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[Op-Ed] My name is Avery Potter. I was a victim on November 8.

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On the evening of November 8, the lives of everyone at Hogwarts changed. The space in which many of us believed would be safe, that we called our second home, was tainted with the blood and the cries of victims. I do not believe I will ever be able to enter the Great Hall without hearing those cries--including the scream I also produced during the attack. You see, my name is Avery Potter, and I am a victim of the November 8th attacks.

I attempted to pretend for many weeks that nothing had occurred. I felt very upset towards the werewolves who attacked, destroying so many lives. I only told those whom I knew would always love me, due to the unrest within the community over those many consider to be ‘half-breeds’ or ‘creatures’. I have been unable to come to terms with the trauma which occurred to me due to the inhumane and heinous actions of Trudy Veritas. Her actions were, and remain, deplorable. She has ruined the lives of eleven students, all of whom have went through a traumatic experience which has caused us all to feel isolated, ashamed, and angry.

Now, we face backlash in the one place that is meant to keep us safe. The actions of a minority of students thus far has been to spread nasty comments, to produce posters which are degrading and to shout for our expulsion. Those students have not once attempted to see what it is like for us at this moment in time. Last term, we were happy, we had futures which were secure. We were not considered ‘monsters’.

How can the answer be to expel eleven innocent students? To remove them from their second home, from their right to learn magic? How can the answer be to exclude those whom are victims of the entire painful process of becoming a wolf? Those who are depending this need to look back to the night in November. They need to imagine what they would be going through if they had been bitten, the horror they would feel at being told, to shame they would feel and putting their family through pain.

I attempted to raise my concerns, only to be told that I had no opinion because “I was a Potter”. I adore my grandfather, I respect my heritage, but I am a person with my own opinions that should be allowed to be heard. November 8 has forced me to complete the one act I never thought I would have to in a civilised society--it has forced me to start to fight for my right to have even survived the attack that has tainted me forever.


 @Avery Potter is a third year Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was one of eleven students named as werewolves during Trudy Veritas’s broadcast.

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