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Quidditch League Update

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Daily Prophet


League table Match information

Otley Outsiders      1800

Falmouth Falcons        1720

Holyhead Harpies        1710

Montrose Magpies        1590

Appleby Arrows         1550

Kenmare Kestrels        1320
Ballycastle Bats        1110

Puddlemere United       890

Wimbourne Wasps         850

Caerphilly Catapults       750

Pride of Portree                700

Tutshill Tornados        670

Wigtown Wanderers         470

Chudley Cannons         100

Forthcoming matches:


Friday - Pride of Portree v Montrose Magpies

Ilkley Moor, eleven o'clock

Fans are reminded that Aurors will be on hand to monitor 

monetary transactions as part of their crackdown on

leprechaun gold. All transactions must have proof of purchase.


Sunday - Ballycastle Bats v Puddlemere United

Broadmoor, ten o'clock

Bats fans are kindly reminded that live bats - especially the

blood-sucking kind - are not suitable mascots to bring along

to matches.

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