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Minister Miss the Mark on Equality - A talk with Author Urta Daufari

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"Thank you for tuning in to our nightly After-Dinner Chat. I'm Sam Deng and it's Thursday night so we're going to get just a touch political. I'm here today with Urta Daufari, noted author of "The Things We Own", a history of goblin artifacts, and "Not Lying Down", an analysis of goblin rebellion throughout the ages. It's a pleasure to have you here today, Urta."
"Thank you, Sam. It's my pleasure to be able to talk about goblin rights on a show that reaches so many listeners."

/Laughter/ "I hope our station manager is as pleased with my numbers as you are. Now, for the benefit of the audience Urta is a half-goblin witch and was raised among goblins, so she has a special insight into... I'll say "both worlds". Does that sound right to you, Urta?"
"I'm sure other part-humans would argue there's more than just two worlds, but for our purposes that suits."
"And to start us off with a bang, what do you think is the biggest problem facing today's goblins?"
"That's a big question, Sam, but I think the answer is simple: inaction. We have people in power right now who claim to be concerned with the rights of the downtrodden, but it's evident that their concern is superficial, as nothing is actually being done to allow non-humans to uplift themselves."

"Are you talking about--"
"Yes, the Minister for Magic. She has talked a big talk, yet we've seen nothing come of it. If Hermione Granger-Weasley is so concerned about our rights, where are the reparations for the families of goblins killed in battles humans have incited? Where are the treasures being returned to the goblins who rightly own them? Where is the basic respect from the wizarding community?"
"Do you think the Minister has the power to change such a long-standing community attitude?"
"Sam, I think she has the power to try."
"Now, I know you'll have opinions on Wizards First Trust."
/laughter/ "I certainly do. Before I get into it, though, I want to be clear that I have no problem with competition. Goblins have been bankers for generations, and nobody can compete with a full goblin in terms of natural affinity for money management. I truly believe that WizFirst will fail as a result of not even hiring a goblin consultant, but the real issue with this bank comes back to community attitudes. A non-human or even part-human cannot open an account with WizFirst, and nobody is challenging it. We're back on the topic of inaction now. A lot of people think what WizFirst is doing now is wrong, but nobody is willing to do anything about it."
"It's the topic of your new book, isn't it? A focus on historical figures who could have stopped atrocities but didn't."
"That's right. "Idle Hands" is all about the evil which comes from inaction."
"And this is your first publication which isn't focused on goblins specifically. Tell us about that."
"Well, Sam..."


-------------Be sure to tune-in for the conclusion to this interview in Part 2, next Sunday. And now a word from our sponsors...

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