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Inkin's Inquiries: Purebloods Proliferating?

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The history books are clear: many of the so-called ‘pureblood’ families did not survive the last wizarding war, and numbers had been declining well before even then. So, why do so many wizarding families call themselves ‘pureblood’ today? They cannot all be descendents of the old families that survived the war.


Some of the supposedly ‘pureblood’ families have moved here since the war. In other countries where the magical communities do not have a war over blood purity in their recent history, ‘pureblood’ families are more common. Those who have moved here in recent generations are likely to have more magical ancestry than the descendents of the war’s survivors.


But what of the rest? This may account for a slight increase in pureblooded families, but it does not explain why up to a quarter of current Hogwarts students claim ‘pureblood’ heritage.


Wizarding equality activist Ellie Lachance finds the continued use of ‘pureblood’ concerning.”The fact that anyone identifies as pureblood is a clear indication that blood prejudice is alive and well in our society,” explains Lachance. “The distinction between pureblood and half-blood only matters to those who cling to the archaic ideas that purebloods are somehow better than other witches and wizards. The recent increase in pureblood families means that more and more wizarding families are deciding to call themselves pureblooded regardless of ancestry. In doing so, they’re choosing prejudice and hatred.”


What can wizarding society do to prevent another war? Lachance assures that war does not seem to be imminent, but also emphasizes that this trend is a warning sign that should not be ignored. “We need to stop calling ourselves ‘purebloods’ at all. As long as we use the label, we perpetuate the concept. For wizardkind to truly be equal, we must abandon the concept altogether.”


- Iris Inkin


Written By: Viola Wayland

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