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[Opinion] Calling the Taith Coch Reserve "SNARLL" Indicates Anti-Werewolf Prejudice

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Daily Prophet


Recently, The Daily Prophet covered the Jacobins' most recent campaign. Micheal and Insley Jacobin are a pair of conservative wizard activists who are anti-parthuman, though they will never tell you this directly. Instead, they will claim that their only concern is the welfare of young witches and wizards, who they consider to be at risk of learning dangerous ideas or being attacked by uncontrolled werewolves.


I'm writing today to assure the public that werewolf sanctuaries are not dangerous. In fact, it is much more dangerous for a werewolf to live outside of a sanctuary, where they are at risk of being targeted by suspicious neighbors or falling into poverty after being denied employment one too many times. Places like the Taith Coch Reserve ensure that we can live our lives in peace, away from witches and wizards who harbor dangerous prejudices, like the Jacobins.


Calling the Taith Coch Reserve "SNARLL" is an underhanded way to sow fear among witches and wizards who may be unfamiliar with our programs, and with the reserve at large. It's a term we are trying to reclaim, but calling the reserve this makes us seem dangerous, when really, we are trying to live our lives like anyone else. 



Clifford Benbow, President of SNARLL, Taith Coch Reserve 

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