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Break In at Azkaban, Inmates Missing!

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In the early evening hours of August 30th, 2042 Aurors stationed at Azkaban responded to an alert on the North side of the facility. As guards arrived on the scene, it was discovered that a small fraction of the prison's protective wards had been disrupted from the outside. Aurors investigated the surrounding areas and found no other trace of evidence supporting an intrusion, however it was discovered during the nightly inspection that four inmates were unaccounted for.


Inmates missing include Dominique Melfire and Picus Grothill, notorious devotees of the late Fenrir Greyback, known in the werewolf community in the years of the Second Wizarding War for his views on increasing the werewolf population.


Other escaped inmates seemingly unrelated to this group include Eadric Carter, former Death Eater captured during the attack on Hogwarts in 2037, and Desdemona Warrick, a witch who was found guilty in 2032 for murdering her unfaithful spouse with a well-placed Stunning Spell.


"It was an outside job for sure, and a big one. A clever one. This is the first breakout in decades," explained Roland Fairchild, one of the Aurors in rotation that night. "The initial breach was just a distraction. We are still searching for the extraction point."


Werewolf behavior expert, Lana Stanley, expressed her concern on the nature of this escape. "We've seen so much bad press for the werewolf community lately, it's natural that many are feeling attacked, and most want justice and respect." She continued on to say, "I strongly believe that given the interests of the escaped inmates, there is at least one group of active werewolves who are looking to expand their ranks."  


Aurors are currently searching for these prisoners on an international scale and will be offering a reward of up to twelve thousand galleons for anyone who offers information leading to the capture of these criminals. They are advising the public to be on the look out and take caution, as these inmates are assumed incredibly dangerous and unpredictable.

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He’d only been glancing at the paper to look as if he kept up with current events when his twins name jumped out at him, and Magnus promptly scalded himself with the boiling water that had been meant for his morning Earl Grey. He hadn’t seen Eadric in an age, and hadn’t heard from him in even longer, when previously they’d shared letters back and forth detailing their various achievements and congratulations for growing as people.


Eadric had clearly been thinking of his letters being perused before delivery so had lied, obviously and Magnus didn’t know which to be more upset about; the lies he’d been fed about his brother bettering himself in the hopes he’d be allowed back into society, or that he hadn’t trusted Maggie enough to confide in him to begin with.


All that was secondary to the stinging pain in his legs and the unhelpful patting down he was currently getting from his harried looking assistant, who'd only been going over the days schedule with him.


“IS EVERYBODY TERRIBLE IN THIS FAMILY!? FOR FLACKS SAKE!” he exploded, snatching the dishcloth out of the nervous blokes hands and stomping off towards his office for a very important ( but mostly shouty) call with his sister.

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The paper sat in front of the vast table at the Arken Industries boardroom, the moving pictures and headlines were enough to terrify anyone. However, to the occupant of the head seat at the table, this did not seem to phase her. - "This is clearly yet another case of incompetence from Minister Granger-Weasley and her insipid government. To think,"- Lian mused, smoke billowing from the cigarette long discarded on the ashtray. - "That they jailed such an upstanding citizen like Mrs. Warrick for doing the right thing..." Of course sarcasm dripped from her silver tongue at this particular instance.


Lifting the goblet to her lips and tilting it back, Lian couldn't help the sneer that followed - "I'm almost offended by this. Almost. Except, she wouldn't have been caught if she hadn't left a trail."


"I'm more offended that you speak like this while I'm floating right here!" - The ghost of Aries Cleery sat, or rather floated in a seated position at her left, glaring in his former widow's direction. - "Aren't you worried about the other prisoners?"


Lian turned her head, the goblet smacking lightly unto the wood. - "But of course I am. You and I know damn well what happens next, The Ministry puts up the dog and pony show and who knows when these mad bassets will show up to harm the children. But these is nothing we can do, Sebastian insists in sending his kids there." The ghost waved an arm, shaking his head. - "Then do what you need to do. I don't understand what is stopping you at this time."


"The fact I think --- Gentlemen, good that you all could read a clock. Shall we begin this meeting?"


It seems we'll never know Lian's opinion, huh?

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