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SNARLL Announces New Leadership Amid Controversy

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Clifford Benbow, President of SNARLL and Head of the Lupine Pen Pal Program, was reported missing from the Taith Coch Werewolf Sanctuary last week. According to ministry insiders, the Auror Office is investigating the disappearance. Both the Office of Harry Potter and the Auror Office at large would not provide any comment for this article, citing security concerns.


Byron Handley-Mills, the Head of the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve, had this to say when he was contacted about Clifford Benbow's disappearance. "Clifford was deeply committed to the werewolf community, and I have no idea what could have caused him to leave so abruptly. I've contacted a number of suitable candidates to take his place during the past few days, and I'm happy to say that Thaddeus Roseclaw has been hired as Clifford's replacement."


Thaddeus Roseclaw is well-known in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, having published a book about the potential dangers of wolfsbane. When reached for comment for this article, Roseclaw denied the ideas of the book were dangerous.


"I'm a scholar, and we need to be able to look at wolfsbane critically. We can't let the ministry dictate which subjects are appropriate or inappropriate to study," Roseclaw said. "It's purely academic. And I look forward to being in charge of a program that will encourage the free exchange of ideas between the wizarding community and the werewolves that live on the Taitch Coch Werewolf Reserve." 

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