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Attack at Hogwarts: The Aftermath & What We Know

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In the early evening hours of November 8, reports of an attack at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry began flooding in from hundreds of concerned citizens, with little to no information as to how it all began, or why. While details continue to remain closed off to the general public while the school and the Ministry collects itself, we at the Daily Prophet have carefully analyzed the data we've received from some of our most trusted sources.


The Beginning


Dinner at Hogwarts had finished. Older students, stuffed to the brim with the luxurious feast, were sitting down at cleared tables to endure another night of studying in Hogwarts' Great Hall, while first years headed down to the quidditch pitch to practice evening flying with their instructor. Unfortunately, no one would be learning anything that day.


First Attacks


It started with the youngest. The first years, soaring through darkening skies with bright smiles on their faces, were unaware of the dangers that crept in the darkness around them. They came out of nowhere: a pack of unknown werewolves, attacking the most vulnerable students at Hogwarts. The students' instructor  @Madam Wilde-Hextor  fought the unexpected predators as powerfully and bravely as she could, but with few security measures to back her up and the wolves outnumbering her, it became a difficult task even for the talented witch. She signaled for help.


Breaking & Entering


Werewolves followed the students who ran to the castle, and ended up inside the very doors through which many students come and go freely each day. There, they walked in on the Great Hall, filled with unknowing victims to their claws.


Aurors Arrive


Shortly after the attack began, aurors were given a call to action to Hogwarts, including those in the Werewolf Capture Unit which was reportedly bulked up years ago. They began a fight that no one was prepared for.




It is unclear whether aurors were given the permission to use Unforgivable Curses before they were dispatched or once the damage at Hogwarts was assessed, but this act has been a controversial topic since media reported it. Multiple injuries were reported throughout the event, which most agree gives cause for use of force, however many suggest this was unfairly administered, and question the Ministry's decision to allow it.




News soon spread that aurors had reported a death of one of their own, however this was debunked by an anonymous source close to the aurors, who stated, "You were wrong." It was later found that one of the attackers had been killed. Their identity has not yet been released.


What's Next?


Dozens of families across the country have been greatly affected by this tragedy and are certainly awaiting answers to their thousands of (understandable) questions. Injured students have remained at Hogwarts, attended by Healers from St. Mungo's as well as staff from the school's hospital wing. Backlash has already begun on the Ministry's decision to grant law enforcement the license to kill, as this is the first time since the First Wizarding War that this type of force has been allowed. Minister Granger-Weasley and her staff as well as Headmistress McGonagall have yet to make a statement regarding the attacks, but Hogwarts has reportedly strengthened its security and it is rumored that the Minister has already visited the school.

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