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'Mistrust' in Name and Nature

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The Berlin opening of 'Mistrust' by young playwright Atanas Ginchev was this week marred by the presence of protesters outside the theatre.


Ginchev's play is directed by Philippa Contos and features an all-veela cast, a fact which has been drawing criticism since it was first advertised.


Angelica Boucher, a half-veela who plays the lead female role, is dismissive of protestors. "It's crazy to say that being able to pursue the job of your dreams is discrimination. It's crazy to say that a form of media displaying veela in a diverse and often positive light is discrimination. 


"The people who want to stand outside a theatre and shout have never lived their life as a part-human. They have no idea what they're talking about."


Louis Köhler, an academic based at the Zauberbibliothek zu Berlin, claims there are real reasons to protest. "This isn't equality and it isn't liberation. What we are seeing here is young people who don't yet understand their personal worth being taken advantage of. This play perpetuates the systemic sexualisation of the veela. In our society, and in most of our global community too, veela are placed on a pedestal for their beauty and any other contributions they make are ignored. 'Mistrust' isn't pulling down that pedestal, it's building it up taller."


In spite of reactions like the Berlin protest, 'Mistrust' will continue its tour, including appearances in theatres around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Tickets are still available, but moving fast.

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