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[Opinion] Werewolf Pen Pal Programs Promote Dangerous Ideas

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Young witches and wizards are the future of the magical community. That's why we need to take extra care to make sure that they are able to grow up safely, away from dangerous ideas and in a safe community.


I remember what it was like to grow up during the Second Wizarding War. You could hardly leave your home, and the magical world stood on the brink of extinction. 


Since then, our community has rebounded, but it was only able to rebound because we have stayed vigilant to outside threats. That's why at Growing Fruitful Futures, we have continuously pushed for part-human history to be removed from Hogwarts's curriculum, and why now, we are calling on Hogwarts to ban participation in the pen pal program SNARLL.


Clifford Benbow seems to be unaware of the increase in werewolf activity outside of Hogsmeade, which is mere steps from the Hogwarts campus. Werewolf-ism is a dangerous curse, and this pen pal program could convince these impressionable young students that werewolves aren't so different from them. It may even make them feel like it wouldn't be so bad if they were a werewolf themselves.


Our future must be kept safe. That's why we're also calling on Minister Granger-Weasley to introduce a law that would make werewolf sanctuaries illegal. Only then can we be sure that our future is secure. 



Insley Jacobin is a consultant for Growing Fruitful Futures. 

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