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OP-Ed: Werewolf Mania Seeks to Rip Hogwarts Apart

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On the night of November 8, I was a flying assistant for the first year students. I was flying in the air, minding my own business and doing my duty as a flying assistant, when mayhem broke. I tried to get to safety, but I was dragged out of the sky when a werewolf jumped and clamped its maw onto my broom, violently throwing me to the ground. I sustained a broken arm as my body hit the cold hard ground of the Quidditch Pitch that November night, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the pain that immediately followed. The feeling of the werewolf’s claws across my chest was like being stabbed with a million hot knives all at once. I thought I was going to die right then and there. I was full of fear and anguish. I passed out immediately after that.

In the months since that attack, I’ve slowly worked to rebuild myself from the person I was immediately after the attack. But over winter holidays, I, as well as many others in our beautiful wizarding community, was made aware that there’d been students bitten during the November 8 attack. I was shocked, but I was even more shocked at how everyone in the wizarding community rallied behind those newly turned werewolves when our scars from November 8 were still so fresh. I was shocked at how anyone who expressed any opinion that wasn’t 100% pro-werewolf propaganda was labeled a bigot and was silenced. Just recently, I was attacked by two fellow students at Hogwarts simply for stating my views. What kind of society are we running where we’re told that our fears don’t matter as long as someone else feels validated? There was a murder by werewolves in Liverpool this past month. We cannot say that this isn’t a legitimate threat. Werewolves have killed before, and they will kill again. I need everyone to stop getting so worked up over the fact that these newly turned werewolves at Hogwarts are kids, and remember that they will become adults one day. They’ll become Fenrir Greyback. They’ll become the werewolves that attacked us on November 8. They’ll become the werewolves that killed all of those people in Liverpool. They’ll become Galen Ward.

The only way we can guarantee the safety of all current and future generations of Hogwarts students is to ban werewolf students forever. How come Durmstrang and Slytherin house are allowed to ban muggleborn students for nothing more than simple blood status, but Hogwarts refuses to ban students who actually pose a physical threat to the whole student body? How can we say that we’re horrified about the events that took place on November 8, yet we refuse to remove the main problem? I hope the whole of magical society—as well as Muggles who have magical children—does the right thing and puts students’ safety above the personal feelings of werewolves.

 @Behati Gadot is a fourth year Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. She has been campaigning for a safer school since she came back to school after winter holiday.

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