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Ministry Formally Ends Inquiry Into Atwell Sinclair

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Despite formally ending his employment as a hit wizard in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement several months ago, the Ministry has formally ended their inquiry into Atwell Sinclair, who was suspended from his position after making several remarks of concern to Minister Granger-Weasley during a November 8 press conference.


“Personally, I’m not convinced the Ministry should have finished their investigation,” said Eva Picardy, Vice President of Growing Fruitful Futures. “His son was turned during the attack, and it’s very likely he could be the person behind the anonymous petitions, for example. If I was in the Ministry, I would continue to keep a close eye on that family.”


Atwell Sinclair is married to Odette Sinclair, a healer who was on hand on November 8, and who is currently on leave from her post at St. Mungo’s. The Sinclairs also have a daughter in fifth year who was named in a lawsuit by Trudy Veritas against callers blocked for alleged harassment.


“Although I respect pressing the Minister on her policies,” said noted conservative activist Michael Jacobin, “Sinclair clearly has an enormous pro-werewolf bias. It’s hard to say if this bias, would, for example, lead him to post anonymous petitions calling for the forbidden forest to be destroyed, or even doing something worse. The Ministry’s clearly missing something by ending this inquiry.”

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