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Alnaud Picardy Announces The LunaR Program

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Alnaud Picardy has stepped forward to announce his plans to found a program called LunaR. LunaR will be privately funded and revolve around research on the true nature of lycanthropy and strategies to improve it. With this program in place, Picardy promises answers that, he says, the Ministry won't provide.


"Our ultimate goal is not to research werewolves themselves. No, we know pretty much all we need to know about them, don't we? Instead, we intend to focus much more on their environment of change. The root cause of their transformations and actions. The soul of the beast, as it were. LunaR will look at the bigger picture. We are working to offer an actual solution, an ethical, sustainable solution, to this growing problem. For the sake of all."


Picardy is the grandson of author Emerett Picardy, whose work Lupine Lawlessness: Why Lycanthropes Don't Deserve to Live notoriously drew incorrect conclusions about werewolves.


"This is not my grandfather's work," Picardy stated after being questioned about the nature of his plans and his stance on lycanthropes. "I assure you, we will be providing facts, not assumptions or opinions."


Alnaud's big promises have the masses buzzing. He promises to follow up with any and all developments.

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