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Quidditch League Update

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Daily Prophet


League table Match information

Otley Outsiders        1140

Falmouth Falcons        1130

Kenmare Kestrels        1120

Appleby Arrows         1000

Holyhead Harpies        980

Montrose Magpies        980

Ballycastle Bats        710

Tutshill Tornados        500

Wimbourne Wasps         450

Pride of Portree                400

Puddlemere United         390

Wigtown Wanderers         370

Caerphilly Catapults       350

Chudley Cannons         90

Forthcoming matches:


Saturday - Appleby Arrows v Chudley Cannons

Queerditch Marsh, eleven o'clock

DO NOT CHEER TOO LOUDLY. Muggles reported

a disturbance of the peace last time and Obliviators

had to be called in.


Monday - Holyhead Harpies v Kenmare Kestrals

Ellis Moor Stadium, midnight

Peruvian Instant Darkness powder will be used around

the stadium to keep muggles at bay. Fans are advised to

arrive at least three hours in advance or risk getting lost in

the darkness. Beware Hinkypunks.


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Nadia raised an eyebrow at the news paper as it landed on her desk at the Ministry. The Cannons, no matter what lined up they used, would forever be stuck at the bottom of the league. It was pitiful to even watch them going against the Arrows when the Arrows would wipe the skies with them. When her eyes flickered at the Monday game, she crunched up the paper in her hands and slammed an open hand on the desk. - "Bloody hell with the Peruvian Instant Darkness powder! I thought we agreed last meeting that we would start working on unplottable locations!" 


Sighing, Nadia tossed the crunched paper aside and pushed her glasses back up in place. - "Troy, let's see if we can start clearing Hinkypunks ahead of the game!"

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