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Veela Group Boycotts Siren’s Kiss Perfume!

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The veela rights group, Veelas Against Objectification (VAO) issued a statement today encouraging consumers to boycott the perfume brand Siren’s Kiss.


Amaryliss Bliss, President and CEO of VAO, had this to say when contacted by The Daily Prophet, “Siren’s Kiss Perfume still says on its packaging that it contains veela extract, which is widely understood to be veela hair. The fact that a mainstream brand would claim to contain veela hair, is dehumanizing to those individuals who have part-veela ancestry, and promotes a view of part-veelas as beautiful and flirty seductresses when we want the same things as anyone else.”


Arantxa Dixon, President and CEO of Siren’s Kiss Perfume dismissed the boycott. “It says right on the packaging that Siren’s Kiss contains no veela extract.The idea that it’s dehumanizing to veelas is completely ludicrous. The words on the packaging are apart of the story of our brand and it’s a story that our customers have supported over the years. I’m sure that our customers will see this boycott for exactly what it is--a public relations’ stunt by VAO.”


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