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Ruby Lee's Magical Mysteries: Wandless Magic

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Dear Ruby,

I heard there's actually no such thing as wandless magic, and when you think you are doing wandless magic it's because an invisible mind-reading imp is floating around and performing spells as you think them. And then that's why it doesn't work so well with powerful spells, because the imps aren't smart enough. Is this true? How do I catch the imp so I can do wandless spells all the time?

- Kermit, Kent


Hi Kermit,


I think somebody might be playing a little joke on you. Wandless magic is totally real, probably even more real than invisible mind-reading imps (although I can't rule out the possibility we just haven't discovered those yet -- they sound like they'd be sneaky!).


Instead of wondering about the IQ of an imaginary imp, if you want to do wandless magic you just need two things: knowledge of the right techniques and a whole lot of practice. The best way to master wandless magic so you can do it whenever you like is to spend some time immersed in a culture where wandless magic is common, or even the default option. I spent a year living in Africa in my twenties and not only was it an amazing experience in general, I came away with a vastly superior set of wandless skills compared to what European-derived magic suggests is possible.


But if immersion isn't an option for you, you can pick up the basics from books and develop your skills with intense practice. I can't help but suggest my own second book, Why Wands?, but if you ask a librarian you should receive a shelf-load of other great recommendations.


Good luck!

Ruby Lee


Written By: Molly Weasley II 

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