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Giants Flatten Toothless Bill

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The Part-Giant Community Access Bill is facing an uncertain future, as giant communities begin to push back against what they see as weak, ineffective legislature which fails to address the real problem.
The bill was first introduced in September as part of Minister for Magic Hermione Granger-Weasley's suite of proposals aimed at improving part-human engagement with both sides of their heritage. Spokespeople for giant communities say the delayed response is due to the government's failure to reach out to giant communities with an explanation of the bill in appropriate language.
Now that giant communities are aware of the bill and its contents, part-giant and dedicated activist Kiki Walker claims they are overwhelmingly disappointed.
"This bill is trying to improve accessibility and rights for part-giant children who want to connect with giant communities, but most of the time that isn't the real problem and where it is, this bill doesn't have the teeth to help.
"The Minister might be well-intentioned, I don't know, but it's plain to see that somebody hasn't done their research. Ask any giant or part-giant who has a stake in this particular issue and they'll tell you the real problem is that when the human parent and giant parent clash, overwhelmingly the law sides with the human and the giant is left with no rights to contribute to decision-making when it comes to their own child. Did this government draft a bill about giants without talking to any actual giants? It sure looks like it."

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