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Grave Robbers Strike Cherished Wizarding Cemetery

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The Department of Magical Law Enforcement was dispatched to the small and typically quiet village of Dryhope, Selkirk on Thursday to investigate reports of numerous local grave sites mysteriously unearthed. Upon their arrival, law enforcement noted the burial grounds seemingly ripped open by magical force, belongings of the deceased scattered throughout the area. Department experts are still investigating the shocking scene but have noted that it seemed the perpetrator(s) were mostly interested in the wands of the dead.


Dryhope Cemetery has held countless historical tombs and graves from various old wizarding families throughout many years. Some of the grave sites date back as far as the 1400s, and many families from around the country visit the location regularly in order to pay respects to their ancestors.


Residents of Dryhope are bewildered by this cruel act but have been very open to questioning. "It's just not something that happens here," says Ramona Wisewing, one of the first to see the vandalised graveyard. "I've seen many people come and go around here, but none who I would suspect capable of this."


Authorities surmise that tracking down the culprit will be a difficult task, however the recent crack down on possession of illegal wands may assist with finding a link. They are asking the public to report any suspicious activity.

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