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Pop Star Regina Lovelace FIRES Goblin Manager!

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Lana: Hey guys, it's Lana Lumos, with your five-minute pop culture news. 


Pour Some Pixie Dust On Me singer Regina Lovelace confirmed last night on Odessa Nox's late-night wizarding wireless show That's ShowWiz, that she has fired long-time goblin manager Grovekt after a series of disagreements over money.


Grovekt has been Regina's manager since she stormed onto the music scene aged 18 and fresh out of Hogwarts with hit single Should I Slay Or Should I Go? which, as you remember, was at the top of the charts for a record-breaking seven weeks. Grovekt was responsible for getting Regina her first deal with WizHitz Records.


However, after eight years, Regina has decided to end their partnership.


The popstar claims that Grovekt has been helping himself to a LOT of her money...


“I was just blindly believing everything he said. I had no sense of self. I was young when I first signed with him and he's a goblin, you know? They run Gringotts. I've always been brought up to trust goblins when it comes to money - everyone has...it was such a shock when I found out how much money he'd been taking. It wasn't until I spoke to Finn Vonner, the lead guitarist from band Poison Dreams, that I realised how wrong I was.


"After I realised how much money he was taking each month, I started to question what he was doing. Like, what was he doing to earn it? It's not like I need him to promote me anymore. I'm always being stopped in the street for autographs... An associate from WizFirst bank approached me the other day, offering me their services. She was such a lovely lady, she's followed my career from the start and knows the lyrics to all my songs."


The whole interview — about 50 minutes in length — is really something to hear. You can listen to it in full when it's repeated on Odessa Nox's show, this Sunday at 8 p.m.


Now back to news with Isla Kelly.


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