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Roseclaw Dismisses Anonymous Op-Ed

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Daily Prophet


Earlier this month, The Daily Prophet published an anonymous opinion piece by someone who claimed to have worked in a potions processing facility in Diagon Alley. Their identity is known to us, although we are not making it public at this time.

Thaddeus Roseclaw, head of SNARLL pen pal program on the Taith Coch Reserve, in a meeting with ministry officials in the Department for the Regulation of Magical Creatures, pushed back on the idea that the reserve was involved in research or trafficking on the black market.


Ministry insiders have also confirmed that the pen pal program is under investigation by the Auror Office, a fact that Roseclaw has denied has any significance.


“Inquests by the ministry are routine when you work with a werewolf population,” Roseclaw said in a comment to The Daily Prophet. “It was irresponsible for The Prophet to publish an article with unsubstantiated allegations. The werewolves that the Taith Coch Reserve works with are subject to discrimination in so many aspects of their lives that it is wrong to vilify the one place that they’ve been able to call home. I hope to see better reporting from The Prophet in the future.”

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