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Thaddeus Roseclaw Recognized for Achievement in Addressing Dragon Pox

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On August 30, Thaddeus Roseclaw, the head of SNARLL at the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, received the Philosopher's Award from the Society of Merlin for his research expanding on the dragon pox cure, first created by Gunhilda of Gorsemoor in 1437. Other notable wizards who have worked on the cure include Albus Dumbledore. 


The Philosopher's Award is given to the individual that the Society of Merlin feels has contributed the most to the fields of herbology, healing, or magizoology within the past year. Although the award was not presented last year, the Society made the decision to honor Roseclaw for his work in continuing to perfect this cure so that no one will ever have to suffer from this disease again. 


When asked about Roseclaw's connections to the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve and his past controversial book about wolfsbane, a Society of Merlin member who declined to give their name for this article, brushed off concerns. 


"While we understand the concerns, we want to assure your readers that Mr. Roseclaw is committed to exploring all ideas possible, even if they may be controversial. As to the matter on the Reserve, it was our understanding from the report produced by the Ministry that Mr. Roseclaw had no involvement. You shouldn't spread rumors to your readers," they said.  

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