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Welcome to GSD Club!



Welcome to GSD club!


We've envisioned this club with two purposes in mind:

  • Create a space where members can get involved and help with certain projects for the betterment of VH
  • Keep members informed about VH and what the mods are working on


Your moderators have a lot of things we're working on at anytime and often could use a bit of help. We haven't had a great way to recruit help apart from asking people directly. And we know a lot of our members have busy lives and may not be able to commit to a steady job, but may like the opportunity to jump in and help with projects now and then. At least we hope so!


Also, we're aware that we need to communicate more with you about what's going on with VH in general. There are many things we keep to ourselves with good reason, but there's a lot we could be more open and frank with you about.  So we're putting up an OOC blog in here where we'll try to post regularly about the state of VH and what the mods are up to. We may also occasionally ask for your input on particular issues or decisions.


What you'll find in this club:

  • Modblog - OOC blog with posts from your moderators
  • Projects forum - short term projects you could help with
  • Cool Stuff forum - for assisting with PR/Social Media
  • and more to come (like VH:AH, Daily Prophet submissions, and more)


Who can join:

Anyone. This is an open club. Everyone can see in here. Anyone can join and participate. Certain members may be promoted to moderators of the club if given responsibility on ongoing projects.


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