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  3. Her fingers tensed on the doorframe as he looked down at her, he looked tense and nervous and spelt but surely she found she was steadily able to pick out his emotions again. It was comforting in a way, but unnerving at the same time. She didn’t want to skip back in to old habits, not after how explosive it had ended. Beyond that, she couldn’t bring herself to toy with the way she knew Fletcher felt about her. It was already bad enough with how she allowed herself to sneak away into spaces with Juan and claim it was all business - it wasn’t. She knew full well that her words would cut Desmond deep because it hurt her to say them, even if she felt they were true and as she watched him pull back his hair with a frown on her face before he replied Seeley felt an odd urge pull at her wrist. Desmond paused for a moment and the hand that had once been adorned with his gift came away from the doorframe and slid against his cheek. It felt strange to touch him, when she hadn’t in so long and yet it had once been something so natural. But she interrupted before he could get too far into wherever it was he was headed. “Well then maybe this is just... that. I don’t know that I’m ready to go back to how it was just yet.” She said, and then pulled her hand down and crossed it over in front of her. It made sense though that he wouldn’t stop there, he’d always persisted, especially when it came to her. She kept her focus on a spot on his shirt, faded by several washings by the elves until he seemed done. “Try...again? As what, exactly? As friends? Certainly not more. Because I am with Fletcher now and I’m sure that can’t make you happy. Neither could knowing that I’ve spent time this year snogging Juan or Wyatt too but this is stuff friends talk about Des. Is it what you want to hear?” If that was what he wanted, she would lay it out in black and white and that way he couldn’t tell her later that she’d lied or kept secrets from him the way he’d been so fond of doing when they were in a relationship. She wouldn’t set herself up for a repeat hard lesson. “I appreciate your apology, but Des... I can’t go through your heartbreak again.”
  4. Dax McQueen-Trengrove

    The Water Wizards

    The fact that Dax was on the team was surprising to him. Who had allowed this to happen? He didn't think he could do that but oh well. Davis was his mentor and Chaol was fun to duel. So it was like he'd found a good group of people to be around. Or something like that. But he just hadn't figured out what he needed to say or anything like that. And right now, he was on the bench. Super great. This was totally how he wanted to spend his first game. Sitting on the bench just doing nothing. Fine. They were looking for the snitch, but they weren't even the seekers. Super great. Leaning backwards somewhat, he wanted to whine. It was far more interesting then just looking at the sky. He had liked the idea of being a beater, but seeker just seemed boring. So back to staring randomly at the sky. He could probably just stare at the sun. Someone once said that would hurt him. But that was probably a lie. Probably. Less then a minute later, "This is boringgggg."
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  6. Desmond Potter

    I'm back!

    While i am happy to be back on VH... i miss Hogwarts so much... please allow me to catch up if i missed something please @me or something to let me know Des and Alters
  7. If Desmond was that mean of a person he would make it to where she wasn’t able to leave. Just that was not who Desmond was at all. He was a soft lovable guy that made mistakes in his life. And not believing Seeley and letting something get in their was was the worst mistake he made. Though he knew that he wasn’t able to just go back in time with the information he knew now to stop his younger self was making a mistake that would hurt him for the rest of his life. He loved Seeley, he would always love her and nothing with that would change at all. Just everything else did. Pulling his hair back, he knew that he should cut and it go back to how old looks, but he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t happy anymore. Not like he once was. Desmond might have been talking to Astrid but his mind always went to Seeley. Not that she needed to know that. Seeley moved on, and Desmond should also. That didn’t mean he didn’t walk to talk. Standing there thinking that he was going to get hexed, but he didn’t and before he knew it Seeley said a few words to him. Words that stung. The one about not being friends, that hurt a lot. Seeley was his first real friend at Hogwarts and hearing that she said they were not friends anymore, it was the worst feelings. “you might think that, but I never will. Friends can go years without talking and still be friends. I just want to say.” He took a breath and was thinking about how to make this right and not screw it up. “I just want to tell you that… I know it doesn’t matter now. But for what it is worth, Sorry. I am sorry for everything. But please, please don’t tell me we are not friends. That stings more then a million bees at one time. You were my first friend, and I will never forget that.” He wouldn’t not how they became friends, when he knew he liked her, when he kissed her, when he told her that he loved her. Everything would always be there and never go away. Nothing would. “We can’t go back to what we had, but we can try again.” Try… it was the best thing possible. At least he hoped it would be.
  8. Oliver Strausser

    I'm back!

    I’m done traveling around the Midwest for a while so I’m going to be able to post more. At least for like, a month or so...
  9. Hazel Baum

    Nice Day for Climbing Trees

    Hazel had come from a magical area, sequestered away from the city in the depths of Sherwood Forest at what was known as the Tree Commune. It had wards put up to keep muggles away, and was in its own way a little sanctuary of sorts. It’s the only home she’d ever known, but now, with her arrival at Hogwarts less than a year away, her parents had decided to let her out and have experiences outside the Commune, just like Pine and Box and Spruce had done before they’d gone to Hogwarts. Overall, Hazel had enjoyed her experiences away from the Commune. She was learning a lot about the muggle world from the muggleborns she’d befriended, which was fascinating in its own right (especially learning about muggle mythology, as both G and Mary had encouraged her to do). And she was enjoying her time spent at the Ottaline Gambol Centre, particularly in the small yard that they were permitted to use during recess. Cloud watching, just walking with her bare feet in the grass, it was lovely. Nothing like the forest she came from, but a nice taste of the outdoors. The trees were sparse and carefully plotted, clearly the work of a landscaper and not the work of nature, but it was under one of these trees that Hazel found herself that day, looking up dreamily through the branches and wondering if it would be as easy to climb as the trees back home. It certainly looked straightforward enough… Hazel was about to latch onto the trunk to give it a go when a cry from above rang out and a small branch came plummeting down, landing right in front of Hazel’s bare feet (but thankfully not on her head). “Whoa! Oh, hi!” Hazel looked up at the girl who was poking her head down from the heights of the tree, calling out to her. So someone else was a tree climber, huh? Hazel beamed and nodded. “I’m fine! It didn’t hit me! Hey, mind if I come up there? I’m rather fond of tree-climbing myself,” Hazel stated, but before waiting on an answer, she made the climb to the first branch, giving the other girl a smile. “I’m Hazel! Can you see over the fence up there?”
  10. Willa Henry

    I never let my guard down but you messed me up

    Willa barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes as Zach confirmed two key things. One, he didn't like Dale and never had (though the phrase worst enemy had Willa grinning with how stupid it sounded). Two, they were going to be continuously feuding over the fact that the Kestrels were better than the Falcons and he was never going to convert her. Especially after this. "Well, it was a Kestrels game. In Ireland." She corrected simply, her own stubbornness taking priority. "And you didn't write me either. In fact, we didn't really talk about anything after Jack and Ringo..." Walked in on them kissing. Ruined a great day. There were a lot of endings to that sentence and she was going to let Zach fill them in on his own. "So I didn't even know where to find you other than France. It's a very large country and I don't have an owl at school so he wouldn't exactly know where to find a Zach Montague somewhere in France, right?" The warmth of anger had faded from her skin, though Willa wasn't ready to forgive completely just yet. Zach's willingness to listen to his brother, to brush her off without asking her anything, had left a deeper mark than she was willing to admit. "And your brother didn't just find out, he went digging." She knew he would be protective of his twin, so she said nothing else about it. But the truth was that if Gabe ever tried to come confront her about something on his own, he was more likely to be hexed before he could say anything to talk his way out of it. She knew better than to keep picking the fight with Zach, but she wasn't going to forget about this anytime soon. Hurt as she was, Willa wasn't heartless and her face finally softened as she addressed his last comment. "I thought you would have known that I don't like being made to choose." Insecurity softened her voice, even if she was forcing herself to sound happier just to cover it up. Today had already been more of a conversation about feelings than the Slytherin was prepared for, and she was starting to feel emotionally drained. Her smile didn't reach her eyes and, unlike Zach, she hadn't moved from her original spot. "If you can keep me out of your issue with him, that'd be grand. I've got enough people I want to hex to be adding this to my list... Can you do that?" Please. "Can we just go back to how it was before the Quidditch match?" For a girl who never got good marks, she sure was getting good at choosing her words carefully.
  11. Gabriel Montague

    The Bench of Greatness

    And don’t even get Gabriel started on @Dale McQueen-Trengrove. Up until now, he had been pointedly ignoring the fact that Eleanor and Honorine decided to put that big buffoon in front of the hoops rather than him. Perhaps they thought Dale’s width provided enough coverage in front of the hoops that it wouldn’t matter if he was a bit too slow, or maybe his face was already so scarred and ugly it wouldn’t matter if he got his nose rammed in by a bludger. What he wasn’t looking forward to seeing were all the claps on the back that Dale was sure to receive after the game, as their team was currently five goals up and on a good path towards winning the game altogether. Of course, in Gabriel’s opinion, every other Slytherin player on the pitch had been playing such a strong game of offense and defense that he had high doubts that Hufflepuff’s inability to get the quaffle through their hoops had anything to do with Dale’s skills. If anything, it looked to him like Dale was riding on the tailcoats of others. Gabriel was also pointed ignoring the fact that Dale seemed to be shouting something at Honorine every chance he got (mainly because he was already trying so hard not to look in Honorine’s direction at all). It hadn’t escaped his notice how chummy the two of them seemed lately, or all the flirting he’d seen taking place between them, sometimes when he was just a stone’s throw a way. It wasn’t like he cared. Honorine had made it clear how low her standards had dropped ages ago, and this was just the perfect example of what terrible taste she had these days. He needed to stop making it his job to try to set her right, tempting as it sometimes may be. But that still didn’t stop him from seeing it when it happened, maybe because the girl sitting in front of him gasped and giggled as she pointed a finger in the air when she saw it. Or maybe because a bludger he’d been tracking just so happened to be whizzing past their direction, unfortunately not close enough to hit them. But there it was in broad daylight, on display for all the school to see: Honorine and Dale with their lips locked in midair. It was mercifully short, or at least that’s what Gabriel thought at first, until he watched as she pulled the keeper towards her to kiss him again, and then brushed her lips against his ugly, scar-ridden cheek. That was not a first -kiss-between-two-people type of a kiss. That was the kind of kiss that told Gabriel had they’d snogged already, maybe even been snogging for a while, and although the drop and twist of his stomach should’ve told him how else this made him feel, it was difficult to process anything else other his rage. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY?!
  12. Fiona Weaver

    VH Mentee Sign-Ups

    Welcome back, @Artemis Eden! I'll be PMing you shortly.
  13. Lillian Wayland-Valentin

    Back in the day...

    Lillian scoffed at Maksim’s comment about not drinking her milk, rolling her eyes like a perturbed horse and giving him a playful shove. “It’s called genetics, Maksim. Plus, milk by itself is not good,” Lillian scrunched her nose. She had never much liked the taste of milk on its own and preferred alternatives like soy or coconut milk. But that was beside the point - all the females in her family were on the shorter side. At least, her mom and sister were. Lillian giggled at Maksim’s feigned wounded expression, shaking her head in disbelief at his antics. “Right, I forgot. You, a glorified thief for your living, would never steal when you’re not getting paid to do so,” Lil continued her teasing, a titter leaving her lips despite her attempts to not laugh. It was too hard not to laugh when she was around Maks, though. She gave him her best scowl as he teased her by dangling a little green velvet pouch in front of her eyes, though, feigning displeasure at his antics. “Didn’t know they put portable swamps in such small, nice packaging nowadays,” Lillian quipped with a smirk, a smirk which only widened when Maksim caught on to her suggestive tone… or perhaps he didn’t quite catch her drift? She let out an amused snicker as he asked what she’d been busy doing while he was gone, clearly missing that the things she’d been alluding to had not exactly been gifts in the normal sense of the word, but rather… giiiiifts. Wink wink nudge nudge. “Oh, you know, I did get some of our favorite takeaway for dinner tonight… so I suppose that could be your first gift. In return for one of the ones you got me, of course,” Lillian told him with a smirk. “But I was thinking more about… things we might do after dinner, y’know… like… dessert,” The brunette winked now, so that Maks really couldn’t miss where she was going with this (she hoped). “But if you’re going to be stingy with your gifts, then maybe we can skip dessert for a while… until Christmas, even,” Lil taunted, a mischievous glow in her eyes as she looked at Maksim.
  14. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    Can’t seem to quit when it comes to you

    "Really? Ask her yourself then if you don't believe me." Perhaps he should not have been so cruel to Aster and gotten her to like him again if only to use her against Julian. If he was smarter and had been more of a mastermind or manipulator in that sort of fashion, he probably would have thought about it rather than push her away. The thoughts were only occurring to him now as Julian laughed with a hideous sounding laugh in his opinion. He hated everything about the way Julian was laughing and everything about his voice too. The fact that he didn't take the bait irked him too. He managed to just restrain himself from punching the werewolf's face but he was sorely tempted to. "You're the one who doesn't seem to know crap about their own friends," he countered instead all the while still trying his hardest to resist punching Julian in the face and give him another black eye or two. "You don't know anything about me either." That much had grown clear to him over the months since they had become ex-best friends. Granted, he didn't know anything about Julian either, only that he hated him possibly more than the Montagues and Leon which was saying something. "Nasty git of a werewolf you are," he sneered, wondering if that would finally provoke the other boy.
  15. Dictionary Girl smiled. Bernie scowled. It was the one constant that plagued her life: being looked down on for her intellectual struggles. Between expulsions, being moved around, and a general apathy towards authority figures, her education had suffered immensely. Bernie’s mother would offhandedly remark they were lucky they had money now for her daughter was going nowhere in life, Rosie took delight in poking fun at her intellectual shortcomings, and Edward had tried to hire tutors, but Bernie had scared them all off. “Not inter-” she spoke with a slightly higher pitch than her usual tone, the extent to her offense betrayed in her initial response. But before she could challenge the girl, her newfound nemesis stumbled into a trap of her own making. “Yeah you know what, I’ll teach you how to play rugby if you want.” There was a grin on Bernie’s face, but it was hardly a friendly gesture…
  16. Mary Wilkins

    An easy transition, if you know the way

    The other girl introduced herself as Artemis, and offered a shortened form of her name as an alternative. "Okay, Artie" Mary smiled at her. As she sat down, across from Mary she spoke about her own family. Apparently, this girl came from a magical home as her parents had told her about Hogwarts already, and she was flying the flag for her brothers as she was also the oldest sibling. "I figured that in magical homes, you would have been told about Hogwarts already" Mary nodded "I, on the other hand don't come from a magical household. My dad is a farmer. What I know about Hogwarts was revealed to me by my brother, and his friend." Maybe Artemis automatically assumed that everyone's parents went to Hogwarts, but Mary was happy to set the record straight. When she compared herself to Joe, Mary saw a clear distinction though. "There is a difference" she pointed out "your brothers will know about the school already, but you will be able to confirm or deny your parents' descriptions." There was a sound from somewhere nearby that sent Artie reaching into her pocket. By this time, Mary was familiar with wizarding coins, having been introduced to them by Joe and having spent some herself in Diagon Alley. Her companion offered to buy her some sweets, which Mary thought was particularly generous; they had only just met. She made a mental note to return the favour sometime soon. "That is very kind of you, Artie. Thank you." Mary responded "Joe didn't believe in magic until he was offered a chocolate frog on this train. Unlike my brother, I don't need convincing but I'd be more than happy to try one."
  17. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    founded upon the observation of trifles

    Things lately were weird and confusing and he wanted to not think about any of it. Things got weirder still when he saw Jerome come up to speak to him. His eyes narrowed as Jerome spoke and he wondered what Jerome wanted. Most of the time, the people who weren't already on his bad side (or was he on their bad side) left him alone not wanting to cause trouble. The small talk was not what he expected though. Usually if other people dared to approach him, they usually had a good reason and it was not to dilly around. "Uh the dueling chamber?" he replied. "Why do you ask Chan?" He demanded, using his bigger size to push through the crowd as they walked.
  18. Artemis Eden

    Eden, Artemis

    {Family Tree}
  19. Artemis Eden

    Eden, Artemis

    {Celeb Look-a-like} I envisioned Artemis to be portrayed by none other than the lovely Sofia Carson. She's such a strong independent individual and i can't picture anyone else for little Artemis Eden. This is pretty much how Artemis will look like as she progresses through her years at Hogwarts. Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6 | Year 7
  20. Artemis Eden

    Eden, Artemis

    {Hogwarts Letter}
  21. Artemis Eden

    Eden, Artemis

    {Questionnaire I} What is your favorite color? Black If you could be any animal, what would you be? a Shark What is something you're really good at? Singing What superpower do you wish you had? definitely the ability to read minds What household chore do you hate to do? all. I have house elves. What new talent or skill would you learn if you had the chance? playing quidditch If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Zenon What is your favorite type of weather? fall and winter What's your favorite thing about your room? my large bed Would you rather play outside or inside? outside. I'm not allowed out of the house What did you get for your last birthday? A new wing was added to the manor just for me What is your favorite food? watermelon Do you share a room? With who? no my brothers are in another wing of the manor If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? South Korea What do you want to be when you grow up? singer Where do you want to live when you grow up? Paris Where did you go on your last vacation? Sweden What is something that scares you? spiders What do you want for your next birthday? my very own staff of personal stylist Who is someone you want to be like? myself. who wouldn't want to be me honestly.
  22. Artemis Eden

    Eden, Artemis

    {Personality} {pre-hogwarts} Artemis is the type of girl that despite her best judgement, she ends up doing the most outrageous things anyone could do. She isn't quiet a know it all textbook wise but when it comes to gossip or the latest rumor, she is all over it. Her curiosity and constant need to know everything often gets her into sticky situations. I see a lot of detention in her future. {History} Artemis is the older sibling of the Eden children. She has two younger brothers named Aries, 8, and Adonis, 5. Her mother and father Jasmine and Apollo own a small winery in Withernsea in Yorkshire.
  23. Artemis Eden

    School's out for summer

    OH MY GOSH! This random chick that Artemis somehow managed to meet has lived in the muggle world. They now absol-freakin-lutely HAD to become friends. Imagine all the things this girl could teach her. Oh she had so many questions. Maybe this is what it felt like to be a muggleborn being thrown into a completely different world. A world of magic. Artemis shook her head and came back to reality. She had to stop letting her mind drift off. She noticed the other girl was still talking and focused. "-Niper Keyes. It's lovely to meet you." Niper? What kind of name is Niper? Shrugging, Artemis smiled and leaned back, falling onto the grass, looking up at the sky. "Ditto. I'm Artemis but you can call me Artie if you like." What was she planning on doing next? What kind of things was there to do? Sighing, Artie looked over at Niper. "Adventure together? That would be fun! To be honest, I don't really know what there is to do. My parents don't allow my brothers and I to leave the manor unless it's out to the garden in the back or to an event my family is attending with other snooty rich people. Something about getting kidnapped or whatever. What about you? What did you have in mind?"
  24. Artemis Eden

    An easy transition, if you know the way

    Smiling, Artemis moved into the compartment swiftly and took a seat across from the girl. She sighed and set her small backpack on the seat next to her and made to get comfortable for the long journey ahead. She looked up when the girl introduced herself and smiled softly. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mary. I'm Artemis. You can call me Artie if you like." It was a only a brief moment of silence before the other girl Mary spoke up. Did Artie know about Hogwarts? Of course she did. What witch or wizard didn't? Artie nodded slowly and chuckled softly. "My mother and father have told my brothers and I a lot about the school. I'm the older sibling so I get to test out if all the rumors my parents told me about are true. Maybe then I can be like your brother and write to my younger siblings all about it." She looked the girl across from her up and down and tilted her head slightly. "Have your parents not told you about their adventures at Hogwarts?" Artemis heard the little dinging of a trolley. That must be where all the snacks were. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a handful of galleons before looking over at Mary. "My mother has always said the treats on the trolley are the best and I think I hear it coming. Would you like anything?"
  25. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    How do you sleep when you lie to me? All that shame and all that danger

    "What so you didn't get perfect Os or something, and your parents banned you from Quidditch? Jesus." To be honest, Zach's parents kind of sounded awful. And from what he had gathered of them, they were blood purists. He knew he had to have worse grades than Zach, he was practically the worst in their year. He had the worst marks in the year in both Transfiguration and Potions garnering big fat Ts that had stared at him all summer long and caused his summer to be extremely boring other than his mom letting him go out for the Quidditch game where they had managed to run into Zach and Gabe and he didn't really want to repeat any of it ever again. It was only after that he had even learned about Zach and Willa from Jack and Ringo. He didn't know why it even bothered him, it wasn't like he liked either of them, or so he had told himself a million times over. The brief moment or whatever it even was, needed to stay dead and buried. Anything else was too complicated. Still, even his mom had not banned him from Quidditch, yet. Yet being the operative word though. He was pretty sure if he got Ts in any class again he would be banned from all extracurriculars, including dueling and Quidditch. He needed Jack Dare as much as he didn't want to admit that. Jack could help him pass Transfiguration and Potions so that he would be left with As and perhaps a much needed EE in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. Zach sounded almost vulnerable too in the moment and Dale half wondered why he was even sharing this at all. But it didn't make him feel any better about getting to play over the twins if the real reason was that it was academic and not skill. His mind flashed back earlier to Zach's pointed comment about Honorine. If it was true, and he was just a pity show or a side circus act, then he didn't want to have anything to do with her. Perhaps she had put him in the lineup for similar reasons. And if Zach wasn't good enough, he certainly wasn't. Zach had way more going for him than he did. Looks, money, blood line. But maybe it was not exactly what it was cracked up to be. The pressure -- And somehow he understood it. He had his own insecurities, different as they were, and mostly surrounding his looks, which had only grown after the scars. But he could understand. "Not everyone," he interjected as he stared out onto the pitch. For some damn reason, he suddenly felt another pull of emotions that he had only felt one time before with Willa. "For what it's worth," and he wondered if it would be worth anything at all to Zach in that moment given that they hated each other. What good was his word? But he felt compelled to say it; he wanted to say it. "I think you're better than Gabe. You're a better person than he is." You stayed. That was all the confirmation he had needed. "I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you don't need to do all of this to prove anything." Dale looked at him seriously then, reaching out to the uninjured arm. "You're Zach. That's all you need to be good enough." He purposefully left out any reference to Montague as if to say, he didn't need that last name to be good enough. "I don't even know why I'm saying any of this to you." It wasn't something you told your enemies. Hell, if it was someone else he probably would have left, not caring if they were okay. But he stayed. F--. What was it about Zach that made him stay?
  26. Nicodemus Knight

    VH40 Ravenclaw House Stands

    Nico had been watching the back and forth with interest. Gryffindor was keeping it close, but he was starting to suspect that as the game went on, Gryffindor would start to lag. Nico wished that he could have been around for a season where Ravenclaw had been this good. Then again, he had to admit that learning to play through adversity had served him well on his path to professional quidditch in Canada. Normally, he’d have been watching the game with an eye towards truly evaluating talent levels, but he’d been distracted, spending more attention than usual on his younger brother, who was playing quidditch for the first time – at least in a real match. “HAVERSACK! C’mon ref, open your eyes.” By the end, Nico had gone from yelling to just grumbling to no one in particular. Drew had made a couple of decent saves, but @Morty Gabor was right. “Yeah, he’s pretty raw. But you’ve got to admit he’s got the angles better than most first-time keepers. He’s got the potential, just a question of what he can do with it.” Nico had been discovering that he was protective of his younger brother ever since he’d graduated from Hogwarts. He’d accepted it and even leaned into a little. “Not bad! Now get back out there and take out a lion for me!” Nico called after Ollie!Julian. He turned back to Morty after Ollie zipped off. “Still sore that I went to Canada, Gabor?”
  27. Morty Gabor

    VH40 Ravenclaw House Stands

    Morty had a difficult time sitting still, and an even more difficult time keeping quiet as the match progressed. She returned @Julian Pritchard 's wave, more confident than ever that this was the real Knight of Pentacles. Merlin, but he was a precious bean. “So, little bro scared of his broom, huh?” she remarked clinically to @Nicodemus Knight and his swordsy girlfriend. It was plain as day that Ravenclaw’s new keeper, Knight the Younger, didn’t trust the air underneath him enough to commit to a dive. Well at least his technique was alright, but he wasn’t going to keep his hoops clean if he couldn’t fly down. “OLL-...I mean, ‘JULIAN’!” Morty piped up to @Ollie Celeste, allowing her teammate to ruffle her hair. As always, Ollie had privileges the rest of the team didn’t regarding Morty’s personal space and stature. “Can’t complain, but the league could use a beater with half your style!” Nobody on the continent flew like Ollie Celeste. “Keep the cup, huh? DO RIP PROUD!” she hollered as her friend rejoined the game. “Yo, BENNY!” she hollered back as soon as her dear chasing buddy hailed her. Because win or lose, sun or storm, on the pitch or off, @Eli Benoit would always be Benny. She gave him a helpless shrug. “Pretty sure they kick you off the team for that!” If there’d been a way, any way, to fly with these beautiful birds for another season, though, Morty would’ve done it. Benny, her chasing soulmate, must have known this better than anyone.
  28. Matilda Murphy

    Murphy, Matilda

    CHARACTER LIBRARY DRAFT ______________________________________________________________________________________ THE BASICS: Name: Matilda Anne Murphy House: TBD Birthday: April 28, 2032 Hometown: County Mayo, Ireland Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Muggleborn Five words that best describe your character: Spunky, stubborn, dependable, compassionate, judgemental APPEARANCE: Hair Color: Red Hair Style: Long and wavy. She usually wears it in a messy ponytail or under a baseball cap. Eye color: Blue Height: 4'6" FAMILY: Father's name: Declan Murphy Brief description: A muggle. Owner and operator of Murphy Farms, a small farm that has been passed down through his family for three generations. Mother's name: Kathleen Murphy Brief description: A muggle. When her children were growing up, she was primarily a homemaker and stay-at-home-mom. Once Matilda started primary school, Kathleen went with her, returning to teach primary school as she had before her children were born. Out of all the family, she has been most supportive of Murph as she begins her journey into the magical world. Siblings: Conor Murphy: Nine years older than Murph. Athletic, confident, truly embodies the first-born mentality. Eoin Murphy: Six years older than Murph. On the quieter side; he likes reading and working most with the animals. Finn Murphy: Twin of Danny. Four years older than Murph. Likes to cause trouble and is constantly in motion. Danny Murphy: Twin of Finn. Four years older than Murph. Likes to cause trouble and is constantly in motion. Other key family members: Various aunts, uncles, and cousins scattered throughout Wester Ireland. AT HOGWARTS: Your best subject: Herbology Your worst subject: TBD Extracurricular activities: TBD Favorite place at Hogwarts: Definitely the greenhouses. Least favorite place at Hogwarts: Definitely the library. Do any of the staff members scare you? TBD Do any inspire you? TBD MiSCELLANEOUS: Interests/hobbies: Gardening and tending to plants, working with animals, climbing trees, riding her bike around the farm -- generally getting dirty in any way possible. What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Probably something Herbology-related. Someone you look up to: Her parents and her older brothers. She's lived a pretty sheltered life so far. Something else people really should know about you?: Though Murph can be spunky and rambunctious, she is caring and loyal at her core. However, she won't hesitate to speak her mind or stick to her guns on an opinion she really believes in.
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