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[Op-Ed] Anti-Goblin Bigotry and Censorship at Hogwarts

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On the night of November 8, I was sitting in the rose garden on Hogwarts’s grounds with my girlfriend @Hatty Hambeldon. It wasn’t long before a werewolf attacked, jumping through the bushes of flowers and thorns to land on me. I broke several ribs in the attack, and came close to being bitten. I would have been bitten too, if Hatty hadn’t saved me.


Years ago, when I was in second year, I witnessed a Death Eater attack. I was only able to escape torture because I ran when I saw a professor. It’s become clear to me that Hogwarts is not safe, and has never been safe. If werewolves can get in on a full moon, what else can happen?


This brings me to my next point, there are now, reportedly eleven werewolves in attendance at Hogwarts, all bitten during the attack. Instead of prioritizing the safety and well-being of the vast majority of its students, Hogwarts’s staff and student body has chosen to prioritize the needs of the bitten students. If one, just one, safety measure were to fail, we could have November 8 happen all over again.


The safest and most humane solution would be to have all werewolf students expelled. However, in voicing my opinion, I have been repeatedly threatened by the werewolf students, and my girlfriend Hatty, who is part-goblin, has been the subject of ugly anti-goblin comments because of her desire for a school that keeps her safe. In fact, recently, I was even censored and given a detention by a Professor for stating my opinion, with her claiming that I had ‘made students upset.’


It’s time we prioritize what matters--the safety of Hogwarts’s students. Not the desires of eleven werewolves.


@Ryan Buratsche is a seventh year Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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