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Head of SNARLL Releases Statement

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Thaddeus Roseclaw, the head of the SNARLL pen pal program at the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, broke his silence today on the November 8 attack at Hogwarts with this statement to media:


“Byron and I are both deeply saddened by the events at Hogwarts. We want to offer our sincere apologies to the families of those students who were affected by the attack.


The individuals in our care have often come to the reserve because of discrimination they have faced in certain aspects of their lives, and often have very troubled pasts. We are unable to say more about those werewolves who went missing at this time, but we want to reassure the wizarding community that we’re fully committed to helping with the investigation to the best of our ability. With our help, we believe that the aurors will be able to find the werewolves involved and bring them to justice.”

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"Yeah right," Lyceus snarled as he read the article at the table over breakfast. He looked over at his wife, Eleora, shaking his head. "I bet with their help, the Aurors will be led astray." Before he went off on some weird tangent, he looked at all his children eating their breakfasts and frowned. He was never more grateful for his family as a whole and he smiled at Eleora. "Thank Merlin you married me, otherwise, who knows...?"


"That would never be you, Lie."

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