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Otley Outsiders Are Making History

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The Deparment for Magical Games and Sports has come under fire and intense criticism recently after it announced the promotion of amateur Quidditch team Otley Outsiders to the national league. The Otley Outsiders are a relatively new team, compromised entirely of part-human players who claim to have faced discrimination when trying out for other professional teams.


"It's only fair," press secretary Lucretia Lightwood, herself a 1/4 Veela, told enamoured reporters at the team's first official  press conference, "We have been top of the amateur league for the last five years and gone undefeated for the last 26 games. If we were any other team we would have been promoted years ago." Much wistful sighing and attempts at impressing her followed. 


"It makes a mockery of our beloved national sport," claimed Ridley Mendlehall, chairman of the English Quidditch Fans' Association. "What are we meant to do if there is a full moon during one of the games? Stop play so that they can take their wolfsbane? Don't make me laugh! And don't even get me started on that ridiculous tree trunk their part-giant keeper calls a broom. The sheer size of him is preposterous, no wonder teams don't score against them! It is all quite simply balderdash."


Despite grumblings and misgivings from some wizarding communities of both Britain and Ireland, the decision has been made. Minister for Magic Hermione Granger-Weasley herself gave the team her blessing two days ago with an impromptu visit to their training ground.


With the new season just around the corner, all eyes are on this new team - for better, or worse.

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