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40th Anniversary Announcement!

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Daily Prophet


The Hogwarts Board of Governors released a statement earlier today outlining some of the expected activities for the 40th anniversary of Hogwarts's rebuilding after the Battle of Hogwarts during the Second Wizarding War.


"We are looking forward to welcoming alumni back to Hogwarts on the occasion of this special anniversary. We are currently in the process of sending out invitations to alumni who would like to participate in the Career Week that we are planning for the beginning of the school year. Additionally, we are working on lining up performers for a special gala that will take place right before students leave for the holiday. We will be sharing more details as they arise."

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"MUM!" Killian yelled from the library. It didn't matter which one came running at his beck and call, as long as one of them did. While he waited, he reread the article. "MUM!" he called again, irritated that his loud voice hadn't carried through the house well enough. When, finally, @Darcie Dracel-Cortes came into the library, an eyebrow arched at him for his antics, Killian completely disregarded her 'test my patience' demeanor.


"Have you seen this?!" he said excitedly, leaping up from his chair to wave the Daily Prophet in her face. "I need new dress robes! A new tie. A date. I need a date. What am I saying, I already have a date!"

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Atrus was perusing the paper. It had been ages since he'd been back at the school.


Well, maybe not ages, but definitely since the twins had graduated! He was pretty sure he didn't have any relatives at the school anymore, but if alumni were invited to the Gala he never turned down an excuse to party, especially with old friends.


He called to his wife, "Sounds like it's abig year at the school... We're gonna go if we get invited, right?"

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