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Playwright Accused of Plagiarizing Goblin Script!

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Aurelia King: A jury has apparently been convened by the Wizengamot to deal with with allegations against playwright Maude Tempest, sources have shared with Witch Weekly Radio.


This reported jury seating comes just days after the British Library's Goblin archivist Ubdart announced the discovery of a script dating back hundreds of years to the Goblin Rebellions which allegedly is very similar to Maude's hit production The Lethifold.


However, Maude Tempest's lawyer, Allard Krauss, shared with Witch Weekly that he has not been notified of anything regarding the case:


"No one from the department of magical law enforcement has contacted me or my client regarding any potential investigations. They are aware that I am representing her as I have done since her first play so they would have reached out to me if the rumours are founded on any sort of truth. Wizengamot jury selections are kept highly-secret so I have no idea how people are commenting on what may or may not be going on — and are possibly violating the law by doing so. Still, I can tell you I have heard nothing."


The British Library has confirmed the existence of the script with similarities to The Lethifold but a spokesperson for the Wizengamot refused to confirm or deny any investigation. Boring!!


Time for the justice system to do its job so we can get on to reporting more interesting gossip!

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