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Montrose Magpies Win Quidditch League in Surprising Upset!

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In an incredible upset, Montrose Magpies storm to the top of the league in the final match of the season after delivering a humiliating defeat to newcomers the Otley Outsiders. 


The Otley Outsiders, newly promoted to the league after their spectacular showing in the amateur leagues, have been battling hard against tough teams and tougher criticism all year. Stars have been made out of their level-headed werewolf Chaser and Captain, Lyall Channing and half-Veela Seeker Poppy Atwood, whose impressive showings throughout their matches have led to reports that they are in talks with their national teams. 


Unfortunately, the Otley Outsiders' final match of the season was scheduled for a full moon, something the Department of Magical Games and Sports claims was decided far in advance and could not be rescheduled, meaning their steadfast Captain was unable to play. To add insult to injury, new regulations on the size and thickness of brooms came into play for the final match of the season meaning the Otley Outsiders' part-giant Keeper was forced to play on a broom half the size of what he was used to. He broke a grand total of four brooms during the match.


"The whole thing was a joke!" the Outsiders' press secretary, 1/4 Veela Lucretia Lightwood declared after the match, "In a fair match, we would have won!"


"It was a fair match," a spokesperson from the Department of Magical Games and Sports told our reporters. "Channing being unable to play because it's a full moon is no different than someone being injured and unable to play. These things happen."


"Maybe the brooms were just badly made," a representative from the Nimbus Racing Broom company said, despite no one asking them, pushing forwards to speak to our reporters. "That's what you get for playing on a Firebolt Supreme, which has clearly seen its day. Were he playing on ourlatest model..."


Regardless of the drama and controversy, the Otley Outsider's took defeat well, congratulating the Magpies on their 37th British and Irish Quidditch League Cup win. 

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Since joining the house team, Chaol had taken to keeping up with whatever was happening in the Quidditch world. He'd been holding out for the Outsider's to win (he always loved an underdog story), so it was with great disappointment that he read about their loss.


"Absolute rubbish," he grumbled, tossing the sports section down on the table.

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