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The Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Law Enforcement confirmed reports today that the village of Bradwriaeth, Wales, suffered a similar attack to that Gwaed, where dozens seemingly lost their ability to perform even the most basic magic. 


However, while villagers in Gwaed regained their abilities within the span of three days, it has been a week and a half since villagers in Bradwriaeth were attacked, and their magic shows no signs of returning. 


A source with the Ministry spoke anonymously with us about the attack. "Officials have been monitoring the attack since it happened, but haven't wanted to speak to the media because of the unusual conditions that occurred here in Bradwriaeth. Villagers reported seeing individuals with vampire features who carried wands, and nobody wants to insight a panic over the potential loss of powers."


While we were not able to get a spokesperson from the Office of the Minister on the record, we were able to confirm the villagers' sightings with reports of stolen wands in nearby villages. 

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