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[Op-Ed] Leave Margo Alone

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My name is Galen Ward and I am a werewolf. On the night of a full moon, I killed my sister because I failed to take the final dose of my Wolfsbane Potion. Margo Ward was fifteen years old when she died. I take full responsibility for my negligence and I am sorry.

To the entire werewolf community: I would like to apologize for the prejudice you are facing as the indirect result of my actions. I have contributed to the widespread fear surrounding lycanthropy and ruined the hard work of advocates who fight for our rights and continue to do tremendous work to educate the public.

Some groups have called for the expulsion of all werewolf students from Hogwarts. While I may have no right to speak on the matter, I would like to ask the media and anti-werewolf protesters to stop using my sister’s name to promote their bigoted agenda. Margo Ward was a Hufflepuff, like me. She was a generous friend who would have accepted these students despite their condition. Using her name as a message to spread hatred is not only painful for those who knew her, but an insult to her memory.

I would like to remind everyone that there are many criminals in this world. Some of them are werewolves. Some of them are not. Do not persecute an entire minority group for the actions of a few. The blood of Margo Ward is on my hands, so I urge you to hate me. Blame me, but do not blame the victims of these violent attacks. They have done nothing wrong and they have suffered. They need your support above all else.


@Galen Ward is a former Hufflepuff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

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Behati read that morning’s Daily Prophet with an eye roll. “Does he really think that it’s more inappropriate for us to bring up Margo than it is for him to bring her up? He’s literally the reason why she’s dead. Murderers don’t get to determine how their victims would have felt.” @Galen Ward and his pity party—along with the rest of the werewolves’—was ridiculous. Feeling sorry for himself didn’t bring Margo back to life, and that was the whole point. Nothing would ever bring Margo back to life. No amount of Galen feeling sorry for himself, or going on and on about what Margo would’ve wanted, was going to make her any less dead.


And Galen and his werewolf ilk wanted that to be the fate of all of Hogwarts’ student body.

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