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[AD] Buy Your Werewolf Tracker Pins Today!

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Wizarding Wireless


See werewolves in your midst? Then buy Dr. Picardy’s Patented Werewolf Tracker Pin! Simply pin it to your robes and it will beep whenever a werewolf is near.


Dr. Picardy’s Patented Werewolf Tracker Pin! Don’t let the full moon catch YOU by surprise!


Available wherever pins are sold. 


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As soon as she saw the ad, Miss Turner began working on a sign stating that the pins were banned in the library at Hogwarts.

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Headmistress McGonagall


Minerva studied the ad, and then quickly drew up an order banning the pins at Hogwarts. Everything advertised in The Prophet was rubbish anyway, but one couldn't be too careful. 

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Sitting at work, Nadia caught wind of the WNN ad and couldn't help herself but to mutter under her breath: "Thanks, I hate it." Instead, she would probably wear this pin instead.

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The closer it got to graduation, the further away graduation was... Idina shook her head in disdain and silently thanked Headmistress McGonagall for banning the pins. She hated werewolves and incessant beeping roughly the same amount, but at least the werewolves weren't this annoying.

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Professor Foster

Posted (edited)

Peggy frowned at the ad and wondered if these things really worked, and if they did, were they made with the same conditional magic that was able to detect werewolves for the Margo/Galen Ward posters and the strawberry jam stunt? She took out her mirror and contacted an old friend.


"Kershaw? Yeah, I need some background on this Dr. Picardy from the Prophet."


"That's right. The tracker pin guy. I need to know if he's legit. Is that his real name or is it an alias? Find out where he's based, alright? And what else does he do besides pins?"


"No, I'm fine. Really. Give Johnson a big kiss on the lips for me."


"Hazard pay, right," she laughed. "Cheers."



Edited by Professor Foster

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Phillip had had no interest in the things until @Miss Turner had banned them in the library and then he had immediately sent off for one because the Hufflepuff had a mile-wide contrary streak.    Once @Headmistress McGonagall decided to ban them at Hogwarts totally, he had sent off for three more.

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Maggie coughed around the triangle of toast she’d just shoved into her mouth and eyed the advert like it was a particularly nasty, oversized roach that just wouldn’t die, before throwing the whole thing down in disgust. It was official, the wizarding world had reached peak alt-right hellscape.


“What kind of privacy invading, third reich d-baggery is this!?” she exclaimed, shoving the paper in @Nox Bordelon's face. "Do you see this?!"

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