that was destroyed upon arrival in the Forest.” He gritted his teeth at mention of a trophy. “In terms of the container being used as a portkey, no, there was nothing in the office that could have been used as an alternative. Additionally, while we are pursuing all available avenues of investigation, we do not believe that an outside individual created the portkey.” “In fact, we have several theories on who created the portkey,” Harry nodded, “Within the report, you can see that we found evidence to show who knocked down the wards. Dorothy Harness is currently our top suspect for the individual who created the portkey.” Once he finished answering the woman, he called on a young girl who looked like she could have been the first woman’s daughter. And yet again, he was faced with the desire to jettison the talking points and stand there and speak his mind, entirely. “The Council felt that what seemed like, and what turned out to be, a coordinated attack by eleven werewolves represented a serious security emergency. Some of them are werewolf experts, yes. Some of them are defense experts.” He clenched his jaw when he said the words ‘defense experts’. “Minister Granger-Weasley made a contract with the Council members, whereby they could have the power to override her decision in an emergency situation. It was meant to prevent a situation like we faced under Cornelius Fudge, where no action was taken until it was much, much too late.” “We are taking every precaution to ensure that the authorization of unforgivables is not deemed necessary,” Harry added. “We are expanding the number of officers in our Werewolf Capture Unit, and will be increasing the amount of werewolf attack training aurors undergo in the academy.” Which was to say that they were introducing it, as many of the threats that aurors typically faced were dark wizards, not werewolves. “Well,” Harry cleared his throat. “That concludes the press conference.” Hermione owed him one. The last thing he wanted was to stand in front of the public with bloody talking points in his hands again. ---- Thank you for coming, everyone. The Press Conference on November 8 is now concluded.
  14. Rayya Borage-Brown

    Mission Orders

    Rayy looked less than thrilled to be back at a school that wasn’t likely to be friendly towards them. Another full moon, another call to arms and food left to grow cold - there was nothing to like about this and prawn toast was never edible once it had grown cold. Scanning the faces of her friends and colleagues showed Rayy that her feelings were echoed amongst the lot of them. “I’ll do a sweep of outside and then head to the Hall,” she said because she knew full well that there would be a bunch of kids skipping dinner, daring the curfew and asking for detentions. Instead of detention they’d be getting her. She turned and loped off towards the lawn and lake, casting a Disillusionment Charm on herself as she did so.
  15. Rayya Borage-Brown

    The Imminent Attack!

    Just a heads up, apparently there are a few issues with the threads above. Aurors can’t apparently post in either the common rooms nor the kitchen so Phillip and Anderson’s threads are unable to be handled. Second minor point, Phillip’s link isn’t connected correctly but It’s here if people want to follow.
  16. Taisce N. Denton

    They Can Handle Themselves

    Strange. And while she and @Nirvana Tawni hadn't exactly been close, she'd always received updated from her dad in texts every time the girl came home. The fact that she hadn't this time around meant that her half-sister had willingly chosen to stay at the school for some reason. "There's worse magic at Hogwarts, apparently," she grumbled, getting up to officially fumble with the radio more. But there seemed to be no more information regarding the strange broadcast. "Could be a fluke," she said, grabbing her mirror in case someone from the Ministry tried to get a hold of her. She, too, was stressed and overworked from the amount of paperwork she'd been sifting through the past few months. Werewolves here and there, and nothing seemed to make sense. She was no auror, but she dealt with enough legalities to know where the issues were coming from. She couldn't understand her wife's position on defending the creatures. "But if it isn't, maybe when Damaris comes back with scars you'll start seeing my point of view," she said with an angry huff before quitting with the radio. Maybe if she just... took it apart...
  17. Oliver Clarke

    The New Truth

    Oliver had a big complex project, and a big complex project meant that the WWN had to be tuned to something calming and instrumental. He wasn’t really listening to the program, and instead had been immersed by re-charming the liquor cabinet that, as a bit of a lark, had re-set itself with an age limit to open it at 117. But anybody could recognize the quick pivot from The Romanian Goblin Symphony to the monotone news brief of somebody from the Ministry. Oliver froze, the complexity of the charm work forgotten, and locked eyes with Della who sat across him, reading an enormous tome. His pulse raced and his mouth went dry. Della replaced the bookmark carefully, what he knew to be a calculated measure she took against anxiety. “I’ll try to reach Sabine and Tybalt,” she said, standing. Oliver echoed her actions, rising from his crossed-legged position on the floor. He took a shallow breath, his first in nearly a minute. “I’ll floo call Peggy,” he nodded. “And I’ll have to-” “Go into Mungo’s, I know,” replied Della. “I’ll stay until we talk to the kids.”
  18. Ruth Champlin

    Minimizing Freedom with Your Rules and Regulations

    The wood sat heavily in her robe’s pocket as Ruth looked across at the pair, weighing her down with all it had to represent. The loss of freedom, independence, an innocent man’s misery; all were securely enveloped into the very wand she’d been ordered to seize. But there was nothing she could do. Nothing but internally will Rayya ready to leave with her eyes; their stare turning to look at her with an air of urgency. The children still didn’t appear happy; quite the contrary, they’d nearly turned into a mob, and she didn’t wish to stay in any such environment any longer than absolutely necessary. “…Phillip?” the brunette questioned in a whisper, but she let it sit idly in the air when her partner turned to address Lugg again. An apology was aired; one Ruth could only manage to add to with a nod of the head. No other words were readily available to her and her legs were buzzing with the burning desire to move; one they eagerly fulfilled a split second later. She turned to leave and didn’t look back until the pair was a good distance outside the school grounds. “Next time” Ruth deadpanned in that instant, turning back to Rayya, “you’re the one doing the dirty work.” And then they disappeared.
  19. Kay Wickham

    Galen Ward is a lesson for us all

    “Uh, yeah, no thanks. I mean I’ve heard it’s not pleasant. But that’s not really the problem.” "Oh," Kay responded, thrown off by this turn of events. "I thought..." Again, she wasn't sure what she'd thought. Nothing about what was happening at school lately had been predictable to her. "Well, you could see the whole process that way," she tried, attempting to explain the train of thought that was rapidly derailing into Doubtville. "Like how they make sure it's the right stuff, and that we drink all of it--and maybe you'd feel a bit better if you could see how they make sure, or if you have suggestions to make it safer or something..." Kay trailed off, chewing on her lip and tugging on her braids, an awkward picture of uncertainty, until finally she shrugged. "Offer's there if you wanna, you can just lemme know. I'm sure you're watching the moon like most of us lately, so anytime the week before it's full you can just come along with me." The Gryffindor paused again, then grinned. "Just me, though. It'd hurt the other kids' feelings if you asked to watch, I think--but I don't mind. We should be working together." With that said, she threw two thumbs ups, and started to back away. "Alright, I'm gunna bounce, das all I got for now, seeyuuhhhhh," she finished off, shuffling into the distance with a bright smile and an abundance of enthusiasm."Be good to each other, bye!" NAILED IT.
  20. Kay Wickham

    Do You Want to Know?

    Her friend's attempt to imitate her zombie face had her coughing up the rest of the bun--and jam--into her hands and fumbling to get it back onto her plate between snorts of laughter. It was super duper gross, but the moment eased the pressure of memory that had been hanging in the atmosphere since the splattering started. This is good, Kay thought. She grabbed a sandwich and bit into it anew, spritzing Robin and the others with a fresh wave of red viscous jam. Her teeth bared, still dug into the bread as she snickered helplessly, and she knew that as long as she could still have fun with her friends, things couldn't be that bad. Not yet, anyway.
  21. Headmistress McGonagall

    Announcement from the Headmistress

    Dr. Picardy's Patented Werewolf Tracker Pins have been banned at Hogwarts. If you are in possession of such an item, you will receive detention. A second infraction will result in a meeting with the Headmistress. You have been warned, students.
  22. Jaxon Sinclair

    Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!! PUPPY POWER!!

    Jack had shown no interest in discovering the gross bigot behind the posters. Why? (It's a perfectly valid question, of course, why a werewolf wouldn't care about discovering who was smearing his name all over school.) The answer was simple, but it existed in several parts: 1. It wasn't his job. It was the staff's job to protect them from this and the harder they failed, the easier it might be to convince his parents to remove him from this literal 'hell with the lid off' building that they called a bastion of education. 2. Practically everyone was talking smack on them anyway. Finding out who posted a bunch of banners wouldn't stop the Bigot Brigade. 3. He was done giving aforementioned Brigade and their Adult Sponsor (whoever it may be) any of his precious free time. However, it was damn near impossible to say no to anything that Avery Potter asked him to do, so when he'd gotten her note, he'd dragged himself up out of Slytherin common room (and the book that Maggie had let him borrow - a gift to his sister from McGonagall herself) and made his way to the numbered corridor where he was to meet Harry Potter's lupine granddaughter. He found her with Julian Pritchard. Their last duel hadn't ended on...particularly great terms, and he'd been a bit surprised to find out that Julian was among their little troop of lycanthropes. That made him some kind of ally, evidently. "Right," he began, taking a protein bar from his pocket and stuffing half of it into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed, eyeing the wall where the posters had first appeared. "Got any opinions on it? Gotta be an adult, right? An adult picking on a bunch of kids. That's bloody rich. Hey, maybe that Veritas wench is paying someone off." Pure speculation, obviously. Jack was not a detective.
  23. The Daily Prophet has received some important information this morning--one of the November 8 werewolf attackers, Vesper Frey, spent more than a decade in Azkaban after using the imperius curse on two wizards to force them to carry out crimes for her. After Frey was released from Azkaban, she went to live at the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve. Evidence from the Ministry’s report on the November 8 attack indicate that she was one of two werewolves that broke through the wards that surround Hogwarts. Noted conservative activists Michael and Insley Jacobin, when reached for comment, had this to say. “The fact that Frey was allowed to relocate to an unplottable werewolf reserve after her sentence in Azkaban was finished allowed her to help plan an attack in peace. We call on the Ministry to make all unplottable werewolf reserves illegal.”
  24. Daily Prophet

    Win Tickets to Meet the Midnight Prince!

    LL: Thank you to everyone who called in! Our lucky winners are: Avery Potter, Juan Garcia, and Molly Stone! ————- @Avery Potter @Juan Garcia @Molly Stone expect a PM from Birdwhistle & Egg with more details!
  25. Prometheus Saintcross

    Are we denying a crisis or are we scared of admitting it?

    "Well, it's set then. You convince your parents and I'll convince mine. I'll see them tomorrow, and they'll say yes," Prom finally felt like there was a reason to leave this hospital bed and not just stay in it forever. He gave a happy sigh. "Yes, as soon as we get out of here I will," he agreed when Jack said to send an owl to his parents, forthwith. Maybe he'd even ask Whimsy to find him some parchment. Well, there were a couple weeks left to term--surely he had time. He wanted to make sure his explanation was airtight and ensure the greatest chance of success. Jack's kindness had the effect of a calming draught. Prom suddenly felt very sleepy, but in a peaceful way. He nodded absently as Jack suggested that the Saintcross family communicate their address in case of... emergency? He sort of lost the tail end of what Jack was saying. "Yeah, I'll..." he stifled a yawn, poorly. "I'll figure it out once I'm out of here..." His eyelids drooped. "Thanks for visiting...you're a good friend."
  26. Those aren’t scratches. His attempt at denial was crumbling right before his eyes. He cautiously put a hand on the back of his neck, feeling the shape of the wound. He bit his lip, trying to think of something to say. But what could you say when someone had just told you that your life was never going to be the same as it was. In a way, he’d already known that, but it was easy and comforting to pretend, if only for a few hours. Thinking about the pain of the transformation, the way werewolves were treated, and the events of the evening—it was too much. And for the first time since he was little, his face crumpled and he sobbed.
  27. Tabitha Harding-Clarke

    I can't see the future but I know it's watching me

    Tabitha didn’t know much about adults, but she did recognize the stern quiet that Mr. Lugg and the aurors were emanating from every pore. It was the same stern quiet when she’d caught her parents talking about what had happened in their Library to Silas, Grace, and Columbia, or when Dad came home looking especially ashen from St. Mungo’s some nights. She recognized the magnitude of the event, but she was a ten year old who didn’t know what the best thing to do was. She was pretty sure it wasn’t throwing rocks (@ADAM ). The group had dispersed and morphed across the playground, and one auror had left to go inside the classroom and come back outside. There was nothing different about their appearance, or what they carried, but for all Tabitha knew, they could have used a concealing charm. “Probably not,” she responded to Saroyan with a matter-of-fact tone. “Ministry people can be super secretive. You’re more likely to get Mr. Lugg to spill the beans.” She paused. “That is, if they don’t take Mr. Lugg away. It doesn’t look like they’re arresting him, what do you think?”
  28. Professor Corelli-Rose

    Ministry Opens Inquiry Into Damian Wickham As Possible Petition Suspect

    "Oh, this ought to be good," Arcite snorted - hard enough to hurt his sinuses, yes, but only such a snort could fully convey his level of derision - as he sipped his cappuccino and snapped the Daily Prophet pages straight. Moments later, he had @Damian Wickham on the phone. "Congratulations, you're reached notoriety, you American," Arcite cackled with obvious glee. "Have you seen the Prophet? It's utter drivel--" "What? No," Carson chimed in from where he was decorating a cake. "Then again, if Ickham's in the paper..." Arcite waved a hand at him. "You're about to have more customers than you know what to with!"
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