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Falmouth Falcons's Captain Punches Quidditch Official!

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Daily Prophet


The Falmouth Falcons are in trouble again after gameplay was halted for two hours during their match against the Wimbourne Wasps last Friday after their captain, ex-Slytherin Charles Cavill, punched the game's head official in the face, breaking his nose.


"Well, he wasn't being much use on the pitch anyway," Cavill told reporters outside the stadium. "Swindells blagged my Seeker right in front of him and he didn't even notice. Swindells should have gotten a yellow card for that at least," spoken with the confidence of a captain whose team has wracked up an impressive 58 yellow cards and 12 reds for fouls over the season so far.


Anthony Bigglesworth, the official, has had a long and tense relationship with the Falmouth Falcons. An ex-Gryffindor Hogwarts player himself, Bigglesworth never made it into the professional leagues and moved instead to refereeing games a few years after graduating. His calm, steady and 'err on the side of caution' style of refereeing which sees him give most players the benefit of the doubt is highly-praised by the National Quidditch Association, who are attempting to improve the reputation of our beloved sport. 


Unfortunately, this puts him in direct contention with the Falmouth Falcons, who play hard and stay true to their motto 'let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads'.


In the case of this match, the Falcons managed both: 1.58 minutes after gameplay resumed after Cavill broke the official's nose, they caught the snitch and won the match 210-90.

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The paperwork next to the Prophet was enough to make Nadia nauseous. - "This is terrible. As much as I love the Falcons.." she gritted her teeth while sorting through the statements. - "The league really does need to do something to protect referees. This is a constant issue..."

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