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Flourish & Blotts Refuses to Carry Picardy Book

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Daily Prophet


Eva Picardy, granddaughter of Emerett Picardy, announced today that she would be producing an updated version of his famous book Lupine Lawlessness. “It’s clear that we need my grandfather’s work now, more than ever,” she said in a statement.


Emerett Picardy’s work is known for its erroneous conclusion that werewolves lose their sense of morality while in human form.


Research into lycanthropy has long been full of incorrect conclusions, but Picardy’s stands out for its stunning lack of data and unsupported claims.


When asked if Flourish & Blotts would carry the book, Assistant Manager Francesca Blotts, said to The Daily Prophet:


“Sorry, but we only carry real books.”


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Lily made the hazardous mistake of reading the Daily Prophet while eating her toast that morning, and when she snorted with laughter, a crumb flew to the back of her throat, and she began to cough and hack in THE most dramatic fashion. Once she was quite recovered, she shared the article with her very concerned husband.


Later that day, Lily popped over to Flourish and Blotts on her lunch break, and returned home that night many galleons poorer, with many more books for their living room shelves, and a whole lot of smugness about supporting good bookstores doing good things.

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