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London Woman Rescued by Unregistered Animagus

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Daily Prophet


Early in the evening on April 8th, London native Josephine Ricketts found herself being accosted by a young woman brandishing a wand.


“She told me to hand over all my galleons or she would leave me stupefied in the street,” said Ricketts, age 127, who had her hands full of groceries at the time. “I nearly dropped my eggs! My tomatoes rolled right out of my bag.”


Lucky for Josephine, a large cat suddenly leapt to her rescue, clawing the thief in the face and on the shoulders and growling wildly.


“He was huge and orange, with a big smushy face and a stubby tail,” she described to the Prophet. “I forgot to tell the wizard cops he was a cat at first. That description really baffled them.”


It was after the perpetrator had fled the scene that the cat then transformed into human to help her pick up her spilled produce. In their investigation, wizarding law enforcement searched their database and no such Animagus existed in their registry.


Josephine hastily responded to this information when reporters reached out. “I don’t want them to arrest him! He’s a hero!”

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Kay gasped aloud, and slammed the paper down upon the table, pinning it beneath both hands and jumping to her feet in a single dramatic motion. "Guys!" she cried. "I knew it! I knew there had to be some magic vigilantes out there somewhere!"


Overcome with childish glee, the Gryffindor ripped the Daily Prophet up and clutched it close to her heart. "It's a really real superhero--it's Catman!" With an enthusiastic howl half-wolf and half-wildchild, Kay leapt up on the bench and proceeded to spend the next few minutes kicking and punching the air until a professor asked her to get down.


"I'M CATMAN," she told the professor in a husky voice, but did as the teacher said because--like Catman--she believed respect was a two-way streetfight.

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