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Update on Portkey Perpetrators!

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We've just gotten word that one of the kidnapped children is in fact Avery Potter, Harry Potter's granddaughter. We have no doubt that the Auror Office will be involved in settling this undoubtedly poorly planned abduction.


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....so we should care more because she's Harry Potter's granddaughter? The Auror Office differentiates between people related to Harry Potter and not? O k a y 

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As much as I don't like to agree with Damaris. What about the other kids who were kidnapped? Surely, they matter to right? 

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Great. Another story about my cousin's family. When will the magical world learn there are other magical families than the Potters? #justiceforbackgroundfamilies

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LOL. YOU GUYS THINK THOSE OTHER LAME-O WIZARDS MATTER? PLEASE. Show some respect to the man's family who went to war for your right to attend Hogwarts. You wouldn't even BE HERE WITHOUT HIM.


The rest can stay gone that'll make for less traffic in the Great Hall during lunch and dinner rushes next year.

#GetRidOfTheIckles #swagswagswag #FollowMeOnWiztagram #@lasSwagLord #SavePottersNotRandomPeople'sDaughters 

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As a concerned parent and father of three I find it unacceptable that the teachers weren't watching the students at PHP.



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