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Auror Who Used Unforgiveable Has Werewolf Nephew

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Daily Prophet


On November 8, the Wizard Advisory Council authorized the use of unforgivable curses. This authorization, only ever granted in extreme crisis situations, was not anticipated to be used by those on the scene.


However, witnesses who spoke to The Daily Prophet recounted witnessing the use of both the cruciatius curse, as well as the killing curse.


Through the Ministry’s report on November 8, The Daily Prophet was able to confirm that Gwynthr Hughes, who was marked in the report as deceased, was the individual that witnesses reported seeing being struck by a killing curse in the Great Hall of the school.


According to information that The Prophet was able to locate on Gwynthr--or Gwyn--Hughes, he was 36 years old, and had spent approximately half his life as a werewolf. Hughes had reportedly been experiencing agitation living on the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, and had approached the head of the Reserve’s Pen Pal program SNARLL, about being removed from the werewolf registry entirely. On November 8, he travelled to Hogwarts with other werewolves from the Reserve, with the intention of biting students at the school.


The auror responsible in the case of Hughes’s death was @Alex Sanders, an auror who graduated from the academy three years ago. In looking into Sanders, we determined that he is married to Shane Banagher, making his nephew @Julian Banagher--one of the werewolves that was outed during Trudy Veritas’s broadcast back in early January.


Advocates like Amortentia Bloodfang, didn’t seem surprised by this revelation. “Many wizards have part-humans or werewolves in their families. They would just prefer to pretend that we don’t exist, because it would be much more convenient for them.”


Alex Sanders did not comment for this article.

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Rayy was midway through a mirror conversation with her better half at an ungodly hour of the night when the paper caught her attention and a sentence dragged it away. “Hmmmm?” She absentmindedly asked, “I’m sure that that’ll be fine...next week...no, of course your mother can rely on me...I do know my way around organising a charity ball...hang on a sec, sweetie...no...no...everything is fine...”. A jet of flame erupted from her wand and set the paper on fire where it burned merrily away to ashes, “...no...just some rot in the papers...you know the deal...trying to drag a good man down for merely doing his job...no, you stay in Mexico...you’d just be bored here...yes...work is difficult...give my love to the twins.”

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