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Jacobins’ New Target: Werewolf Sanctuaries

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Earlier this year, conservative activists Michael and Insley Jacobin allegedly attempted to persuade the Ministry’s Department of Education to ban the teaching of part-human history in Hogwarts’ History of Magic curriculum.


Now, Ministry sources indicate that the Jacobins have been meeting with staffers in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures about werewolf sanctuaries.


When reached for comment, Michael Jacobin had this to say:


“Werewolf sanctuaries like SNARLL, for example, are a danger to wizard populations across the United Kingdom. Most of them are completely unplottable. Imagine if Galen Ward had been able to escape to one of these sanctuaries after he murdered his sister in cold blood. He would have been able to kill again. Registration is not good enough. We must demand an immediate end to any and all werewolf sanctuaries.”


The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures did not respond to our request for a comment on the record about the meetings with the Jacobins.

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