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[Op-Ed] SNARLL Is a Front to Turn Students into Werewolves 

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A recent ad that was run in The Daily Prophet was identified as a fake. I know because I'm the one who sent the ad in to the paper. 


Even though the ad was fake, the address in it was very real. If you follow it, you will find that it's an address for a potions processing facility. I worked there for the past six months. Every morning I would arrive, going through a back entrance that you can only find if you know the precise sequence to tap on the building. 


And every day, I would work on analyzing samples of hair and nails from werewolves to see if their magical properties could be identified. All of the samples that I received came directly from the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, though I was never involved with collecting any of them. 


Byron Handley-Mills and Thaddeus Roseclaw (the head of Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve and SNARLL, respectively) are both highly interested in harnessing the power of werewolves as magical creatures, and it is my firm belief that the reason that this address was included is because they wanted to source the information of students--and possibly have them be turned into werewolves so that they could study them too. 


I believe very strongly in the power of research, and I think that there's a lot that we have yet to discover about the world around us. But I can no longer stand by and be silent about what I know. 


The identity of this op-ed is known to the staff of The Daily Prophet. We have decided to keep their identity secret, but consider their op-ed valuable information for the public to know. 

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